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they would never come back to those places these real seventy years may twelfth on t.w. broadcast times online. this is day to. cochin sworn in for russia's president k.g.b. officer turned world leader. of a country to stress the kremlin into a new rivalry with the west so what happens next to moscow also on the program. to make major gains and. it's being seen as
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a victory for. iran. welcome to the program it's not a myth potent has been sworn in for a record fourth term as president of russia after formally dissolving his old cabinet mr putin then nominated close ally dmitry medvedev to keep his job as prime minister the president won the election in decisively with more than three quarters of the vote but his critics accuse him of corruption and silencing opposing voices . the start of mr putin's day with carefully stage managed. russian state t.v. broadcast his long walk through the corridors of his office on his way to the ceremony. eventually he right at the car waiting to take him on a short trip to the kremlin hold. then
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the grand entrance. and the war continued. all choreographed to maintain the suspense as some five thousand invited guests waited for putin to be sworn in but he asked if just leaving a ball on what you guys he's going to get us putin promise for tech the country and serve the russian people. like you he praised russia's return to the world stage is what he calls a strong and influential voice when he talks about the importance of making economic and technological progress which benefits all russians like. a new quality of life the wellbeing of security and health of a person of the most important what sort of these are the issues of the center of all policy focus is russia for the people as a country of opportunities for self-realization of everyone. but for all the build
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up in bombast if you believe mr putin's next term in office will bring much change he's already said that he wants incumbent prime minister dimitri medvedev to stay in his post putin himself has been in power as either president or prime minister for almost twenty years. most young people have no no other leader and there's no sign of a successor. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world in yemen at least six people have been killed in ass strikes by the saudi like coalition the missiles targeted the presidential palace in the capital sanaa which is currently under control witnesses say two powerful explosions hit the building which is in a residential neighborhood britain's foreign minister is in washington trying to urge the united states to continue to back the iran nuclear deal mr johnson boris
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johnson says it would be a mistake for the u.s. to walk away and he's there for talks with the trumpet ministration ahead of the may twelfth deadline for which they have for the president to decide whether to renew a u.s. support for the deal two thousand people of hawaii's big island really vacuity from their homes as ongoing volcanic activity causes new fissures to open officials say volcanic gases pose a threat to anyone still in the area at least twenty six homes have been destroyed . lebanon's prime minister side to her release as the sunni dominated political movement has lost a third of its seats after sunday's parliamentary elections i mean while preliminary results suggest that the iran backed shiite military group a militant group hezbollah and its political allies of mates in significant losses despite their losses mr hariri still has the largest parliamentary bloc and is the
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frontrunner to form the next government here lection was the country's first parliamentary vote in millions decades official results are expected later on monday. correspondent is following this from the lebanese capital of beirut so welcome private side hariri gave a press conference a short while ago what's it been saying. well essentially he says that he's ready to return as the next prime minister of the us in a sense he's very to continue interestingly also seventy offices support to his hand any group that wants stability in levanon that is his message to the hezbollah that he would be ready to share power with that once again not that he has another option because his bloc does have a majority in the parliament along with its allies and he would have to work along with the his law but at least during the election campaign in his beloved fight against each other don't campaign against each other but here he would be ready to
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return as prime minister and despite the comments being relatively poor office party he cannot be broken and he's going to continue to fight for the causes of lebanon so there's been an interesting shift in the power dynamics their. party seems to have lost influence while hezbollah has gained what's behind that. well the hezbollah has a pretty loyal be in the sea as in the country feel that under the hizbullah they have done better relatively not all of them of course but the general feeling is that under his beloved she has and the country are not as poor as they used to be the other reason is a broadly hizbullah is seen as a strong military force that doesn't help levanon in fighting israel this country has been invaded by israel a couple of times another reason is that his beloved management cracking clever alliances the power in this country is divided on the basis of sects of muslims and
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christians and indecl actions you had his. in alliance with the christians and some these didn't have a tory didn't have some of his blood that mort as well because our allies have performed better and the other reason is the sunni water split because they didn't have competition several members of the sunni elites stood up and were competing with her eating. now you mentioned the prime minister saad hariri said he will work with anyone and hezbollah have said the vow willing to work with him why would shout has blasted poured of the sunny side hariri for prime minister. but this is him as someone has decided this the hand of him we can work with him this is happened in the past now the government in this country was formed the last time when it was formed when hurriedly agreed to work along with his beloved you've got to remember that hizbullah is a very strong force in lebanon it is the strongest force this time after these elections as well as just also a stronger political force so you can perhaps function in this country according to
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the experts if you're not friends with the hizbullah and the constitutional reason for it is that in a speaker the speaker of a good party in the parliament is a shia and that is the person who controls functioning in the parliament and this person belongs to party which is who are allies of his luck so this bill is a strong into the short intro of the message is if you want to work in lebanon you've got to be friends with hizbollah and show for her in the lebanese capital beirut thank you. they're trying has begun on the greek island of last boss that could have major implications for europe's migration policy prosecutors are accusing the humanitarian work of people trafficking but salama dean says he's safe thousands of lives and believes he's being targeted by authorities to discourage migration to york. by many he's seen as
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a hero in two thousand and fifteen dean an intrapreneur fund denmark decided to change his life. i saw the picture i got shocked two days after. i was sitting on the plane on the way to. the photo of the three year old syrian boy made global headlines lying dead on the beach after drowning in the mediterranean the european migrant trances was at its peak and with around three thousand people arriving each day the greek island of les ponce was a hotspot. i was actually in the water have my body was in the water and i looked back and i saw all the refugees like all people like children women. and i wanted to scream i really want to scream and cry in the same moment i was thinking where is the help how come if there is nobody
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here and then like from that changed my life. at first algenis thought you'd go help for a week but one week quickly turned into five months. she assembled a crew of other volunteers they called themselves team humanity and bought a rescue boat funded by donations. the group worked day and night helping migrants make the treacherous landing on a last pass at its closest point the crossing from turkey to greece it's only ten kilometers but the overcrowded boats regularly sank calling the course going to say i'm a child my. police come and. take a child i don't know what to do it's a little girl. saying to me keep be there we're coming in for like twenty one twenty four hours. it was a twelve year old girl she lost alive in the sea. so. me
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and my three would be grave. for six hours. buried a family if you bury children and there is something wrong with this world. and it's something profitable on. one january night everything changed the greek coast guard arrested team humanity and see foreign d.n.a. it felt like a betrayal many times i've been helping coast guard because their boat couldn't rescue people it was people in the water for a lot of people in the water and the waves were so big that i put my life in danger to rescue them greek authorities accused deen of people smuggling if you stand guilty he faces life in prison. rights groups say the case is politically motivated to discourage small boats from setting sail for europe. for human life and as for what. for saving life saving children. one day is going to
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get them. running who knows it's going to be our running. let's return now to our top story vladimir putin has been the order interest for russia's president to live to moscow we find it out because i want to show him. i really looks like you're on the phone. although there you are welcome really so the president approaching was reelected with nearly seventy seven percent of the vote does that mean russians are feeling pleased with the results. well i think the election results to show that there is widespread support for vladimir putin and he won in by a lot landslide as it were but of course not everyone here is pleased with that election result and with the fourth inauguration that we've just seen putin come
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through and of his fourth term and there were russia wide protests on saturday people came out across the country they were following opposition politician aleksey now by these call the motto of the protests was he's not our czar of course referring to vladimir putin and there was a real crackdown on those protests as well over one thousand five hundred people were arrested so obviously the putin government really showing that this next term won't be one where they will be tolerating dissent but i'd say overall the majority of people here in russia of support flooding their putin's old government so often accuse of having brought with new ideas is mr putin promising anything new after twenty years in charge. well putin's so-called made order of have actually just been published after the inauguration and that's kind of the russian development goals for the next six years as it were
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and one of those goals is to raise living standards for russians and another one is to make russia one of the top five a condom ease in the world now it's not clear how that will work with sanctions still in place and with russia still haven't really heavily dependent on oil for its economy but it's clear that that the mere putin needs to kind of improve the economy to keep his supporters on side but i think what's important to note as well is that people didn't really elect reelect putin for something new in fact just the opposite they elected him for stability and for consists consistency and that's what he stands for here for many people in russia. dmitry medvedev who mr putin has nominated to rebuild an incidence of prime minister is that what russians want if you give up the briefly please well. of his actually pretty unpopular here and russia it's often been the case that russians
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trust putin much more than they trust his government and they trust the prime minister and his has come to stand for corruption here in russia there was an investigation into him that was published by now viney into his kind of riches as well and he's become fairly unpopular here i'm going to show and mosca thank you. just a w. that sets you up to date. we make up oh but we want tons of outfits that found out that if we all focus on. the want to shape the continent's future that's part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa chart.


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