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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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you can. also use it's essential photos video downloaded from google for me. this is. news. to. earth home. stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. protect the. green energy solutions by. the in by a series of. we made
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over a week after. the civil service or. want to shape the continent's future. part of enjoying african youngsters as the share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent. platform africa. europe is. finally. also on the program saudi arabia. around. jetta with the country's
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first woman or guy. some for business on the w. i'm going to guess welcome to the program governments around the world are getting ready for a possible trade war with the united states as washington prepares to decide whether to impose stiff tariffs on imported steel and aluminum tomorrow german chancellor angela merkel and french president cole lobbied u.s. president donald trump last week to try to accept the e.u. from these tariffs germany now says it expects the tariffs to take effect but with no word yet from the white house others are hoping that washington will have a last minute change of heart and for more on the subject i'm now joined by frank for to laurie the newly appointed president of the american chambre of commerce here in germany joining us from cologne mr sports larry if i understand correctly you just got appointed this weekend so i assume i can say congratulations first of all and thank you very much for joining us for being with us today yes that's correct i got elected on friday at a gala dinner friday evening and saturday the work started because there's
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obviously been a lot of interest in what's going on right now with trade between the u.s. and germany and i'm sure everyone is asking you the same questions now it's our turn what are you telling companies and representatives do you expect this service to take place do you expect a trade war what are you telling the counterparts. well first the first thing we want to tell anyone as that the tariffs of this type and of this nature make no sense for anyone if this erupts into more than just a minor skirmish and into a full fledged trade war there are no winners in anything like that. i must say we're still a little bit cautiously optimistic it obviously will depend on what president trump decides in the next twenty four hours but regardless of what he decides our message as american chamber is that we need to not overreact to continue to negotiate to continue to make clear how deep the connections are between the e.u. and the u.s.
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in trade and in other matters and make sure that that is all understood and taken into account when we decide how we're going to resolve the trade issues that are out there and from the sense that you get when you speak to export in companies for example do you think that there will be a big impact in the economy as such in the end or do you expect stability rather well as we just heard the steel is really almost symbolic when it comes to trade at least between germany and the u.s. and that's why like i say we should not overreact because knowing our proclivity to export that's what has made the german industrial base so successful we could very quickly see problems if a real trade war erupts and there's a whole list of things that suddenly are slapped with carrots and we should never forget the ultimate losers the consumer any tariff that goes out there is
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a tax on people that are buying the products that are produced in either germany or the u.s. francs or laurie from the german american business owners thank you very much for joining us it's thank you for having me. as you just heard the tariffs are basically symbolic if we take a look at the numbers tariffs on european aluminum and steel would actually hurt the economy that much and still companies here in germany are preparing to see their products become more expensive in the u.s. and consumers there will literally end up paying the price trade between germany and the u.s. is booming last year volume grew to a total of over one hundred seventy billion euros with both sides exporting more to each other. increased u.s. import tariffs on steel and aluminum won't make much of a difference to that either in particular because germany doesn't sell that much steel and aluminum to the us. global exports from german steel and aluminum
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producers were valued at over twenty three billion euros last year but only a tiny proportion of that went to the u.s. one point four billion euros that specially six percent. and they're also very specialized products and alloys types of steel which aren't even made in the u.s. a lot of u.s. companies are dependent on importing these metals to make their products that means in the end u.s. consumers will wind up paying the increased import tariffs but that prospect still doesn't allay fears that the dispute could still escalate. all right it's a very complex topic to analyze and here in studio i'm now joined by irwin collier from the john f. kennedy institute institute at the free university of berlin is very good to have you with us thank you for joining us this morning here as we are seeing this unfold right now let's just assume we will see these tariffs take effect tomorrow you will probably see some concern perhaps instability in the markets is this about the
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specific tariffs are now possibly being imposed or just the fear of this potential trade war unfold what we're seeing is ratcheting up this was expected this is expected it's been priced into everything. on the other hand if and when it happens that these tariffs actually go into effect then it's a new reality and the rest of our life starts with the next day and that will be the day where people are going to think will this go out of control will this be a slow sort of trade dispute that will get resolved one way or the other but it will unfold rather than you know this is not a trade war makes it sound like there's a cavalry that's going to come in things will affronts will change very quickly no this is much more a trade war of position things will be very stable but that doesn't mean that there aren't real costs to both sides and that will also lead to pend on how each side
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reacts now just economically speaking we know that you doesn't want tariffs they save time and time again but can they just for example let it be you know just say well we will pay the tariffs for aluminum and steel to the u.s. and we're not going to retaliate at all could they afford it economically speaking as long as we put politics to the side taking the bullet if you will and proceeding in the normal way that a trade dispute would be settled you go to the w t o i would make that a very big effort that there would be a full court press on. on members of the u.s. congress and the governors to make it clear what the implications would be down the line that this makes things more expensive indeed for u.s. consumers u.s. producers in a trade war both sides lose in the idea that you win the if the other side loses more is a way of thinking that might have had
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a place in the sixteenth or seventeenth century under mercantile ism but it has no place in the twenty first century at all and we'll see if that actually happens and next face thank you very much for one call here from the john f. kennedy institute for the insight. now when people think about a holiday in the middle east egypt jordan perhaps dubai are often the first us nations that spring to mind but now ultraconservative saudi arabia wants foreign visitors to consider the kingdom problem as the country has an image problem is found in a char has been to the port city of jeddah to see some of the initiatives being launched to get you to think differently about the country. a lot of history can be discovered in just a multicultural and diverse city in saudi arabia jeddah has always been a bit more open to change that other more conservative parts of the country for example you will see here women without a headscarf a lot happens here first such as tourism in the past it's been limited to
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pilgrimage tourists or to people like them you know they are from russia germany or belgium foreign workers want to discover the city of it or not. they used to get it but my name is i.b.m. i'm going to be your tour guide welcome to the historical area of this city is a three thousand. area of egypt that. a special tour in an ultra conservative country. if i didn't know that there are two because it's not being promoted yet in the solar arabia is known as a black box the country wants to open up and it has to in order to reduce the country's growing unemployment and state deficit. they have your hopes the changes will also rebranding the image of the kingdom. yes from here to please so the first question is always how do you saudi a pure saudi yes some saudi and there are hundreds of these like me hopefully with
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all these changes that would have become three the west would change the idea about the saudi woman it's not considered decent for women to do jobs who are men and women makes this is changing to. another year is about to get her certification as the first female tour guide she says she has also experienced a lot of resistance from men that saw her as competition. the tour is about to end with arabic coffee and dates. so it's the bride did he. that's that this the the guy who is putting it's this one it's. good because we have this but i did. ok so one two three locals are just as curious as the tourists they say wait is
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this if it's you go over so he ought so what was it like. you feel like doors to this. and the people are also discovering you story it's the government wants to issue tourist visas starting this month question is whether and how much tourism will change the conservative makeup of saudi so song. maybe it will become a top trending tourist destination that's all for us thank you very much for joining us member for back with more news at the top of the hour here now just join us come. back with.
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the german gangster rap scene goes under the microscope.


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