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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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i am. this is it every news line for girl and after a stunning loss of life in a single day in gaza the un security council held an emergency session as palestinians bury their dead the international community condemns the excessive use of force by israeli troops but the united states defends their actions meanwhile protests have moved to the west bank where palestinians have been working with they
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call the catastrophe the displacement of their people when israel was founded seven decades ago also coming up tens of thousands of people have been killed in mexico's drug wars but who supplies the weapons six former employees very german company go on trial. plus football's only world champions germany fake a provisional squad to defend their title it includes star goalkeeper emmanuelle neuer even though he hasn't played for months will find out who else may thirteenth we have our sports correspondent. and higher near of new journalism tone wolf has died at the age of eighty eight we'll look back on a life that included writing best selling masterpieces the right stuff and the bonfire of the vanities. played. on little rock
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thanks for your company everyone. after the deadliest day since twenty fourteen palestinians in gaza have been burying their dead almost sixty people killed by israeli troops there have been more protests in the west bank as people mark the displacement of palestinians when the state of israel was created seven decades ago there's been a widespread international criticism of israel for its actions in gaza the u.n. security council held an emergency session about a stadium baster to the u.n. had this to say that about you could buy as we condemn in the most emphatic times the odors massacre committed by israel in the gaza strip. one look at it call for a hold to the military aggression as a people immediately. and we call for a transparent independent international inquiry to be conducted. well meanwhile the us ambassador to the united nations nikki haley defend that israel's response to
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the protests in gaza no country in this chamber would act with more restraint than israel has in fact the records of several countries here today suggest they would be much less restrained. those who suggest that the gaza violence has anything to do with the location of the american embassy are sorely mistaken rather the violence comes from those who reject the existence of the state of israel in any location. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley speaking earlier well in the meantime the situation on the ground in the palestinian territories remains very tense authorities in gaza say two protesters have been shot dead by israeli forces there was also violence in the west bank town of bethlehem where israeli soldiers fired tear gas to disperse small groups of protesters. have used the time that cramer is in gaza for you
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a tiny what is going on right now where you are. well i'm here at one of the gathering points where also the demonstrations took place yesterday and raef witnessing all over the afternoon people coming here. today of the protests of the small here in the afternoon and what we've been seeing here is that drones and yeah and then the dropping. people so the situation yes quite volatile it's through it i would say it's not as many people as yesterday. gathering at the border area right on time a stunning loss of life that we've seen yesterday entire families in mourning today what's it like being in gaza. well that's right today's the day of the funeral and i talk to people and they say we still have to comprehend what happened on
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monday because the high number of people who were killed and also all the high number of people who were injured and some of them have very severe injuries that has really shocked people so you know people here that don't really know what is there to come they're saying they don't know how a mass who's controlling the gaza strip ruling the gaza strip how they will react what they will make out there some reports that egypt is trying to mediate to calm down the situation and these are reports for now and people really want to see a change you know that these protests are not for nothing so at the moment it's rather uncertain of what to happen next here tania talk to us a little bit about the geography of gaza because it's very difficult for far to understand how cut off this sliver of land is. but gaza is surrounded by a fence and there are two pedestrian crossings theoretically. you know should be
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opened for people but at the crossing to egypt and rough most of the time close it opens very sporadically sometimes two days a month sometimes it's closed for a month and the other crossing with israel where people would go you know to what's the west bank you also need a permit from the israeli authorities and most of the people don't get these permits you have almost two million people there here in this territory there's another crossing of course for goods but that has also been closed last week for couple of days because it was a demonstration at the protest by palestinian protests and now it has opened again so it's a very enclosed area and even possibly can go in as journalists you know in the morning and certain time in the afternoon the crossing is closing and then you are here you can't go anywhere and this is the feeling that. pete the half specials young people i've been talking to they say if you haven't been traveling full overnight for the past and yes. as long as discloser has been going on tony kramer
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reporting from gaza i think you know. when people in gaza have been living under a blockade for nearly twelve years hamdan from glance and air gazans described life in the territory as being in a prison well before the latest violence a broke out today a kramer spoke to young palestinians in gaza about their hopes and fears for their future. a niece of who on his way to training in the east of the gaza strip sport and those him to switch off from the bitter reality around him. a nice study english literature at university in gaza city language is his key to the world and the country he said he has yet to visit. yet it will be difficult so what do you want to look to the future finish school find a job find a place to live get married but i watch there's no hope there's no hope in
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augusta because the only thing is to finish and travel is at that here in little circle thomas which at twenty three a nice has only traveled abroad once to neighboring egypt the protests in gaza an issue at university and these things the demos porton but also too dangerous hell in the solution is that there should be some ease from the israeli side for the gaza strip a meaning that they open the border crossings and that you know travel to provide them with employment so that they are able to work and to pay attention to something else that is still really looked after as a ten year gaza's tide borders on in this capable reality for most people here for more than twelve years israel and egypt have sealed off the hamas controlled territory. nearby at the islamic university us. looking for news stories about everyday life for the beauty of the hunted twins have made
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a name for themselves on social media and if isn't that then the corn feed on television is too good content on the internet that shows gallion city as a normal city and not a place of war where people are just terrorists and troublemakers and even her on the gaza or is not like this and we are known for these architect to students have also from the demonstration taking place on gaza's borders they say they support the protests because they have put back on the agenda and raised the issue of the right of return for palestinian refugees their own grandparents fled to gaza in the one nine hundred forty eight. but it's been a mystery that's allowed when it comes to the return matches from the moment they started i absolutely did not expect them to be this big i was very surprised with how people got involved in the us even people who would not be very much into such activity is. it out but. the protests along the border between gaza and israel have been ongoing for seven weeks israel says hamas is treating the
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demonstrations but the news and his friends say that young people have their own reasons for protesting they feel they don't have much left to lose. most of the us would leave if the border crossings were to open there's no future here so your life is abroad if you stay here it means that you use expires i lost thirteen years of my life like that. what i look for your nomic circumstances and the crossing points these are the aspects that i need to change the most i wish i would see them change everybody wishes the same they want things to get better and to have the prospect of a normal life to elusive gaza's younger generation has dreamed about for years. tanya kramer reporting there well for more reaction to the ongoing tensions there in the region my shrader talk to the palestinian ambassador to germany or the
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interview took place in bethlehem ambassador very simply what is your reaction to the events yesterday. well really morning what had put the loss of. more than sixty people they have or names we have a man under it months baby so this is. a very sad day for a spotless to me and. again it shows that the naacp. is going on it didn't happen only seventy years ago but it is still ongoing and it's an open wound and the question is today what should the list in your hands do in order to get their legitimate national political darts what would be their action the responsibility of the international community looking to god to palestine to palestinians. know it's time it's overdue that this conflict. be politically
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solved and not in this violent way and using. a symmetric power of buying power. now israel is saying that hamas incited these riots yesterday and that it's hamas fault that all these people died what do you have to say to that well i just remind you that this demonstrations botch of ten they started on the thirtieth of march accommodating the day of. so so it's not it's a popular. move by all palestinians by gazan people who are beheaded hostages for more than the book had for more than ten years all palestinians just. one state and joined this peacefully and then one strays and so i think this is just to justify the. acceptable use of
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violence against peaceful. people. the man's traditions and it shows that it is very a cemetery because the casualty is. injured people and. death toll is on the palestinian side so there is no justification for that and it is from our side palestinians again to remind the international community that we exist that we are suffering we have a long way of suffering for the last seventy years and that that is a responsibility of the international community of the security council of the u n bodies of their human rights council to take it's a special responsibility otherwise it undermines its credibility and it puts the whole political system actually under question. the palestinian ambassador to germany there speaking to my out shrader joseph is with the think tank the european
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council on foreign relations and he joins me now here on the set of very good evening mr janney basically listening to the ambassador the international community failed the palestinians well that's what the palestinians have continuously felt they have been betrayed that they have been forgotten and that they have been kept in a situation that is deeply unjust to them. the problem is the international community has sanctioned the creation of the state of israel. and now is kind of struggling to make the palestinians accept that fact and make the israelis concede to a workable two state solution separate that the palestinians have read israel is a state and everybody has acknowledged that the fact is that the palestinians don't have a homeland their own and we heard the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley saying that israel has shown restraint almost sixty people died
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including children over what more than a thousand injured what's the purpose of the security council sessions well the security council has been called so there will be a session on that on the other hand we see these blockages in the security council between the permanent members that we see so often that in this case the united states is defending israel's position and not allowing for a resolution to be passed that condemns israel. against the vote of a permanent member you can do anything so one point that remains is it is racist it is part of the global public but that is about it the u.n. security council is no court that has jurisdiction over what states do ok now the french president has come out and condemned what has happened in gaza the british prime minister has come out a little earlier before we went on air and called for an inquiry to establish what happened in gaza the german chancellor has said. she understands israel's security
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needs why is surely out of step with its other allies of the german position is not to put in question the right of israel to exist as a state but nobody is doing that we're talking about these in the knesset it's a lopsided fight we're talking about these protesters who've been targeted and sixty are dead so this is not about this is not a question about whether israel has a right to exist this is about whether the palestinians have the right to be protected i'm not saying that the israeli response is proportionate and is right but what america is trying to do is to to say to the israelis we understand that you want to live peacefully in your borders so you have the right to defend your borders but this i believe in my view is is the is the opening statement to say but . you need to take care of the people that live under your control and you have to treat them right and you have to treat them well so that
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the german chancellor feels the germany should start. talking to israel by saying we understand your security concerns but you need to understand the rights of other people have we effectively witnessed the death of any potential peace deal well for the moment we are further away from a two state solution than we have ever been in the past years neither of the two sides seems to be willing to to actually sit down and negotiate either one of the two sides and neither one of the external powers seems to have enough clout in the region to bring about such a chance of chatting us with a think tank the european council on foreign relations sir thank you for speaking to us thank you. are going to be up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. russian opposition leader alexina vali has received a thirty day jail sentence for organizing a protest earlier this month of on the lead demonstrations the day before president
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vladimir putin was inaugurated for a fourth term of all he was barred from running in the most recent election and has frequently been jailed for his activism. russia has unveiled a new bridge to the crimean peninsula territory at an ex from ukraine three years ago russian president vladimir putin drove a truck across the bridge as part of the opening ceremonies ukraine's prime minister said the bridge is a violation of international law it still claims crimea as its own territory. are and how it is here and are taking a look at the murky business of selling weapons it can certainly be very murky and it's gone to trial here in germany six former employees of the german gun make a heckler and koch have gone on trial and charges of illegally exporting weapons to mexico now the weapons make is accused of supplying rifles that we used in crimes including the suspected massacre of forty three mexican students in twenty thirty
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prosecutors say the company shipments were breached germany's weapons control or by ending up in violence two states if found guilty the defendants could face prison terms of up to five years. well the trial has certainly hit a nerve here in germany guns tanks submarines and ammunition made in germany a popular making it the world's fourth biggest arms export it will last year german firms sold forty percent of their weapons to european union and nato countries now the remaining sixty percent went to other countries around the world every single german arms export needs a government license to live reese nations outside the e.u. and nato come under particular scrutiny to make sure they comply with the following criteria now they have to meet human rights standards they must not endanger regional political stability and they shouldn't clash with germany's and the e.u.
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is political interests who adheres to the principles though if the court rules that the company heck and didn't it could face a fine our reporter going to kettle's went to the town where the firm is based open door anneka major center of the german weapons industry. those who want to understand germany's weapons capital need to go to church says for you what if that's why it was here that weapons manufacturing began an open door about two hundred years ago in august an aeon monastery actually in this church where we're standing in the. memory to god in the highest heaven it was a good and on earth and goodwill to men it's grotesque that we believe this message of peace weapons were produced of which millions of people were killed three of. the only opinion makes him an outsider and opened off there are three weapons
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manufacturers in this small town in southern germany and clued in on cause. many of the roughly fifteen thousand residents are directly or indirectly involved in the arms industry. because you don't really think about it they have to be produced somewhere and now they're here and even among the company has to make something that one makes sugar or others make candy make weapons without weapons but should they make maybe make chocolate or something now. then if they learn cost doesn't make it someone else will then somebody else will produce weapons and they're not just making weapons for the military but also for the police and we need them soon. guns have been manufactured and opened off for two hundred years the first rifle factory opened in eight hundred twelve the local weapons museum shows the development from the early days to modern military weapons by
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headline co. so this g thirty six assault rifle takes center stage it's been the standard weapon of germany's armed forces since about two thousand since one thousand nine hundred seventy it's actually true that the standard infantry arms have come from off to this day except for a very very short break first for the imperial army then for the army of their life during the weimar republic for the value of the nazi era and then for today's bundeswehr. work for hector on call in his youth today he's involved in activism against weapons exports from his hometown. everyone knows that every fifteen minutes every fourteen minutes to be precise someone is shot dead with a weapon and made by a heckler and call it matters to some people this is the he. had and call not just a company like every other even if as seen from old and off that's easy to forget.
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the world trade organization says the e.u. has continued to subsidize a bus illegally in spite of a previous rooting for bidding a practice the decision by the international trade body could need to retaliate three measures from the united states is the latest development in a fourteen year span between european plane make it bus and u.s. aviation giant boeing the e.u. for its part accuses the united states government of illegally subsidizing boeing. and as it was alaina now for the latest on the iran nuclear deal that is correct on iran and the foreign minister mohammad javad zarif is in brussels today for talks with top e.u. officials on the future of the iran nuclear deal serif has already held what he called a constructive meeting with the top diplomat for the couple getting the pixley into talks with the foreign ministers of germany britain and france tehran is urging europe to resist pressure from washington that's after the u.s.
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says move too were dropped from the pact casting doubt over the deals future while america's redrawn has also raised tensions with its traditional allies german chose i'll go americal we didn't go home and i think what we have now seen a rift and german american and european american relations we britain germany and france were of the opinion that the agreement on iran's nuclear program subtly has weaknesses. but is an agreement that we should take it to. the american president so things differently. look interesting times lots to unpack correspondent is in brussels where these meetings are taking place where the chancellor is keeping her but there are so many complications. without doubt no lack of complications here in brussels with these talks of the foreign minister of the u.k. boris johnson's just arrived on the scene talking about these complications saying
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that there is that they are not under no illusions about iran's disruptive behavior but that the e.u. seeks a different way to deal with that behavior and that is they do want to keep the diplomatic channels open they do want to protect the business interests involved and so they he said they are looking at a package a whole package of tools that could now be implemented to preserve that deal but of course the complications here are many fold and so he didn't want to go into greater detail on how exactly he is hoping to preserve the deal because iran has been asking for guarantees that business. between the e.u. and iran and they have already said they are not going to renegotiate this deal talk to us about how exposed the europeans are because they've made a lot of investments. there is a clear determination on the part of europeans particularly france for instance
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french president talking with russia this morning the french foreign minister and finance minister has met with business delegations to get a clearer picture of of how they will be affected so there is a clear determination to stand up to the u.s. here in in case of these sanctions or possible counter sanctions that then could hit european enterprises after all the trade german exports to iran total three billion exports from france totaled one point five or nearly one point five billion so a lot of money involved a lot of diplomatic efforts involved but at the end of the day some diplomats here have pointed out that the strategic relationship to the us is still so important that at the end of the day the european reaction won't be the as hostile as some might hope it will be no but if the same time there's been a dramatic deterioration in transatlantic or relations we're seeing a real divergence. coming to the fore because of this deal has this ever happened
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before garak. called it an outright diplomatic crisis for transatlantic relations here and so no a many diplomats here agree or basically all of brussels to be that that has not happened before and that is for two reasons not only that donald trump did not listen to three key allies the two from the security council the the united kingdom france and germany who all lobbied very hard in the u.s. to preserve that deal but also that this time and we had disagreements between europe and the u.s. before remember of the iraq war but the whole architecture of international relations is questions with trump's approach to multilateralism or rather his rejection of multilateralism this reporting from brussels thank you. and you're washing to do you know some have a lot more to tell you about this including the final defending champions in
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germany have announced their professional squad for the world cup our sports reporter will caucus through the lineup. that and a whole lot more coming up in just a few. such . a wonderful mountain landscape and men as strong as bear. can all be found in the high totter amounts of northern slovakia. thirty sherpas carry supplies to the mountain hudson and once a year they participate in the lingering. kings of the mountain.
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europe's last sharpless pretty fundamental longing to live. a blessing. and a curse. placed source of nature and inescapable. monsoon the trouble to come first she montreal over the solo to some comes close most of them up to closer to most destruction load monsoon flow starting may twenty third one g.w. good luck but to use it what do you get for fifty cents. if you sad. know a little. bit about his which today is you.
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think all feels lost and did you know it cost fifty cents to feed one hungry child for one full. day to do what. he gave me oh. and i'm sure that's all with the shared a meal you can share your in-laws children with just fifty cells and a tap on your smartphone together and global hunger please double the. great to have you back with us here washington news on little rock island this is our main headline this hour. as palestinians bury their dead at the international community has been reacting to the killing of almost sixty people in gaza by israeli troops u.s. security council has held an emergency session to discuss the violence many countries have condemned israel but the united states has defended it. now to
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nigeria's commercial capital lagos around twenty million people live there and it's still growing that means new buildings are always going up and old ones demolished sometimes with little regard for the residents well that's what happened to a slum district called or toto which was swept away almost overnight the residents still homeless have been protesting against their fate as daily use it increase should now reports. they're protesting where they have lived for years on the water in lagos the. one and a half years ago their fishing settlement was demolished leaving thirty thousand people homeless overnight. among them christina up in town and her three children. i'm here to learn but it goes without us to know what the
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nasty softly dov any way it's just the vastness of the full speed. government that they should call on was able. to see that we don't have the peaceful place to be. christina's family lived in the settlements for decades. its location near the booming city of lekki makes it valuable real estate. more and more high earners are moving there. last year gangs of thugs came to the settlements and allegedly with the support of the police set fire to the huts without any warning the residents fled into the water. court awarded compensation to those affected but their jubilation was short lived local authorities appealed the award to this day the inhabitants have received neither
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a new land nor government support as one. of us since then been trying to do it with the government is that you wouldn't. need to obey the law to understand the idea of rich man policy does not what we did. was to show. despite several requests an interview with the legacy local government was not possible because they feel that the government is not listening to them the evicted people off we're told obama and other waterfront communities here in lagos decided to come to one of the most powerful churches in the country they hope that the church can help them to keep the pressure on the government. christina pin town hopes the petition and the protest will compel the government to take action and there is one more way to put on the pressure next year's elections have that vote for them d d t v what miki didn't even want the problem is those who follows the v.
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down would be to see davey d. we are both asked that as joachim damage your output that's got everybody gabbled does that christina and the other just placed people want to keep fighting for a decent life for the poorest residents of a bombing mega city. and increase their reporting there from lagos all right now we're going to head to the horn of africa a woman's right to breastfeed her child in public or not is something that alyssa strong reactions around the world social attitudes a very widely and in kenya anger boiled over this week after one woman was shamed for nursing in a cafe and took the social media to complain about her experience and for that it got barger has been the tracking this story which has ruffled a lot of feathers. talk to us what happens so her name is betty kim and she's a twenty six year old a kenyan a mother and the story started making the rounds on social media last week when she claimed that she was in this cafe in nairobi and she was told by one of the
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waitresses that she should stop breastfeeding her child or either go and do it at the toilet. in the toilet yet at the point she obviously she said she was shocked and later she posted on facebook where she writes i'm disappointed by the restaurant after humiliating me when breastfeeding my baby those wait there's a should be aware that not all babies are covered while being fed the approach was affected and she goes on explain explaining that it was raining outside there was a storm that's also why she didn't have anywhere else to go and her story has really struck a nerve in kenya we've seen mothers coming to her defense on social media and posting under the hash tag breastfeeding is a right we've also seen that that movement has then transferred to the streets of nairobi because today there were actually protests and women organized through
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facebook and they have been marching for the streets of nairobi city center and they actually marched towards. the cafe where this whole incident happened and that's where they gathered to rally it was. you can see it in the pictures now and there it was activist women rights women's rights organizations and of course mothers. and has the cafe responded because this is a hot water now well they have been urging the mother to come forward to them and they have posted a numbers and a number of commons and messages on facebook for her this is one of those messages. they say dear betsy we take note of the incident brought to our attention through social media we sincerely apologize and we are sure we assure you that management is taking necessary measures to address the matter so they've been
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asking benteke him to come forward so they they can apologize in person letters are not denying actually what happened in their stablish want to be quite honest with you this is an issue it's a global issues not just in case you haven't even a year it's not accepted everywhere to nurse your child in public what's the attitude regarding breastfeeding in public in kenya in general well i mean i think when it comes to social acceptance we're far from saying that it's completely accepted having women and we can see if we have an example here but when we look at i mean when we look at kenyan particular in terms of. the government has been putting in place some programs to support the to support breastfeeding and they actually delayed the statistics from to two thousand and fifteen they showed it actually in sixty percent of mothers in kenya where breastfeeding their kids.
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than the age of six months so the numbers actually have been the rates of breastfeeding have been increasing and improving in kenya over the last year is however activists are saying that it's still not enough and one thing that angers them in particular is the fact that and it's quite interesting and last year the parliament the kenyan parliament passed a bill that would compel the businesses to have a to set up a breast feeding room for mothers who work and that bit so that bill was passed by parliament last year but it has not been signed by the president yet so it's something that you know activists are pointing out and of course the world health organization recommends that all mothers actress feed for the first six months at least and so it is for the health of the child and the mother. so we hope i get the follow up of the story here with you for the week of thank you for now and we're going to have more business now with howard and elusive actions on russia are biting back that's right leyla thank you very much in day indeed the german
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wholesaler metro has posted a quarterly loss of over fifty million euros which analysts attribute to the poor numbers to the decline in the group's russian operations a steep drop since the same call to last year when measured posted a forty million euro profit now russia is one of the most the groups most important markets but growing economic uncertainty has led to a decrease in consumer spending measures the oil of course says he's planning to change his pricing policy to reignite business in russia or well the economic sanctions on russia are told they all must go bureau chief meo drug storage spoke about with the german economy minister paid to add to my in this exclusive interview. i mean this is a minister he spoke this morning with german business representatives because they're complaining that the sanctions on russia have made it difficult for them to generate the revenues we thought would otherwise been possible on this i think. you go too much after german industry once the sanctions were removed at least
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partially so we could make that happen. it was important to me to speak to german business represented yes there are many companies here mid-sized firms but also very big ones their presence here they create jobs and make money and it's important to me to be able to protect these companies from the negative effects of the american sanctions. gauging into profit discussion by first with the american government to see whether deadlines can be extended in certain cases and exceptions made possible but we're also speaking with the russian government because we want to make certain that russian countermeasures won't exacerbate the situation for german companies so you say you want to strengthen cooperation with german business. what do you mean by that. minister as economy minister i feel responsible for ensuring that german business
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is broad can be successful as a benefit for german jobs too. and that depends on opening up new possibilities in terms of cooperation with mid-sized companies of which there are far fewer in russia than in germany. and that we progress in terms of dual training and environmental cooperation in the energy sector and with model projects. there's a lot there that isn't affected by sanctions and we should use these opportunity is . the sanctions were imposed for political reason that ministers from either side aren't the ones deciding whether they should continue those decisions are made in brussels and washington. but we can achieve much below that level and we have determined that today we have agreed that strategic working groups from the economy ministry and russian partners are going to meet in june. and we're
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going to try to push such projects forward on all levels and reduced bureaucracy and that german companies can trust in the rule of law are also part of those efforts of course. that's something i also discussed with my russian partners i believe that international exchange and free trade are in the interest of all concerned about it and i'm doing all that i can for that with regard to russia and . let's take a look at a slowdown across the euro zone now in terms of growth because the common currency area was growing more promising point seven percent now it's only managing to eke out a point four percent analysts attribute the slow down to ten prefecture the fact is the french strikes impacting productivity unseasonable weather big construction and a flu outbreak germany german g.d.p. growth hoff's the first quarter it's just point three percent coast frankfurt
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stocks to snip european equity markets help mostly steady on unchanged growth food costs for the block. well his all financial correspondent daniel cope now with his analysis on the outlook for the euro is there. well the g.d.p. figures are not as good as some would like them here to be that's the bad news the good news is and we have to keep that in mind that this is now the fifteenth time we have seen a growing g.d.p. this is the longest economic upturn since one thousand nine hundred ninety one some experts feel that there could be a little slow down for the entire eurozone there are still lots of factors that will have to monitor in the upcoming weeks like the trade dispute with the united states for example interesting the powerhouse germany with a g.d.p. growth of zero point three percent on the same level like italy europe's fourth biggest economy which is in constant crisis mode about forming a new government also chair and spain other top g.d.p. performers at the moment their g.d.p. numbers are at a level of a zero point seven per cent. well for
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a long time we were talking about romania as the poor man of europe now the nation's not she not growth figures otherwise reserved for china or india or more manias you fed poverty to of the european countries are returning to a booming economy and how do you recognise the country they left behind. carmine is surprised at just how much our homeland just changed in recent years after three years in switzerland the r.t.c. specialist returned to romania and now she raves about the seismic shift that swept the country are so much more engaged and aware of what's going on around them than they are so you know very committed to making a change making a difference coming back with their experiences and trying to shape the society and their relationships with their you know friends and people around them. common works for deutsche bank the company has established its global i.t. center in romania as capital bucharest and boasts almost one thousand employees
8:45 pm
with one international company after another setting up offices in the country and seven percent economic growth europe's poor house looks more like an engine room the european head of an israeli investment company proudly shows off his shopping center to more on the construction. site spend money more than others for shareholders. or german people for instance it's in the mentality and. the reason. the government is fueling this shopping fever they reduce the v.a. t. and sharply raise the minimum wage this has raised questions as to whether the boom is sustainable grounds for an increase and says no he's just opened his second cafe and as well as benefiting from the boom he's becoming increasingly worried that remaining is accumulating a mountain of debt the administration is waiting like. they've never i don't think
8:46 pm
in time invested in there. people in their systems in their computers in their strategy so like i said you have this streak of super competitive entrepreneurs to beat in coffee shops in technology and what have you and on the other hand you have the public sector which is the stock in time. but the economy is flourishing here despite the woes with the administration and of course many romanians hope that you change for the better to. finally we all know that the way we work what we earn how we live all changing at lightning speed is call us an industry changes as well so keep up with the trends join us made. me. feel the easy business magazine with a fresh new look delves into everything from innovation to the shadowy side all digitize ation don't mix the first show on remuneration vs motivation coming up later tonight at ten thirty german time will catch up anytime on our web site that
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is of course d.w. dot com slash business. when it's back a bit too late now thank you so very much allan i want to get some of the other stories making news around the world. in iraq the problems shiite cleric and other souther and his secular communist allies have come out on top in the parliamentary election with almost all the votes counted his block is leading in six provinces including the capital baghdad are once led an insurgency against u.s. forces. a bridge collapse in india has killed at least sixteen people in authority or maybe trapped the collapse occurred in the temple town of daraa nasi during busy evening traffic as curers were able to see several people. germany's coach has unveiled a provisional squad today that he hopes will defend their world cup title in russia
8:48 pm
and our very own amery our shirts from our sports as joins us now to talk us through the line of who's in who's out well the biggest talking point is obviously manuel neuer who's in after his injury kept him on the sidelines in september he hasn't played a game so obviously that's a very controversial pick and he might still not go to the world cup because on june fourth they're actually going to cut the squad again and they have three keepers now they have four keepers now sorry but they need to cut down to three so will be kevin top and then of course there's mario gazza who didn't make the squad and piteousness who is in the squad instead of someone who. is never ever played for the german national team and now he's in the provisional squad for the world cup that must be very exciting for the super exciting and there's a first time for everything so as good luck to him we now have live talking about germany's chances of defending world title. i have a club you see and i'm too young to vote but of course with the defending world champions i mean won the confederations cup i used to love easily the goal for us
8:49 pm
has to be to win the title we want to reach the maximum amounts with the atmosphere in the training camp and during our travels you'll be a sounds. nice and i think we all possess the determination and motivation and a competitive enough people to get to win this title again and bring the cup back to germany you know not certainly is this the team that's going to be able to defend the title they're definitely the team to beat i mean they have such squad depth and also so much talent in that squad that it can be very very difficult to get past germany feel the flaw they might have is that their attack is not as great as some of the other countries like you have brazil where you have neymar where you have for me in your continual here france with big. greaseman i mean these are all very very talented players in attack and germany i mean they have team of anna and the newspaper gomez but you know they're not you know they're not as experienced and not as dangerous in the final third of the pitch really are still secure
8:50 pm
victories so maybe that won't be you too much of a vulnerability let's talk about the end about this controversy regarding this photo op has that there was that is storm in a teacup but in the end i mean a little bit so that is it is going to go on met with turkish president at a gun in a hotel in london on sunday and that was obviously very controversial in germany people want wild over i mean first they asked for them to be taken off the national team which is kind of extreme and then i mean they even went so far as calling them traders are saying they have to decide between their two nationalities which is a little bit harsh because i mean they're also turkish of turkish descent right so you can't really hold that against them that they feel for both countries and in the end they did make the team or not they made the team absolutely and some of them really play a role there anyway all right emily russia thank you so much. there were known to american author tom wolfe has died at the age of eighty eight that's
8:51 pm
according to his literary agent he died of an infection in a new york hospital and problem maryl is here for more cautious to talk more about the renowned tom wolfe so many seminal works which one will he remembered by well i think he would mostly be remembered by two of his great books bomb fire the vanities and of course the bright star because these two were also made into hollywood movies they went to she very successful hollywood movies but they were made into movies so i think he'll be remembered a lot for that but however what he should really be remembered for is his journalism he was a journalist all his life and a pioneer of what was called new journalism which used fiction techniques to tell nonfiction stories best example of that is perhaps the electric kool-aid acid test which is all about the hippie movement as we also see here he will be remembered for being quite a soft tauriel man he was
8:52 pm
a dandy have over forty white suits anyway god bless him absolutely tom wolfe died at the age of eighty eight all right we want to take our viewers now to stockholm and we will picture is somebody here they are pictures from the museum where a new permanent exhibit has just opened of course this leaders who have been in the news recently having we're feel that they've been back in a studio recorded two new songs which will be use next year for a tour whether difference as over tars i'm not really sure how i feel about that that's of of activity at the moment yeah it's not going to there's not going to be a reunion of they've made that quite clear what the will be there will be for the holograms are very sophisticated bombs on. stage we'll hear more about them in a minute they've also said no more new songs bought they've all of them at separate
8:53 pm
times said what a great time they had in the studio said let's just hope they think it's going to happen more we'll have to wait and see but concerning the abbey museum in sweden yes they've got these new exhibition now in this museum there's the usual memorabilia you know the great kitschy costumes that they had trying to find some old flame. and there's the gold platinum records all that but now the stuff with the difference is that the six version is taking a lot just like the tour next year they are using the latest high tech. this new exhibition features the latest in interactive technology it allows visitors to for instance conduct the gothenburg symphony orchestra playing a tune from the musical chess which was composed by benny andersson on piano they us. but there's no mention of the reported reunion so our reporter asked piano of a us directly why this sudden idea to go back into the studio together the idea
8:54 pm
came from this avatar project that we're doing there are techno artists in san francisco building my head as we speak. and so we thought wouldn't it be fun if we had a new song which they the avatars could perform so we wrote two new songs we called them last year and it was this great fun. there are already a few abba avatars at the museum these were developed three years ago on the basis of wax figures professional dancers provided the movements gestures and facial expressions the avatars appear on a small stage and visitors can join them for a short song and dance but the avatars for the twenty nine hundred world tour will apparently sing and dance like the original adam members for the duration of an entire show and hopefully pull in the crafts.
8:55 pm
they look exactly like us in nine hundred seventy nine you will not be able to say it's not a human being wow. lipsync every word that we recorded last year is not amazing. beyond all of a s. and the other album embers may want to turn back time but it will never be the same as it was ever. because abba has ruled out on live comeback. says she wants to watch the concerts at home on t.v. . i think it's super interesting and creepy at this time so a computer generated comeback not a real one how do you think this concept well i think. sort of i think is creepy as
8:56 pm
well i mean there are millions of fans around and enough to fill concert halls this is by the way the brainchild of simon fuller who is the man behind the spice guy he is no fool he's investing millions and i think he's going to be absolutely full and i think you can be right. thank you so very much and thank you. for spending is part of your day read some of the rally of iraq here we have seen guess why.
8:57 pm
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check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com. this is. also why even a single day in gaza the un security council is holding an emergency session palestinians are. the international community condemning the excessive use of force by israeli troops but the united states is defending israel and it has blocked a call for an investigation into the killings meanwhile protests have moved to the
9:01 pm
west bank where palestinians have been marking the day that they call the catastrophe.


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