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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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this is it abuse life for berlin after a stunning loss of life in a single day in gaza the un security council holds an emergency session as promised in years very very dead the international community condemns the excessive use of force by israeli troops but the united states defends their actions meanwhile protests have moved to the west bank or palestinians have been marking what they call the catastrophe the displacement of their people when israel was founded seven decades ago. also coming up tens of thousands of people have been killed in mexico's drug wars but who supplied the weapons six former employees of a german company go on trial plus football's world champs germany taking
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a professional squad to defend their title that includes the star goalkeeper manuel neuer even though he hasn't played for months will find out who else made the team that we are sports reporter. on little rock thank you very much for your company everyone. after the deadliest day since twenty fourteen palestinians in gaza have been burying their dead almost sixty people killed by israeli troops there have been more protests in the west bank as people mark what they call the knockabout or catastrophe referring to the displacement of palestinians when the state of israel was created seven decades ago there's been a widespread international criticism of israel for its actions in gaza the un security council is holding an emergency session before it began the un scored
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nader for the middle east had this to say. for the people of gaza yesterday was a day of tragedy there are no other words with which to describe what actually happened there is no justification for the killing there is no excuse it serves no one it certainly does not serve the cause of peace. while the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley defended israel's response to the protests in gaza no country in the stranger would act with more restraint then israel has in fact the records of several countries here today suggest they would be much less restrained those who suggest that the gaza violence has anything to do with the location of the american embassy are sorely mistaken rather the violence comes from those who reject the existence of the state of israel in any
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location. such a motivation and that was the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley speaking a little earlier on in the meantime the situation on the ground in the palestinian territories remains very tense one man has been killed today in clashes with israeli forces on the gaza border there was also violence in the west bank town of bethlehem where israeli soldiers fired tear gas to disperse small groups of protesters. have used the time that cramer is in gaza for you a tiny what is going on right now where you are. well i'm here at one of the ring points where also the demonstrations took place yesterday and raef witnessing all over the afternoon people coming here. the governing today of the protests the small here in the afternoon but still as you said one person has been killed and another part along the border and some clashes reported from there and what we've
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been seeing here is that drones and yeah and they're dropping. people so the situation yes quite volatile it's through it i would say it's not as many people as yesterday. yet gathering at the border area right on time a stunning loss of life that we've seen yesterday entire families in mourning today what's it like being in gaza. well that's right today's the day of the funeral with and i talk to people and they say we still have to comprehend what happened on monday because high number of people who were killed and also old a high number of people who were injured and some of them have very severe injuries that has really shocked people so you know people here they don't really know what is there to come they're saying they don't know how hamas who's controlling the
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gaza strip ruling the gaza strip how they will react what they will make out there are some reports that egypt is trying to mediate to calm down the situation and these are reports for now and people really want to see a change you know that these protests are not for nothing so at the moment it's rather uncertain i want to happen next here tanya to talk to us a little bit about the geography of gaza because it's very difficult for a fire to understand how cut off this sliver of land is. but gaza is surrounded by a fence and there are two pedestrian crossings theoretically. you know should be open for people but at the crossing to egypt and rough it's most of the time close it opens very sporadically sometimes two days in and sometimes it's closed for a month and the other crossing with israel where people would go you know to what's the west bank you also need a permit from the israeli authorities and most of the people don't get these
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permits you have almost two million people there here in this territory there's another crossing of course for goods but that has also been closed last week for couple of days because it was a demonstrating that the protest by palestinian protests and now it has opened again so it's a very enclosed area and even possibly can go in as journalists you know in the morning post certain time in the afternoon the crossing is closing and then you are here you can't go anywhere and this is the feeling that. the half special young people i've been talking to they say if you haven't been traveling follow it for the past and yes. as long as discloser has been going on here cramer reporting from gaza thank you while the people in gaza have been living under a blockade for nearly twelve years hamdan from land sea and air gazans describe life in the territory like being in a prison before the latest violence tanya kramer who you just saw spoke to young
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palestinians in gaza about their hopes and fears for the future. a niece of who on his way to training in the east of the gaza strip sport allows him to switch off from the bitter reality around him. n e studies english literature at university in gaza city language is his key to the world and the country said he has yet to visit. yet it will be difficult in the city but you want to look to the future finish school find a job find a place to live get married but i watch there's no hope there's no hope in augusta because the only thing is to finish and travel is at that here in little subtle thomas looks at twenty three and news has only traveled abroad once to neighboring egypt the protests in gaza an issue at university and these things the demos porton but also too dangerous to hell and no the solution is that there
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should be some ease from the israeli side for the gaza strip a meeting that they open the border crossings and that you know travel to provide them with employment so that they're able to work and to pay attention to something else that i still would love to have that as a ten year gaza's tied borders on in this capability reality for most people here for more than twelve years israel and egypt have sealed off the hamas controlled territory. nearby at the islamic university usma and. looking for new stories about everyday life for the beauty of the hunted twins have made a name for themselves on social media any isn't that then the corn field of vision is to put content on the internet that shows gallion city as a normal city and not a place of war where people are just terrorists and troublemakers and even one the girls are is not like this and we are known for these architect to students have
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also from the demonstration taking place on gaza's borders they say they support the protests because they have put back on the agenda and raised the issue of the right of free turn for palestinian refugees their own grandparents fled to gaza in the one nine hundred forty eight. but it's been a mystery that's allowed when it comes to the return matches from the moment they started i absolutely did not expect them to be this big i was very surprised with how people got involved in the mess even people who would not be very much into such activity as. well when we sit out but. the protests along the border between gaza and israel have been ongoing for seven weeks israel says hamas this orchestrating the demonstrations but it moves and his friends say that young people have their own reasons for protesting they feel they don't have much left to lose. most of the us would leave if the border crossings were to open there's no future here so your life is abroad if you stay here it means that you would use expires on
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the last thirteen years of my life like that. what i looked nomic circumstances and the crossing points these are the aspects that i need to change the most i wish i would see them change everybody wishes the same they want things to get better and to have the prospect of a normal life to elusive goes that gaza's younger generation has dreamed about for years. tony kramer reporting from gaza want to bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. the russian opposition leader alexina vali has received a thirty day jail sentence for organizing a protest earlier this month the volley led demonstrations the day before president vladimir putin was inaugurated for a fourth term the only was barred from running in the most recent election and has frequently been jailed for his activism. russia has unveiled
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a new bridge to the crimean peninsula territory at an ex from ukraine three years ago russian president vladimir putin is rather that age right across the bridge as part of the opening ceremonies ukraine's prime minister said the bridge is a violation of international law it's still claims crimea has its own territory. our. car right there we've got business the way of ben now and the murky business of weapon dealing when you have a trial that's begun today here in germany that's the city of stuttgart over illegal arms exports to directors from the german from hecla and call to sales executives a sales person and a mexico representative accused of breaching their export license and selling weapons to mexico that ended up in extremely violent parts of the country where they shouldn't have excused could face five years jail. in twenty
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fourteen a bus full of mexican students was attacked by mexican police six of the students were killed and forty three others disappeared without a trace since then investigators have determined that the attackers used heckler and koch and guns that's proof that the german weapons makers guns landed in certain mexican states illegally the german government gave the green light to sell to the mexican government under the condition that certain states would not receive any of the weapons critics however say that all parties involved knew that control over the distribution would be lost once the weapons entered the country exports to countries with dubious human rights records have proved profitable for a heckler and koch in the past revenue took a hit after an export ban to the middle east in twenty fourteen in twenty sixteen the company decided to only sell its products to safe and stable democracies. eight
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years after an anti arms trade activist filed charges prosecutors in stuttgart bring the case against heckler and call to trial at the district court some fifty protesters demonstrated against weapons exports it's the biggest trial in german history concerning the export of small arms. german wholesale a metro has posted a quarterly the loss of fifteen million euros analysts attribute the poor numbers to a decline in the group's russian operations it's a steep drop in the same quarter last year a metric of that a profit of over forty one in yours roster is one of the group's most important markets a growing economic uncertainty has led to a decrease in consumer spending metro c.e.o. off call says he's planning to change his pricing policy to reignite business in russia the economic sanctions on russia are a topic out moscow bureau chief sarge spoke about with german economy minister in
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this exclusive interview. i mean this is a minister who spoke this morning with german business representatives because they're complaining that the sanctions on russia have made it difficult going to generate the revenues we thought would otherwise been possible and that's i think. you've got to watch after german industry once the sanctions removed at least partially so can you make that happen because. it was important to me to speak to german business representative yes there are many companies here mid-sized firms but also very big ones are present here they create jobs and make money and it's important to me to be able to protect these companies from the negative effects of the american sanctions. where in gauging into print a discussion. first with the american government to see whether deadlines can be extended in certain cases and exceptions made possible but we're also speaking with
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the russian government because we want to make certain that russian countermeasures want to exacerbate the situation for german companies. so you say you want to strengthen cooperation with german business. what do you mean by that in mind. i was pushed as minister as economy minister i feel responsible for ensuring that german business is broad can be successful as a benefit for german jobs too and that depends on opening up new possibilities in terms of cooperation with mid-sized companies which there are far fewer in russia than in germany. and that we progress in terms of dual training of environmental cooperation in the energy sector and with model projects. there's a lot there that isn't affected by sanctions and we should use these opportunities . the sanctions were imposed for political reasons that ministers from either side aren't the ones deciding whether they should continue those decisions are made in
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brussels and washington. in washing but we can achieve much below that level and we have determined that today we have agreed that strategic working groups from the economy ministry and russian partners are going to meet in june. and we're going to try to push such projects forward on all levels. reduced bureaucracy and that german companies can trust in the rule of law are also part of those efforts. that's something i also discussed with my russian partners i believe that international exchange and free trade are in the interest of all concerned and i'm doing all that i can for that with regard to russia. the german economy minister there with our very own you know drug storage to a slowdown in the euro zone the common currency area was growing by a more promising point seven percent now it's only managing to eke out
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a point for analysts attribute the slowdown to temporary factors for strikes impacting productivity unseasonable weather coming construction and a flu outbreak in germany german g.d.p. growth in the first order to just point three percent that calls for himself to slip european equity markets help mostly steady on unchanged growth forecasts for the block as a whole. joining us from germany's financial capital frankfurt is daniel cope well you'll tell us more about the outlook for the eurozone looking ahead at least good bad or ugly. well the g.d.p. figures are not as good as some would like them here to be that's the bad news the good news is that we have to keep that in mind that this is now the fifteenth time we have seen a growing g.d.p. this is the longest economic upturn since one thousand nine hundred ninety one some experts feel that there could be a little slow down for the entire eurozone there are still lots of factors that we'll have to monitor in the upcoming weeks like the trade dispute with the united
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states for example interesting the powerhouse germany with a g.d.p. growth of zero point three percent on the same level like italy europe's fourth biggest economy which is in constant crisis mode about forming a new government austere and spain other top g.d.p. performance at the moment their g.d.p. numbers are at a level of the zero point seven per cent thank you very much for all the figures and back. in frankfurt. well a full fifteen minutes of business use for you next hour thank you but iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif is in brussels today for talks with top officials on the future of the iran nuclear deal zarif has already held what he called a constructive meeting with the east top diplomat for the common good he takes on the agenda talks with the foreign ministers of germany britain and france tehran is urging europe to resist pressure from washington that's after the u.s.
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move to withdraw from the past from the pact cast doubt over the deals future and all we have a so much to unpack the w.'s head of farsi jim she is here with me to help explain it all. the the the problem now is that the remaining parties to the deal him she they are grappling with how to stick with it they say they're committed to making this happen but there are major complications. yes there are actually first of all. iran doesn't want to enter into an endless round of negotiation why it's suffering from u.s. sanctions second. president internal power struggle he's under pressure and he wants to change the situation as soon as he can so this is why actually they
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gave that sixty days to meet them today. i give him but he's very unlikely at this point that they can do each so quickly because there are so many different views on topics on the table and what happens if they don't meet that deadline. yes it's a really big question and that we don't know yet from one hand. iran has said that if the negotiations reach you face then they they have no choice other than the launch of the nuclear program but they're launching the nuclear program comes with its price and if it happens you be most probably. join us and the situation would be worse the other option is that iran. change its regional policies and missiles programs
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beach is not promoting at the moment they refuse that but it could be another option that most probably e.u. pursuit iran too was that so. from the other side iran wants you economy first of all and most importantly and then political support to newly finding and the activity us sanctions but. again these would be really very unlikely vetoed us you can do that and implement that right because i mean the whole thing is that the e.u. finds itself in a bind although it wants to have to commit to remain committed to this deal the fact is these multinationals the european multinationals all these other firms they will be hit by secondary sanctions. exactly as friends and c.e.o. of siemens today announced that there would be no new deal to be iran and he
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said that you have to balance between our interests and our values so it is a very clear signal and message because even in the past two and half years event u.s. was indeed the european companies monster not able to invest in iran and meet the end demand so when u.s. is out so distribution would be much more wars and they wouldn't be happy to go to any new deal and to face any you know penalties from us so the deal is effectively dead. hard to say yes this situation it is very very difficult but there is a possibility as dawn of time himself. said that then he announced the exit of the deal he said that we are open to a new t.v.
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iranian if they accept and he repeated that and this is something that in other words even some european leaders like and one in american. said that for a supplement agreement for iran nuclear deal so there is a possibility. for them chad time being they had refused that even if there you said but rice a possibility of a slim chance i did have you say i had a farsi see debra's that i thank you so very much. germany's coach york has unveiled a provisional squad today that he hopes will defend their world cup title in russia and our very own and leroy shirts from our sources joins us now to talk us through the line of who's in who's out while the biggest talking point is obviously manuel neuer who's in after his injury kept him on the sidelines in september he hasn't
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played a game so obviously that's a very controversial pick and he might still not go to the world cup because on june fourth they're actually going to cut the squad again and they have three keepers now they have four keepers now sorry but they need to cut down to three so will be our kevin top and then of course there's mario gazza who didn't make the squad and news piteousness who was in the squad instead of someone who does know is never ever played for the german national team and now he's in the provisional squad for the world cup that must be very exciting for the super exciting and there's a first time for everything so as good luck to him we don't have live talking about germany's chances of defending its world title. i'm too young to vote but of course we're the defending world champions i mean when the confederations cup. used to be easily the goal for us has to be to win the title we want to reach the maximum amounts what the atmosphere in the training camp during our travels will be as sounds. nice and i think we all possess the determination of his motivation and
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a competitive enough people to get to win this title again and bring the cup back to germany you know not much once and certainly it is this the team that's going to be able to defend the title they're definitely the team to beat i mean they have such squad depp's and also so much talent in that squad as can be very very difficult to get past germany the only flaw they might have is that their attack is not as great as some of the other countries like you have brazil where you have neymar where you have for me in your continual here france with big. greece man i mean these are all very very talented players in attack and germany i mean they have team of anna and the newspaper gomez but you know they're non you know they're not as experienced and not as dangerous in the final third of the pitch really are still secure returns so maybe that won't be too much of a vulnerability let's talk about at the end about this controversy regarding this photo op has that there was that is storm in a teacup in the end i mean
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a little bit so ms it isn't going to go on met with turkish president aragon in a hotel in london on sunday and that was obviously very controversial in germany people went wild over i mean first they asked for them to be taken off the national team which is kind of extreme and then i mean they even went so far as calling them traitors are saying they have to decide between their two nationalities which is a little bit harsh because i mean they're also turkish of turkish descent right so you can't really hold that against them that they feel for both countries and in the end they did make the team or not they made the team absolutely and some of them really play a role there anyway all right emily russia thank you so much. and news just in a renowned american author tom wolfe has died at the age of eighty seven according to his literary agent he was one of the most influential writers of his time and a career that spanned five decades wolf helped create the style known as new journalism which used fiction techniques to tell nonfiction stories his best known
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books include the electric kool-aid acid test and the bonfire of the vanities waltz died in new york in a hospital an infection. and before i let you go remind her of i mean headline right now palestinians very they're dead the international community has been reacting to the killing of almost sixty people in gaza by israeli troops the u.n. security council is meeting in emergency session many countries have condemned israel but the united states has defended its actions. on little rock in berlin on behalf of the entire new sim thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us the news continues at the top of the hour see that.
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