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i mean they will never come back to those groups whose views rule seventy years may twelfth on g.w. poll broadcast times or morning. this is g.w. news live from bergland calls for deescalation after tensions or between israel and iran israel launches extensive air strikes on iranian targets in syria with reports of many killed the attack comes on the heels of the u.s. decision to abandon the iran nuclear deal we will go live to the region also coming up pushing for greater european unity in troubled times france's president of money
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will mark kong is honored with the prestigious charlemagne prize for promoting a new vision for europe he again pleaded for a more ambitious of the working and budget saying that the time is now for strengthening here a good year and u.s. president donald trump welcomes home free american captives released by pyongyang the president said that he was optimistic about north korea ahead of a planned summit could be good news. i'm sarah kelly welcome to the program international calls for restraint are mounting as israel and iran face their most serious military confrontation in years footage uploaded on social media shows multiple flares over syria's capital damascus after israel struck dozens of targets in the country overnight. israel
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says that it acted in response to what it says was an iranian rocket attack on its outposts in the golan heights launched from syria it claims to have struck nearly all of iran's infrastructure in syria. well let's get more now on these developments we are joined by jonathan accord make us a spokesperson for the israeli defense forces in the golan heights and welcome to you jonathan we thank you so much for joining us and we've heard that you know for israel's part you are saying that the rockets which were fired into the golan heights that they were fired by an iranian brigade what evidence do you have for that. well thank you for having me and good. girly clear we have a very good encouraged him pictures of the reunion deployment in that syria we have been following their movement for quite a long time and we have seen them won't be renewed kind of been trying to do over the last month and that has been to attack is row almost at all costs we have been
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trying to do for the last month we have been able to defend and change all poster accordingly it was very clear what the rings were doing we saw the movie launcher. positioning it to know when it's ok to fire it was very clear what you're in you were doing they were attacking is wrong from syrian soil something that we see naturally these very dangerous minutes of your activity that the again these were so at what point in your operation are you right now because we know that your defense minister said a short while ago that nearly all of the iranian infrastructure in syria was hit and that he hopes that the chapter was closed our israeli forces standing down right now. israeli forces continue to defend the state of israel that is army general and that includes also. keeping a good eye on anything that happens any but has the potential to threaten israel so from a military perspective we're looking at the reunion deployment in syria would still
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remain and it will be they will be under close scrutiny to see what they will try to do in the future we hope that the message was clear enough that once they attacked us once the iranians attacked israel and fired pocketful twenty rockets would be as well we retaliated and the purpose of our retaliation was to carry a clear message to the iranian regime and to the commander of the quds force customs to the money who very brazen the attacked israel and the message is that israel or the i.d.f. seek to defend itself and we do not seek to escalate the situation but we will not hesitate in defending ourselves against the whole firm intentions of the iranian regime and as we have said before and made clear we are not going to tolerate on the host of the summer deployment of the iranian military infrastructure inside syria last sentence for me they are one thousand six hundred kilometers away from iraq so the question that needs to be asked is what are you really and truly doing so far from home and so close to israel so i want to ask you then because i you
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know i hear the sense of urgency in your voice that you said that you sent a message that you're monitoring the situation but ultimately what is the israeli military prepared to do to eliminate the iranian military presence in syria so close to your country which we know that the prime minister benjamin netanyahu is now making a top priority how far could this go. well i think it's been made very clear by our national leadership and it has been cleared by the chief of staff very clearly as well that we will continue to defend of of the state of israel our civilians against this very significant threat that is building close to our borders which is based on the iranian capabilities that they're deploying how far will we go we will go as far as necessary in order to ensure the safety and the sovereignty of the state of israel and its citizens and we hope that iran will rein in its terrorist arm the exporting arm of its regime could false and understand the
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message that it is not within iranian interests syrian interests all the regional interests for them to deploy inside syria or to try to attack israel they want to thank you very much jonathan convict us a spokesperson for the israeli government for artists in the golan heights we appreciate you speaking with us here in t.w. and sharing your view. french president emmanuel mccall has been honored with the prestigious charlemagne prize it's awarded to individuals for their special efforts to promote european union you've heard the new unity the french president received the award at a lavish ceremony and him in western germany german chancellor angela merkel was in attendance and delivered a speech praising micron's vision for reforming here. and for more let's bring in a correspondent who is standing us or standing by right there with the latest from iraq and where this ceremony took place a little bit earlier today so back to walk us through the key points that the french president mccrone covered in his speech. the show on monday of
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the road had a clear message for all europeans not only for the petitions who are gathered here he said to europe shouldn't be weak you're to europe shouldn't be afraid to and europe has to act and has to act quickly this is your bill be prepared to fend off nationalism within its own borders and it should preserve the literalism in the road and this was a clear message maybe across the atlantic to u.s. president. and the german chancellor replied that she would be willing to join but crawl in is afoot to give some hope to europe. to implement reforms and to make europe function better in the future she also laid out the reasons that made him worthy of the prize that made him a war they were simply and i just like to play that particular segment of her
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speech for our viewers and then get your reaction there after let's have a listen. doesn't mean that i don't think the need for let me name three aspects of the money much faster than a man with a macaw knows what binds europe to get the license secondly i met in moscow has a clear vision of how europe should me full would. include a man michael has a capacity to inspire others in the service of europe this motivates us well committed to europe most of all with our it moves those who are undecided and it is decisive in countering those who look to the possed even though lots of praise there in merkel's introduction of mark wrong but you know when it comes to visions for your up by a large there a blockage there walking in lock step but not on all points right this business back to the promised actually had to come up this coming this coming
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proposes in june that the next use of it this mccrone to two to take the metro further than two to boost three reforms and. to overcome half it is a big trade surplus and he says france is also willing to give up some of this to booze so both promised to the to take action actually and this is a step further than we had in brussels so if the summits so that's a that's a beacon of hope and this was the message also from today something is moving something is moving and. you know one of the thing that's also moving is you know european solidarity when it comes to tension in the middle east and standing by the european position with regard to that what did they have to say in that regard. well the french president and the german chancellor said and urged for the escalation in the middle east after the current outbreak of
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a while and. mrs merkel said this is a true question of war and peace not a very serious and very complicated situation and. also put also some blame on the americans and he said. this drawing from the iran nuclear deal was a mistake and now europe has to take action and mrs merkel said europe you're cannot longer rely solely on the americans to defend them and europe has to do something more back to a character and i have thank you. and ahead of the award ceremony president mccollum sat down with t.w. and the german public broadcaster a our day for an exclusive interview he told us that u.s. president donald trump's decision to quit the iran nuclear deal was a mistake catalyst for the current status quo in europe is bad for everybody our sovereignty is being tested by everything that's happening the iranian crisis the
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trade crisis the challenges of the digital world of internet and there are g. transition migration and our capacity to protect ourselves and we have to make progress and we have to be a more integrated european avant garde. quick check of some other stories making news around the world more than thirty people have been killed after a dam burst in western kenya near the city of cruel witnesses saying that most people were asleep when the accident occurred after a severe drought weeks of trental rains in kenya have led to flooding and mudslides that have left over eight hundred people that. malaysia's former authoritarian ruler mafia mohammed is set to be sworn in as prime minister after a shock election victory the ninety two year old opposition leader will become the world's oldest head of government is when and more than six decades of control by the ruling coalition that defeated incumbent knowledge of drugs has accepted defeat
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. and islamist militant prisoners at a high security jail near indonesia's capital jakarta have killed five police officers they took officers hostage in a prison riot triggered by a dispute about food police said they resolved the crisis after a tense standoff the so-called islamic state group claimed that its fighters were involved in the violence. three americans held prisoner by north korea are back in the united states after a world wind diplomatic mission by washington they flew home with the secretary of state my pompei o who traveled to pyongyang ahead of the upcoming summit between the two countries' leaders president donald trump who went to the airport to personally welcome the man sounded a note of optimism saying that the captives release was a positive sign. it was nearly three in the morning but the u.s. president and the first lady were on hand to greet the freed captives this is a big step forward in the rapidly warming relations between the two longtime
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adversaries it's also a major p.r. coup for trump and a sign of pyongyang goodwill this just two months after the two sides seemed on the brink of war a trump says he still wants kim to give up his nuclear bombs or proudest achievement will be this is a part of it but he will be what we believe nuclear is that entire potential and this is what people have been waiting for for a long time and nobody thought we could be on this track in terms of speed so i'm very honored to have helped the three folks these three folks are kim tony kim and kim phuc song all are americans who were imprisoned in north korea for between one and two years for quote anti-state activities. secretary of state must pump aoe made a thirteen hour visit to the hermit kingdom to arrange the planned summit between trump and kim jong on in the process pump a also secured the men's release the
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country's new tory us for its harsh labor camps. are over and you know we were treated in many different ways. for me i had to do a lot of labor we. need the women here but when i got sick i was also treated by the you know to be unsuitable doing nothing. from a north korean labor camp tour reception with the u.s. president it's all happened in less than a day for these three men trump seems sure it's a sign that kim is ready to reconcile with the north korean leader is every bit as unpredictable as his american counterpart it's unclear if today show peacemaking will lead to actual peace. just a quick reminder now the top stories that we're following for you here at g.w. israel saying that it has attacked targets used by our army and forces inside syria and response to rocket strikes on the golan heights the confrontation follows the u.s. decision to quit the iran nuclear deal russia and france are calling for in the escalation
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of tensions between israel and iran. and coming right up after a short break our exclusive interview with french president of manual ahead of the charlemagne prize ceremony earlier today he tells us what is next for europe tell go away that's an exclusive interview there conducted by a bunch of ella and by a our team and with that you are up to date on the latest news and information i'm sara telly in berlin thank you so much for watching have a great day. look listening. to the curse. of nature and in this.


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