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tv   DW News - Live Coverage Presentation of the Charlemagne Prize to French...  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2018 11:00am-12:45pm CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin american captives released by north korea have returned home the three men arrived at an air force base there washington with president trump on hand to welcome them speaking on the tarmac he said that he was optimistic about north korea and have a plan something to do also coming up tensions soar between israel and iran israel launches extensive air strikes on iranian targets in syria the escalation to come from the fields of the u.s. decision to abandon the iran nuclear deal we will go live to the region and french
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president among the woman called in the german city of office and where he will be receiving the charlemagne prize for his efforts to promote european unity chancellor angela merkel will speak in his honor and we will have special live coverage of the in fact. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us three american prisoners released by north korea have landed at andrews air force base where u.s. president donald trump greeted them the prisoner release comes during the build up to a historic summit with the united states the trio includes a christian missionary and two men arrested while teaching at the foreign funded pyongyang university of science and technology the men spent one to two years in north korean prisons four and a. ledged state activity president trump describes their release as quote very
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exciting and as a gesture of goodwill on behalf of north korea. and here's what president trump had to say as the three arrived at home. park proudest achievement will be this is a part of it but will be when we leave nuclear that the entire privilege of this is what people have been waiting for for a long time nobody thought we could be at this track in terms of speed so i'm very honored to have helped the three focus of the great leader of the world you know i got i got to speak to him on the plane these are great people they've been through a lot but. really it's a great honor put the great in the room to do honor is going to be if we have a victory in getting rid of nuclear weapons sooner i mean time washington correspondent claire richardson who was following that development for us says trump has presented the release of these for three prisoners as
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a victory for his policies on north korea have a listen to three korean americans arrive back to quite a spectacular display in the middle of the night and trump is really touting this is a major victory for his so-called maximum pressure campaign on north korea as you can see from the kind of welcome the prisoners received from him and his wife millennia as well as other high ranking u.s. officials now these americans have been detained in north korea for more than a year after being accused of anti-state activities charges that were widely believed to be politically motivated and we saw them walk off the plane seemingly in good health on their way to receive medical checks and assess their state the timing of their release also very significant as trump prepares for a possible summit with north korean leader kim jong un that looks like it's most likely to take place in singapore and it could happen as soon as the end of the month or early june. that was the dummy is claire richardson a short while ago well a day after president trump pulled the u.s. out of the iran nuclear accord tensions are soaring on the front line that
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separates israel from syria these pictures from syrian state television purportedly show israeli rockets over damascus israel's defense minister said nearly all of iran's infrastructure in syria was struck the israeli army said that the strikes were in response to an iranian rocket attack on its outposts in the golan heights launched from syria this marks the most serious military confrontation between israel and iran in years russia which backs syria's president bashar al assad is calling on both sides to show restraint well let's get more now on these developments we are joined by jonathan couric us a spokesperson for the israeli defense forces in the golan heights and welcome to you jonathan we thank you so much for joining us and we've heard that you know for israel's part you are saying that the rockets which were fired into the golan heights that they were fired by an iranian brigade what evidence do you have for
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that. well thank you for having me and good day it's very clear we have a very good intelligence picture of the iranian deployment in this area we have been following their movement for quite a long time and we have seen what the iranians have been trying to do over the last month and that has been to attack israel almost at all costs they have been trying to do this for the last month we have been able to defend and change our posture accordingly it was very clear what the iranians were doing we saw the movie about will launch or. positioning itself and when it started to fire it was very clear with the iranians were doing they were attacking israel from syrian soil something that we see naturally as a very dangerous learn a severe activity that the against is wrong so at what point in your operation are you right now because we know that your defense minister said a short while ago that nearly all of the iranian infrastructure in syria was hit and that he hopes that the chapter was closed are israeli forces standing down
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right now. israeli forces continue to defend the state of israel that is army general and that includes also. keeping a good eye on anything that happened but has the potential to strengthen as well so from a military perspective we're looking at the reunion deployment in syria still remains and it will be a it will be under close scrutiny to see what they will try to do in the future we hope that the message was clear enough that once they attack us once the iranians attacked israel and fired rockets a full twenty rockets will be as well we retaliated and the purpose of our retaliation was to carry a clear message to the iranian regime and to the commander of the quds force customs to the money who very brazenly attacked israel and the message is that israel or the i.d.f. seeks to defend itself and we do not seek to escalate the situation but we will not hesitate in defending ourselves against the whole firm intentions of the iranian
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regime and as we have said before and made clear we are not going to tolerate them the whole time the summer deployment of the iranian military infrastructure inside syria last sentence for me they are one thousand six hundred kilometers away from iraq so the question that needs to be asked is what are you reunion troops doing so far from home and so close to israel so i want to ask you then because you know i hear the sense of urgency in your voice that you said that you sent a message that you're monitoring the situation but ultimately what is the israeli military prepared to do to eliminate the iranian military presence in syria so close to your country which we know that the prime minister benjamin netanyahu is now making a top priority how far could this go. well i think it's been made very clear by our national leadership and it has been said by the chief of staff very clearly as well that we will continue to defend those of the state of israel of civilians against this very significant threat that is building close to our borders which is
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based on the iranian capabilities that they're deploying how far will we go we will go as far as necessary in order to ensure the safety and the sovereignty of the state of israel and its citizens and we hope that. will reign in its terrorist arm the exploding all over its regime to cause false and understand the message that it is not within the renewed interest syrian interest or the regional interest for them to deploy inside syria or to try to attack israel they want to thank you very much jonathan convert us a spokesperson for the israeli foreign forces in the golan heights we appreciate you speaking with us here at g.w. and sharing your view thank you very much. when i'm in other news french president emanuel knock wrong says that u.s. president donald trump decision to quit the iran nuclear deal is a mistake micron made the comments while in germany to receive the prestigious
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charlemagne prize it is given every year to an individual who has made a special contribution to unity in europe and ahead of thursday ceremony the french president sat down with e.w. and with the german public broadcaster a r.d. for an exclusive interview. you tried to to a save the area and nuclear deal when you were in washington why did you fail. i think the most important thing is to maintain stability and peace in the middle east i'm in washington and i have said this by the way i had understood that president trump wanted to. leave agreement from two thousand and fifteen and during our joint press conference i had suggested that we work on a broader framework and i am very sorry about his decision i think it is a mistake and this is why we europeans have decided like we reiterated yesterday to
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remain within the agreement from two thousand and fifteen and as i reminded president of wanny we negotiated and signed the agreement and it allows us to control the nuclear defense activity in iran until two thousand and twenty five but this agreement needs to be completed if. you are saying that the europeans are going to try to remain in in the agreement and adopt it but what does it really mean without the united states what is it rusts it without them is. a proposal that sufficient for iran and this is going to be our topic in the coming weeks and months and it's the mandate that we gave our foreign ministers in the e.u. and iran. what are you going to be able to propose while it's the agreement that we signed balls. it's everything over no because one of the
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signatories draws out but the others are reaffirming that they're committed but i think in any event. it is a pity because we had and to. pated know we can regret his decision but it's important that we all remain obsessed by stability and peace in the region. and you can see more of this exclusive interview at the end of our special program on the charlemagne prize stay tuned that is coming up in about five minutes time right here on t.w. in the meantime we'd like to tell you about some other stories that have been making news around the world donald trump's nominee to head the cia has vowed the agency would never revert to harsh interrogation methods under her leadership and gina hospital faced tough questioning during her senate confirmation hearing because of her role running a covert detention site where waterboarding was used for senior republican senator
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john mccain has urged his colleagues to project. at least twenty seven people have been killed after a dam burst in western kenya near the city of the crew witnesses said that most people were asleep when the accident occurred after a severe drought weeks of drenching rains in kenya have led to flooding and mudslides that have left over eight hundred people dead. and islam and militant prisoners at a high security jail near indonesia's capital jakarta have killed five police officers they took officers hostage in a prison riot trade heard by a dispute about food police say that they result to the crisis at very tense standoff the so-called islamic state group claims that its fighters were involved in the violence. is former authoritarian ruler mahathir mohamad is set to be sworn in as prime minister after a shock election victory the ninety two year old opposition leader will become the world's oldest head of government is when it ends more than six decades of control
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by the ruling coalition the defeated incumbent not to browse uk has accepted defeat . well as a mention of it earlier french president a manual mcallen is in germany to receive the persists charleen prize is awarded to . jewels for their special efforts to promote european unity and micron impress the jury with his new vision of a new more united europe and just a short while ago toward the city of often together with german chancellor angela merkel she will deliver a speech praising micron's vision for reforming europe the kind of president will receive his award a lavish ceremony held in the residence of the old the roman emperor charlie. and president a call and chancellor merkel are expected to arrive at that award ceremony in just a matter of minutes following all of it for us is make sure our chief political editor who is with us here in the studio and will remain with us for the duration
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of this awards ceremony so what's ahead. well we will certainly see the german chancellor angela merkel singing the praises of french president call as she holds the speech as he received this prestigious award which really is all about european integration when this prize was founded in the name of charlamagne who ruled from the who founded what became known as the roman empire which the city of auckland defined as really the beginning of western the west as we know it. then that's really a prize that went to the founding fathers of what we now know as the european union which by no means was to become as united as it is although we of course focus on what divides the e.u. and i think this is really the moment to would this to the french president to see as the silver dining on the horizon of the european union the been so struggling
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with arguing the reason of its very existence to a lot of countries and particularly to populations and this threat of populism that is driving the e.u. apart this is something that first president mccall has addressed time and time again as he lay. doubts the nuts and bolts of how he wants the european union to go ahead so tell us a little bit more about how indeed he does want the european union to go ahead because i mean it's quite an ambitious plan and he doesn't necessarily have the backing in order to follow through with it well he certainly needs to many to to restart this franco german engine that keeps being referred to in the european union and there he's come up with a couple of suggestions that really don't go down that terribly well particularly in own party the c.d.u. where there's a lot of concern that in the end germany will be paying and. the french will be mapping out grand visions that germans have taxpayers have to pay for now this is
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the great concern particular when he raises the prospect of having the european finance minister own the eurozone budget that is something alarm bells ring in large parts of going michael's own party particularly when. the any kind of hints that this could lead to would something that we all know is euro bonds basically european countries standing in for each other's debts that something that is so far been avoided as kind of an automatic process and that is something mccall himself says he doesn't particularly want he stressed when he was here just over two weeks ago in berlin that there has to be a connection between responsibility and risks and solidarity within the european union of particular the eurozone at the same time there is a broad recognition that the way ahead for the european continent in particular the european currency will have to be binding together also financial responsibility
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and this has actually been agreed in principle but now there's a question of fleshing out the details and call himself has once again stressed that he is still going. eating for that response from berlin that i'm going to michael so struggling to really get her own coalition behind therefore it will be really interesting to see what he has to say coming up you know within the next hour when he accepts this prize because yesterday he certainly had a message that was very pointed toward the german chancellor saying that germany essentially needs to step up here. so i'm actually told by my producer now that we are going to head to that award ceremony as we mentioned a french president a manual mccraw in the german city of austin where he is receiving the charlemagne prize for his efforts to promote european unity you can see the crowd gathered there as they welcome him onto the stage and we're about to see the ceremony get
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underway you're watching.
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thank you. but after this guest the guests of this officials are really kind of place a former imperial palace child main belongs as much in german as to french history if i comprise a member of the franks played a key role if you know pan-european identity the boy pressure to go over to iconic plays loose the minds and i shared european or cultural history that often often cited in an attempt to evoke emotion and you or i can look at us pretty little one for such things will not be enough to solve the challenge is to want to see us now
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is what i need and what the deadly force us to find new responses are increasing in number starting with the next how well let's meet our best shape the next major step i know it's a do you have seen a question how can you have to know this mission the white house it was no opinion which ensures the bishops' greater intimacy from the usa which started this research becomes a dent even more necessary if you look at the recent decision maker and all the american president on the iranian to you know worth as it has been germany and france i'm afraid going right to my mind and to contribution to common concept of all of the partners in the yacht off in the city hall american interests built on the foundation walls of the world and all of our child main it is a great site leisure. and welcome the biggest source of momentum in europe at the moment the winner of the current charmayne prize twenty eight to the president of the republic of france's excellence is
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a man who my calls. thank . you for an exhibit on business are you also very pleased that the german chancellor is here the chancellor of the federal republic of germany and are already looking forward to speak to her speech we're waiting eagerly welcome to the . door yet to twenty eight so i'm going back to. thank.
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heavens we command a very warm welcome as well to his majesty king philippe the sixth the spain thank. you we welcome the underneath waning presidents and joy of the child and price from twenty thirty in thailand give us the take and from luxembourg. grand duke of luxembourg. luxembourg and prime ministers to your banks. thank. one of the body i'm using like this we're going to be also very pleased that the wall gang know that there's a prime minister by company service here as well as president ukraine it's repression come.
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also find their own interests the child on main laureates of the previous years also here we have got professor to make me. garton ash for example before the president won the charmin prize winning twenty was charming prize winner twenty two and former president of european parliament so much i'm sure thank. you didn't that's the thing he would also like to see your side also welcome the challenge maybe laureate of two thousand and eleven shankar to shape and of two thousand and seven you have here so nana that you are thank everybody particularly like to welcome the president of the european central bank mr professor mario draghi his excellency the vice president of the european commission mr francis simmons and the president of the european court of justice mr quinn and i.
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thank . you notes because i want to welcome as well to not been minister of state premier i mean lash it i meant the federal and state level ministers the president of the state assembly and representatives of our neighboring countries netherlands and belgium thank you so i was going every year we have many guests from the diplomatic corps when i was here and you are most welcome here we've asked the representatives of the church and religious communities and all of you ladies and gentlemen i for one welcome to everyone to the official ceremony to avoid the international charmayne twenty team here in our. thank. you all for all the challenge of misfortune but also the opportunities of our
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cultural and linguistic diversity in your life were familiar to you. but the question of how such a complex european structure could best provide. altogether. this one that is all the more relevant given many centuries later of quite the opposite and when you have the disaster all the last century and the global challenges facing a system that there is a question that is increasingly important so with the child may not be surprised if we are honoring those who take on this difficult to steal tax in various different ways present maicon their demonstrated with an amazing pace but at the same time our great depth and an inspiring presence i mean the way that you get when we could move forward the way that you have shaped european policy your bible and you impressed as the board society for confirming the prize and many others in your thank you want to express our gratitude and our respect. thanks. i mean expect these are pretty
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thick from if you love it if you see this policy is to be found in the speech that you held a stop on university today not only offers you the opportunity to use that historic location again but also to use a satellite a university location to proceed with this even though ball flight is passed here at the other sure of the ceremony but directly afterwards in the major auditorium going to a t. h. often you will have an exchange with young students and i think you can safely expect your position will receive support here naturally we do not expect from this exchange much answers actually that we do hope it will be a milestone in the law but the path ahead of time i hope they will not be a matter of pat answers but a commitment to a very discussion in the dialogue that you have a record let's just think of me for a moment mr mark warner that they were not the only pressed on my car who are
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making large wide range of constructive proposals on how we should take the unification of europe further as he has done and so many of you had occasion us but let us imagine. all of the other heads of government and you have if you would come up with proposals as to how we can best develop european universities to have a sustainable business in europe on and off we coupled with a european dimension of digital transformation common policy on africa european sanju same spirit to your daughter's approach and how to move forward and on the crystal in organizational roberts i would not even aim for such proposals to be free from advocating national representatives of interests but silence is an acceptable for this is our shared your thank you officer i would ask us to make this time of as much as i cherish the hope that this can succeed to a certain extent because it must be said for
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a few i am disappointed in a full measure and so many responses that peyton lack is artificial fireworks display of knee jerk responses from all manner of lobby groups and blasts every well intended proposal to revamp. their speech something like you held in some bond is not debated in detail but only fractured into its parts. in terms of the eurozone budget example it is reported in the media and fragments and some destroyed it was not that it hasn't is this in view of the damage that those who scope of these proposals don't even come up with their own perspective for the future of europe is just impressive and it's up to those who have the greatest interest in the future you know you have is the youth the generation of arrest mr snow the value of liberty and the young child named prize that was awarded just two days ago here in the city hall shows personal projects from across entire
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continent if done for you have an awareness of the achievement of the road to european unity that we have charted by star is great and our gratitude for peace. freedom and democracy is expressed in actively getting involved you young people in europe are certain of one thing even though they do not want to be a generation of that allows europe to be put at risk they want to be the generation that renew zero thank you mention of us is about people themselves have three ought to be more flexible and international than our education system our job is to modernize our structural second i'll start to really focus on the greater exchange between the school lines on the universities that you are with a common multi-lingual degrees across nasheed or initiative i think the idea of a european university research project that has had going for even more relevant
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moving fisher we spoke together. if the possible benefits there can be one for all of europe one for the strength or serenity of europe would be what decides in the long term whether or not we have enough courage and farsightedness today to develop solutions to the relevant questions facing us. and there could be plenty of things that really our attention for our standard of living is high but it isn't sustainable shuffle us all how can we manage to preserve our prosperity without destroying the basis of life on our planet. becomes a budget i think if i'm somebody i think you know how could you do it i if you go common strategy on any european energy policy and implement it in practice and unfortunately so far we have far far away from such a strategy not to mention putting it into practice. continuing to use coal is just as much a dead end as is the use of nuclear power at all. and we are directly impacted on
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not by this in the region with i need to be a power plant that's not nearly as safe as it should be and to garnish. and we were right. thanks. about the. power supply portfolio is to manage without coal and nuclear power and then. tackling a challenge that is truly of a european dimension was a good one for us we have a major project i read your fusion when it comes to industry and energy storage for renewable energies much more needs to be done because it's a more realistic way forward and good technical solutions are within our reach.
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over most dockets europe needs to demonstrate. also in the question of whether it a strategy around energy policy for example can continue to be dominated by major power generation companies not so many of them with state involvement but often in noise and for that we need more sovereignity and transparency a new way forward and you direction for your jacket so far ensuring strength also nice if not i'm telling you my positions to securing with a peaceful centrist in the case of the iran deal a deal to be up for negotiation just because outside europe there's no better term . thank you for the in the forefront of common european solutions we must focus on issues in which cause and effect so clearly do not stop at national borders as is the case for energy and climate protection but also in cases of airborne. security of industrial facilities
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a nuclear power plants policy on migratory flows security and defense policy securing peace within you. borders and common and what they really are economic and financial policy initial often just be used in the media is the question of like a financial flows whether it's for contributions crisis. optional wealth fund where it is almost was offered up to the county systems when it comes to money our friendship quickly and i mean it was a challenge to think we need to have a dimension of crisis protection which covers more than his house so far and if you take the greatest risks you have to ensure that you have the proper insurance as it were because liability and risk very closely together let's sort it out if you're feeling for only if we have a large rethink trying to position in place where we managed to make forward.
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and there we need to like and what functions are stability for example the institutional support it market terminal you know the case of savings banks and coopt and other gigs where it's an father died and this can only be done not put too much centrally and this is why it is probably the state most likely if the best with all systems a whole systems can be combined thanks. that is as a result of this you have been so it's very complicated when you talk about money but if we are successful and i think the industry increased stability of our system will prove to be at the bottom that we've got an important competitive advantage out of europe in the global arena thanks to often these are deep seated fears that prevent rational debate in germany there's a real fear that's when i'm sometimes there is we get out of hand if i could go on in france the fear of a change of existing treaties is something you find such an aftershock and it's
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been both financially stronger member states the prejudice is not sure that the countries and southern europe no longer make an effort to reform. their own business or would no longer do that if we were too generous with our support. while in the south they could see two strong interference patterns of divide could be continued out absurdum and they all. demand and then. it would be if we could funnel this energy into discussing a common european strategy nothing less than the renewal of the european union is the job it has. the rest of the world which is much much larger would then sit up and listen to this much larger rest of the world would no longer be able to safely stand there and continue to our own whims through infighting. naturally we can just wait until climate change terrorism challenges of migratory flows in europe forced europe into. solutions that are born out of necessity that are
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only ever partial. and we could have our agenda determined by our partner usa but we can also take much to a path toward a more strenuous path but also the more promising drive. creating a europe together we can all be proud of the united. peaceful strong and free and it will put us. offers us a bit of protection and a future as you said in the sorbonne speech that europe we want to fight thank you so publicly first europe will never be finished the work will never end for european system to quote mr bones speech again we will have to take on its efforts again and again and must take it on and this means all of us as president even
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order the scientific conferring of the international charmayne prize in this city and one. encourage you to continue to be a strong voice fighting for a new year we wish you the necessary strength and the power of your convictions to make yourself right but first and foremost we wish you and all of us many constructive contributions from all over your. members who search for a common ground who can carry out this strategy for the future but let them be a platform for an open exchange it is a special significance for the chancellor of the federal republic of germany is using this opportunity to contribution to the discussion about them and you know the time for new of the european union and chancellor macrorie report to speak truth
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thank you i thank. marc klaas and to get back on the figures in their. child a man prize laureate excellence award of the society for the conferring of the international shows for the three main prizes ladies and gentleman. warding the child main prize sets a special signal year for year because just as you have deserved to be celebrated individual people deserve to be honored just well who not only believe in this year but who make it come alive with their work and charmayne surprise its name
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in his time was called the father view of himself at the end of the eight cents. we decided that it was his favorite location where he brought scholars from across europe and the impulses that were set for science and culture in africa and still impact on europe today in this city hall near the cathedral we feel the cultural roots wherever we go home and we film circuit the ups and downs of european history here is the twenty eighth when. we will have a five minute book. of the end of the second world war and i thought what you did and i came from one. of a city where many died in the trenches and if you've stood in front of the graves of the one you whose lives were stolen from them through net new nation states. we
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drain the blood of our continent they know what european union this with it brought freedom not democracy the rule of law peace and only you. who make european unity what it is. can see that this is the way forward if you look at the list of the laureates since one thousand nine hundred fifty eight you will see a reflection. of recent european history reflected from the steel and coal union and even see the european union. men largely to the east there were always drunk courageous men and women who gave you up the faces by the light and they are. linked by their passion for the european cause it yes your lives so far as passion would pick up a passion with which our laureate today the president of the french republic
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emanuel nakhon. it was all too well tackling the job he was born in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven it was the eleven. or twelve years old depending on how you see it when the cold war ended to monitor mark. and my car became a young dynamic politician who entered the european stage for european integration a single currency are something he takes for granted just like a politician here perhaps with this very reason this sense is that these things that we take for granted are risk if we take them for granted. a risk for the european model as a whole and perhaps this is most of the case because there are fewer and fewer people working for the. witnesses of. the courage that it took to create the europe that we have now the compromises that were involved in my own my car no i did days generation must shape their own
11:47 am
inspirational he has understood and he's expressed this again and again on the seventeenth of april for example of the european parliament in strasbourg that in the view of the different challenges within the european union as well as outside of its borders it's down to the younger generation. it's their historical responsibility to ensure that european democracy the european system of values the social model the dignity of every individual in your everything that makes the european identity what it is they need to defend it to reinforce it and when necessary to overhaul it. in mine i thought today's day and the tenth of may. admonish in two thousand nine hundred thirty three it was this day that the nazis in berlin and in other. germany german
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university occupy cities and you know it turned books china sigmund freud. to put thomas mann karl marx on. cosmos books were burned today as i mentioned eighty five years later the life of one person later you could say that we must remember that the value of freedom is fragile quantity that we must always be protected and once again as you have said on numerous occasions it is about ensuring that nationalism that look to the past and after a tear in the temptations i think we must withstand you have talked and show us what about the strength of democracy how. democracy must be stronger than use of the word terror attempt to lure people into simply supposedly your right thank god for you. what makes
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a man you are not common it's a fact that today just one year after taking office is receiving the child name prize let me focus on three aspects of why a man or mechanic knows what holds you have to get at its heart secondly and i know my can have very clear ideas of how and in what direction you look and think thirdly i know my car has a capacity to spread enthusiasm this contagious enthusiasm is what motivates those who don't push where you are but it also helps the timid shy to get on board and it is decisive when it comes to countering those don't always look to the past. in his election and in his every day work as. the spirit of politics he has managed to him suddenly this contagious enthusiasm and this is what fiends. this support that he has had that has led to him becoming president he
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knows that only a strong friends can give dynamism to the idea of europe and this is why he doesn't just work consistently on implementing his agenda in our economy are you but he is also reactivating the spiritual the philosophical the intellectual the cultural roots of. refers again and again to the importance of preserving and strengthening european democracies. when he spoke on the seventh of september last year at the feet of the acropolis and when he spoke to european parliament. of the democracy on a national and international level i decided to prerequisites for ensuring that europeans can be what they need to be that the fundamental rights the human rights all right here to that might there and free solutions for solving the faced the problems facing the public good even if it takes
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a bit longer than some people want and more than many of michael. talks again and again about cultural and historical cohesion and how this is grown over the years. in a good sense and no matter he's been i'm thinking about the speech that would have been frankfurt main in october twenty seventeen when the frankfurt book fair was blown open to work with them for he talked about his understanding of cultural identity the cultural identity of europe and as. it is important in a time that focused on the individual paragraphs of council directives that this would be a dimension we look at again and again in philosophy in literature in other languages but also music in painting in architecture in the european nations have exchanged ideas for centuries and crossed. pollinated and bishop i want to
11:52 am
thank you for your speech which gave us a sense of religion and the inspiration that it has always been for us thanks to me. it is. indicative that it helps his speech. because the euro because it is longer than the treaty. they were journeymen then you people going from one country to another to learn from one another and this is to have an expansionist and without you there's a common basis european integration and policy and economics could never happen until she does build on the. differences do not divide us annoyed bring us together again and again interest in the other and attempt to understand the other side of curiosity and germans and french people know this better than anyone we have very
11:53 am
different political positions different approaches we often. have to listen to one another closely we speak to one another and then we find a consensus then we find a common way forward this is the challenge i mean chantant of you have any thoughts and if i can say this personally i have to say working together with you i have discovered this charm again and again in mind when i can't thank god for another for then you now are turning into a nation state mentality is not the way forward we have more in common than just a single currency in a single market and you know it always has to be more than a shared history and overcoming differences and conflicts and wars and our continent. today so it's about europe tackling the future projects. pope francis when he spoke to the sixtieth
11:54 am
anniversary of the signing of the trees around. called on us as heads of state and government in europe said europe would find hope if it would open to the future he said there's after speaking in the european parliament and talked about you know places grandmother of all nothing grandmothers wouldn't go away and think about that it's nice to be a grandmother but what but the fact that the pope's view of the fact and we will find it a hoax with him if we look to the future speaks volumes of the. view of the major global challenges facing as. we are p.m.'s. only. one hundred make this happen if we join forces together we can act. banded together only then will never serve anybody as. i cannot say but one issue like i was up
11:55 am
again and again. how far do we need to protect how much does this you have have to protect and how much is it had to be opened how can we strike a balance here between these two this is something that we hear again and again and the question of how to act in shaping that digital single market. or a common foreign policy. so what is the issue you must show that in a globalized world it is not part of the problem it is part of the solution you got is the key issue that. has looked at when he spoke on and talked about overhauling you have the european union that this was the focus of his policy and this is why we germany. have focused on this issue in our coalition agreement as well the whole question of renewing the european union this is why we believe that germany and france can and must make
11:56 am
a new start for you or. i. might. be together we need to focus on the major challenges facing us today and facing us in the future on a european level and we must find clear responses let me focus on four different areas so you need european innovation in terms of an investment strategy to strengthen our economy in times of globalization and digitization but europe has always been promised prosperity but in terms of the major challenges facing this technological transformation it is no longer sure that we will be the one who set the course of the world to be honest in many areas we no longer are and we must have the aspiration to catch up with where we. lost ground whether we're talking artificial intelligence where we work closely together between germany and france
11:57 am
whether we're talking about the question of disruptive innovation and how we can deal with them i think germany and france will be meeting in sophia with european heads of state and government will be coming up with opposable for a new institutional cooperation option in europe and i support my. idea of creating european universities and showing that the education and research community in europe become a closer in on the twelfth of april and we will start with there was a joint. declaration. made it. and the first step would be mr direction and five regional universities on the rhine will come together as an exemplary university be a cluster if you like when there is because we who build the worst cars in europe are using batteries from asia and digital suppliers from the us that cannot be where we want to be going this is. only to the people here on the social welfare
11:58 am
market to be on the front of the developments and that one only works if we pull all the stops out thank you over beers and with your. migratory policy freedom of movement this core aspect of the single market but we can only retain this freedom of movement if we reform our silence system and to come up with a joint asylum system has to be on the basis of solidarity it has to be a crisis proof and part and parcel of freedom of movement of people is protecting our even external borders but we know that we are not going to solve the problem. because we need to have. a common policy on africa and in this one year in which my new car has been in power in the sun hundreds are in for example we've seen
11:59 am
exemplary cooperation between germany and france there and we're certainly going to continue with this time on the belief there is a gentleman and naturally we need. and economic. development in the union that is. sustainable and many are talking about issues around this and we've had some difficulty discussions from different cultures but when it comes to the bank you know we will make progress with the capital you know we will make progress we will strengthen the euro zone will make it more competitive and we will present our solutions by june and that will happen last but not be and finally you can buy in from a. common foreign and security policy and europe's contribution to peace and security depends on our capacity to act together and to speak with one voice until nationally after
12:00 pm
a decade in recent months and we have managed to have structured cooperation in the area of defense policy and reasons for an enormous step forward one that we haven't been able to take until now but let's be perfectly frank here we're going to most of our free common foreign policy europe is still very much in the beginning of this process and it's going to be crucial that we do this because that type of conflict because funny cide with since the end of the cold war how the mind has changed completely many of the major conflicts across the globe taking place at europe's doorstep and it's not really a case that the us a are going to simply protect us rather europe must take its own fate in its own hands and obviously chance facing us thank . thank you in the back of the lab as an example of.
12:01 pm
something that you have stored in the region of the western balkans today the president of the european. union just released of that he said i would like to thank you. and you start something you want to host a european heads of state government to sofia but. we. meant is afflicted with enough to ensure that we keep peace as best we can thank. god for an important step forward is one that germany and france have taken around the conflict in ukraine i'm pleased. to see you we haven't achieved the kinds of successes we wanted in a nominee format but we know that with conflicts you have to be in it for the long haul and we will be to make sure that the territorial integrity and sovereignty of ukraine is preserved
12:02 pm
thank you ma'am come up. to get there when you find particularly when france germany and britain. have a clear attitude in terms of defending a rally we know that the situations in extremely complicated and wondering the escalation in recent hours have shown us that it really is a matter of war and peace and i can only advocate that everyone above if need more exercise restraint but we also know that we need a political solution for this region which is abs our doorstep syria isn't somewhere far away syria that borders on countries like cyprus who are all right. and so in the weeks and months to come we. as germany as well must work harder on trying to find a political solution for everything around just syria because we see if you're
12:03 pm
clearly in germany with the many people who have fled their homes and countries in germany that we can't just turn a blind eye but that we have to work to ensure that this region finds. thanks. and it all meant ladies and gentlemen. your future in your. development and. at a crossroads and everyone can feel the founding fathers saw you have you know as the logical conclusion of a devastating wars of the twentieth century and you have remained a project based on peace and historical responsibility for our generation want. to ensure that you continue to be that positive project of our continent moving forward and that it has its position i remember our documents and all its heads of
12:04 pm
state and government must all work intensely together with you if you know a mission on symmetry is theirs and we must do everything within our power to achieve this and. with our passion not least a man on my computer given how do you mind i congratulate and bottom of my heart your courage your passion you take what you are full of ideas and you have really revived the earth a little bit with your proposals this isn't just a confirmation that you have not really taken the right path that's for you thus far but it's also aimed to encourage you to continue along the road that you have set out on and i look forward to joining you down this road thank you tricia and thanks. thank
12:05 pm
you. the author of. the first name of the author didn't see my answer but it's only for the fog theory and see why it's worth also. told him cornel saw those awful lot. of these regardless i'll always feel awful though that's a law that might also says that international shall a man price cuts being awarded to the president of the french public expects him
12:06 pm
lansley men who are not. and honoring his and splattering of the. new funding off the european project will face. that passion that shot against nationalism and isolation that was. too late and to wish him a success on the terrace of every.
12:07 pm
12:08 pm
the i. said yeah madam chancellor. thank you very much for your kind of.
12:09 pm
mr america off. the board of the china man price. you know hyannis ladies and gentlemen the heads of state and government some of my former recipients of the shahnameh prize. don't you know minister as. minister the president. said. ladies and gentleman to me through europe members of parliaments dear friends. to. europe you know know that if you know and you have brought us from the end of the signal of world war we often say that we have been able to live through seventy years of peace and quiet true story if one has lived through a regular seventy years of peace. and this is the treasure.
12:10 pm
price and it is something that our continent has never seen and all the priests new century was the. holy. father and if you check a slow i don't see in the. former east. germany of the baltic countries. dear boy quite often for the aria often gives all of us with something rather of people. to say that they have lived. it was seventy years of crying i did a piece i don't really get it and prosperity can we say that what can we say that given the folds of the former. vice president to seventy years off your piece. some have lived through a period of cooperation but some have even lived under tell you terrorism if socialism did it and have suffered from civil wars and from
12:11 pm
a military regime. of seventy years off before he's supposed to her for a bit of europe a paraphrase that is true of its heritage but and i don't believe in with because europeans insist was still out of touch with being. history will never take them off it would you know history if you. did wrong and only what you really know you do everything you know you will get to go ahead and to come out of all our strengths and reinvent hope most of all put me preach on about most of all. the militants like. the good enough. to be good enough to receive the sprit price women are also meant everything to do what he quoted shall a man year and said europe is the dream of carolinian not kings and feels to invest a car. origin's relies on a common goal on
12:12 pm
a common pass on europe. we are united with our beating hearts. that is what this region of it was like at the time and the dream you moved about it is in our days full of doubt notice of what we have to know if we can continue to let it live report let it die i have often had on them or on the star bar and the european parliament. what franz proposes but i would simply like to share with you today four can go with you. your commandments. for a cardinal imperative. according to our european tradition if the first one. is very simple for you but let's not be
12:13 pm
weak and that's not suffer things. yes we have to go in front of as people. in the popular balances and read. on a daily basis and the question that we have been asked daily is do we want to suffer through this we're going to do it and set the tyranny of events or rules of others or do we decide for ourselves didn't do anyone to defy tanami and european use of arena to you know who is going to lose the rules of our citizens that protect their private life. chooses to create. economic it will liberate them for our companies. do we lead others organize our propaganda or rules do we accept the line passengers and.
12:14 pm
others organize for us. or do we want our european serenity the european parliament. in order like you to a few hours here to an out in your presence you mean has decided together with the commission and the member states to the side a rules of procedure and this is the kind of life that we want to follow my goodness and i am deeply convinced that we have a dish and there's. several ran a t two ability in order to accompany the i thrust to protect our citizens and to avoid the. unfairness rules area where some pay no taxes should be sent the need to protect ourselves against the threats on a daily basis for what we. make decisions from our and
12:15 pm
they are decisions they are essential aspects who is going to decide that the. external of all or us or ourselves who are we going to let take those decisions we know that energy and climate decisions take time but a sustainable solution can only be built if we can. ourselves on the european level field if we know where. on. carbon if we pose attacks outside of the border of the worst decisions if we have an ambition i . have. made about. storage over a noble energy. in order to accompany our energy adventure few enemies. who is going to decide our trait. it's circular for the.
12:16 pm
direct. mail and. say that the international rules that they contributed to determine are not valid and no more we. almost saw a deposit off an international model as i'm in which i believe strongly it belongs to us for our own father and to you for our own defense. thank. it. should not be in. front of. competitive distortions or we should not be really towards those who try to write rules in our place was going to decide and vironment and geo political choices. in an area where we want to live yesterday and the day before yesterday we
12:17 pm
spoke together. and myself as well as chairs and the other heads of state and government and we took the decision to build peace and prosperity and the middle east and stability and we took this decision collectively i don't know this. power is decided not to a keep their promises does that mean that we have to give up on our choices that we have to give in to the policies of worse things we have to choose we have to build we have to talk together in order to build together our own server and a team that is going to guarantee stability and they're doing.
12:18 pm
these are very relieved that we have experienced such great changes into migrations of climate migrations and also a demographic migration and this. could not remain an act of and rely on nationalistic craves the answer is european as it is in its most essential core europe and in order to last. so those challenges we need. policies that are concerted on the european level give more in order to bring development and security to the whole region like you need to be much more ambitious we need to carry out security policy to protect our region and we also need a policy of sovereignity development and protection. first and we
12:19 pm
believe in not to be weak and not to suffer. helicity of european server rendered she. has to. thank you that has to lead us to a geopolitical power in europe to be a client. and diplomatic leader we are going to have. of course everybody has probably it's his own idea in a debate behind each word but cannot lead others to certainly for. cannot decide on fiscal secrecy and confidentiality and. your of being and i cannot deduce i already have the problem see if that is the case we are not sovereign in our political decisions and.
12:20 pm
the thing is extreme and if we accept that other great nations even allies even brenda's are deciding for us all our diplomacy in the most difficult hours of our times then we are not sovereign anymore and then we are not credible any more in front of our populations our people. you didn't the second imperative. you did this let us not be divided. into the temptation in difficult times is us your needs to be nationalists it. knows ourselves everything and to think that on
12:21 pm
a national level it's easier to master challenger and to five hundred. because on the european level it is still nascent and fragile and we have heard alarms ring with bricks and so on but we are also going to hear it in the italian elections and hungary and behold and everywhere in europe with me this music of nationalism this resoundingly and gather it here. for island of the carolingian dream. and we think that those who exist today also engine risk of extreme division. in many debates here nationalism that encourages those who are still holding to give up our liberties many
12:22 pm
don't want to. make believe that divided we can be more efficient. so that. confronted by all the risks that i mentioned as a vision with the fate of it with the whole barbed wire spring up all over europe even in their lives. we have to be elusive when we look at the last ten years. much has been done and we owe a lot to those. who are leading all injuries and who were able to confront crises and take. the solutions that we needed to take the decisions. during the financial and economic crisis of europe worse divided between the north and the south and joined
12:23 pm
my greater a crisis between the east and the west and don't the visions go up on. our europe wanting to him on the whole is the idea that new camps were created and they're illiterate is not possible anymore however if unity is the only solution that we have to vicious make us to. believe these us. and. force us to oppose each other i don't. know why couldn't the horrible you war like the horrible war that we live in three hundred years spiegel. and even between i'm sure countries to. go ahead go on from my job.
12:24 pm
germany itself shit all that i don't want to reform there or they only wanted to offend the fed from europe they know that this is wrong and we are never going to listen to that temptation because i've seen a few germany take risks and take decisions and deliberate in front of the financial crisis and take courageous reforms that we waited for too long i don't live in germany now is it a militia love business or dry. when one is germany germany used as expecting almost everything from europe because they remember the history. if you do to get a job only on the other hand i also hear people in germany say let's not listen to the sirens of fronts we know them and they are not serious they have
12:25 pm
not carried out reforms and no they are asking us to create europe that is only benefiting france and is financing their deficits and allows france to carry out reforms that it can carry out on its own but you have to wake up france has changed it's not the same country anymore and the french people has taken that decision a year of golf a clear decision i am the depositary of this decision nothing much france has carried our it i thought reforms and they want to continue doing the week but also paid off riser during the crisis just like in germany we want. a europe for europe not for us. we also need to be able to if we. can be carried with
12:26 pm
a unity between france and germany that carries to europe you need to. remove thirty. very few let's make no mistake or dream more than the carolingian dream in the last centuries empires were transferred inside of for europe and have modified gemini's and have brought back decisions many times and in the beginning of those three france thought it needed no reforms and it was not necessary to
12:27 pm
listen to the european proposals which germany made because. everything was to our benefit but that was a mistake. our you wrote this is not working on successive high gemini's cannot bear to finish can only be built on the constant solidarity of course our responsibility is important sometimes we forget it before the crisis for instance if we have to rebuild it after this and each state took all the responsibilities of it and carried out reforms that we. don't mung each other and during the reunification of germany benefit to trump the solidarity and this is the strength of europe in order to make the member states stronger and took a lot of germany for instance to take the part that it placed within this
12:28 pm
solidarity that we need on financial topics inside of your. front of the country where you was on them for i am and it is very high of thirty forty or fifty persons we have to build those. i said we don't know everything. other. run the risk of giving in to the sirens of those that already have and to forget precarity of european his german loss don't. believe in a european much more ambitious shit where. going to be contributor and that which is going to carry the strength of our political convictions and also
12:29 pm
on your policies that got a chance i just talked about them british and defend the rule of law of economics fiscal social confrère gens and a coherent vision of europe that corresponds to the am station of the founding father and. then is why i believe a stronger and more integrated. with its own that allows investments and convergence that is the only means to a lot all either countries who want to go ahead to take the right path. it was him a b. i think you know and our third imperative to friends is. not to be a great. to be of great of the world in which we live our principles are of what we are and let us not betray ourselves. to day
12:30 pm
we are confronted by the. uncertainties temptations and worse the former member of the day had to give up but the foundation of democracy and you know you see a mistake let's not give in to anything. even if they could. just some of the only true reason that you replied to eleven wins was complacency but. you know we can assess and silence so we have already in the other hands only trade. because they should never give in the european union and this feeling that you know how little we should never have you been british rape drug rule of law all our democracy and
12:31 pm
the strength of first civility of our europe c.v.t. be this village and even get. europe of debates universities conflicts of ideas opposition of idea if you will and that refuses violence of states and violence illustrates the believes and the strength of truth because it believes in the strength of democratic confrontation i do yes. thank you should watch the full plate as well i believe in the will of intelligence and of culture because it is a question of will. and the people we spoke about it yesterday there is always involved under our feet we must believe in
12:32 pm
u.t. and culture like. that and i mean to be with them in the last seventy years. due to many feel i have not taken things for granted before i don't know that it is an exceptionally bad that is always to our children in this kind of actions we have to fight for a europe of culture for european universities for freedom of movement the works of art sure. at your critical expectation and it intellectual debate in an era those ideas are not limited to some intellectuals you know they are essential ideas for us for our society because of this what is this trade off this is something that started several years ago and that's more important now than ever. thanks
12:33 pm
going to push up we don't know what you know we do and ruin your least africa as watching us. they are watching this half and they are watching this capacity and to and not be afraid of the others and to contribute to the heart of our. future. that the universal believe and courage. don't look too good in that. we were yesterday in this cathedral that reminds us how here. twelve hundred years ago. no one to to reply to constantinople and to other european capitals that ended in jerusalem was there and the world. has always been.
12:34 pm
through europe through a capacity to not be afraid to accept confrontations and speaking about this time with our being naive then afterwards we change she said this is europe this capacity knows and yet to didn't enter into you know sort of dialogue to be any g.h. or a lot of the universe olivia and want. anything. something remotely develops a base of integrity that is now. about european sovereign a tea party also about the hastert rule not to be if great and do you know what they're strong very much a letter a letter saying that i spoke about before but the whole world not only for europe but because if europe has the capacity to lead these rules i bear at its core a vision of the universe ality. she's not afraid you didn't lose that
12:35 pm
we were free ourselves from our terrible words should not be arrayed. off each other. and not be scared of off our own feet to show us in france if we don't want to change your pretty face. sometimes you know you don't want to lower public spending and i think you know that. will you have a classic preference for public spending another think then for norms surely you should if you wanted to dismantle those fissures and not be afraid there is order to progress we have sometimes to we changed replace and run endemol credit risk we have to be ready to transform. those shrink trees in
12:36 pm
order to advance and to respect. them and build common the rules and germany for instance. if you cannot continue to have this fictitious arm for foreign trade surplus because we're going to be dependent on. it we can leave you we've got birds so let us not be afraid by fear and with that now. go beyond our reach him. and more precisely because we have to fight for something that is not ourselves we have to look. out for in the interests of all the country or preserve what we have won but i know we have to fight for order to reach for you have a new and europe there to hunt tains this universe ality that is now in the hands
12:37 pm
of your. ok i think the last imperator to my mind don't lead as not wait. no thank. you so. i don't for a slow minute on time we were waiting. for your but isn't that right near us sometimes we missed each other and usually the you know we don't have a right to shoot anymore. and that don't fill a lot of weight and we are sure did your shoes.
12:38 pm
and. i said it we choose the lesser world. and there is also something the better we carry in our hearts we have to take clearer decision not only to the core towards europe but that was good because i think maybe even restricted circle but it also truly leaves the door open and no i don't believe that europe is a predefined closely circle. i believe that you have cannot wait internally twenty eight yesterday twenty seven tomorrow cannot always agree on everything we have talked to because that's how we have always progress and with character determination we have to go ahead the rules after clear doors are open and all who wanted can join us but we cannot consider
12:39 pm
a choice for europe didn't mean it is always going to. what you show is of a common denominator of the risk of a small steps at the last minute no we have to be spilled and the initiatives choice anyone can give a new vision a thirty year vision to see our as citizens spiritual because they need to at least think a goal because mission dollars are still are clear and demagogues who are clear fit and fierce. so that is why. i think and will has to be as clear as bush's.
12:40 pm
i don't. you know lead committee together to europe you know to protect its ambitions digital if you are with the energy transition strength of euro zone with the protector of and coherent trade policy health and viral mental frameworks migrate joey framework quantum virgins on those social democratic and political level and intelligent europe of research and innovation with new methods with the method of if you will and everything that goes together with that kind of risk taking. what i mean ship to me to frame this because these are that was my four convictions
12:41 pm
for imperatives that i want to share with you today so you and thank you you so much for the honor you i'm just going on me with this price. this would be a nothing if it were not an invitation for me if it were simply thank you for those services where you have compassed favorite let us not be weak and. take decision even let us not be divided let's unite and let us not be afraid to face lead there. and lead. of middle america in our history a hobby to net us not wait let's act now. is utopia but here we are as if the soul. this vision exists but the needle really appeared of us on dissolving.
12:42 pm
on the fifth and that pretty hard of a writes it was a proposal people said he was only. it's not going to come true did. he or do you need to be an artist or a poet if you can do it. if it were to posts our program magic and. i don't mean for me if you want it in your friends let us to try to fulfill before committing lands and. thirty years off your dead or in front of us let us never forget. that of we have been living in seventy years for some little less for others in historical exception as never forget that the europe that we speak about it is not something that we cannot take for
12:43 pm
granted and it's a fragile thing and ask not to forget that legal it into his arms and. habits are maybe the worst for it would be your friend richard j. and even more to morrow we need strength and power so don't want europe that has made out of this carolingian they are where we are now. not to the symphony that was written yesterday but a score we said we are still writing on because this is our show and and it's all jews because this is. our vocation and i am deeply convinced that the decision is taking place now thank you thank you. thank you. thank you.
12:44 pm
you have been watching french president and then you will mock all receiving the first issue charlemagne prize germany a prize awarded to individuals for their special efforts to promote working unity walk around and cross the jury with his vision of a new united iraq a bit earlier merkel delivered a speech praising ockham's vision for reform and go out. and we just heard president back from lay out his vision for europe which rests on a number of pillars including he talked about the importance of a policy of european sovereignty self-determination he also stressed the importance
12:45 pm
of remaining united and he said that you are should not be afraid said that as a continent it should not portray itself. thank you.


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