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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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news live from berlin a day after the killing of almost sixty people in israel and the palestinians brace for more protest action has moved to the west bank where palestinians have been marking what they call a catastrophe of the founding of israel seven years ago. also coming up tens of thousands of people have been killed in mexico's drug wars but who supplied the weapons six former employees of
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a german company go on trial. hopes for the tibetan autonomy ahead of tibet's government in exile. but the chances of the region getting more freedom within china are very high. toss football's world champs germany pick up a provisional squad to defend their title include star goalkeeper manuel neuer even though he hasn't played in months we'll talk about it with our correspondent and dortmund where the selections were announced you. know. they're going to have you with us people in the palestinian territories are on edge today after israeli troops killed at least fifty eight people in clashes at the border with gaza yesterday earlier israeli soldiers fired tear gas to disperse small groups of protesters in the west bank town of bethlehem there were fears of more violence today as palestinians marked one. they call not
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a catastrophe referring to the creation of the state of israel seventy years ago but one home os official said people were burying their dead today so turned out to protest was likely to be lower. tanya kramer is monitoring the scene in gaza i spoke to her earlier about her observations today well i'm standing here right at the border near the fence a couple of hundred meters away. it's an eerie quiet yeah i have to say it there are a few mainly young people down in the area of the fence we don't go that it's rather dangerous to approach and every time we can hear a few shots also from the other side and we can see you know any army on the other side it's all pretty close here and beef been hearing some shots being fired it seems that every times that some people approach that then shots being fired but so far it's a very very small crowd there also
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a lot of journalists down here and it is an eerie quiet i would say you know at the moment in the border area tell you what have people in gaza have been telling you today. well as you said this is the day of the funeral since the early morning people are burying their loved ones and i talked to people here most of them say they're still in shock over what happened yesterday they say we still have to comprehend it all when so calls people went out to the defense. and you know the friends and then all of a sudden you know all these news coming in more and more people. being killed by sniper fire the hospitals where overwhelmed as all the people are still trying to comprehend what will happen next actually because they're saying now how with hamas is controlling gaza how with their respond to that and it's also unclear how the protests will look like might be some protests here in the office
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a new one so all is still pretty unclear and i think people are still trying you know to get down in this situation what has happened here yesterday and trying to do they have any hopes that peace negotiations for a peace process can continue. well first of all there is no peace process and i think hope you think it is really a difficult situation gaza has been closed for over twelve years now ever since hamas took control here for most people almost two million people they can't travel you need to punished and then also the border crossings with egypt mostly closed the border crossing to its israel where you would go to the west bank it's for most of the young people that we're seeing here protesting they don't even stand a chance to get a permit so nobody really talks about a peace process at the moment people would like to see security and quiet for them . at the moment not the issue of. tenure kramer reporting from gaza for us
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tanya thank you very much. now israel says it was acting in self-defense when its troops killed fifty eight protesters on monday world leaders are divided over who is to blame the un security council is to hold an emergency session shortly to debate the bloodshed israel's actions have triggered criticism and support worldwide. on one side of the border jubilation on the other side chaos u.s. emissaries and donald trump's family members celebrate the opening of washington's new embassy in jerusalem on disputed territory. outraged palestinians massed on the gaza border throwing stones burning tires and launching flaming carts. israeli troops respond with gunfire and dropped tear gas from drones.
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the result the highest death toll in a single day since protests at the border began six weeks ago. palestinian president mahmoud abbas said it was a massacre his spokesman called for justice. that. these war crimes should not go unpunished and the international community has a. possibility to provide international protection for the palestinian people before we call upon an immediate emergency session for the human rights rights council in order to provide for a special mission investigation mission into the crimes committed by the israeli army against our people today so the un's human rights spokesman said the bloodshed must end. the rules on the use of force under international law have been repeated many times but appear to be nor ignored again and again it seems any one is liable
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to be shot dead or injured women children pressed personnel first responders bystanders and we maximum restraint enough is enough. but israel says it's only trying to defend its border against incursions and unrest orchestrated by the hamas group which governs gaza the united states is echoing israel. the responsibility for these tragic deaths rests squarely with hamas hamas is intentionally and cynically provoking this response and as the secretary of state said israel has the right to defend itself at the u.s. embassy israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said it was a day of celebration what more you remember amber this mormon. this is this true. historic for those on both sides of the
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border. now to some other stories making news around the world iranian foreign minister mohammad javert serif says he's optimistic his country can work with europe to salvage the iran nuclear deal that's after what he called a constructive meeting in brussels with the top diplomat federica mcgreevy some reef is on a diplomatic tour to secure support for the pact after the us pulled out of the iran nuclear deal last week. russia has unveiled a new bridge to the crimean peninsula territory it annex from ukraine three years ago russian president vladimir putin drove a truck across them such as part of the opening ceremonies ukraine's prime minister said the bridge is a violation of international law it's still claims crimea has its own territory. u.s. first lady millennia trump has undergone surgery for what the white house describes as a benign kidney condition her spokeswoman says the surgery was successful the first
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lady is expected to spend the rest of the week recovery in the hospital. now it was a highly symbolic decision under increasing pressure from the hungry and government the open society foundation has confirmed that it is closing down its operations in budapest in the future it wants to work from the german capital berlin the foundation was created by u.s. billionaire george soros here he is of the hungary and dissent it supports pro democracy and human rights initiatives soros and his organizations have recently come under attack by gary and prime minister viktor orban and his government or bonn accuses soros and his organizations of encouraging mass migration to hungary yet has provided no evidence of that orbán wants to place legal restrictions on the work of non-governmental organizations in june well let's get more on the story now with the chief political editor michelle the coos nor she's been following this story for us time as i left so was this really because of
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a hostile and guy environment that the government has created for the source foundation that it no longer could work from hungary well. that's certainly what the source foundation is saying there's a new law that they call the anti soros law that comes most likely comes into force this summer which would mean that some twenty five percent of money that the foundation receives from other countries would be taken by the states now there actually is a very european union opinion on this also the venice commission which pretty much has the high ground on these and how long for the international such regulations are have really scorned this law and said that this is something that is not very productive likely is legal and this sort of foundation has now taken this step while leaving its university in budapest. the country and get out of the way in the sense of these regulations that it feels will force it to potentially cut down what
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it does you mentioned the european union and we have to say this comes at a time where hungary's already under pressure from the e.u. for what is seen by some as violations of the rule of law what reactions have you seen from europe while the defense commissioner is in berlin today and actually get got the chance to speak to her and france two months the deputy commissioner both said that they were gret that this step is taking and they both recognize that there was indeed increasing pressure on the sorest foundation in hungary one must also see that this is something that stands in for an open society it will be open society institute that george for source found is now. hungary's prime minister he actually is on the record as trying to reach something what he calls liberal democracy in this what he gets at the heart of what his tension is with the european union there's a potential that more proceedings could be launched against hungary's well they're already so-called article seven proceedings launched against poland but to actually
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take away their voting rights within the context of the european union is something that is completely unlike because both countries have basically. but they would veto such a step in the e.u. so the e.u. is pretty much paralyzed in the sense of really coming down on this the big question is will we see traces of this in the budget that's being discussed right now all right do you have used chief political editor michelle covering this story for us michelle thank you very much. you're watching news still to come on the program defending champions germany have announced their provisional squad for the world cup our first on that joins us from dortmund to talk us through the selection. but first ben is here ben the euro zone economy is slowing down the bad news for today the common currency area was growing by a more promising point seven percent now it's only managing to eek out point four percent analysts attribute the slowdown to temporary factors french strikes
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impacting productivity unseasonable weather coping construction and a flu outbreak in germany german g.d.p. growth in the first quarter to just point three percent caused frankfurt stocks to slip european equity markets held mostly steady on unchanged growth forecasts for the blog. let's go of today to call in frankfurt for us just how good is the output data. well i'm glad you asked how good it is because they had plans been seeing throughout the day was always g.d.p. is growing down germany's economy is slowing down but we have to remember that this is the fifteenth time we have seen a growing g.d.p. this is the longest economic upturn since one thousand nine hundred ninety one investors are a little bit divided though we have to realize the the big boom is certainly over some experts feel that there could be a little slow down for the entire eurozone there is still lots of factors that we'll have to monitor in the upcoming weeks like the trade dispute for example with
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the united states it's still not clear how all of this is going to unfold interesting will be the meeting this week off the united states officials with chinese officials about this issue what's also sticking out right now is that the g.d.p. push right now are spain and austria with a g.d.p. plus of zero point seven percent and we haven't even mentioned easily yet isn't it pulling down growth the block as a whole. well italy is certainly still a problem child of the european union we have to remember italy is the e.u.'s third largest economy but with lots of problems a very unstable political scene situation and he you parties that could now be even leaving a new government but fair enough we have to say that the g.d.p. growth of italy is just at the same level right now with germany a plus there as well of zero point three percent by the way france is also reporting this g.d.p. number so we can't blame everything on the others some numbers here are really
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sticking out in germany for example that exports are down and also the consumer spending has been less likely to get you take down your first there in frankfurt. for a long time romania was the poor man of europe now the nation's notching up growth figures otherwise reserved for china or india more more romanian change making a difference coming back with their experiences and trying to shape the society and their relationship with their you know friends and people around them. common works for deutsche bank the company has established its global i.t. center in romania's capital bucharest and boasts almost one thousand employees with one international company after another setting up offices in the country and seven percent economic growth europe's poor house looks more like an engine room the european head of an israeli investment company proudly shows off his shopping center to more are under construction. plans to spend money more than others.
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or german people for instance it's in the mentality and. the reason. the government is fueling this shopping fever they reduce the v a t and sharply raise the minimum wage this has raised questions as to whether the boom is sustainable grass fun chris sam says no he's just opened his second cafe and as well as benefiting from the boom he's becoming increasingly worried that remaining is accumulating a mountain of debt the administration is. they've never i don't think in time invested in their people in their systems in their computers in their strategy so like i said you have this streak of super competitive entrepreneurs in coffee shops in technology what have you and on the other hand you have the public sector which is a stock in time. but the economy is flourishing here despite the woes with the administration and of course many romanians hope that the change for the better to. sports now and
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the big reveal germany squad for the world cup is shaping up. germany's national team coach a human live has named a provisional squad that he hopes will defend their world cup title in russia as expected germany's stars were called up but there were some surprises and it every sports jonathan harding was at that press conference in dortmund he joins us for more on this story hi jonathan good to see you so i know there was a slick shiny video production of the selections what were your impressions. what it was sick i was a little surprised by some of the decisions news presenters obviously the headline making decision the freiburg striker is in the squad and that was a huge surprise considering sandra wagner the prime minister michael was expected to be in my own good sense also not involved in the squad the man who scored the
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winning goal in brazil four years ago and as you can see behind me some of the players already being shown on the outside of the museum and one of them is more annoying he is included despite the concerns about his injuries and jonathan we do have a coach you're talking about this unusual situation of choosing a goalkeeper who's been injured essentially for half of the season let's listen to what he said. you know i need to be virtually impossible to go into a world cup after such a long time not playing your model no one knows that now that he's healthy and training we want to see how his foot reacts to it how he is physically has he still has some time at this two and a half weeks that's why this week he'll train with bae in munich and next week with us we'll talk about it openly at the end of may you'll start of june from unity but more often especially if you want ok so jonathan mann all noir is in for now what
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were the biggest surprises to you. well this president has to be the biggest surprise as i said i think sandra bug has done a great job i mean in this season and i think he probably was very surprised not to be included but the private strike was the second top scorer in the going to get this season and he certainly got the kind of character to me that suggests he's going to fit right in in the steamer you get to not being involved is obviously a surprise considering the role he played in the last world cup but he hasn't had the best season of receive a woman so that's perhaps a little bit more understandable so do you think this squad can defend its world cup title absolutely there's no reason why germany can't go and win that's when with this the squad i think the players that they've selected certainly have the quality to do that and the choices that nervous made today suggest to me that he's picked a lot of players a certain players on character you know spread some being the number one in that regard maybe adding the right such or a new touch can be and make all of the difference that was due to use jonathan
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harding speaking to us earlier from dortmund meanwhile germany's football federation has criticized two of the players selected today for posing for a photograph with turkish president. last weekend the federation said mesut o.z.i.l. and going to one both of turkish descent had allowed themselves to be used for air to one election campaign. german internationals with turkish roots message is ill and going to one posing with wretched tired bearded one the photo was later distributed by the turkish president's party going to one handed out i want to jersey on which he'd written for my revered president the scene has provoked a firestorm from fans and german politicians who. has been rejecting the german national anthem for years and it has to be said that he is also a promote the failed integration as we are now seeing if one has to ask whether he'd
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rather play for the turkish national team. punish me for to took a shot and i went off to. go into one has both turkish and german citizenship while israel has had only german citizenship since his eighteenth birthday critics say the photo could be used to help the turkish president's election campaign. they let themselves be used for a cheap propaganda show for a despot and authoritarian rulers who was obviously afraid of losing fair elections in turkey and we had to do the act soon for i think the players committed a serious foul and i think it's embarrassing to understand of distance between german internationals and a foreign president is in my opinion completely inappropriate. apparently surprised by the criticism going to one issued a statement it was not our intention to make a political statement with our photo and even less so to campaign for his election as germany internationals we are committed to the values of the d.f.t.
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and are aware of our responsibilities therefore football must be guided by values and where mr adam one is in charge those values are not sufficiently respected. and so one must not allow oneself to be exploited for an election campaign this openness and the photo session with the turkish president has become a political issue just before the announcement of germany's preliminary squad for the world cup. now a woman's right to to breastfeed her child in public or not is something that sparks strong emotions social attitudes vary widely around the world in kenya anger boiled over this week after one woman was shamed for breastfeeding in a cafe and took to social media to complain and we have a federico from debbie social media with us to tell us more take us through the story it's so assuming the story a started making the rounds on social media last week when a twenty six year old kenyan woman named betty kim she claimed that she was in
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a cafe and she was breastfeeding her child and she was asked by one of the waitresses to either stop breastfeeding her child or growing continue doing it in the toilet and when she refused to do that she was thrown out of the restaurant and now she a to. to social media to facebook and she posted in a women's a closed group writing i'm very disappointed by the restaurant after humiliating me when breastfeeding my baby those waiters should be aware not old babies are covered while being fed the approach was pathetic and it was raining outside yes he explained that outside it was there was storms of she didn't have anywhere else to go basically and we're seeing a lot of women across kenya coming to her defense on social media this woman writes babies are human and have rights too and we're seeing a lot of them posting under the hashtag breastfeeding is a right and now that demonstration has also taken and has moved to the streets of
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nairobi and today there was a protest to see women marching together towards that cafe where incident took place in nairobi see the center can see it here and there was activity. rights organizations and of course campaigning under this. breastfeeding is a right how is the cafe responded well the cafe has they have been posting messages on facebook addressed to betty kim they've been urging her to come forward so they can speak to her directly this is one of their messages on facebook and they say dear betty we take note of the incident brought to our attention through social media we sincerely apologize and we assured that the management is taking necessary measures to address the matter so they're asking betty to get in touch with them essentially to apologize well this is
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a controversy really around the world is what to do with women if they want to breastfeed or not in public how is the attitude towards breastfeeding in public in kenya well as you mentioned i mean there has been actually a push worldwide particularly from the world health organization they're trying to encourage breastfeeding because of its benefits for the child why. when we look at kenya the country has seen an increase in actually in breast feeding rates over the past is we've actually seen that. the government has and put in place a number of successful programs to support breastfeeding in the twenty seventh and twenty fifteen sorry. that the stick showed that more than sixty percent of mothers where breastfeeding their children under six months so there has been an increase in numbers but activists are saying that this is not enough and there's one interesting thing is that the kenyan parliament last year actually passed a bill that would compel employers to set up structures and particularly
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breastfeeding rooms within offices to support working mothers but that bill was passed by parliament last year but it has not been signed yet by president or working after he has not signed it yet so he couldn't be implemented and that's that's one of the things that these activists were also pointing out at that march today all right federico from you social media thank you very much for bringing us the story. you're watching t w reminder now of our top stories that we're following for you at this hour a day after the killing of almost sixty people israel and the palestinians are braced for more protests action has moved to the west bank for palestinians have been marking what they call a catastrophe of the founding of israel seventy years ago. germany star goalkeeper manuel neuer has been picked up for the world cup in russia even though he hasn't played for months because you walk in you know seemed confident that would be fit enough in time for the first match. and don't forget you can always get to give you
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jerusalem. discount. but also home to jews muslims and christians we're looking to residents experience and bulldoze and territorial claims on chunks of bread. in simulation and speaks to one's children similar to dispute over a place of d.n.a. . close up. on douglas. plate close to the white house the flame around this shake you know but beyond the truck was your favorite place. in the to the to make the point that mr churchill with
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a woman series of global three thousand on t.w. and online play. welcome back you're watching news our top stories a look at how islamic radicalism is threatening bangladesh's secular fabric and helps for tibetan autonomy in china we speak to the head of tibetan government in exile. the first though to india or prime minister narendra modi. ruling b j p party is celebrating after coming out on top in a regional election the b j p has won the most seats in the state of karnataka were polling a challenge from the congress party now the result cements prime minister modise struck stature as a national leader ahead of general elections next year modi was seeking a second term in two thousand and nineteen was a star campaigner in the state he went up against his rival congress president raul gandhi who led the campaign for his party now the battleground state of karnataka is home to india's tech the loss here leaves the congress in power in only three of
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india's twenty nine states let's get more on the story now with india correspondent sagna found the car she joins us from delhi where she is following the story for us by phone or good to see you now where does this a leave the opposition congress ahead of national elections next year. well to me i think to these result is frankly nothing short of a disaster for india's grand old party which has ruled the country for much of its independent history now the congress party as you mentioned is in power in just three of india's twenty nine states though i have to say that reports in the indian media suggest that the congress party could stitch up the deal with the regional party and yet to form a coalition government in karnataka but these results today are undoubtedly a huge setback for who gandhi who who led the congress who became the party president last december and he's been credited with you know reenergizing the party
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with really a rest of the party slide but obviously it hasn't been enough to really concentrate on the electoral gains and the seer are saying that to this result will seriously weaken gandhi's of talked right so now if this is a disaster for congress what does it mean for the b j p. well today's result i think will undoubtedly cement the person popularity of the prime minister and it will also raise the momentum for his party in the lead up to the general elections next year you know some analysts are also suggesting that this was all to in karnataka which is home to india's vibrant silicon valley capital of bangalore but also in bold and bold and more the two for the push his reforms agenda and i think today is victory in karnataka would also broaden the appeal to india southern states when it really hasn't had much of a presence of far and we have to remember that karnataka is a state with its own distinct identity its own culture and language and it's often
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viewed the beach would be as a party from the north the hindu speaking party because that's where the party has had had its core support and today's election might just change that kenya we mentioned modi was a star campaigner here ahead of the selection how much of that was a factor here well so me i think he was the sole factor in this election for the b. should be you know he flew in from delhi he was the face of this campaign he addressed campaign rallies across the state i think you would be hard pressed to find many people who could name regional leaders in karnataka this was all about the more the magic some people. and i think today's election result has really shown that he remains the top vote getter in indian politics and this is despite concerns over the lack of jobs the millions of people who enter india's workforce that are really saying today's election will bolster his chances of re-election next. sonia phonic are in a big win for the prime minister's ruling b j p party and karnataka sonia thank you
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. now in neighboring bangladesh a wave of attacks against secular bloggers and recent years for flecks the rise of radical islam in the country at least eight intellectuals most of them bloggers were killed between two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and seventeen the killings prompted many to flee the country for safety we'll speak to one of those bloggers in a moment but first a report by g.w. salopek just one on the increasing islamic fundamentalism in bangladesh. this student said. they had on their semester is over. just a few meters away is the spot where dry was murdered in february two thousand and fifteen the atheist writer was paying a visit to duck us book fair while walking home with his wife he was attacked by radical islamists we're doing machetes royce father is heartbroken ajor royce a retired professor of physics has son of egypt was one of five secular murdered in
4:35 pm
two thousand and fifteen three years later and none of his killers has been convicted abhijit roy's father laced the greatest share of the blame with the government. to have a do. it. all. in of discord. should be. anybody. and obviously. the country has been governed by a prime minister. since two thousand and nine once the ruling party stood for liberal values and a clear separation of state and religion nowadays it seems to show more sympathy to the murderous than the block is. when you distort the growth which is only and only life of the preferred some people instanced.
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we lose the ones that saudi us the brought it on themselves the government claims to pursue a policy of zero tolerance against militancy while islamists are becoming increasingly assertive them address us are considered by many to be breeding grounds of fundamentalism mufti pfizer law teaches islamic sharia law at the koran school and duck contests repeatedly been accused of hate speech in this video he calls for the death penalty of a politician who criticised pilgrimages to mecca talking to a t w he explains why the islamic his. motto be in his nom de guerre is it the allah and the prophet. if you insult or abuse them up above the whole be a hot spot. so what should you do if you are hurt but do you pick up a weapon with them but you know that with them is love does not permit that result
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but when it comes to those who hurt you and make your heart. at least you can ask for their punishment. also biblical to have it. not only atheist bloggers but also artists and people of different faiths have been under oppression bangladesh in early march there was yet another attack attack against a renowned writer and eminent scientist the motive of the young perpetrator he saw his victim as an enemy of islam. more on this story now with bangladeshi blogger show me how she had to flee or country following death threats and lives now in berlin you've been living here for about a two and a half years you've been saying what prompted the death threats against you i'm reading about politics and to be q. and human rights and especially freedom of religion and the islamic islamist terrorist groups that there just wanted to stop me from doing my work so what were
4:38 pm
some of the responses that you were getting lots of tears and. cherish that when i was in bangladesh it was a video this life like part of my life if they did it. that must have been terrifying how did that change your daily life the way you went around it was just completely changed i couldn't go almost tied i just i was just stuck a hole i couldn't go university even i was under police protection last few months and months of this job so i just lost my freedom did you think about stopping your block stopping to write about these topics you know i never thought like this where i just knew it all if i could you know what made you decide then to leave that became too much sorry what made you decide to leave it became yes of course i couldn't i just lost my freedom and i have no option now we heard in our report there a political advisor to the prime minister saying that the bloggers who were attacked brought it upon themselves what do you think about of course i do not agree and the
4:39 pm
bloggers are fighting for a better term and progress in bangladesh for freedom of speech and those kind of. really simple and such kind of op indians are also a big motivation for ridiculous lamas to kill the bloggers and just blood on their hands now what do you think about the government because we heard of egypt roy's father there saying there's a culture of non punishment is the government unable or unwilling to tackle rising islamist extremism i would like to say on willing. they just don't want it just they need ward ward banking and religious sentiment there say they're just good wanted to do it and how much as a culture change what do you notice living there he was he was just it's on the way to like critical isn't very. critical as we have to say that islam is bangladeshi state religion but secularism was actually part of the spirit of the
4:40 pm
original constitution do you think that bangladeshi society is slowly turning now from a secular society into an islamic one yeah i think so it's already on the way people cannot talk people cannot speak people can raise their voice so it's already on the way is there any space for minorities for a secular expression i would like to say no it's really hard to say that yes what do you see happening in bangladesh if that's the case ok i would like to say face ism and. we'll take a strong position in model of this and there would be better and good solution to establish freedom of the species if not then the future abolishes very dark. well you continue doing your work from here continue to write about bangladesh of course and are you still in contact with bloggers who are working there do you encourage them to stay and do that once yes we have contact and are they also planning to leave the country yeah they're hiding themself and lots of bloggers already in your
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old soul and difficult they're still in bangladesh what is your hope for the future of your home country of course establish freedom of expression in bangladesh and fight for it all right blogger shammy hock thank you so much for joining us in our studio in a sharing your story with us thank you it's. now the head of the tibetan government in exile says there is a very good chance of tibet's freedom being restored speaking to you he said that the chances of tibetan autonomy in china were very high lopes nonfunctioning is currently in germany meeting terry and he has campaigned for tibetan autonomy but talks with china were last held in two thousand and ten chinese forces entered tibetan one nine hundred fifteen what they called a peaceful liberation just six years later protests against chinese will began and in one nine hundred fifty nine the dalai lama was forced to flee tibet for india sunday became head of to beth exiled government seven years ago. he spoke to him about his abuse year mark sixty years since the love of first set foot on indian
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soil what has changed in the past sixty years for the debate goes. on the one hand since the occupation of tibet is oppression of tibetans have continued different graph of the sun band and environmental destruction culture assimilation all this attacking place on the other hand in exile the tibetan government exile you know has not only survive struggled and its has thrived in the sense that it's full fledged democracy return on schools on hospitals on settlements in our own ministers nunneries in that sense issue compare with sixty million refugees and die spread around the world perhaps you might find a role model where government exile is run democratically it may be a democratically run government in exile but it's still exactly that a government in exile what other chances the actual real chances of tibetan autonomy ever being granted by the chinese or even for the tibetan government to
4:43 pm
take shape in tibet. well we was very high because throughout sophocles speaking you know de china is ruled by a communist party and we follow buddhism and buddhism is two thousand six hundred years old and communism is just hundred years old you know. but china is five thousand years old so i mean we can go all the way back in terms of how things are but then what are the real political chances china refuses to negotiate or even talk to the dalai lama or to your government the moment the holiness the dalai lama's name comes up anywhere trying to completely cut off all contact or what we're trying to do you have now when you sit real chances are we are talking right here in berlin this is where the berlin wall came down and so the collapse and no one in germany rather very few in germany believed that could happen so you can go on and not free five years ago right now is that mandela was in prison for twenty seven years this story being repeated realistically do you think you have any
4:44 pm
chance been asked all this people and reality is very different so hence we do think we have a very good chance of you know freedom being restored love song sung gay there speaking to. a little bit earlier time for more business now with band of anger than on the streets of argentina where there are big problems of the moment with the argentine government going to be on i m f for help people taking to the streets they're not happy about it they're not happy about a country getting into economic problems but first this story on trial for illegal arms exports to directors from the german from head and call to sales executives a sales person and of mexico representative accused of breaching their export license and selling weapons to mexico that ended up in especially violence torn states it could face five years jail. in twenty fourteen a bus full of mexican students was attacked by mexican police six of the students
4:45 pm
were killed and forty three others disappeared without a trace since then investigators have determined that the attackers used heckler and koch and guns that's proof that the german weapons makers guns landed in certain mexican states illegally the german government gave the green light to sell to the mexican government under the condition that certain states would not receive any of the weapons critics however say that all parties involved knew that control over the distribution would be lost once the weapons entered the country exports to countries with dubious human rights records have proved profitable for a heckler and koch in the past revenue took a hit after an export ban to the middle east in twenty fourteen in twenty sixteen the company decided to only sell its products to safe and stable democracies. eight years after an anti arms trade activist filed charges prosecutors in stuttgart bring the case against heckler call to trial at the district court some fifty
4:46 pm
protesters demonstrated against weapons exports it's the biggest trial in german history concerning the export of small arms. the dutch government says it's phasing out antivirus software bike especially laps as a precautionary measure it's told big companies to do the same the dutch justice minister says the move was in response to the russian government's aggressive cyber program which has targeted the netherlands he says as a russian company especially must follow directives from the kremlin the us bad from a government systems austere on suspicions of spying if the way he also declared the software could harm national security he has rejected the accusations. and germany's highest court has ruled dash cam footage can be used as evidence in court this clarifies an open legal question as to whether the recordings violate data protection votes the ruling does not lift the ban on continuous dash cam filming
4:47 pm
that could leave drivers exposed to legal uncertainties makers have sold around one hundred fifty thousand dash cams in germany over the past few years sales could really take off after this verdict officials in other countries often use the footage to settle traffic disputes that insurance but. that's me now with france's take on how future terrorist attacks could be prevented thank you ben will france have presented a new de radicalization strategy part of it includes isolating radical inmates in special prison wings up to one thousand five hundred such places are planned by the end of next year across france but critics already say there is too much for oppression and not enough prevention is lisa lewis has a special report on the northern france. this freshly refurbished prison wing in the town of the v.a. will host francis potential terrorists at least until authorities have assessed how dangerous they are. even with right. to question the inmates with the
4:48 pm
demon educators officers and psychologists if you can. put them in solitary confinement if they're extremely dangerous and radicalized or they'll be sent to wing that has its own special team that's for those who don't seem on the brink of committing an attack but could incite others to do so that are. the inmates will then be sent to dedicated prison sections these will be completely sealed off from other prison blocks and have their own dedicated guards and. it's really important to completely isolate radicalised inmates. and ports and make sure that they don't spread their radical salafist ideas. or their specially to vulnerable people or to those who are a bit lost. the prison sections are part of the government's new directive
4:49 pm
strategy it involves a sixty point plan to help detect radicalize people and companies the administration all sports clubs. a clip is supposed to show how to resist radical preaching but critics say the strategy is hardly getting down to the root of the problem. possibility of the government's responsibility to defend the country protect its people and oversee their education but the new strategy is almost exclusively about defense and protecting people there's almost nothing on education and yet that would be the most effective weapon in the fight against radicalization city. instead he says french politicians too often stigmatize muslims in a bid to win the. way muslims often have to justify ourselves and disassociate ourselves from barbaric acts that are not of our making.
4:50 pm
but way is part of this nation and muslims are the main victims of terror attacks. plus by blinding us politicians are playing into the hands of radical islamists they can then tell marginalize young people that france doesn't like it's muslims anyway. but the prison administration just like the government points to the french principle of. separation of church and state. in the fight against radicalization there is the belgian approach cooperate closely with religious representatives there to try and teach their inmates a peaceful islamic. we have a different approach. we don't want to change people's religious ideas we just want to prevent them from proceeding to action. by.
4:51 pm
the government says the strategy is working and that last year twenty terror attacks were prevented across france at least one of them was planned from inside a prison. for the. permanent exhibition of course that's which without a pin in the news recently having been back in the studio and recording two new songs which will be next year for a tour with a different avatar so we have robin merrill here are a culture editor robin lot of activity at the moment i'm do you think it's going to lead to new songs and maybe a reunion well. pretty definitely they've said that they're going to be these extraordinary avatar which we'll hear more about in just a minute new songs they've also said they're just going to do these two but they haven't they have such a good time recording and they might record. but that the first going to be out on
4:52 pm
the t.v. special in december and now there's this new exhibition in sweden as you said courses all the usual thing. in the app abuse in the the amazing costumes those kitschy costumes the all the memorabilia all the gold and platinum displayed this is something with the difference being taken a lot further like the tour next year it's all with the help of the latest high tech. this new exhibition features the latest in interactive technology it allows visitors to for instance conduct the gotham berg symphony orchestra playing a tune from the musical chess which was composed by benny andersson on piano avails . passed. but there's no mention of the reported reunion so our reporter asked piano of a us directly why the sudden idea to go back into the studio together the idea came from this avatar project that we're doing there are techno artists in
4:53 pm
san francisco building my head as we speak. and so we thought wouldn't it be fun. if we had a new song which they the avatars could perform so we wrote two new songs we called them last year and it was this great fun. there are already a few abba avatars at the museum these were developed three years ago on the basis of wax figures professional dancers provided the movements gestures and facial expressions the avatars appear on a small stage and visitors can join them for a short song and dance but the avatars for the twenty nine thousand world tour will apparently sing and dance like the original adam members for the duration of an entire show and hopefully pull in the crafts.
4:54 pm
they look exactly like us in nine hundred seventy nine you will not be able to say it's not a human being wow and they just say in lip sync every word that we have recorded last year is not amazing. beyond all of a s. and the other adam embers may want to turn back time but it will never be the same as it was ever. because abba has ruled out on live come back here no they are says he wants to watch the concerts at home on t.v. . avatars robin will they pull in the crowd i think so there's just millions of fans throughout the world and i think other people like me would be tempted to go because it's so bizarre isn't it so intriguing he says they're going to be like real human beings i call believe that but yeah i'm sure it's going to be
4:55 pm
a huge success and definitely is to see what it looks like more on the web site robin absolutely d.w. dot com slash culture all right robin merrill from our culture to thank you robin. and we just have time for a minder of our top stories at this hour a day after the killing of almost sixty people israel and the palestinians are braced for more protest action has moved to the west bank for palestinians have been marking what they call the catastrophe of the founding of israel seven years ago and in germany star goalkeeper among my lawyer has and care for the world cup in russia even though he hasn't played for months coaching yet seems confident that no one would be fit enough in time for the first match. thank you for watching t w lead iraq will have an update on your headlines in just a few minutes. before .
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your masters we have received the crown of our room from god nothing from his presumptuous servant the romans his whole. some. place we must pull g.p.s. . clocks. the germans to remove the. odd. odd odd. this is it only news line for berlin after a stunning loss of life in
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a single day in gaza the un security council holds an emergency session as calloused indians bury their dead to the international community condemns the excessive use of force by israeli troops in germany and the u.k. call on both sides to show restraint meanwhile protests have moved to the west bank where palestinians happy.


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