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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is deja news live from perth in a dark day in afghanistan two deadly suicide bombings across components diplomatic corps leaving several journalists and police officers dangerous and in the south south of the country eleven children are killed by another suicide bomb. we'll have more on that you just said also on this program the e.u. says it's ready to react with efficiency and speed to plant u.s. trade tariffs german chancellor angela merkel has been lobbying president trump going to exempt europe from potentially crippling that is. that
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a harrowing escape from syria's new tourist prisons our correspondent has been talking to a former inmate who is now speaking out what i'm told. will. hello and welcome my name's christopher spring eight thanks for joining us we start in afghanistan where at least twenty five people have been killed in schools injured in back to back suicide attacks in the capital kabul there are also reports of a third lost in the country's south that has left eleven children dead. six journalists and four police officers are among the dead in kabul after they rushed to the scene of the initial explosion police say the first bomber was on a motorbike and the second was on foot a police spokesman says he was disguised as a journalist the bombs exploded during the rush hour in the diplomatic quarter of
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the city so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility lives. on the line now to hear because didi a freelance journalist in kabul in the afghan capital. thanks for talking to us two blasts as far as we know can we assume they were connected. well just what we call is republicans need for today we call it a black day for the afghan press in afghanistan and everyone is actually moving one of happens at the service one actually happened in a very diplomatic place with his culture that iraq and. for you may believe the site bomber was on a motorbike and then through the after all the afghan general and that is you know what happens in afghanistan when something happens over the media rush to get action to be seen on the breaking news and then you know the second blast of yours and as a result six of our very good journalists in afghanistan and you know my big media
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or the media company i work for actually my cameraman and my reporter they were just only five or ten minutes away from the blast did good at the time but nobody knows you know if they well they might be killed you know another time because we are not going to come and talk here here i understand that one of the journalists who was killed in a.f.p. photographer named sean the riot was a friend of yours can you tell us a little bit more about him. he was a fantastic kind of photographs for everybody in afghanistan knows him. normally you know he does a great deal for all such beings and i quite remember years ago he had written something on his twitter and you put a picture thing that you know you know this is my daughter we never know you know when. you know it's an animal absolutely more likely to die a very good friend than. the socket each other and you want to know who's active and very famous on the photograph or in afghanistan and afghan troops after working
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for a fee activity like good and like i'm going to fight if i if i remember grice i was asking for help to organize a meeting with one of the afghan police they can but then today you know we lost them and along with with and you know five thousand very good journalists from our m.p. station is this is this the first time to hear that journalists were actively targets change in an attack of this kind. well journalists are quite vulnerable to such attacks in afghanistan it is not the first time but yes i would say well let's not forget that on one point sometimes they go to a couple of commodes t.v. one of the leading t.v. channels in afghanistan is that they want to attack in a convoy when they were on your way home and as a result i don't remember it quite well but the are like you know listen to more than ten thousand people killed this is actually to think about the second attack where we lose you know some of our base journalists but i would say that you know
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as everyone is welcome to send about this iteration of security is actually this is the first time we are you know a dozen good join to get attacked which is again as i did a black day for the whole country and for the freedom of the seas two thousand for regime and people like myself who have been working really in difficult times you can understand that you know moving away here is very hard but you know one of our perhaps wish it was that we won't get attacked by the taliban or what other insurgent groups but now it seems that this might be the trend as well. many thanks for that back. talking to us from kabul. ok we're going to look at some of the other stories making news around the well now in syria monitoring group says twenty six people have been killed in missile strikes on military facilities in the north of the country but last reportedly hit on syrian army base the iranian backed forces are also stations iran has denied reports that
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its base in the country to. palestinians and israelis to resume political engagement america's top diplomat made the comments during a visit to jordan today in response to questions about recent violence on the israeli gaza border said israel has a right to defend itself. british interior minister rudd has resigned saying she inadvertently misled parliament about targets set for the removal of illegal immigrants this fall as outrage over the way british with ortiz had mistreated legal residents from the caribbean people from the so-called windrush generation have been threatened with deportation. now governments across the world bracing for a possible trade war with washington set to decide soon on whether it is going to impose stiff cherubs on imported steel and aluminum both german chancellor angela
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merkel and french president among all have been lobbying u.s. president almost trump in a bid to obtain exemptions for the e.u. from those tariffs germany now says it expects the tariffs to go into effect but with no final word yet from the white house some all still holding out hope for a last minute change of hopped in washington. let's go to brussels now to our bureau chief there. max if the wave is on those chatter if they have actually already been imposed but there are a wave of them if those wave is a lifted tomorrow how is the european union likely to react. well as you just pointed out we're not there yet the last time that trump granted the exemption it was a last minute call and you officials here in brussels are hoping that exactly the same thing will happen and that's why there will be a last ditch effort by the commissioner in charge to call her counterpart in the u.s. wilbur ross and try to convince him to extend those exemptions if it doesn't work
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she has announced that the response by the european union will be threefold first of all retaliate with exactly the same measures that the u.s. are imposing secondly target specific u.s. products for example motorcycles where it really hurts and the third one is to complain at the world trade organization and. that reaction you know if this all comes to pos is it does the entire european union all of its government support that strategy. all governments safe to say think it's a bad idea to have those terrorists that's why again you had medical michael on may the prime ministers and chancellor so the leaders of the u.k. germany and france urged the u.s. administration not to impose them but the measures on the measures what to do once they are imposed or how to avoid them they are effectively not necessarily in agreement especially france and germany the reason for this is that germany is
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responsible for a large majority of the those high trade imbalances between the us and the e.u. they have most to lose also because they have huge industrial production and that's why the germans now seem well not desperate but seem willing to go different ways for example eliminate all tariffs on all industrial products that something apparently they're willing to negotiate with the u.s. france says probably not now with us we're more the hard liners like the e.u. commission so you see there are some differences here according to who has the most to lose in this ok max always good to. their chief in brussels. human rights groups in syria estimate that over seven thousand women are behind bars in notorious prisons run by the assad regime the exact numbers are unknown but the reports from female prisoners who managed to escape those prisons are disturbing they talk of systematic humiliation including regular beatings and
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electroshock ing our correspondent in the region johann spoke to a syrian refugee in the turkish city of gaziantep a woman who spent several months in one of those syrian presence. she put a plastic bag over my head beat me. then you had me up by my feet from the ceiling. now mohammed story is hard to listen to. in the end they said once he came and said i've got a present that we show you. yet she still wants to share it. canada it was a stun gun and that's going to go all the details. he asked me you know where's your heart. here i said and he elect to shuffle not right there.
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for months i was locked up in a syrian detention center for that and i saw a woman with her daughter. she cannot forget what happened there. in this cell was very small and dark the girl cried all the time because you see. the. kind of the law and try to catch them like below the door. more now it's thirty two years she's been living in turkey because the un tape has become a place of refuge from many syrians. mourner likes it here in the busy markets she doesn't attract attention. in syria she used to teach music but in twenty twelve she was arrested because she joined the protests in their a sore against president assert. she was released after
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a while but then detained again and brought to damascus to military intelligence branch two one five detainees call it the held branch because torture there is a daily routine. and that if you or she is a what i told you is only half of what happened in that prison especially to women there are many rape victims i many have been tortured some are tortured to death. all the people in the world should know about these things the law isn't hard that he. was released in an amnesty decree and managed to escape to turkey but thousands of women are still in torture prisons says further up to her knee he documents human rights abuses in syria now all sides in the war use violence against women he says but not to systematically as the syrian government but
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charlotte suds forces target women to intimidate opponents and spread fear. so using the woman or captured of the woman or a being or doing sexual harassment against them this is not individual this is a strategy actually and when she goes to speak to the source what's happened to her that will deter the society to do anything to even to speak one word against this going to all of a regime this is the regime. more now mohammed experienced all of this she wrote down her story and she's collecting the reports of other victims of torture she runs a support group where she helps women from syria she calls it project recovery. haven't seen you sat down at the foot of aman the fact that some women refuse to talk about their arrest. they don't want to talk about anything that happened to
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them and present the side of the heart of this break down and cry all the time. that we try to convince these women that they are strong and what was done to them is not their fault. i tell them start in your life was a big one how does it with that's the higher the goodness to the. moment as new life is here in turkey that one day she hopes she can help bring her torturers in syria to justice. a quick reminder for you of our top stories at this hour at least twenty five people have been children's force injured in back to back suicide attacks and the police diplomatic corps six journalists and four police officers are among the dead from the so-called islamic state has claimed this of. germany france and britain
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say they will react with efficiency and speed to try tariffs imposed by the u.s. governments around the world bracing for. a possible trade war with washington set to decide tomorrow whether it will impose stiff terrors all important skill and i'm telling you. don't think you don't use in on the ball coming up the top of the. stories that move people of the world over information they provide opinions they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch and follow us.


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