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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  May 1, 2018 12:02am-12:30am CEST

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evidence which he claims proves that iran has been lying about its nuclear intentions iran says it's a clear case of netanyahu crying wolf tonight a deal exposed as a sham is that the truth is that what donald trump believes is the truth i broke off in berlin this is the day. tonight and i'm here to tell you one thing. you're on. the wrong block about never having a nuclear weapons program even after the to be wrong continue to preserve and expand its nuclear weapons nor for future use iran lied again two thousand and fifteen when it didn't come clean. as required by the nuclear deal the nuclear deal is based on lots. also coming up tonight behind bars in
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assad's syria a shocking report on the humiliation and torture of women. we begin the day with the evidence presented by one leader apparently to influence the decision of another tonight israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu revealed what he describes as a coup of israeli intelligence evidence that iran did not come clean about its nuclear weapons program when it begins she did the nuclear deal with the west netanyahu went on live television and presented hundreds of thousands of documents photos and videos which she claims reveal the true intentions of tehran to develop nuclear weapons iran has rejected the claims calling them a case of netanyahu crying wolf now the timing of this announcement could pressure trump to kill the nuclear deal with iran next week or it could provide the evidence
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to support a decision that has already been made here is part of what that new yahoo told the world tonight a few weeks ago in a great intelligence achievement israel obtained half a ton of the material inside these walls and here's what we've got. fifty five thousand pages. another fifty five thousand files and one hundred eighty three c.d.'s incriminating documents incriminating charts incriminating presentations incriminating blueprints incriminating photos incriminating videos and more so this is a terrible deal it should never have been concluded. and in
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a few days' time president trump. will decide will make his decision on what to do with a nuclear deal. i'm sure he'll do the right thing the right thing for the united states the right thing for israel. and the right thing for the peace of the world. are atlas because the story there i'm joined here the big table by our middle east analyst daniel gere locked and it was good to see you again yeah thanks for the i think the evidence presented by that yahoo was it was meant for one person and one person only today and that is double trump with you would you agree with that statement absolutely whole style of the presentation and he used the word incriminating about seven or eight times in a row very simple. spectacular old fashion at the same time unusual style of public diplomacy let's say or i wouldn't call it public diplomacy but of diplomacy of trying to convince
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a foreign leader. we haven't seen that it coming out of israel before and i think he's very much adapting to the style of his main addressee who is as you say don't trump what exactly did prime minister netanyahu reveal i mean do we know we were exactly he is is claiming. well he's explaining that they've discovered this is very recent news so i couldn't go into the details of not into the very few details that have come out yet but that they had discovered intelligence and spectacular intelligence school it's not that israel hadn't the israeli intelligence agencies hadn't acquired sensitive material out of iran before but to borrow a very unscientific image what's happening here is if somebody went to another person said you should divorce your vive because she's not faithful and then the person asked the question back what you mean she's not faithful do you have any evidence that she's cheating on me and you say i know but she didn't tell you that before you married her she worked as
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a prostitute so she can't be faithful and your marriage is built on lies this is exactly what's happening here most of the information that is referring to. is from before the deal was actually concluded from one thousand nine hundred ninety nine to two thousand and three and that's why he says the deal is based on lies and i don't know his own intelligence agencies have contradicted netanyahu a couple of times. and so has the international atomic agency in vienna i can tell you anything about the let's say the house of stench of this this intelligence is again it's not important so much what the information is about it's important what don't trump what kind of don't trump decision don't trouble take next week we can't verify the evidence i mean if we assume that it is legitimate it's just that has been playing the west all along if that is the case then how can any deal be credible with tehran i mean is that the. yahoo was is throwing out there
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for mr trump to see absolutely there is doubt on. many sides and there is another problem here and one of them across and i'm going to call both went to washington to convince of course. president trump to not to the deal be. because it's not only that part of the european like foreign policy legacy but it's also one of the very few successful multilateral approaches and it works so far paren now the problem is trump call and merkel have both offered to donald trump to look into the deal to come up with kind of an amendment a new deal and they have therefore also gratified american unilateralism in the name of preserving multilateral decisions and this is i think a very difficult case here that's why many in europe say we have to give something to trump in order to save the deal support him in rolling back iranian influence in the region for example but others say if we do this then we will dig. we will
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become like lose our credibility in the middle east and also with the iranians i'm warning two about the timing of this revelation and we heard people immediately saying that it is this information is being revealed to persuade donald trump to decide a certain way i mean you can look at it that way but what about. perhaps to support a decision that's already been made. i'm not so sure if this decision has already been made it would have been much more comfortable for trump to say we will give the europeans more time to come up with a better deal he likes the term deal a lot. also to let's say rearrange is his cabinet the people around him pompei o his national security adviser bolton everybody is new in the office so maybe he could buy himself some more time trying to pressure dropped into force his hand obviously that's what he's doing and i don't know maybe in a few months time that
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a now would no longer be in office because he's having the shells to hit in his home at home yet he's involved in a big crew of corruption charges that he has been interviewed by the police several times so the situation for him is as uncomfortable as the situation is the president trump in washington and maybe he wants to he wants to preserve his legacy but he just there to the point before we run out of time how much of this has to do with the control of syria. and also iran's nuclear energy body today admitted that iran can now enrich uranium at a higher level than when that nuclear deal took effect and it warned president trump not to forget that when he makes his decision. that that's of that's a very ominous threat that is the iranians have said before that have come to certifies the deal president rouhani has said it for mr jaggers has said it in a different way but they have threatened that there would be
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a very harsh and imminent the action but what does that mean that is it me because i cannot tell you i've always said that they've always said they don't want the bombs if they don't want the bomb then why why make statements like this about their ability to enrich uranium it is absolutely inconsistent and it might be a way of psychological warfare. that this supreme leader many of the political leaders of iran have have repeatedly said that the nuclear bomb is not complying with their ideology with their villages they'll use it but yes it is questionable and so there's trust on those side of the of the front at the moment you know the trust is definitely a rear of the moments as always good to have you and your insights thank you you thank. well still to come on the day washington d.c. ruffled over a roasting at the white house correspondents' dinner did the comedy monologue cross a line or are we just hearing the true tone of the drunk white house that's coming
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up later on the day. we human rights groups estimate that more than seven thousand women are behind bars in prisons run by the assad regime in syria reports from female prisoners who managed to escape artist irving they talk of systematic camilli ation including regular beatings and electroshock our correspondent in the region julio han spoke to a syrian refugee in turkey a woman who knows firsthand the brutality inside assad's prisons. a few put a plastic bag over my head impeach me. but even then you had me up by my feet from the ceiling. how much story is hard to listen to. in the end i said once he came and said i've got
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a present let me show you. yet she still wants to share it. canada it was a stun gun that's got. all the details. so i did and he asked know where your heart. here i said and he electroshock had not heard right there. for months i was locked up in a syrian detention center for that and i saw a woman with her daughter and into she cannot forget what happened there. that is this cell was very small and dark the girl cried all the time because you could. come up to the lot and try to catch something like below the door. mourners thirty two years she's been living in turkey the until it has become
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a place of refuge from many syrians. like city here in the busy markets she doesn't attract attention. in syria she used to teach music but in twenty twelve she was arrested because she joined the protests in dera sore against president assad. she was released after a while but then detained again and brought to damascus to military intelligence branch two one five detainees call it the. hell branch because torture there is a daily routine. that if you or ship that was what i told you is only half of what happened in the prison especially to women there are many rape victims i many have been tortured some are tortured to death all the people in the world should know about these things he loves them hard that
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he also. now was released in an amnesty decree and managed to escape to turkey but thousands of women are still in torture prisons says further up the honey he documents human rights abuses in syria now all sides in the war use violence against women he says but not to systematically as the syrian government but sharla sides forces target women to intimidate opponents and spread fear. so using the woman or captured of the woman or a being or doing sexual harassment against them this is not individual this is a strategy actually and when she goes to speak to the society what's happened to her that will deter the society to do anything to even to speak one word against this going to all of a regime this is the regime. more now mohammed experienced all of this she wrote
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down her story and she's collecting the reports of other victims of torture she runs a support group where she helps women from syria she calls it project recovery. it would seem you sat down at the foot the mom and the fact that some women refuse to talk about their arrest. they don't want to talk about anything that happened to them and present the. heart of this break down and cry all the time. that we try to convince these women that they are strong and what was done to them is not their fault. i tell them start in your life was the how this would lead to higher at this. moment as new life is here in turkey but one day she hopes she can help bring her torturers in syria to justice.
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u.s. border officers and stop hundreds of asylum seekers today from entering the country a caravan of men women and children made a much publicized journey from central america hoping to reach the united states near san diego but officials at the border crossing refused to process their applications the caravan drew criticism from president trump who argues that u.s. immigration laws have become a national security threat. oh i want to pick up this part of the story with ethan behrman he is a political commentator and a nationally syndicated radio host he joins me tonight from los angeles is it is good to see you again you know you're very close to where this story is happening and immigrants arrive at the u.s. border every day so do we know who are these people and once different about this caravan let's very interesting not only my clothes vice president mike pence is
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very close today as well two hours away in calexico but what is different about this group is it's an organized cura van it's an annual caravan one of the groups behind it that organizes that. fronted house is organizing this as you've already heard to protect them during their travels but central america is suffering from a terrific crime wave like a worse zone in terms of the homicide rate so these people are scaping violent criminal gangs they're escaping a government that is not functioning or protecting them and united states has been a destination for asylum seekers for hundreds of years now and what's different here is we have a president who won an election partially based on the idea of rejecting people from central america rejecting refugees and rejecting asylum seekers and you know people around the world looking at this must be wondering why is this particular group attracting so much attention would it have been better if this group had
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tried to move across to towards the border under the radar. well groups like that are behind it like they have seen from terrorists and want to bring attention to the fact that the united states especially under president trump let's be honest president obama did a lot of deportations as well really is rejecting our idea of the american ideal of bringing immigrants bringing asylum seekers bringing refugees here to the united states or they're trying to highlight what the trumpet ministration is doing in our country right now and is appealing to this nationalist a protectionist right wing element in the united states which a lot of americans are buying into right now and sadly they are using imagery coming from countries like germany and hungary and isolated images like that to stir up this national sentiment nationalist sentiment in the immigration sentiment
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and so there are groups are trying to fight that and that's what they're doing by bringing all of this attention to what is now a relatively small caravan of about one hundred eighty asylum seekers and if it is there a proper discussion going on in the united states then about what a reasonable and a proper immigration policy would look like because i can imagine you words wherever they are in the world who would say that the u.s. has a right every country has a right to secure its borders why aren't they why aren't americans talking about that instead of what appears to be demonizing a caravan of people who are trying to escape terrible crime. well again our our current president began his campaign by demonizing these what i call the other really appealing to you know the austrian psychologist carl jung calls you know the shadow he's reaching out to that in appealing to the other so the debate is not
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happening in a rational fashion here in the united states right now it's a highly emotional one president trump has already completely shut down syrian immigration the refugees from the war zone in syria under president obama in two thousand and sixteen we had fifteen thousand so far this year we've had eleven syrian refugees it is a hyper nationalistic fear of the other that is going on and sadly i can't say they were having a rational debate about it we have too emotional polarized sides that are arguing about it in a group of essentially nativists refusing the idea that our country is built on the idea of accepting refugees asylum seekers and immigrants if they were going to have the record of their fortune they were out of time in suburban joining us tonight from los angeles thank you. is this better than that funny washington white house the hour is it
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was the i could be up there tonight my lady like i love where they're heading your shot after shot these people they got i did what no one in this room once did i've met is that trump was help all of you he's helped you sell your papers and your books and your t.v. you create this non-story and now you're profiting off of him. trump versus the media and the media firing back last weekend us president trump for the second year in a row did not attend the annual white house correspondents' dinner in washington for the second year in a row he held a rally in the u.s. heartland far away from the swamp as he puts it well there were many speeches in terms saturday night at the dinner but it was the comedian michelle wolf and her blistering roast of the trump teen that stole the show and may have ensured that there won't be another show. and i mean. there have to be
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standards you know is it fair sanders is it fair huckabee sanders is it cousin huckabee is it and he had to be sanders like what about for white women who disappoint other white women the. calls or the i mean we've heard disgraceful disgusting brave brutally honest the reactions as polarized as american politics well i will washington bureau chief alexander phenomena she had a seat at the dinner saturday night she joins me now a probably with the case of heartburn alexandra when the roasting was happening what did you think. well it was the first time for me to watch michele wolf lie and so the for thing i thought was well what's going on with her voice and then i thought that she clearly didn't pull her punches so some of it's was really funny for example when she talked about us in the media being obsessed with
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donald strum and some instances she seems to have crossed a line for a number of people when she attacked members of the trump administration and her in your face or when she joked about abortion and that's made some people cringe and you could hear alone groans from some temple but i have to say that she is a comedienne that likes to cross lines and she joked of both that as well when you could hear for sounds of disapproval in the ballroom she said that you know you should have done more research when you go through before that and i thought it was funny as well you're the good boy we know what the u.s. president thinks this is what dropped we did earlier today the white house correspondents dinner is dead as we know it was a total disaster and embarrassment to our great country you know what it stands for
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fake news alive and well and beautifully represented on saturday night i was interest in foreign correspondent covering the white males do you think that the words of the show will work with an embarrassment to the country. no i don't think so i think that the whole controversy is exaggerated because we are talking here about the comedian's performance and no it's a vote to a statement issued by the association and i have to say that from my table i didn't see anyone leaving but i saw on twitter that's people and moment them white house officials said that they walked because of michelle walls but then they were seen on the office and then party celebrating so the only rage and the embarrassment didn't prevent them from having a good time and i have also well however i have to say that this evening didn't help to breach they get between the white house correspondents and the white house
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officials and there has to be a sort of working relationship between them and us and one more point i would like to make is that it's true that michelle wall was vulgar at times about we also have to say that then candidate and now presidents don't know it's trump has been vulgar many times so i think it's you know hearing this criticism from some conservatives sort of hypocritical. and even got time to show one more clip from dinner. putting pelion on your show. all she does is allow right if you don't give her a platform she has nowhere to live. there's no longer the mongo. she was supposed to be an advocate for women but it turns out she's
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a bad example to women as an empty box a tampon. i mean you know as you said simply put is there we got about ten seconds we just ask you this what does this tell us though about the issues that matter in america in the media covering those are they getting covered at all. well they are getting coverage but it's telling us that no no only you know the society in the us is polarized and stood by that it's also the case with the media landscape i would wish that we would be talking about the event within our association and also on twitter i think a lot of people would agree with you alexander phenomena in washington thank you all the. for the day julie dunn the conversation continues online you know how to reach us and remember there have is between now and then tomorrow is another day will sue them.
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these places have the most cached tags on instagram. you're max takes a look at some of europe's best tourist attractions. what makes them so special and what feet could still be. europe's famous landmarks series continues. the roman. double. click of the industry
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go highlights. at least nico coaches future employers will be happy. frankfurt this crunch. time to say goodbye amongst a feeder tribe who had chance sealed their relegation. to. sixteen. where i come from we had to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to the shadow and if you newspapers when official information as a journalist i have worked all the streets of many cantrips and their problems are always the same fourteen social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption we can afford to stay silent when it
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