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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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the journey started may thirteenth on d. w. . this is the live of from berlin tonight the evidence for the world to see israel says iran lying about its nuclear weapons program minister benjamin netanyahu has presented what he says is proof that iran is continually expanding its range of nuclear capable missiles this just days before the u.s. president will decide the fate of the iran nuclear deal iran says that israel is
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crying wolf also coming up deadly blast in afghanistan coordinated suicide bombings leave a trail of bloodshed wreaking havoc in the capital kabul in a separate sacking to sell the eleven children have been killed. it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with israel and what it calls an intelligence coup israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu went on prime time t.v. to present what he says is proof that iran has always lied about its nuclear weapons program tehran immediately issuing a clear rejection saying the israeli prime minister is doing nothing but crying wolf well here in europe germany is defending the nuclear deal and has called for an immediate investigation into netanyahu is claims and here is part of what the
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israeli prime minister said earlier today a few weeks ago in a great intelligence achievement. israel obtained half a ton of the material inside these walls and here's what we got. fifty five thousand pages. another fifty five thousand files and one hundred eighty three c.d.'s incriminating documents incriminating charts incriminating presentations incriminating blueprints incriminating photos incriminating videos and more so this is a terrible deal that should never have been concluded. and in a few days' time president trump. will decide will make his decision
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on what to do with the nuclear deal i'm sure he'll do the right thing the right thing for the united states the right thing for israel and the right thing for the peace of the world are let's pick up the story there i'm joined here at the big table by our middle east analyst daniel good luck and it's good to see you again yes thanks and i think the evidence presented by that yahoo was it was meant for one person and one person only today and that is double trump what you would you agree with that statement absolutely whole style of the presentation and he used the word incriminating about seven or eight times in a row very simple. spectacular old fashion at the same time the unusual style of public diplomacy let's say or i wouldn't call it public diplomacy but of diplomacy of trying to convince a foreign leader. we haven't seen that it coming out of israel before and i think
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he's very much adapting to the style of his main addressee who is as you say don't trump what exactly did prime minister netanyahu reveal i mean do we know exactly what exactly he is claiming. well he's explaining that they've discovered this is very recent news so i couldn't go into the details even though into the very few details that have come out yet that they had discovered intelligence and spectacular intelligence school it's not that israel hadn't of them of the israeli intelligence agencies hadn't acquired sensitive material out of iran before but to borrow a very unscientific image what's happening here is if somebody went to another person said you should divorce your vive because she's not faithful and then the person asked the question back what you mean she's not faith faithful do you have evidence that she's cheating on me and you say no but she didn't tell you that before you married her she worked as a prostitute so she can't be faithful and your marriage is built on lies this is
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exactly what's happening here most of the information that is referring to. is from before the iran deal was actually concluded from one thousand nine hundred ninety nine to two thousand and three and that's why he says the deal is based on lies and i don't know his own intelligence agencies have contradicted netanyahu a couple of times. and so has the international atomic agency in vienna i can tell you anything about the let's say the house of stench of the intelligence is again it's not important so much what the information is about it's important what don't trump what kind of don't trump decision don't trouble take next week we can't verify the evidence i mean if we assume that it is legitimate. it's just that the run has been playing the west all along and if that is the case then how can any deal be credible with tehran i mean is that the. yahoo was is throwing out there for mr trump to see absolutely and there is doubt on. many
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sides and there is another problem here and one of them across an anglo-american both went to washington to convince of course. president trump to not to the deal because it's not only their part of the european like foreign policy legacy but it's also one of the very few successful multilateral approaches and it works so far apparent now the problem is trump call and merkel have both offered to donald trump to look into the deal to come up with kind of an amendment a new deal and they have therefore also gratified american unilateralism in the name of preserving multilateral decisions and this is i think a very difficult case here that's why many in europe say we have to give something to trump in order to save the deal support him in rolling back iranian influence in the region for example but others say if we do this then we will dig deep we will become like lose our credibility in the middle east and also with the iranians one
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in two about the timing of this revelation and we heard people immediately saying that it is this information is being revealed to persuade donald trump to decide a certain way i mean you can look at it that way but what about. perhaps to support a decision that's already been made. i'm not so sure if this decision has already been made it would have been much more comfortable for trump to say we will give the europeans more time to come up with a better deal he likes the term deal a lot. also to let's say rearrange is his cabinet the people around him pompei o his national security adviser bolton everybody is new in the office so maybe he could buy himself some more time trying to pressure them to force his hand obviously that's what he's doing and i don't know maybe in a few months time that and they'll would no longer be in office because he's having the shells to his home at home yet he's involved in a big
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a corruption charges that he has been interviewed by the police several times so the situation for him is as uncomfortable as the situation is the president trump in washington and maybe he wants to he wants to preserve his legacy but really there through the ports of time how much of this has to do with the control of syria. and also iran's nuclear energy body today admitted that iran can now enrich uranium at a higher level than when that nuclear deal took effect and it warned president trump not to forget that when he makes his decision. that that's of that's a very ominous threat that is the iranians have said before that if come to certifies the deal president rouhani has said it for a message of has said it in a different way but they have threatened that there would be a very harsh and imminent the action of what does that mean that is it me because i
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cannot tell you i've always said that they've always said they don't want the bombs if they don't want the bomb then why why make statements like this about their ability to enrich uranium it is absolutely inconsistent and it might be a way of psychological warfare. that this supreme leader many of the political leaders of iran have have repeatedly said that the tuple nuclear bomb is not complying with their ideology with their villages values but yes it is questionable and so there's trust on those side of the front at the moment you know the trust is definitely your rear of the moments is always good to have you and your insights thank you thank you art let's take this story now to washington our correspondent course of a moment is standing by good evening to you karsten as there being a reaction from the white house to this. yeah president trump himself today in a press conference. was prime minister netanyahu today told the international
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public confirm that he was always writes in his skepticism about iran and the nuclear deal otherwise. there has been a rather muted reaction i guess a lot of people are just waiting to see you know how credible the evidence that mr netanyahu presented really is before making judgments but people have noted the students that after this the pump aoe was in the middle east and the israeli prime minister went forward mates this announcement in a special appearance on israeli t.v. one interesting point i just read reports as told to the american defense minister general mattis and apparently he met the israeli defense minister last week on thursday and mattis apparently told reporters that he had not discussed iran with
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his israeli defense minister and also apparently had not been told about this new evidence is allegedly you evidence so that's quite interesting a lot of experts just like to gallup just said has pointed out that a lot of the stuff that president prime minister netanyahu talked about is old news from the time before the iran nuclear deal was signed and also you know picking up a what daniel had mentioned was the intention of this revelation today jim pressure the u.s. president to kill the nuclear deal on may twelfth are you hearing that in washington. well i don't think donald trump really needs to be pressured because from what we heard after his meetings with french president michel. all in german chancellor angela merkel last week and. the impression of those leaders was that president trump seems pretty determined to pull out of the iran nuclear deal so
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it's more like this gives done it from another justification to do just that and not so much that pressure has to be put on him because i think that's on yahoo and trump pretty much aligned their skepticism towards iran. over washington correspondent garson phenomenon the story for us tonight carson thank you. and here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a delegation from the u.n. security council has arrived in me and more as they investigate alleged ethnic cleansing ever hinge of muslims they will meet leader aung san suu kyi before visiting rakhine state an estimated seven hundred thousand are in jail have fled to bangladesh from the area following an army crackdown thousands of people have protested in moscow against the blocking of the messaging app telegram authorities began walking with service earlier this month the company is refusing to share the keys to his data encryption with authorities citing privacy concerns iran has now
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joined russia in blocking telegram. in afghanistan at least twenty five people have been killed scores injured in two back to back suicide attacks in the capital kabul another blast in kandahar province to the south left eleven children dead and in the third attack in the east the b.b.c. says one of its afghan reporters was killed in the kabul attacks nine journalists and four police officers were among those who died so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for. the two suicide bombers struck in the central shot star rock area near nato headquarters and the afghan defense ministry staggering the blasts for maximum effect. after a motorcyclist set off the first explosion another attacker embedded with journalists running to the scene detonated a second device that one is the enemy was posing as a camera man. he detonated his explosives among a group of journalists in the area. in the resulting explosion
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a number of our journalists and other people and passers by this includes nearby residents who were gathered at the scene were wounded and martyred. zakk michigan one of the dead was a of peace chief photographer in kabul some three dozen journalists have died in attacks since two thousand and sixteen reporters without borders says this was the single deadliest day for journalists since the taliban were driven out of kabul in two thousand and one. i was about ten meters away from the side of the first explosion trying to get there when the second blast happened it was very powerful when i finally got there i found many of my fellow reporters lying on the ground some of them dead already. the afghan government has pledged repeatedly to improve security in the capital but hundreds have already died in attacks since the start
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of this year. you're watching t.v. . you news live from berlin more news coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site at w dot com for all of us in berlin thanks for the company will see you again the top of the hour. we have holds up as president revs up high about one fourth and i mean. if meet for celebration world press freedom day may third on d w. i am still seeking to take you seriously in the world of war
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