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very see hate speech in fake news is that it's not a regrettable mistake as it's often called by mark zuckerberg but systematic everything this extreme attention grabbing leads to clicks and those likes and shares and clicks which in turn can be converted into advertising and. the big question is what happens if heavy handed cleaners start to threaten the advertising stream. you're watching t.v. news after a short break it is business with monica jones i'm sara kelly in berlin thanks for watching. dortmund leipzig obligatory regime we've got all the best gold we've got all the action the job is the whole of germany but all share the experience everybody. in this league when we come here. you can.
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use the. media germany always has its finger on. russia's vladimir putin is a sworn in for his fourth term president. business leaders expect him to deliver on promises he made to revitalize the economy also coming up. as tunisia's younger generation is losing faith in the country a german tunisian training said hopes to offer them
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a future. welcome to do business vladimir putin has been sworn in again as russia's leader after eighteen years in power and he's beginning his fourth term in the kremlin with promises to revitalize the country's economy growth is expected to reach one point seven percent this year that's according to a wealth bank forecast investors say resurgent oil prices up bolstering the economy despite moscow being squeezed by western sanctions but putin's economy needs to be modernized if it's to be a global player in the future. russian president vladimir putin can point to a number of positive economic developments during his time in power inflation has been kept low public debt to all while the standard of living has increased but he says there's more to be done in the world for more. oil structural problems and make sure our economy grows faster we need new sources of growth production needs
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to become more efficient business need to be modernized we need new technology in manufacturing. so i am assuming we look to. one area where new technology is already in use is in russia's oil and gas industry the energy sector is hugely important for the country's economy accounting for almost sixty percent of exports in other areas though russia struggles to compete on the global market as in the past several years the government's focused on promoting major industries some would say to the neglect of small to medium enterprises government spending has risen to seventy percent of g.d.p. . this big gold rush made it possible to put painful but necessary reforms on ice reforms are always associated with risks because they lead to a temporary drop in the standard of living in the. german investors
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appear willing to do business in russia many of them are bringing new technology with them too there are challenges though. ones eat does your nothing for ranch remains an obstacle here in russia but not as much as it was ten to fifteen years ago corruption has slipped down the ranks to place for five in terms of disruption to business this is definitely a very positive trend the biggest problem is too much red tape and a lack of financing. or wouldn't be feeling to finance your own borrowing money is still expensive in russia the banking sector has been in crisis mode for years. russia's military operations abroad in places that just syria are also expensive money for modernizing infrastructure at home remains scarce. as russian celebrate the arrival of spring analysts are wondering what putin will do to foster a new era of economic growth. let's talk
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a bit about this now joining me here in the studio fucka tyo from the association of german chambers of industry and commerce good to have you with us so from the german business perspective what is the state of the russian economy right now the mood among german investors has risen recently we have more than five thousand german companies very active in russia after yes three four years of an economic slump the mood is much better and economic growth is back again german investors are investing ok so what is this growth actually coming from what we've heard that the world bank expects russia to grow one point seven percent this year despite those ongoing and now even a new round of sanctions other having any impact at all. first of all we have a relaxation in gas and oil prices and russia is very dependent on
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commodities so for far the recovery is really as the ground on this recovery of commodities second is russia has improved in the ease of doing business in the index of the world bank by eighty ranks now it ranks by around about thirty fifth rank and that means a really improvement so there isn't an improvement in red tape and there is an improvement in establishing a business so things are bit better than previously so so clearly the business perspective is very separate from the political perspective here i mean we have a putin now a fourth term in the kremlin he wants to as he says himself revitalize the russian economy if you gave him some advise what would you say has to be on top of his to do list first of all the german and the international business
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related to russia was really affected by the sanctions of the european sanctions the u.s. sanctions and now we haven't shopped inning of the u.s. sanctions again so this brings really worries to german business and this is due to a concentration of russian business to some league arks which is still the case so they need to be a more decentralization of the russian economy to other business people open up the business break up not only concentrated to oligarchs and the second is research and development and education you don't have a middle stand as a me this is due to a lack of productivity although the labor the workers are really stick to their companies we miss productivity and for that we need for instance book asian education and training all right so this fall the trial from the association of german chambers of commerce and industry thank you so much for being in the studio
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today. that might be best known for nescafe the world's top selling instant coffee but now swiss foods nestle is teaming up with coffee chain starbucks nestle is said to pay starbucks more than seven billion dollars to form a global coffee alliance that will allow it to market starbucks products outside of the american company coffee shops starbucks hopes this will have boost its food and coffee products which are already generating around two billion dollars in annual sales and nestle expects the deal to strengthen its position in the north american market. for more crossover to danielle cooper standing by for us in france thirty down here tell me what are investors making of this deal and how will it affect consumers well if the deal is really going to happen it's still depending on the approval of e.u. authorities investors are actually telling me where they think this is a very good deal this is also reflecting on the share price off nestle today being
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traded at the asam i in zurich shares are nestle went up by more than zero point seven per cent in general the coffee industry is considered by investors a very important industry just last year in two thousand and seventeen the average german was buying four point one kilos of coffee for the customer not too much is going to change just when you go to the supermarket and you want to buy your favorite starbucks products there those products won't be any more sort or recchi by starbucks this will now be handled by nestle everything being sold in sight of a starbucks coffee shop in the one behind me will be still done by starbucks right down here in frankfurt thank you. tunisians vote as sunday in the first local elections since the two thousand and eleven arab spring revolution but turnout appeared to low according to electoral authorities jobs are
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scarce intern asia and voter apathy is widespread some young people feel they have no other choice but to flee to europe and that's where a german nation training center steps in hopes to offer young people better prospects. not some is a fisherman but the thing that really makes him money is smuggling people across the mediterranean into europe. instead of fifteen people on this side twenty five and twenty five. and twenty on the tech seventy passengers. there are very few jobs even for the highly skilled. as younger generation is losing faith in the country. monticello wanted to take the part but his father convinced him not to and now he's doing it traineeship in a china sea in textiles factory. for leisure my dad found out i wanted to leave he paid me to stay i listen to him and
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then i heard about this place. the factory has a training center that's co-founded by germany it's one of thirty pilot projects in tunis here run by the german association for international cooperation. the german tunis and advice center was set up a year ago and cheeriness one of its goals is to find suitable skilled workers and transport them to germany legally the other more importantly is to show young tunisians the job opportunities in their own country and discourage them from leaving. but we've now reached more than three hundred thousand people and offered most of them a prospect for the future. like iman sassy the center helped him retrain from hotel management to a social media manager and he's found a permanent job. it was a huge opportunity for me. now what i think about going to germany anymore.
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i feel good. yes. but german funding alone can't solve the problems and she misses . after the political america the uprising of seven years ago we now hyper an economic miracle it's so important for our young people and anyone deterred from the perilous journey into europe could be a life saved. and that's your business update here on day w at this hour because. the humphrey will be here to bring you the latest a business news in the meantime you can follow us on twitter of course thanks for joining me. to a. limited
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