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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is. our europe and the u.s. on a collision course with the e.u. council president lashing out at u.s. president. to inflate. it comes as european leaders discuss the nuclear deal and the threat of u.s. sanctions on european steel the widening transatlantic with what's at stake also coming up the white house admitting that planned historic summit with north korea could be in doubt president trump is still insisting on the denuclearization of
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north korea says that could end the negotiations before they begin. and a special report from in the experience of flying while staying firmly on the ground . it's good to have you with dogs are those a special bonds between europe and the u.s. are they breaking for good the transatlantic relationship is on shaky ground after a week that has seen the u.s. withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal as well as move its embassy to jerusalem both are moves that europe has opposed on tonight european leaders are meeting in bulgaria german chancellor angela merkel who has criticized the u.s. for leaving the deal is among the leaders taking part those leaders are expected to
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discuss what their response will be to the threat of u.s. trade tariffs on. well ahead of that meeting a european council president lashed out at u.s. president doubling trompe had some very strong we're. looking at the latest the physio's of president. someone could see them fitting. with friends like that who said anything. about frankly speaking. europe should be grateful by president. because thanks to him. we have got through it of all he loses. he has made us realize that if you need a hand. you will find at the end of your. alps some people showing him the polarizer from poland tonight's let's pull in our correspondent barbara bay's will she is in bulgaria covering that meeting for us
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tonight barbara when you hear words like that you have to ask for the transatlantic relationship how low can it go. it's pretty dead and very from where i stand here and so here because european leaders are angry tunnel to the president the council president whom we just heard he talks to leaders before he goes to a meeting like this and before he speaks out publicly and so he mira's what he heard behind the scenes on the telephone and personal meetings particularly and put them up front in france is here is because he feels that he has been made it it off to washington paraded around for three days then leaving empty handed and hardly had he left the trump says ha ha now i'm going to cancel the iran nuclear deal so european leaders are furious the transatlantic relationship is if you can't even talk about it anymore it doesn't exist at the moment it's on ice it's in deep
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freeze somewhere and then no trying to figure out how can they stand up against what they see as absolute and i to bully by donald trump ok so people may call it bullying other people may say it's the cold hard facts of the power of a superpower i mean the european union is not backing down from the iranian nuclear deal but how far is brussels prepared to go i mean at the end of the day barbara europe is powerless in the face of u.s. sanctions isn't. it is in a way and it is in the way not the question is friends are they prepared to you know pay the price on they not only prepared to you know talk the talk up walk the walk that means if the trump really came out against it was sanctions against european. enterprise and business. in iran and was to do business in iran and europe then strikes back and comes back with counter sanctions and we would
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send the global economy into a tailspin are they really ready to go that far i mean that's what's being talked about some more meek and some we need to talk to washington and some are really angry particularly the french so the question is what will they do as talk of course about the blocking a law that the e.u. still has on hold against international sanctions there's talk about ultra interest reams of finance of banking in europe to sort of go around the u.s. banking system so they are talking about practical measures stuff that's a big political decision they need to make and do you think after this meeting tonight or that europe will have a concrete plan that will make the u.s. president blink. not yet this is going to take a bit of time this is the first meeting they've had to together and there is going to be in the meeting next week in vienna particularly russian cooperation and
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participation and things will go from there there is a bit of time about a month to two months to figure out what to do europe just needs to know how to know and decide do we want to play hardball against trump or do we sort of want to be cowed and be what the french say in american vessel that is the big question here well it sounds better than being a poodle i'll tell you that probably in sofia bulgaria tonight thank you barbara. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has agreed to appear before the european parliament in the wake of the global data sharing scandal and tonio to johnny the parliament's president confirming today on twitter that zuckerberg will clarify issues as early as next week the british firm cambridge analytical shared the data of nearly three million e.u. based facebook users without their consent what amala has opened an embassy in jerusalem
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president jimmy merola's and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu would tended the opening today it came just two days after ten thousand were raised to a boiling point by the opening of the u.s. embassy in the city israeli troops shot dead dozens of palestinians at the gaza border fence in indonesia one officer has been killed and several others wounded in an attack on police barracks in the town of reality police shot and killed four of the usa lives and wounded one other the group slammed a minivan into a gate at the barracks and attacked officers with samurai sword. a man in china has escaped with more than forty five thousand euros worth of items in a daring raid on a jewelry store look at this video folks surveillance footage shows him squeezing under the store's shutters he wasn't fat before filling a bag making it fat and then making off into the night the police investigation is
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that it's unclear whether the much anticipated meeting is still on insisting that p. and yang must abandon its nuclear arsenal north korea says it will not take part in the talks if it is pressured to give up its nukes. history being written only a few weeks ago at a summit of the north and south korean leaders. where pyongyang said it was prepared to denuclearize. but now north korea has put on the brakes. in a possible sign of growing problems the north postponed a summit scheduled with south korea. the reason these annual us south korea joint military exercises that are currently taking place. on south korea expressed surprise and disappointment at the news. it's regrettable that north korea has decided to unilaterally postpone the upcoming high level talks. back in
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washington president donald trump said he had been officially notified about north korea's threat to cancel their planned to summit next month we haven't seen anything we haven't heard anything we will see what happens very early or the white house press secretary indicated that the president was prepared to roll with whatever decision the north koreans make. will continue with a campaign of maximum pressure that's the case but like i said if they want to meet the president will certainly be ready and we will be prepared but if not that's apparently trump has taken credit for shepherding the korean peninsula towards peace last month meeting newly freed u.s. citizens who had been held prisoner in north korea. their release was hailed as yet another sign of thawing relations with pyongyang but now out of nowhere things could be up in the air. where the university of michigan has reportedly agreed to pay five hundred million dollars to settle lawsuits brought by more than three
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hundred sexual assault victims of sports dr larry nasser nasser was a physician at the university as well as the team doctor for the u.s. gymnastics team since mid two thousand and seventeen olympic gold medalist as well as university athletes have come forward with accusations of sexual abuse spanning several decades nasser he was now fifty four has been sentenced to more than one hundred years in prison. are now. to india the country has a booming aviation industry right now with dozens of low cost carriers offering flights across the country but for the vast majority air travel still remains out of reach or one man has found alternative for those who may never get to take a real flight as all correspondent sonja form the car found out. the right that. it's a deed these children will remember all the lights for many it's the first time
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aboard an aircraft. but this plane won't be taking off the flight to nowhere is an airline with a difference going up without the our lord it officer passengers a taste of flying without ever leaving the ground. many schoolchildren here up were their families cannot afford a real ticket the passengers are treated to a full in-flight experience they receive boarding cards safety briefings. even refreshments of loved and board it's an eye opening experience. of seeing planes in the sky i used to think they were really small but now i know they actually huge. i now want to fly to london i've heard that a beautiful things to see a city. some lucky passengers even get to visit the cockpit. the man behind the project is behind the trunk gupta a retired aircraft engineer he sold his land and bought the decommissioned three
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hundred back in two thousand and three for six hundred thousand rupees that's about seven thousand euros a real bargain he charges people according to what they can afford as little as a few little cents or even nothing at all for the very poor. i belong to a very small delays. and i never expected i'll be coming then you know and then i'll be in the airline and then the people from my village days just to go to that coffee and they were not able to see that so that was actually a basic idea and basic you know the motivation that i would throw this in a couple of people. travel still remains a luxury for many people in india for those who may never get to take a flight this comes close to the real thing without leaving the ground and it's not the only place for it in delhi. not part of way a busy main road that runs battlement to the country davies international airport.
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it's the perfect spot in the evening to watch planes land. trees double up the streets. it's all about getting the right time to twenty. for the poor migrant workers here shelling out for cars and groupies of fifty euros put a cheap flight ticket is beyond their means. it's my dream to someday take a plane and fly to my village in bihar but that's only if i manage to scrape enough money together for a ticket. larry further on that away because regulars here swear this is the closest you can get as the two budgets take off i. play god in my village the planes fly really high up in the sky but from here you can see them up close it's an amazing feeling. why did. we need the money. but. not to be up in the.
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back of a flight to nowhere. see we need an evacuation experience. has an emergency situation seemed like so much fun. to have once again lifted the europa league trophy defeating olympic marsay three nil in a dominant display to go from superstar and. either. secured the victory with. adding a third late. or unable to recover from losing. an early injury those third league title in eight. from berlin for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company will be back. with
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