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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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this is the only news live from berlin international calls for calm after tensions between israel and iran israel launched massive ass trucks overnight on the arabian targets in syria after rockets landed on israeli positions. also on the program donald trump welcomes home three american captives released by north korea the u.s. president says he is optimistic about a summit with the north's leader due to take place in singapore on the twelfth of june. i'm french president emanuel macro is on it for promoting a new vision for europe accepting germany's charlemagne prize he said the time to
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strengthen europe is now. i'm still going to welcome to the program international calls for restraints a growing as israel and iran face the most serious military confrontation for years is ready asked if you're ready and targets across syria overnight these images released by the syrian military are said to show anti aircraft firing over the capital damascus israel says it hit nearly all of iraq's ministry infrastructure in syria and says it was responding to iranian rocket attacks on israeli positions in the israel occupied golan heights. let's see if we can pick this with a double correspondent who's monitoring developments from neighboring beirut a welcome so israel says it strikes were a response to this iranian attack why would iran be targeting that area. well
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iran this is a very clever move by iran iran has been under pressure to show resolve and it's to show to its domestic audience that it is not going to be taking down the israeli aggression on its assets in israel lying down opted for golan because gordon has occupied territory golan was occupied by israel in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven it is city and land israel has an extent but it is not internationally recognized by attacking golan iran is saying look we're not targeting israel we are targeting land that israel has occupied so in a way this is yes. it's a very severe confrontation between iran and israel in syria but it also a limited strike by iran and that's the message that you don't want to send that we want to hit you back but we don't want to present war now to the hour or so before i came out. iran had not confirmed that it sent those missiles has that changed.
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now that it actually hasn't is this far but it is believed that the have done it even though for sure what hasn't yet come in and the iranian system sort of works. slower fashion there. but israel has accused iran and from will be people are from sources on the ground it is in fact iran that has struck is very yesterday in fact filled this was expected we've been hearing this since last month when israel has has struck an iranian air base in syria and killed seventy iranians so it was expected that iran is going to move and it was very much expected that iran is going to pull out what is the expected next move and so. iran hits israeli targets israel hits iranian targets then what. well the fear is of the mind of our broader regional war at our hands and. a lot of us here were thinking that
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a proxy battleground this time around might be south of syria and that is happening if it is south of syria it would also be levanon because who is in south syria fighting alongside assad's men in fighting who are these men being trained by the i r g c it is the hezbollah this bill has the strongest force they have experience in fighting israel they've done it in two thousand and six so the fear is that you would have these. scum he says insult syria and he can flag aeration me mentally turn into war which will obviously come to lebanon and you would have a much worse situation nor sources in both iran and israel see that they don't want a full fledged war so maybe this ends here for now but we've got to wait and watch out iranian state television has reported that israeli jets entered lebanon's aspace where you. are there first are you worried and other fears that this that was about this escalation. but there always is if you remember when he left for
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saudi arabia and resigned from that he had feel as if he would be war so in lebanon this is daily talk that every next week there would be war but now there actually is a fear because yes israeli jets well hovering above. several farms this is also a part of golan and it's claimed by levanon this is a pilot scheme eleven are not sitting so yes they're very active as the lebanese army says that israel may strike levanon and either way whatever happens in city are levanon would be engaged as i said it's his beloved's fighting on the ground in both countries so there is a certain sense of worry but also can't because even is the law does not want an active war just yet they've sent men to syria they've lost a lot of men and there is a lot of internal pressure even on them because a lot of young boys have died so neither marty sort of stays interested in in a full fledged active war so to say but there are these signs which tell us that
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anything can go wrong could talk at your one show in beirut thank you of the governments of russia and germany have underlined that determination to preserve the nuclear deal with iran welcoming his german counterpart heiko mass on his first visit to moscow russian foreign minister sergey lavrov stressed that all parties to the agreement to discuss how best to keep it alive i come asked express germany's hope that russia would use its close ties with iran to convince the regime to stick with the deal. three americans who have been held prisoner by north korea are back in the united states after a whirlwind diplomatic mission by washington they flew home with secretary of state to mike who travel to pyongyang ahead of an upcoming summit between the two countries leaders due to take place in singapore on the twelfth of june president a trump greeted the man at the airport and sounded and out of optimism describing their release as a positive sign. he was nearly three in the morning but the u.s.
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president and the first lady were on hand to greet the freed captives from a north korean labor camp to reception with the u.s. president it all happened in less than a day for these three men their release was the moment their families had dreamed of. their. life. really great. regularly. the three men are kim jong il tony kim and kim hawke song all are americans who were imprisoned in north korea for between one and two years for quote anti-state
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activities the charges are widely seen as bogus secretary of state mike pompei i made a thirteen hour visit to the hermit kingdom to arrange the planned summit between trump and kim jong on in the process pump air also secured the men's release. the country is notorious for its harsh labor camps. or. we were treated in many different ways. for me i had to do a lot of labor. but when i got sick i was also treated by the. tramp seems to think this is a sure sign that kim is ready to reconcile he even thanks the north korean leader for freeing the man but kim is every bit as unpredictable as his american counterpart and it's unclear if today show peacemaking will lead to actual peace.
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process president emanuel mccraw has been all up with germany's prestigious charlemagne prize it's awarded to individuals for their special efforts to promote european unity the french presidency received their what is a lavish ceremony in in western germany the chancellor spoke in print in price of the french presence of vision for reform. in his address emanuel macro warned against the rise of nationalism in europe. the current status quo in europe is bad for everybody our sovereignty is being tested by everything that's happening the iranian crisis trade crisis the challenges of the digital world of internet and there are g. transition migration and our capacity to protect ourselves we have to make progress and we have to be a more integrated european avant garde. correspondent bigger task been
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speaking with renowned british historian and political writer timothy garton ash who is in for the ceremony. professor garden as why is the french president the holder of this very prestigious metal because he is at the moment effectively the leader of europe he just gave a great speech in which he said we really need a europe that is powerful to defend our interests and the message for me is where are you dram and where is a germany that has the ambition and the vision and the strategic thinking to respond you also have the reply all the the speech given by the german chancellor you think the german french couple is working so i'm a great admirer of transamerica but i think the problem is in the grand coalition and particularly with the bavarian c.s.u. it's actually very difficult to find
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a strategic onside but i would still hope for more. many say the french president is a kind of a of beacon of hope because he's so into the ethic and compassionate about europe do you agree absolutely i mean the conviction of the eloquence the coverage his message was don't be afraid have the courage to believe in europe and i think that's a really important because the message for us today because i think where a frightened continent you see also the last chance for europe because he says we don't have any time to lose you know there's never a last chance for europe we've been going for a few thousand years and we'll keep carrying but i think it's a chance we need to see. ok thank you very much. you can watch the full interview where the french president emmanuel mccraw online a d.-w. dot com and on twitter at d w news let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world at least forty one people have been killed after
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a dam burst in western kenya after weeks of turn for rain the incident took place in the room at county with water sweeping away homes and flattening power lines into villages a number of people are still missing. islamist militant prisoners at a high security jail here in the nation's capital jakarta have killed five police officers they took officers hostage in a prison riot triggered by a dispute about food police said they resolve the crisis after a standoff islamic state group claiming its fighters were involved. scientists are warning that hawaii is that clear where volcano could erupt explosive lee in the coming weeks spraying rocks for miles lava flows of already destroyed nearly forty homes and other buildings or forces have ordered nearly two thousand local residents to evacuate has been throwing out toxic gas and lava for the past week. now which foreign governments to germans trust these days the inn for test the map
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polling organization has been asking exactly that question it found out today that more germans are place their faith in russia than the united states but the most trusted partner is close to home. as president mccraw of france is awarded one of germany's most prestigious prizes today the german people give his country top marks to meanwhile donald trump's america is now seen as less trustworthy and vladimir putin's russia. ninety percent of those surveyed by in protest said they had trust in the relationship with france but just twenty five percent of germans have faith in ties with the u.s. and this figure does not include reaction to trump's decision to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. if germany is less reliant on america it will need all the more support from its european neighbors in the coming years e.u. leaders will be searching for ways to develop the union
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a process that just over half of german support fifty three percent said they want more european cooperation and more powers given to the e.u. by contrast a quarter of those asked said they want powers returned to national governments and european countries to be able to act alone. the president will be key in driving any changes to the e.u. his ideas including european finance minister and a joint eurozone budget. while more than four fifths of germans say it's good that is putting forward proposals about half of them think his financial plans go too far meanwhile a clear majority want their own chancellor to show more passion in making the case for europe. medical also has something to smile about in this poll with fifty one percent approval she remains germany's most popular politician. today at the top of the hour in the meantime of course there's always the web site
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