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this is deja vu news live from berlin one day after the killing of nearly sixty people gaza braces for more protests israeli troops are in action at the border again and demonstrators gathered in several countries including germany the u.k. are calling on both sides to show its restraint also coming out of football's world champs germany the provisional squad to defend their title and it includes star goaltender manuel neuer even though he hasn't played in months we'll talk about it with our correspondent in dortmund where the selections for and now.
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i've seen you so much kind of thank you for joining us the palestinian territories are on edge today after israeli troops killed at least fifty eight people in clashes at the border with gaza yesterday earlier israeli soldiers fired tear gas to disperse small groups of protesters in the west bank town of bethlehem there were fears of more violence today as palestinians mark what they call not or catastrophe referring to the creation of a state of israel seventy years ago but one how most official said people were today burying their dead so turnout at protests was likely to be lower. tanya kramer is in gaza i spoke to her earlier about what she has seen today. i'm standing here right at the border me at the fence a couple of hundred meters away. it's an eerie quiet yeah i have to say it there
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are a few mainly young people down in the area of the fence we don't go that it's that dangerous to a post and every time we can hear a few shots also from the other side and we can see you know any army on the other side it's all pretty close here and ve been hearing some shots being fired it seems and every times that some people approach that then shots are being fired but so far it's a very very small crowd there also a lot of journalists down here and it is an eerie quiet i would say here at the moment in the border area tell you what have people in gaza have been telling you today. well as you said this is the day of the funerals since the early morning people are burying their loved ones and i talk to people here most of them say they're still in shock over what happened yesterday they say we still have to comprehend it all when so calls people went out to the different points and yet the
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fens and then all of a sudden you know all these news coming in more and more people. being killed by sniper fire the hospitals where overwhelmed as all the injured people are still trying to comprehend what will happen next actually because they're saying now how will hamas is controlling gaza how with they respond to that. and it's also unclear how the protests will look like might be some protests here in the off to noon so it's still pretty unclear and i think people are still trying you know to get the situation what has happened here yesterday and trying to do they have any hopes that peace negotiations for a peace process can continue. well first of all there is no peace process and i think hope you think it is really a difficult situation gaza has been closed for over twelve years now ever since hamas took control here for most people almost two million people they can't travel
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you need to punished and then also the border crossings with egypt mostly closed the border crossing to its israel where you would go to the west bank for most of the young people that we're seeing here protesting they don't even stand a chance to get a permit so nobody really talks about a peace process at the moment people would like to see security and quiet for them . at the moment not the issue. of use a ten year cramer reporting from gaza for us tanya thank you very much what israel says it was acting in self-defense when its troops killed fifty eight protesters on monday world leaders are divided over who is to blame the u.n. security council is to go into an emergency session shortly to address the bloodshed the violence has triggered criticism across the region. on one side of the border jubilation on the other side chaos u.s.
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emissaries and donald trump's family members celebrate the opening of washington's new embassy in jerusalem on disputed territory. outraged palestinians massed on the gaza border throwing stones burning tires and launching flaming carts. israeli troops respond with gunfire and dropped tear gas from drugs. the result the highest death toll in a single day since protests at the border began six weeks ago. palestinian president mahmoud abbas said it was a massacre his spokesman called for justice. in. this war crimes should not go unpunished and the international community has a right. that is a possibility to provide international protection for the palestinian people before
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we call upon an immediate emergency session for the human rights rights council in order to provide for a special mission investigation mission into the crimes committed by the israeli army against our people today so the un human rights spokesman said the bloodshed must end. the rules on the use of force under international law have been repeated many times but appear to be no ignored again and again it seems anyone is liable to be shot dead or injured women children press person no first responders bystanders and we. restrained enough is enough. but israel says it's only trying to defend its border against incursions and on wrist orchestrated by the hamas group which governs gaza the united states is echoing israel. the responsibility for these tragic deaths rests squarely with hamas
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hamas is intentionally and cynically provoking this response and as a secretary of state said israel has the right to defend itself at the u.s. embassy israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said it was a day a celebration what glorious day remember this small minds. this is history. historic for those on both sides of the border. now to some other stories making news around the world arabian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif says he is optimistic his country can work with europe to salvage the iran nuclear deal that's after what he called a constructive meeting in brussels with the use top diplomat federica muck of any sorry fiz on a diplomatic tour to secure support for the pact after the us pulled out of the
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iran nuclear deal last week. u.s. first lady millennia trump has undergone surgery for what the white house describes as a benign kidney condition her spokeswoman says the surgery was successful the first lady is expected to spend the rest of the week recovering in the hospital. authorities in hawaii are warning of more lav are options from the killer whale volcano after two new fish. opened they say a major eruption is possible and could block roads crucial for evacuation officials are educating residents on how to protect themselves against house or this ash fall and a few. germany's national. has named a provisional squad that he hopes will defend their world cup title in russia as expected germany's stars were called up but there were some surprises and it every sports jonathan harding was at that press conference in dortmund he joins us for more on this story hi jonathan good to see you so i know there was a slick shiny video production of the selections what were your impressions.
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what it was thick i was a little surprised by some of the decisions news presenters obviously the headline making decision the freiburg striker is in the squad and that was a huge surprise considering sundra wagner the by munich striker was expected to be in my own good space also not involved in the squad the man who scored the winning goal in brazil four years ago and as you can see behind me some of the play is already being shown on the outside of the museum and one of them is more annoying he is included despite the concerns about his injuries jonathan we do have a coach you're going to have talking about this unusual situation of choosing a goalkeeper who's been injured essentially for half of the season let's listen to what he said. i need to be virtually impossible to go into a world cup after such a long time not playing your man will know knows that it's now that he's healthy
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and training we want to see how his foot reacts to it how he is physically has he still has some time at this two and a half weeks that's why this week he'll train with bae in munich and next week with us we'll talk about it openly at the end of may you'll start of june from unity but more often especially if. ok so jonathan mann will neuer is in for now what were the biggest surprises to you. well news paterson has to be the biggest surprise as i said i think sandra wagner has done a great job i mean in this season and i think he probably was very surprised not to be included but the five big strike was the second top scorer in the going to get this season and he certainly got the kind of character to me to suggest he's going to fit right in in this team i get to not being involved he's obviously surprised considering the role he played in the last world cup but he hasn't had the best season a procedure with so that's perhaps a little bit more understandable say do you think this squad can defend its world cup title absolutely there's no reason why germany can't go and win
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the tournament with this squad i think the players that they've selected certainly have the quality to do that and the choices their lives made today suggest to me that he's picked a lot of players a certain players on character those parts and being the number one in that regard maybe adding the right touch or a new touch can be and make all of the difference now there was some controversy over a photo at the two of the players took part in the other day with the turkish president . tell us more about that and has it been for god now that sounds mint has been made i think the german f.a. would love for it to be forgotten in light of the announcement of the squad today but it definitely wasn't it was the number one topic in some respects at the press conference today you know when live said that the players never meant for it to be a political message and the german f.a. president run high ground zero said that people do make mistakes but the underlying message was that both players would be talked to particular in the training camp
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coming up i think the hope is that it's something that can be dealt with quickly and the focus can return to the sport but i'm not sure that will be the case. all right. jonathan harding reporting for us from dortmund where the coach has unveiled its provisional squad for the world cup thank you jonathan. now tributes are being paid to canadian actress margot kidder best known for playing the character lois lane in the superman films in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's kidder died in her sleep she was sixty nine we take a look back now at the start of what was to become a high flying career. they planted his shadow i thought it was something i have and he should have welcomed oh of course not last why would anyone want to make a total stranger look like a fool and so began a great silver screen romance also great film career superman catapulted margot kidder from relative unknown to overnight sensation playing the fearless journalist
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lois lane to christopher reeve socially awkward cluck kent's a dream couple for film and dear friends in real life just when you hung from a screwing perhaps someone. will get them now really well and we were like brother and cried more than certainly more than you will that they acted in full superman films together but fame did not shield her from life's difficulties a debilitating car accident in one nine hundred ninety left a badly injured and deep in debt mental illness was also a struggle she bravely faced for many years later years were mostly spent on political activism including antiwar advocacy work. she did continue to work in the industry appearing in several television roles but you'll always be remembered and beloved as tough as nails reporter lois lane a strong woman for the man of steel.
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not for my colorful scenes from kyoto japan revelers there have celebrated the festival of the holy matsuri at the event as one of the city's three main annual festivals it centerpiece as a march featuring hundreds of people decked out in costumes from the ancient hey ya in the era it's at the festival days. back some fourteen hundred years it commemorates the time japan's emperor had horses galloping through the city to pray for about to fall harvest. you're watching news still to come tens of thousands of people have been killed in mexico's drug war but who supply the weapons six former employees of a german company go on trial charged with illegally exporting arms to mexico.
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that story and more coming right up on business in one minute. look blessing. and a curse. the foreseeable future and in.


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