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the news live from berlin america meets trump the german chancellor goes to washington to survey the iran nuclear deal after talks at the white house anglo-american says the deal has slowed down to ron's nuclear activities or recognizes it's not sufficient so what leverage is any dishing out going forward also coming up with. the leaders of north and south korea are being praised for committing to peace at their historic summit but will this time be any different we'll get reaction from seoul. and it's that time of the year again the relegation
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dogfight is nearing its climax in the bundesliga five teens are fighting to beat the drop in we give you the lowdown on which teams still have hopes of staying in the top flight. and be quite awesome welcome to the program we begin in washington where german chancellor angela merkel has held talks with u.s. president donald trump it was the second face to face meeting between the two and merkel's first trip to washington since being reelected she's trying to persuade trump to stay in a landmark nuclear deal with iran which he threatened to pull out of it was just one issue where differences between them are proving difficult to bridge. as chancellor merkel met president trump at the white house the focus was on style as well as substance. after
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a frosty first meeting last spring in washington this time there were signs of a thaw no handshakes persist on this occasion and there were kind words from president trump that we have a really great relationship and we actually have had a great relationship right from the beginning but some people didn't understand that but we understand it and that's what's important but very extraordinary woman and it's an honor to have you at the white house for the right job. but the cordial tone couldn't hide differences on the issues at hand trump has threatened to pull the u.s. out of the euro nuclear deal wants to save it. well but does this agreement is anything but perfect it would not solve all of the problems of iran is one piece of the may say one building block that we can improve upon the money all phone con on the issue of trade machall got no assurances that the trump would continue to exempt the e.u. from steel and aluminum tired of states instead trump bemoaned the u.s.
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trade deficit with the european union. it's been unfair and i don't blame the chancellor and i don't blame germany i don't even blame the european union i blame the people that preceded me for allowing this to happen. there's no way we should have a trade deficit of one hundred fifty one billion dollars mean on nato spending trump revived an old grievance with europe and we're protecting europe and yet we pay by far more than anybody else and nato is wonderful but it helps europe more than it helps us and why are we paying the vast majority of the costs thank you very much everybody even know macro's meeting with trump lasted only a few hours it followed a three day visit by french president and money will not com neither leader was able to get trump to change course on iran or trade it's a sign transatlantic ties could remain troubled. joining me to discuss this further is d.w.
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political correspondent simon young sign of perhaps a warmer meeting than last time but if we're looking at concrete results what was achieved in this meeting concrete results pretty thing i'm afraid you know is more about the atmospherics and the optics you know improving the relationship and they seem to have done that they've made it more normal looking than it has been of late with you know kisses on the cheek and demonstrative handshakes and warm words you know you had there we had a great relationship right from the start said trump and he talked about an amazing woman that's his way of speaking. to the medical for her part said you know the transatlantic relationship remains absolutely central for germany little bit more sort of conservative way of talking but she also praised donald trump for the movement that he's helped to create for instance on the korea question so a lot of interesting things there but in terms of concrete policy trade iran.
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i don't think we're seeing anything new and you know that the remains of a tough relationship of course with donald trump you mentioned trade neither mcconnell americal were able to pull out a promise from chomp on that e.u. tax exemption that's such a kick in on may first it's actually. expire i mean does the bloc have any kind of leverage here in this discussion well i mean there is there is some leverage because of course the there's the prospect of a trade war so the e.u. saw it enough to get germany doesn't negotiate on trade maxes alone as the chancellor pointed out it's an e.u. question the e.u. have raised the possibility of you know introducing tariffs own peanut butter and bourbon and things like that. but they don't really want to do that this was a last ditch attempt really by angola medical to. bring president trump to point out to him that you know the importance of free trade and america was saying that there really should be a full on trade agreement between the e.u. and the u.s.
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but that of course is something there's a luden looted negotiators for many years and given that germany's exports particularly of automobiles to the u.s. are very key export is very difficult to see where the leverage really comes from the german side another major issue on the table with of course their raw nuclear deal briefly if you can if you're going to similar position at the mercy of trump here what trump. is the one who's saying that he's going to pull out of that deal he doesn't think it goes far enough we did see a little bit of movement in the tone from anglo-american she said more pressure needs to be put on iran to you know stop its negative influence in the region as she described it and she said that you know the regions very important for europe and that's what i think the deal should remain because that's the way to keep iran under pressure over its nuclear program and in other ways but if donald trump pulls out and that's the split the clear sign coming from the secretary of state as well
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today then you know there's nothing really that europe will germany can do did political correspondent simon young thank you. now some of the other stories making news around the world the funeral of a top political leader of the hoofy rubbles has taken place in yemen sali also a mob was the most senior leader to have been killed by the saudi led coalition since the war began three years ago in another saudi airstrike on friday two more whose the readers are reported to have been killed along with dozens of fighters. a former policeman charged with a string of rapes and murders across california has made his first appearance in court he was arraigned in sacramento on two of the eight murder counts against him the seventy two year old was arrested this week after a decades long manhunt thanks to information from a genealogy website. alfie evans the terminally ill british toddler at the
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heart of a long running legal battle has died in hospital in the early hours of saturday he had a rare degenerative brain disease and judges had agreed with doctors a further treatment would be futile and life support should be withdrawn his parents say they're heartbroken. the international community has praised the leaders of north and south korea for working to formally and the state of war between their countries this sixty five years after the end of fighting in the korean war at a historic summit north korean leader kim jong un and south korean president and said they would sign a formal peace treaty by the end of this year and work towards a nuclear free peninsula they insisted they did not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. an extraordinary moment in korean history after decades of hostilities and the threat of a nuclear confrontation
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a new era of peace is declared on the peninsula. moments before the leaders signed a historic declaration which aims to end the longstanding conflict key points include replacing the armistice with an official peace treaty plans to denuclearize the peninsula the reunification of separated families and a follow up summit in the north this autumn. after the signing ceremony in the peace house south korea's president made the historic and i'm spent. there you saw me declare together but i will be no more war on the korean peninsula and a new age of peace has begun for years. with his sister in attendance the north
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korean leader kim jong il address the audience. warning going face to face i hope for me to realize that north and south korea just neighbors who live separately but rather a family. we who live so close by all not enemies who must fight against each other . all the farmers who share the same blood line who must you know hurt. even. despite the grain breaking meeting a history of failed peace attempts has some critics wary of the north's commitment the next step a meeting between kim jong il and us president donald trump is planned for may or june. now this wasn't the first summit meeting between the leaders of north and south korea earlier i asked you tell these philip belsky in seoul if there was a sense that this time was really different. well if you talk about concrete
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measures the whole picture gets much more the whole situation gets much much more complicated so many experts warn against to be to be too optimistic and that's because still so many open questions obviously it's one thing to agree on the long term goal for instance offer a denuclearization of the korean peninsula and it's something completely different than to agree on concrete steps how to achieve this goal. and as we know that the devil sometimes or most of the time is in the details and also not everything is controlled by the north and south korea a lot will depend on the outcome of the summit between kim jong un and donald trump . correspondent philip belsky reporting from seoul moving on to blondest league soccer in the friday night game hoffenheim can thank andre crammer
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itch master hattrick for keeping their champions league dreams alive with a three one win against hanover the croatian began with the simplest of tap ins see that right there in the sixteenth minute followed up with a smash of a volley in the fiftieth and then he sealed the victory for hoffenheim with a delicate lob in the eighty sixth minute all that makes him bad of a match. now the relegation battle is on in the bundesliga with only three match days remaining five clubs are still fighting for another season in the first division realistically though perhaps only four of them have any hope of beating the dreaded drop. last place cologne seems to have given up all hope they do still have a mathematical chance of staying up but these images say it all as do these i'm hamburg situation doesn't give them much reason for confidence either but
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reason has little to do with football especially the relegation battle their win last weekend means hamburg's coming clash with ball sports is like a final. we're placing our hopes in the volves for a game where everything's at stake it's a six point game will only be two points behind if we win. like hamburg fellow relegation candidates valse borg have their third coach of the season the wolves are one of three teams with thirty points five ahead of second to last hamburg. sport minds. fribourg all equal on points in a precarious situation freiburg coach question has been in the habit of congratulating his opposite numbers his team have lost five in a row four of them without scoring a single goal. can you try to explain why you've been losing it. because we're not scoring because we can't take advantage of our chances because we
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have too few scoring chances overall that's why. the pressure is mounting a hamburger five points back now you face cologne how are you approaching it. with all the energy we've got. maybe something else i've nothing else to say and indeed in the relegation battle it's not words that count it's action especially for hamburg if they fail to win involve sport this weekend they'll be in the same situation as cologne left with just a mathematical chance of staying in the top flight. germany's top film prize has gone to a film about celebrity actress roma schneider the film three days and keep off picked up a total of seven loan law trophies at the award ceremony and byrne lent including the prizes for best film best actress and best director a bio pic focused on
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a candid interview schneider gave to a magazine reporter while undergoing rehab shortly before her death in one nine hundred eighty two. you're watching today when you fly from berlin and i'm happy for the last and join us again at the top of the hour if you can thanks for watching. this does this germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something him to resign we must overcome it in the. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters t.w. made for mines.


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