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this is. also why even a single day in gaza the un security council is holding an emergency session palestinians are burying their dead the international community condemning the excessive use of force by israeli troops but the united states is defending israel and it has blocked a call for an investigation into the killings meanwhile protests have moved to the west bank where palestinians have been marking the day that they called the catastrophe the displacement of their people when israel was founded seven decades
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ago. it's good to have you with us after one of the deadliest days in their conflict with israel palestinians in gaza spent this tuesday burying their dead almost sixty people killed by israeli troops on monday there were more protests in the west bank today as people marked the displacement of palestinians when the state of israel was created seventy years ago the u.n. security council held an emergency session this afternoon which ended without action the palestinian ambassador to the u.n. had this to say that. we condemn in the most of the orders massacre committed by israel in the gaza strip. one look at it call for
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a hold to the military aggression and so people immediately. and we call for a transparent independent international inquiry to be conducted. and the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley defended israel's response to the protests in gaza no country in this chamber would act with more restraint than israel has in fact the records of several countries here today suggest they would be much less restrained those who suggest that the gaza violence has anything to do with the location of the american embassy are sorely mistaken rather the violence comes from those who reject the existence of the state of israel in any location on that was nikki haley's speaking there in the meantime the situation on the ground in the palestinian territories remains tense authorities in gaza say two protesters have been shot dead today by israeli forces there was also violence in
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the west bank town of bethlehem where israeli soldiers fired tear gas to disperse small groups of protesters the palestinians were marking what they see as a catastrophe when israel was founded seven decades ago. correspondent myers waiter is in jerusalem tonight where protesters have been outside prime minister netanyahu is residents are showing their anger at yesterday's violence along the border good evening to you miles or tell us more about what is going on there right now. present what you're seeing behind me are as the end of this protest was started up the street at prime minister benjamin netanyahu residence and marched down to where we are now which is actually in front of the old u.s. consulate which is still in fact functional and what you'll notice about these protests is that they're mostly very young this is what the israeli left looks like right now they're young voters who feel very disenfranchised and very unheard if
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you're a left wing person in israel right now you're having a very bad week or really a very bad couple of years as netanyahu his base of support is very very solid and he has no incentive to try to compromise on anything that he's doing right now yeah you speak there to the demographic divisions in israeli society what about public opinion in reaction to the violence on the dogs of border yesterday. it is a deepening division in israeli society you particularly see it in these protesters who say that they are absolutely horrified by what they've seen and one of them was actually holding a sign saying that the eight month old little baby girl who died in gaza yesterday saying the sign said bibi her blood is on your hands israeli public opinion that brant is very much on netanyahu side but there is a very vocal minority who is trying to work to build bridges with the palestinians and to stop this sort of violence and
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a lot of these people at this protest are those sorts of people however as we've said there really is no incentive for netanyahu to listen to these people to compromise with them to try to reach out to them in any way or include the israeli left in his policies right now because he is having as we've said throughout the week he's having a very good week at his base of support the public opinion in israel is very much in general on his side we've seen cars driving by these protesters a lot of people making very rude gestures out of their windows at the protesters and driving by the u.s. consulate shouting things like donald trump thank you very much. you know internationally international community around lee condemned the israeli government forged use of deadly force the israeli ambassador to the u.n. spoke earlier let's take a listen to what he had to say wouldn't go down to the mob rushing to the fans to many of the international community never meet them up with unity to legitimize the palestinian voice. but when it comes to the three fifty or the very public do often
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the ward is silent. so what has the government said today. the government particularly netanyahu today spends most of the day defending what israel did in gaza and promoting their story which is that hamas is the one that killed all these people essentially hamas is the one that sent those thousands and thousands of palestinians to the border who were then fired on by the israeli troops and also promoting their line of hate is rich israel has tried other methods they've tried nonviolent tactics talking about the fact that they dropped fliers into gaza telling people not to go to the border saying that hamas was using them as human shields and this is been the israeli line saying that this is not our fault we tried everything and hamas pushed these people forward all right a correspondent on the story for us tonight in jerusalem thank you.
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we have some breaking news coming in another major flashpoint this on the korean peninsula north korea have suspended high level talks with the south planned for wednesday due to joint u.s. and south korea military exercises north korea's news agency has called the exercises a provocation saying that pyongyang had no choice but to cancel the tall we're going to bring you more on that story when we get it but again those talks between the north and south korea have been called off for tomorrow or here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world at least sixteen people have died after a bridge collapsed in india and authorities fear more than a contract it happened in the temporary town of romanov's during busy evening traffic or skiers were able to see several. of the renowned american
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writer tom wolfe has died at the age of eighty eight he's regarded as one of the most influential authors of his era and his career spanned five decades wolf helped create the style known as new journalism which used fiction techniques to tell nonfiction stories he died in a new york hospital of an infection. iranian foreign minister mohammad reef is in brussels tonight for talks with top e.u. officials on the future of that iran nuclear deal the reasons already held what he called a constructive meeting with the e.u.'s top diplomat for the rican mcgreevey next on the agenda talks with the foreign ministers of germany britain and france tehran is urging europe to resist pressure from washington that's after the u.s. moved to withdraw from the pact cast doubt over the deals future of america's withdrawal has also raised tensions with traditional allies german chancellor
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angela merkel had to weigh in on that today oh man i think we have now seen a rest and german american and european american relations we britain germany and france were of the opinion that the agreement on iran's nuclear program such really has weaknesses but is an agreement that we should add here to. the american president so things differently and not our event was to impact their lives take this over now to our correspondent gave much as he's on the story for us in brussels good evening to you georg so we've got the german chancellor and others saying again and again we want to keep the deal alive are they going to be able to do it and do we know how. clearly there is no a magic option here and e.u. ministers are fully aware of that and that is why of course johnson for instance has said they're now looking at a whole package of options they want to explore some of them for instance involve
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the idea of providing credits to medium and small sized enterprises in europe to continue to make deals and to trade with iran as so that the european part of the promise could be fulfilled and they will always be careful here not to provoke the u.s. too much it's it's a thin line they're dragging because one thing is clear the europeans do not want to risk any counter sanctions or kick of a type war with the u.s. here yeah and that leads to the next question you know how exposed are the europeans right now we know that after the iran nuclear deal was reached in two thousand and fifteen we had that we saw a lot of european a lot of german companies rushing in to invest in iraq. well here here are two numbers that will give you face ikey the answer and that is that the trade with iran between germany and iran totaled three billion euros now the
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trade with the u.s. and germany a total of one hundred twelve billion euros and if you want that already gives you the answer yes europeans are keen to keep the trade with iran going they have a vested business interest and they have not just a matter of pride because they help to bring this deal about but they also believe into the deal that there's also a diplomatic agency here they really want to keep this deal for the sake of it to provide security for europe but at the same time they are fully aware that there's a lot at risk and that is why boris johnson said we have to be realistic about the electrified rail on the issue here yet and the fact that we're even talking about these realistic sanctions being slapped on europe by the u.s. i mean it tells us that we have a deterioration in transatlantic relations have we seen things this bad before i mean are we looking at a real divergence where there is no coming back from the head of the european
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commission's uncle junker. said put it in a nutshell basically and said transatlantic relations are in a crisis now we had a crisis before for instance if you think back at the time of the iraq war but it was always a diplomatic route this time it's more than that because it's not just the fact that trump has rejected advice from key allies but he is questioning the entire architecture he's questioning a u.n. approved deal he's questioning the multilateralism that has brought this deal about a corresponding iraq is on the story for us tonight in brussels georg thank you. for sports news now germany coach you all can learn announced his preliminary squad for the world cup in russia today and while some players were surprisingly left out others still have a few weeks left to fight for their spot the announcement wasn't without drama either with two star players making headlines for their actions off the pitch.
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manno noise face welcome visitors to the german football museum on tuesday he was named in germany's provisional squad for the upcoming world cup despite injury concerns but the goalkeeper shouldn't book his ticket to russia just yet. no one can participate in this tournament without match fitness at the moment everything looks good the injury has healed completely right. with plenty of players at his disposal live gave some insight into his decision making process michael horowitz was the only dominant player selected. who scored the winning goal in the two thousand and fourteen final was left out. at the bronze in the equality mario is a quality player he has proven that to us but this season he wasn't at his best that's why i am very sorry for him this is your own business like the biggest surprise of the day was five books director niels peterson who has never played for
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the senior national team. leaders. nils played with a team that doesn't usually create a lot of chances in the future tortuous but he scored fifteen goals and being in the know from tortuous another at the when he steps onto the pitch he makes his presence known companies are new most of my gut feeling tells me that he will step up to the challenge thank you for the summit to be fixed. with his inclusion was no surprise yet he made headlines after meeting with turkish president rector tell you've gotten the encounter which team mate nico going to go and also attended will probably not affect the players future in the team though with live keen to ease any tension. between first and this i have some understanding for them eyes because i know that people with an immigrant background often have two hearts beating inside their chests and that is not always easy this is the gun so i'm focused i don't know who to playing and three faces will be wiped off this wall
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when the final squad is announced on june fourth one of them will be a keeper perhaps even man i neuer. and we have you think we are a keeper as well will be back at the top of the hour will more world news followed by the day who to see of the. stories that people the world over information they provide the paintings they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch and follow us.


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