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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2018 10:30am-11:00am CEST

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and staggered by courageous decisions we must be. starting may thirteenth on g.w. . hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm michelle henery glad you could join us it was a series of killings that shipped germany to its core people mostly of turkish and ethnicity were murdered across the country and broad daylight in the early two thousand and four years the suspects a neo nazi terror cell got away with it it took more than a decade to capture
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a key member of the so-called national socialist underground beata chicle it wasn't until twenty eleven that authorities discovered that the ennis you had been active for years and allegedly killed ten people while police and prosecutors look for perpetrators in the immigrant community the subsequent trial has dragged on for already five years but despite the verdict not being far off now many relatives of the victims like abdul karim shins then answers all reporter visited the family of the terror group's first victim up till karim sim check and his uncle who is that bosch. actually life has not been the same for them since up till karim's father was murdered in two thousand and two his uncle is still unable to talk about the attack and i've been trying to come to you come into a depression because of all the pressure he had to battle dimensionally he had a breakdown. for years the uncle was himself the police suspect.
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he and his brother ran a successful flower delivery service that they're built up from modest means into a wholesale business. and this is how it all began this is my uncle's car. used to drive it to buy the first flowers. textbook tale of integration. that was shattered on september the ninth two thousand. when vashem shack was shot dead in one of the family's delivery costs more than a two hour drive away from home on a busy road in nuremberg. it was the first attack carried out by the self-styled national socialist underground or n.s.u. the police spent years following false leads even suspecting the victims' relatives eleven years later the truth came to light when two members of the new nazi n.s.u. were found dead in an apparent murder suicide
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a third member was put on trial set and soon. it is have to expose the ins here and everyone connected to them but that's not happening. my lawyer says that once the trial is over it will all be swept under the carpet and there will be no further prosecution as. the. attention is also focused on su collaborators from the new nazi scene in nuremberg. this respected terrorist held from vienna in eastern germany three hundred kilometers away stefan does heads a local association that combats right wing extremism in the nuremberg area. this monument commemorates all the victims of the n.s.a.'s campaign of senator big terror people of turkish origin one greek man and a german policewoman murdered in different towns across the country. but why was it near where the series of murders began. because this is where the nazi party held
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its rallies and passed the racial purity laws. just in a building around the corner from here on the border. because it's a bit of to stick and it wasn't. the infamous nazi party rally grounds another iconic images from the same location u.s. troops blowing up the swastika on top of the central rally building after the now to surrender nine hundred forty five stephan dog believes that the new nazi scene consciously chose the city in northern varia over twenty years ago and that it was home to a high number of ennis who support his. these people have never been brought to justice or properly investigated. them for. a catalogue of failures that continues to this day of police from the police is perspective i would like to stress that we did everything of the time to investigate the rightwing extremist
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scene in the region. with from we conducted criminal investigations where appropriate as we are still doing today. or disclose it or not. this man disagrees. as a retired journalist who conducted research into the new nazi scene for the local newspaper. he believes that extremist leaders knew the terrorists and appeared with them in public before the latter went underground. once the police identified the three suspected perpetrators over bernhardt be added chipper and over mentals in twenty eleven the any us who claimed responsibility in a cynical video sent by mail except for one copy that arrived at how about fierce newspaper but which they couldn't have got here by mail because there was no stamp . meaning. he always was and i think the d.v.d. was left in our mailbox by someone from the nuremberg scene of his life was not.
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one of the many active supporters who have still not been identified. up to crime scheck and his family's lawyer are in no doubt. i call on the authorities to continue their investigations after the trial of the five defendants and look at the inn issues network we assume that there must have been more supporters and accessories and we know nothing about these people the trio were not some isolated little group spawn the trial of beyond to chip and the four alleged collaborators is expected to be concluded in the near future but eighteen years after the murder of the flower seller many questions remain unanswered. london has a reputation for fine food luxury shopping and top dollar real estate some of the british capital's most exclusive addresses are oh and by the russian super rich but
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because of lax regulation some of these malts high million dollar homes are believed to have been bought using dirty money ever since the recent nerve agent attack on british soil u.k. russian relations have soured now while makers have decided to take a closer look at where all this money is coming from but as our reporter discovered following the money trail is no easy task. london is the perfect place to shell out wads of cash fast and at the finest addresses in the british capital russian exiles are among the best customers that's earned the city the nickname london grog. it's become a playground for wealthy all the guards so it's hardly surprising that this russian wine shop in the chic mayfair district in london's west end calls itself hedonism winds. rome on gregorio has designed
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a map that helps rich russians find their way around he also advises newcomers on making investments why is london such a draw for russian investors. there are many many different reasons education is education of course because london and you again general has the best private schools in the world there are different waves of russian investors and the initial wave was about safeguarding your investment and that was the whole idea behind london and u.k. that if you invest no one can go and take away from you russians have invested billions in london in recent decades but where did they get the cash anti money laundering organizations like clamp k have been following the money trail for years and found that much of it was simply stolen so they've launched a clip talk received tour to show properties used to launder money. the tour includes apartments thought to be owned by russians first deputy prime minister igor tshuva long. just to. name one great baby i've
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got a wife who looks which finds her work around eleven point two million. now than makes me documents you know the cookie their advice over real estate which according to official records mailed by the bowery indicate owned by why. it is unclear how she belonged like able to afford the apartment twenty fourth you know that decorated left calorie one hundred twelve thousand pounds. hidden ownership and corruption here in one of london's top locations home after home is held by dubious proprietors. what links wants common to all russian oligarchs in london is their riches are coming from transactions with the russian government they either sold something very dearly to the state of russia. or they bought something for pennies in some sort of privatization. this is dirty
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money is sent to london by blood in the air from tunes allies who invested abroad as they have little faith in the ruble and by the russian president's opponents all the guards who became rich after the collapse of the soviet union but then fell into disfavor both sides have always been welcome to invest here if you care where the money came from. and that angers valerie morris off he fled russia after uncovering state corruption but now the old conflicts from his homeland have followed him to britain. they never worked and this or that because of millions and i would ask where. the let them live here because they're there. but then maybe against putin and look but at the same time they're from criminal war and they bring this criminal world here with criminal morality. more aware
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criminal. valarie morris off can't escape his past here either he recently received anonymous death threats the story circulating amongst britain's russian community these days sounds like something from a spy thriller they include assassination attempts and unexplained deaths to stop this morris off says the british government must follow through on its threats to freeze the assets of those accused of human rights abuses. their investigation is very important because this addition when there were not investigated because created contributed to the strengthening or positions of criminals. mobile only here but here and in russia. on the kleptocracy tour they also discussed what should happen now in the u.k. has introduced unexplained wealth orders which oblige foreign investors whose assets exceed their income to divulge the sources of their wealth but clamp k
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here's the rules won't be enough. i think that if anything the british public can change it maybe they'll say enough is enough maybe they'll say that after the poisoning of the people on the streets of sounds very. but for many that would also mean losing a lucrative source of income it's not just the british government that's turned a blind eye to russian corruption but real estate agents and business people as well they're all too happy to share in the profits when russians flash their cash in london ground. british investigators cannot request disclosure of russian assets and even seize them if money laundering is suspected spain's economy is still slowly recovering from the two thousand and eight financial crisis with one of the european union highest unemployment rates the country continues to deal with the human consequences including rising poverty to help the country's increasing homeless population
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a priest image rid has devised a plan that has led many people calling him a modern day robin hood. what looks like a cigarette dispenser is actually a solidarity machine when customers put in coins they're donating someone a free shower a loaf of bread or a cup of coffee this is the robin hood restaurant where the rich pay for the poor. to look at it to grab it all a lot of bad day. outside it looks like any other eating place in the historic center of madrid but in the evening the days profits go toward providing free meals for people in need the proprietor is father unhealth arceo frederick as a catholic priest who's made it his mission to fight poverty and hunger you're watching some of these what matters here are community friendship and the committee
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you know. dignity might seem a distant dream to someone living on the street there are several thousand homeless people in madrid they have not benefited from the modest upturn in the spanish economy. but they can get help in what's known as the church of the poor here at san anton anyone who needs it can bed down get a meal or celebrate mass the church is always open in two thousand and fifteen father unhealed took over the abandoned church and gave it a community center function inspired by pope francis. it was because of that it will be a lot. shukri maidment suffocate your first thing i heard him say was. i want to church that is there to help the poor. on an. overseas one for a pensioner in the east and center picks up food vouchers for the robin hood
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restaurant in return for his meals he's happy to make an extra effort especially with his appearance because he will be back for two years i didn't wear a suit and tie. when my daughter said to me dad you will be like a king in the restaurant. is under what do you mean a king i said you know i was using what they were going to my sake she made me dress properly. so that i would get some respect you know and out of respect for father and have worked with local people if i wanted. the response center lost his job and then saw his marriage collapse he lives on the street and doesn't want us to see that part of his life but he doesn't invite us to join him later at the restaurant. they're still cooking lunch diners pay eleven euro's the profits will provide food for others.
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luis been sent to has dressed up for the occasion everyone is equal in the eyes of god a principle the father on hell takes literally. is there really much difference between the east and center and those affectively paying for his meal. out for some more than nothing look how often we cross the street to avoid the homeless this is the it's a problem the politicians can't solve it your money it's about human rights it doesn't matter whether people have money or not they need to keep their dignity because there's the me that's. the volunteers who will be serving the poor their evening meal have a. right. now that i must get a few they give you so much more than you get then that's the way i see it most of the fits and they so grateful we have those we may be fine at the moment but any of us can lose our way at any time we could easily be in that position tamara but at
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the l.a. mustn't forget it. just before eight the tables are laid inside the guests start to arrive every place is assigned for some it's a way back into society and the world of work today there's been good news for luis the city has found him a room so that he can not just eat in dignity but live in dignity to. be. the building city of mecca and didn't always look like this in the ninety's it was an eyesore known for everything it lacked including infrastructure integration and safety it was also a stronghold of the far right but thanks to their progressive mayor this is all changed despite its one hundred thirty five different nationalities this city located between brussels and antwerp is now considered a model of success. then why do the math this boy asks
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yeah well yes and you. do like to be a man someday. botts almost is well known to the children here. for eighteen years he's been manner of mechelen a belgian town of some eighty five thousand residents when he was a child it was a different place. did he say look man this is my old primary school and when i went here nearly forty five years ago it was a very monocultural school well there were a few children from immigrant families but most of the kids were white. but. now half of newborns in mechelen have immigrant roots twenty percent of mechelen residents are muslims and we have one hundred thirty five different nationalities in that particular internationally that could be an explosive mixture as experience in numerous belgian city his shows. but in mechelen things are different. i
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believe him if you mentioned enough a lot of people from belgium went to syria to join islamic state and unfortunately speaking the most in europe with one hundred of them were from and bourbons of which is just twenty five kilometers to the north of us. to be twenty five kilometers to the south is brussels with two hundred syrian fighters and as even ten kilometers from here may seal for day with twenty seven. and from mechelen where there are lots of people who could maybe be susceptible to that of those nobody went to syria it's not for. so what is make a lens recipe for success one ingredient is a focus on youth work social workers here know all the young people in their districts and they do all they can to raise children to be responsible citizens. and to sort of day we are organizing a kind of competition of the different districts playing against each other it's about sports yes but also about being punctual and respecting commitments and rules
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that is because. the other pillar of the concept is strict security policy although he's a liberal politician but summers is all in favor of more surveillance cameras police and what's called over lost or nuisance teams they deal with disturbances in public places especially among youths mischa smolders serves some one of these teams. we're here to build a closer relationship with us' and other citizens so that we can work through prevention and keep people from behaving in a disorderly fashion and. this is how it works when there's a problem at a school they always call in the same team here the officers are questioning a pupil he says another boy attacked him with a fork and took his phone the accused appears before a juvenile magistrate the same. day zero tolerance strategy into the.
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past as a result the atmosphere in mechelen has changed dramatically the live to our mayor lives for mechelen i live from. regular mechelen always comes first bar to summers takes care of everyone he thinks long term he thinks of the future that he has turned mechelen the hellhole into a paradise. and support for the far right farms but long has gone down from more than thirty percent to just seven the populist flemish political party which has its office of the town's picturesque marketplace still criticizes the mass efforts . if the more you start your season into a lovely town but we have many lovely towns and flanders to pump it out so much has happened but the muslims who are growing in numbers at the end they take over this lovely town boys also bought as long as bought some as it is at the helm integration is the watchword here. even in the in the everyone who believes in the
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western model of society has to fight racism and discrimination. because they destroy the core of our society the beauty of some even couple marked what makes us strong as a society that is of it the the fact that no one no matter where they come from by working hard can make a better future for themselves and their children and look for the deal. maker and seems to be well on the way to that better future. in this modern age it also feels like traditional manual jobs are disappearing and in countries like the netherlands it would be akin to the loss of national identity if there windmills were to go there not only tourist attractions but because if there are sustainable blend of nature and technology they were granted unesco world heritage status and fortunately they are young people like khun hike up who has his
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sights set on saving them. on weekends couldn't hike ups classmates go out on the soccer pitch or to parties but couldn't head for the windmill alongside school the sixteen year old is learning to be had with his apprentice to hang in the one hundred thirty year old mill in dunn and close to the belgian border. couldn't already knows the routine. thus he puts out the flag meaning. then the road to shop has to be lubricated with pork fat according to a centuries old practice. and finally the sales are stretched over the rest of. my friends like what i do here but they don't really understand it when i talk about it they get bored pretty quickly. boring or not when mills of the emblem of the netherlands there are around a thousand in the country and nearly all of them are still running and not just for
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tourists. they're still used to grind grain power's sawmills or pump water into the low lying reclaimed areas called cold is but there's a distinct need for a new generation like couldn't says the master miller he is almost seventy. what he calls now days it's mainly retired people who do it as a hobby the mills can still be kept in operation but in ten fifteen or twenty years we will have a real problem with. part of the problem is that many dutch people view the windmills as props their flowers better from the mellow. foliage and a lot of bad there's no question whether it's right wheat or spelt flour his mill in the town of oyster vic supplies the bakeries in the area. when i was. in the old mill stones seeing as the saying goes home. and when the flour feel soft
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and slightly sandy. then we know the quality is good. of course tourists can also stop by to watch and listen to the traditional craft. these people have come specially from spain they have come here because it is really. well and is with. the windmills themselves unlikely to last about whether they will keep providing bakers with flour and whether young dutch people like couldn't hike up will be memorizing the blueprints of mills in the future that is increasingly unclear. it's great to see a young person determined to carry on tradition that's all for today thank you for watching good bye. to you.
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magazine the book. long d.w. . philosopher and pop star adored the come to spice took karl marx icon of communism a man whose ideas changed the world but also divided it how relevant is he today and what influence does he have on politics and general culture on his two hundredth birthday cole marks cards twenty one special and the documentary marks and his affairs good luck to you w. e the announcement. of the shoes players from sabbat. the flame the beep beep the street lovelies the response
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play polo the beach the flaming lips such a lovely place play the ball up the sled luck plays a player who respects. play
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. live. in his line from berlin means trump the german chancellor goes to washington to save the iran nuclear deal after talks at the white house anglo-american says the deal has slowed down iran's nuclear activities a recognizes it's not sufficient so what leverage is any fishy how clean or work also coming up with. the leaders of north and south korea are being praised for committing to peace at their historic summit but will this time be any different we'll get reaction from seoul.


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