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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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this is c w news live from berlin the leaders of the two koreas vow to and their state of war and unprecedented summit yields pledges to scrap the nudes north's nuclear arsenal and bring the korean war to a formal and will deeds follow words we'll have complete coverage. also coming up another high profile visit aimed at preparing relations german chancellor angela merkel arrives in the u.s. for talks with president donald trump we'll look ahead to a meeting that promises to be brief but far from easy.
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i'm irish waiter welcome to the show the leaders of north and south korea have pledged to formally and the two countries state of war sixty five years after the end of combat and a landmark summit kim jong un and mungy in announce their plan for peace they vowed to seek a nuclear free korean peninsula and a formal peace treaty five years and north korea's kim said the two countries are like family links by blood and cannot live separately leaders insisted they do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. it's been a monumental day of breakthroughs in the standoff between the koreas let's take a look now at what the two leaders have agreed on so far a plan to convert the cease fire into a peace treaty ending the war they fought for almost seventy years they've agreed to work towards the denuclearization of the korean peninsula families torn apart by
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the war will be reunited with a liaison office opened on the northern side of the border and a second summit will be held in the north korean capital of pyongyang in autumn after their talks included the two leaders each offered their remarks on what their meeting had achieved let's have a listen. oregon general john going out on. the day chairman kim yong moon and i confirms that's our shared goal is to rid the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons through complete denuclearize nation that preceded measures made by north korea have very important meetings it will be a valuable beginning sward to complete their isolation of the korean peninsula from this moment i want to clearly declare that south and north korea will closely cooperate with each other to completely denuclearize the korean peninsula and the closer. i can talk or to go on or. on
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today we will make sure the agreements we have reached which the people of the korean peninsula and the world are watching does not repeat the unfortunate history of unfilled promises by closely communicating and cooperating with each other in order to yield good results. there are efforts or break this down for us i'm joined in the studio by bad baggage from the german council on foreign relations he's a korean specialist there so this is really it feels like a momentous occasion right here this thawing of relations between the two koreas we saw a bit of what they're planning to do what do you think of what they've announced in a policy perspective well i think there's a great breakthrough both parties managed to come together today they agreed already agreed on a range of issues that one of the most important ones is that they want to renew the ceasefire agreement and have some other kind of agreement and i think in the past the cease fire agreement was very shaky it was overcome and didn't really constitute a status for anymore and if both sides managed to replace the intergovernmental
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agreement that would be a real big step forward and we're looking at pictures here of the south and north korean leaders at their press conference let's talk about what these developments mean in terms of what could actually be accomplished are we just talking about pure symbolism here are we actually witnessing the arrival of peace on the korean peninsula well that remains to be. i mean for the moment both koreas have agreed on never approach main process if agreed to resume family reunions they want to have cooperation in military affairs and scaled down conventional weapons so there's a basic steps but in the past we have seen that these confidence building measures between the both korea's where no it's not any useful as long as the u.s. and north korea don't get very new solutions among themselves so we have to see how the u.s. can come back into this process and how constructive process will be right and we're going to be joined now by philip bilski who is in seoul for us philip you're
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there you're actually witnessing what's happening just give us an idea of what's happening on the ground right now. well i'm here at the press center in the north of soul and we've been getting a live coverage live footage of what has been having happening at the summit itself june the whole day and the last pictures we got were pictures from that dinner so that you know it started at six thirty local time with the south korean president moon and the north korean leader. the wife of both and officials from from both sides so that's the latest we got we got here now bad we know that denuclearization is now on the table this is a big step this is something that the u.s. has been trying to get north korea to do for decades now why do you think the north would give up their biggest bargaining chip here the nuclear deterrent both build up to secure north korea's defense against the u.s. and maintain the regime and do nuclearization is only on the table if there's
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a real progress and they go see asians and then the end of the day if the u.s. is also willing to provide security guarantees and i think you again they obs tusa greenman replacement of the arms disagreement is useful because it could establish a new status quo and provide security for all sides philip back to you for a moment if the tensions between north and south are finally resolved how could that change people's daily lives on both sides of the d.m.z. there. well i think we are at the moment still at a really early early stage so. one of the things they agreed upon is to find a way to a peace agreement but at the same time s s s u s you know the precise cease fire at the end of the korean war was signed by china the united states and north korea so north and south korea can't really decide on. a transformation towards or
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a move towards a peace agreement so i think one of the next things will be to talk to the united states stops talks to china and then we would see how it how things develop but right now i think it's really weird to read early stage right now. we know that this summit was billed as sort of a warm up to this some of this being talked about between kim jong il and u.s. president donald trump and we actually now have a reaction from president trump via twitter i believe he tweeted just earlier today after a furious year of missile launches and nuclear testing and historic meeting between north and south korea is now taking place good things are happening but only time will tell the u.s. president and the north korean president meeting this was supposed to be a big deal but do we feel now that this meeting with all of its development has overshadowed that. well this is not a matter of overshadowing it's not about the symbolism and the show it's about real
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the content and then they're different to two leaders have for these provided the cornerstone for a process because they're late the basis of different kinds of agreements and it's up to the u.s. no to jump onto this train and say recorder agree we want to commit to a long term process where immediate to nuclearization is not possible that that will be part of the process and that's a very difficult thing to do and i hope that this really is a should also takes place in twitter tweets as we watch kim jong un and monday in plant the seeds of peace with a tree we think about from the german council of foreign relations and philip there in seoul for us thank you both very much for your analysis now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. actor bill cosby has been found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in two thousand and four prosecutors argue that the former entertainer had
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a predatory secret life during the trial five other women testified that the comedian had assaulted them in the past because b. says he will appeal the verdict. armenia's opposition leader has threatened to boycott any snap election if he's not made interim prime minister next week he called me on says he's the only viable candidate to leave the country even though his protest movement only holds a fraction of the seats in parliament anti-government demonstrators forced the resignation of the prime minister on monday triggering a political crisis britain's prince william and his wife kate have named their newborn son louis arthur charles his royal highness prince louis of cambridge as he will be known was born on monday morning he is the couple's third child and fifth in line to the british throne. german chancellor angela merkel has arrived in washington d.c. for tough talks with the u.s. president donald trump merkel landed in the u.s. capitol late last night during
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a three hour meeting today the leaders are expected to discuss the iranian nuclear deal u.s. steel tariffs and the war in syria it is the german chancellor second visit to d.c. sense trump took office i'm now joined by custom phenomena in washington coston trump gave french president mccraw a very warm welcome this week full of pomp and circumstance how are we expecting him to greet the chancellor today when i believe he would be friendly and polite even though there was a story in the washington post here just a few hours ago that trump allegedly said to some advisors that he's not looking forward to american visiting him but i believe the two won't show it's it's clear that america doesn't have the same kind of. chemistry with trump mccraw apparently has but i think she's comfortable with the fact that she doesn't
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go to a state visit that this is a working visit she's a very sober. person she's not into pomp and circumstance for her it would be most important to see what the outcome of the talks were. now the e.u. tax exemption on still aluminum this is something that is definitely on the table and it's set to expire at the beginning of the month and we know that merkel has called for an exemption to this does this look like merkel just trying to win over trump. well she would try to do her part of the trade in europe and the european union is the prerogative of the e.u. commission and society amongst the e.u. trade commissioner has been negotiating with the americans but of course european leaders such as president mccraw of france who was here earlier this week and could also trying to nudge the americans to some kind of at least
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a compromise so. some members of the german government already indicated that they're not very optimistic that there will be an indefinite exemption for the europeans right now but maybe another extension for the exemption that would be a first step and already a success for the europeans but it's going to be tough mccraw america doing this in the tech team in a tech team mode if you like mccraw trying to softening up on the trump a nomad is trying to reinforce the european perspective we have not crossed leaving and merkel coming into rotating door of european leaders in washington there we know that another big issue on the table is the nuke the iran nuclear deal and we hear that micron was trying to convince on trying to keep supporting it he says that he may have failed can uncle americal still change donald trump's mind there. she will try not sure if she will be able to do it at least there there are still
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some more days the twelfth of may is the deadline when donald trump has to decide whether he will really impose sanctions on iran and by doing that leave the current existing iran nuclear deal yet not crawl wasn't that successful it seems donald trump himself said he had the feeling he had convinced mccraw of some of his points that he impressed on the french president where he was coming from on iran that didn't sound like micro had really swayed on the trump angle on that because we're also once again trying though to point out to trumpet that it's dangerous to leave the existing iran deal without having something to replace it but still negotiations are going on between the europeans and the americans about a kind of common position towards iran maybe to negotiate some additional agreements which would mean the americans don't have to leave the existing
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agreement and still don't know trump's concerns can be addressed question phenomenon correspondent in washington d.c. for us thank you very much. all right pop fans listen up the legendary swedish proper obvious says they're getting the band back together after thirty five years the swedish for some had big hits in the one nine hundred seventy s. with songs such as waterloo and dancing queen they recorded some new material and say one of their songs titled i still have faith in you will be performed by digital avatars in a t.v. special later this year. and a reminder of the top story we're following here for you the leaders of north and south korea have agreed on the aim of completely ridding the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons and an unprecedented summit of the state's common border came to an end when jake also said they'd seek
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a formal peace treaty more than sixty years after the korean war ended in a truce. mountaineers perhaps trying to get at the top of the hour don't forget you can check out our website or follow us on twitter thanks for watching. all the germans came together in one nation from show the money to chancellor o'toole from bismarck. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. nice well formed ways to bring my royal college of last week's time christendom a sprint.


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