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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from but do you says internet john should pay their fair share it accuses companies like apple and google of avoiding taxes by reporting them in low tax countries and ministers say the opposite is an internet tax that applies across the globe also coming up. a warm reception for angela merkel at the white house but did the chancellor school any winnings gemini's industry federation calls mantles meeting with trump a missed opportunity. and
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a term any old british toddler at the heart of a legal battle has done to alfie evans had a red brain disease judges agreed with doctors that life support should be withdrawn against his parents wish this will bring you the full story. one hundred on free good to have you with us using the internet in europe could soon get more expensive now the european union says online giants like amazon facebook google and apple have not been paying their fair share the company's money across the block but report their profits in low tax countries the european commission wants a three percent tax across the bloc ministers an area to discuss the proposal. when journalists at this press conference in severe use google the company makes
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a profit in bulgaria the search engine though piece its taxes elsewhere usually where there aren't many to pay some say in tax havens anyone knows that it is a big moral question that the biggest companies of the tolerance i'm not really. contributing to the public duties we have to follow the digital giants are not being the same. if you want to explain that it's the city's and. good luck. google kills its european profits at its headquarters in ireland paid a fraction of its profits in tax there in twenty fourteen the european commission wants digital companies above a certain size to also have to pay tax when they make money smaller e.u. member states are skeptical. so it's a it's so we're on the cautious side there is only e.u. countries implemented and in this digital tax will have very little effect via some
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zine but if the e.u. does impose the tax that could lead to further strain ties with the us with it expected to generate relatively low returns some in the bloc are asking if it's really worth it. this comes with germany's industry federation saying planned us imports judi's on metals could strain the transatlantic relationship federations head into camp says he's disappointed that chancellor merkel was unable to sway u.s. president donald trump to abandon the terrace when she visited it washington on friday it was just one issue why differences between them proved difficult to bridge. as chancellor merkel met president trump at the white house the focus was on style as well as substance. rest assured you after a frosty first meeting last spring in washington this time there were signs of a thaw no handshakes persist on this occasion and there were kind words from
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president trump. we have a really great relationship and we actually have had a great relationship right from the beginning but some people don't understand that but we understand it and that's what's important but very extraordinary woman and it's an honor to have you at the white house thank you very much you know. but the cordial tone couldn't hide differences on the issues at hand trump has threatened to pull the u.s. out of the euro nuclear deal once to save it. does this agreement is anything but perfect it would not solve all the problems of iran is one piece of the may say one building block that we can improve upon the money all phone call on the issue of trade got no assurances that the trump would continue to exempt the e.u. from steel and aluminum tired of states instead trump bemoaned the u.s. trade deficit with the european union. it's been unfair and i don't blame the chancellor and i don't blame germany i don't even blame the european union i blame
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the people that preceded me for allowing this to happen there is no way we should have a trade deficit of one hundred fifty one billion dollars. i mean nato spending trump revived an old grievance with europe and we're protecting europe and yet we pay by far more than anybody else the nato is wonderful but it helps europe more than it helps us and why are we paying the vast majority of the costs thank you very much everybody even though medicals meeting with trump lasted only a few hours it followed a three day visit by french president emmanuel ma com neither leader was able to get trump to change course on iran or trade it's a sign transatlantic ties could remain troubled. joining me to discuss this further now is nicole and then that she's an associate fellow at the german council on foreign relations now nicole no actual achievements that we can necessarily put off at the moment perhaps a warm up in a relationship between now and trump
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a mugging how significant is that woman reception to the transatlantic relationship it's certainly very important because you know he reaches alts in iraq a constructive atmosphere and if the mood and the atmosphere is guided by a more positive spirit that already helps that at the end of the day this visit will be viewed on the basis off the successes and the chancellor had very concrete ideas of what she wanted to achieve in this meeting and we have to see on may second if she reached the goal for example with the exception of the opinion from the terrorists u.s. it's going to impose yes let's pick up on that a little bit more because you mentioned the exemptions for the e.u. when it comes to tariffs there was also the iran nuclear deal that was a conversation that the leaders were keen to have as well because we also have sort of course the french president a man who i might call go to washington before machall needa back home all merkel
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managed to draw out commitments on these issues to does the e.u. have any leverage going forward you know sometimes the process. this is a process where certain steps have to be taken one after another and the visit of micro prepared the ground for further negotiations and what i thought was very interesting about the visit of merkel is that she admitted that the new deal is far from perfect one of the issues is said you know it has a certain time limit to it and the other issue of the u.s. is complaining about is that the ballistic missile program is not part of the deal and she said we have to improve the deal but it's a good base to further negotiate and this is the european position they consider the deal as a big success for europe and delta see it in strengthening the more reformist policy in iran so for for the u.s. president to listen to the european leaders and to understand we're trying to
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understand what they have what they can put on the table is an important step right now when we look at the visits of makkah and michael can you see a kind of game plan emerging from these two in how they deal with the trump absolutely i mean one of the positive signs that came from the two visits was the european union now wants to show we are we stand together now we speak with one for as you know a criticism that has been heard over the years over and over again and the telephone exchange between my call and. on friday morning already showed that they really you know working hand in hand the results however we don't know what the outcome will be and that is still to play for the vote from the german council on foreign relations thank you for your insights. now some of the other stories making news around the world rushes floating in new clear power plant has headed out for its first voyage the academic
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a long one i saw was choked out of the st petersburg shipyard where it was built is to react as will now be loaded with nuclear fuel environmentalists have criticized the project with greenpeace calling it a quote floating channel be. thousands have taken to the streets of company on a in spain they're protesting off the five men accused of raping a young woman at the twenty sixteen running of the bulls were convicted of the less a cry for sexual abuse the case has sparked anger given increased reports of six attacks at the event. new u.s. secretary of state's mike home page has arrived in saudi arabia is the first stop of his middle east tour where he'll discuss the iran nuclear deal with leaders there he's also expected to visit israel and jordan on his first official trip in the uk. the terminally ill british toddler at the heart of a long running and legal battle has died in hospital alfie evans had
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a red brain disease which doctors said was incurable his parents took the case to court off to children's hospital decided life support should be withdrawn against their wishes. a tiny boy a short life a big impact. these liverpudlians have come to pay their respects to alfie evans. he was less than two years old and suffering from a degenerative neurological condition. when doctors concluded no more could be done for him alfie's parents got a series of legal battles to keep him alive in the end the court agreed with the doctors they with your life support on monday now a heartbreaking announcement via facebook from alfie's father tom my gladiator laid out his shield and gained his wings at two thirty absolutely heartbroken. many of the tyler supporters believe the doctors gave up too easily. why didn't somebody do
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something. corrupt. government full of or not he. didn't do something. so i think the whole of liverpool was saddened by the news this morning. by everyone that's going on really right the right the way through and the fact they wouldn't have to take them with them let me take the little boy you. think. this is a show me and i was just. so yeah obviously it's not it is harboring abbas but it shows that we do support him as a city as. the case attracted international attention with the pope weighing in and inviting his father to the vatican. i wish to repeat and strongly confirm that the only master of life from the
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beginning until the natural and is god. it is our duty. it is our duty to do everything to nurture life in. these case has sparked a fierce debate in the u.k. over who should make decisions for a child's health but for hundreds of people in liverpool on saturday it was time to come together and remember an all too short life. and for more on this story. from the w. news desk joins me in this year huge publicity surrounding this very painful story support coming from the vatican as well for keeping alfie alive tell us a little bit more about this really is a case that's true and while why attention has been a huge outpouring of grief today after we've learned that that alfie very sadly
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lost his life the pope yes he's someone that's really helped bring the story into the headlines he's tweeted today i'm deeply moved by the death of little alfie today i pray especially for his parents as god the father received him in his tender embrace now tom evans the father of little alfie actually went to the vatican last week to appeal to the pope for help for support in trying to keep his young son on life support the pope has granted his support in fact italy as well waited in this case it's a granted citizenship and said that it hopes that he could be brought. away he could still be kept on life support the hospice of the courts in the u.k. decided that wasn't in the child's best interests and it was ruled that he should be taken off life support so emphatic reaction there coming from raw emotional response from other countries as well other people tell us more about that's right this is
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a case is really divided opinion who is right is that the parents who are fighting desperately to keep their son alive or is at the hospital they simply say. i very sadly this this child isn't going to make it and they even said it's cruel thoughts for them to try to spread long to prolong his life a lot of people very very angry at the way that the hosts of doubt with this there were protests on several occasions outside the hospital on monday in fact after a final court ruling that a young healthy couldn't date its new people tried to storm the hospital so really there has been a lot of anger as much there as there's been i guess i will say been people who have come out in support of the hospital and praise them for the way they've dealt with this and i mean this case of course recalls similar conversations we've had about the right to life the case of charley god for example last year just explain that a little bit to us that you know when the parents are denied the final right to to have their say that's right charley god was and the other little boy from the u.k. another case that got wild wide attention he was eleven months old he had
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a rare genetic disorder and the parents were fighting desperately to to get him given experimental treatment sadly though that didn't work and again now we've seen that that's the courts have had the final say on each of them pale thank you. you're watching news more coming up at the top of the hour stay with us. those values in germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something him to resign we must overcome it's. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters t.w. made for mines.


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