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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  May 18, 2018 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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on a lot of programming go in there either be sure you can show them with us our innovations magazine for. us from every week and always looking to the future on t w dot com for science and research. he's in iceland. and he's in argentina. your company got kicked off all the neat how can a country of just three hundred fifty thousand people compete with giants like
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germany brazil. how do argentinian feel about this year's world cup has received during this time the report says two countries go to the having common. that's right they both bring the two nations in the same world cup group iceland and argentina who will come out on top. thank you to kick off life to find out when you'll be experts to let's get started. and. the best story in football over the last few years demands a little trip. welcome to iceland.
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it takes a lot to upstaged leo messi but if any team is bigger than the little genius it's iceland the smallest country ever to qualify for the world cup york. dc's the viking hold descend on twenty four teams finalists argentina along with a talented nigeria side croatia round off one of the toughest groups. for most of footballing history iceland went on anyone's radar it was known for stuff like this. and there. how could a country and just three hundred fifty thousand people compete with giants like germany and brazil well that's all changed now. by slim finally qualified for the first of a major tournament the twenty sixteen european championship but i think than just my kids here at twenty six they they were the stars of the show. a first of a major tournament win against austria help them finish above eventual champions portugal in the group and they didn't stop there in the round of sixteen they beat
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the country west football was full. even the english adds a lot of cry. heavy defeat to eventual finalist from his father. but it was still an astonishing performance and they told him and say. so what was it like to go from being nobodies to everyone's favorite team in the blink of an eye and can they replicate they were twenty six team form in russia i need some icelandic insight to answer these questions. my name is chris. well i told them i am currently the treasurer. mission has always been to make every attendee at the stadium of a family i am a supporter of. the gomo started out by two thousand and twelve but last liar
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barker payment hookers are both the team and the media and we showed such an interest to involve the fans in the game just that first match for the friendly against the fair iowans i mean heyman came to the to the bar where we usually meet before the games and so it was just him and kind of us and he said that he would do this before every match. amounts that the bulk of fans motivate us to motivate the players so you're still doing it today we went to france to enjoy it and i mean we went there for the right just to tell. and for twenty minutes you know just you started believing and that result against portugal off course just some hope skyrocket and the. guy was great because we have said he wouldn't do anything in this tournament great with the stuff to suck and give it to the. well to be to heel and was a feeling like no other most of us that love football we grew up with the englishman to have that ties with the country and then beat it you know it was
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a it was a it was a unique unique feeling. i'm glad someone enjoyed it so what about the well kept kristin how would you and your boys fashion russia. before every tournament i would go through i'll always have to with with positivity you know i'm going to enjoy being at my first first world cup ever feels fantastic i mean in the it's kind of maybe this similar feeling to the match against portugal playing on alto but you know since we could make ronaldo cry i guess my message is nice of a man you. know i think the strength of the team for me is unique there's no one thing more important than the other you know that's how we grew up and that's how it kind of where culture. so i think in maybe has an effect on how we treat each other even if you have success in your field then you know you're still just a part of the small island you know you still despite a part of
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a small community well you know i always mention to players i mean that's obviously give us a was on the icelandic team is obviously weaker without it and then the second part is out a name of goodness on the captain i mean he means the heart and soul of the of the team he is the icelanders the viking gets them to play as a team. we're. creating this atmosphere together so i think that what goes on and in the stands as you know. represents maybe what's going on on the pitch as well it's that attitude of positivity that i think is kind of unique we're going to be it's what keeps us thinking in the work at school it's actually what makes it fun.
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i think can definitely expect a cascade of support in the world cup again and the ultimate underdogs but just as david and goliath. a giant there are. many giants the wrong word is more like you know. we can't talk about argentina without directing our attention to the man with skills as beautiful as an icelandic landscape the man who's had every football fan in his a decade messi. he's won a ludicrous number of trophies scored hundreds of glorious goals and been named the best player in the world five times but something is still missing from what should be the perfect career international success messi has often been criticized phase national team performances perhaps a little harsh considering he's the country's top scorer for some people he'd want to. charge a team as best as a player unless he wins the globe. and this could be his last chance
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thirty one during this summer's tournament although he's got the talent to continue for many years who knows if his body will put up with the strain and don't forget you already quit the national team once so can messi win the world cup the fourth time of asking let's take a look at the supporting cast there are certainly no problems up from argentina have two of the best strikers in the world sergio guerra has just wrapped up a third premier league title once again back in the gulf for manchester city and. eventers gonzalo higuaín has kept up his reputation as one of the deadliest finishes in the game. unfortunately for argentina the rest of the squad isn't anywhere near the same level. just look at the. averages sergio remember i can rack up more than ninety caps shows how little quality argentina has between the sticks. so it's a top heavy team that will probably need to score a lot of goals to get to the lots of stages if you need any more proof just look at
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their recent match against spain without messi they lost six want you'll need them to do much better in russia. so we've got to iceland and the things argentina but what about the other thing to. start with nigeria. first and foremost they have an absolutely outstanding kid just look at it. i'd like to see them automatically qualify for the final. but unfortunately for a lot of questions. let's have a look at. the premier league of alex it would be. up to have their exciting young players they look like superstars in the making with an exploded onto the scene they have had a more difficult time of it lately for their clubs but they both produce their best form for the super eagles and a strong world cup could mark them out as ones to watch for the coming years
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they'll be supported by some more seasoned pros like chelsea's victimizes and his former club team mate. the captain of the side i think already south african champions cowering in the qualifiers nigeria not to be underestimated. that leaves one more country and iceland have already played in qualification croatia actually finished. i saw him in the group they lost to them in that stadium right there something that we're looking to rectify it and that's one of them. and they certainly have the quality to do that especially in sense of midfield madrid's look a month which is the fulcrum of the team alongside fossilized rockets it. added right . and inches marcello bronzer bitch and they have some serious options in the middle of the park but also dangerous in the form of some exploited as we get stuck
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. into doing it even paris each bruising from mario. so who's getting out of this group well i suppose miracle go on men make it very well nigeria super bowl all midfield maestro. i thought about it long and hard is my prediction. but iceland will talk a tight. while argentina will just about stumble their way through and second. that means we'll be saying sack good bye to croatia. and last place nigeria. they just have to do it and i have to make it out of the group because it with no disrespect to any other team the world cup will be a better place as long as iceland fans are involved if you enjoy this video please like and subscribe and join me next time to write down group.
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you. where in the world is football the national religion. argentina's one of the world's most football crazy nation. well it's just it's an important. to know. this time around argentina wants to win the world cup again. football is a matter of national i don't get to go but i can you know if you were done. and done back in the no nothing seen. nothing i saw when argentina were defeated in the
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two thousand and fourteen world cup final by germany this seventeen time. said. i don't. want my love the monkey. i think it would be good for the team how do argentinians feel about this year's world cup ok missy during this time you can they finally beat germany again after thirty two years i came here to fight. so let's hit the streets of porno sites are out and i thought of it and i'm not. going to the family and say hello. oh i am.
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i arguing is a football powerhouse but it wasn't always like this let's take it back to where it all began. yeah but if it's obviously me. you want to you know that it doesn't get the promotion because of all the love that got us into the game i think that what is. going to show us that it's time. now that's an appropriate outfit. by the way one of the most part it's just a couple of shots away from you but he's not in because the coach is the second to visit him by and by not doing this he's an expert for state run t.v. images. so i guess his opinion is for next turning on. the argentina's rise to football same started here six forty years ago when the
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host of the one nine hundred seventy. which was the stadium right there. next stop up a pub and its bartender just. very well here you know where we are bring out a sunny tree. and it's. seventy eight was there. you know you had our very. warm or your worth around. here where there are pool maybe all i fear brings out the word that they're all going for a beer here you know premium or poor and you know more going on towards your goals i mean on the board orient well what are your weekend a few people here who say football is like art. was like the tango all over hit the world google is it.
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bad. they did it again in one nine hundred eighty six beating germany in the final in mexico and not only became a national hero and the world what i can it's. not doubt what i want to be said and it also for the web but it is my own a study and my cheat the little bit of the. education. so what i want. so much more pull the dollar. danger. money come was one of argentina as first female football coaches back to our driver tell him i knew about an assault on the ice from the national classic on ice from the well i don't know if you are. nine hundred eighty six was the last time argentina beat germany in the world.
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versus germany st in one asinus on the fringes of the city it seems to be the shortest street in the city is this the punishment for germany having beaten argentina four times between one thousand nine hundred and two thousand and fourteen with the. new. year bottom line do you believe the two of them are finals. and if you do you are. this is a journalist and travels around the world with the argentine national team. and i get it for many here germany will play a deciding role in argentina's quest for a third world cup. in the
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neighborhood i meet one couple of. years again every minute of it out on the over there you go to any. little never have time to fight them on your. and it's not the know. how the money is on the wall but a bundle. now with a little nimble whether the. good will see it was a bargain there one moment bernie goldberg. this one i don't know i see i don't know what upgrade of i don't know who they are but i'm you know if your your only thing wolf i don't who are going to be more prepared or. like it when you're going to put in so full of it i wanted a well known name but a symbol of one and one doesn't have enough of you know not. one dime of the bottom
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or now anything solid to know which would be in mine yes run up a bench yeah well you know in that case i might get them on the show but it's. come on two or three levels below germany that's a bit much. now off to la plata an hour outside of going to sites i need cheering with once about seven but only it was one agency's greatest players of the last two decades she played in sea world cups ninety eight two thousand and two thousand you should have some answers. there but it's a good food item on you it could be in the. he knew enough about a dude you know i mean did i mean that i was on the block on the s. for my buddies he will you know what i think when australians hear the money you know that i thought of it with a you know i won't. last i think that they would have been doing their personal
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nearly enough in the us to know questionis and anybody's. i don't want to go got me no particular solution she was like yes if you were. a i was. but then of course there is demand in the spotlight the unit miss seat but you don't do argentina actually almost failed to qualify for the world cup and russia but then came messi the messiah in the final match against a wide order. i . i can take them into the book. and amicalola but i think commissioner lennon will give my no intimate look i mean . this is something you know we're going to know who are the ones who just informing you you know if you don't know for my. notes you're on the morrow
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and i go. but i still want to be on the mrs it will feel like i'm going to india not. in this. set of money. in a song that. says you. can run a minute they have the best player in the world but they don't appreciate him and yet they built this underground cathedral in his honor well as tense he was already quite good but an entire subway station transformed into a missing museum is a pretty impressive. may see and argentina's relationship seems to be a complicated one. but there are about drama when you have. to live by government. and then one day i was amazed at what i'm going to get you know many people but i mean. it doesn't actually them i don't know one of them you know this woman called a woman will simply need to absolute. limits you know they
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have to see him a senior. but he also seen video. feed them to somebody but i don't know but i think when you want to get out of the wall he's put in dallas on video he's missed your family will go for meaningful speech and humor will but if you want to get out of this and don't in one go you know into a nice. little thing you know continue to learn not to know you're not going to be . in argentina one side is the. other thing is going to go to school with. thousands of kilometers of. i wonder and i actually really wonder what people here have to say so thanks to all of the way. god will come to an idea or something.
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i don't care i said oh yeah i think even assuming you feel if you're going to be neighborly in the interview let me. give you money idea and do a little bit actually you have a few minutes of the you change your mind even though you know very well the when you come in. he says you believe that a million of you know usual only so it's going to receive something she said when i said it's in your midst you know someone you know. i want to let you know you know he said he thought i miss you i'll give you a bit only the sound of you know i'm just happy to know that you need me call bill . hey i thought i was asking the questions here. may see or how should i know what does your mother in law think about our stars. to go show your beauty very much. but i know infinitely as you know what is the rule of when a nose is easy even the rule of. thumb in the room about mineral water but i
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did it a doodle of the didn't have room for you. and as i drove through the un sim market back in one aside as i had a bit of time to think come on argentina let's be real if not messi who is going to deliver you the world cup the hopes of the whole country lie on his slender shoulders no matter how you look at it. looks like it's time for me to pick up a new shirt. i'm a decent pass and i medicine all meant to do it without making. it was our last one day yeah. let's see. it's a shirt off your main man dearest argentina. leo
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messi. finally i even found out that my germany square kind is quite big not sure of the argentineans will celebrate their two thousand eight hundred world cup victory right here just. one of these few. i. am sure missy with all the pressure put on but if argentina win the title seven probably just rename the entire country to what they call it. being out of. any ideas in the comments below. me i'm just. going to get out and out of money i lost it as well but first of all they have to be i slammed gratiot times and then let me tell.
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you love you argentina whenever possible. the be.
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a. contest screaming the film's down just what you'd expect from cannes film festival . as well as posing for a wedding present tense. demonstrating straining. the flashbacks a male colleagues face the question is. your romance thirteen.
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essential see it find it hear it discover. video and audio podcast to language courses in the g w media center at media center dot w dot com. freedom of expression has. a value. ways has to be defended and new. over the work. of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w. dot com freedom. into an official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans have been colombia legally and illegally. returned to
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venezuela. i visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know when i lived there again i don't know so i'm not sure. that witness global news that matters. made some minds. want to see what's going on and all of the emergency that you know what you have to go if i did. the job microscope would have been but the knowledge it would come better and better and better over the years we were in the fat zero for example. by when in fact about the molecular detail and therefore people at the bottom of the five did much more easily if i were to speculate about what's going on but if they i can't imagine that you will admit that the cause of got much better and that to you the number of cancer cases there is you are going to be live
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a much more fulfilling life because many diseases shortcomings called the faith can be counteracted logically yes it will but they are far along the field of the life . european commission president john claude junko has said the e.u. will take steps to reactivate a so-called blocking statute in a bid to save the iran you could call it the law could make it illegal for your companies to comply with american sanctions against iran the so-called blocking statute was last used more than twenty years ago. the u.s. senate has confirmed to china has bill as the cia's first ever female director she faced tough questioning of the her role in running a secret.


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