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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  June 1, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer made it to the top. in our web special. dot com. football made in germany. there's a lot to get through here i'm going to be a. german fans korean the. swedish suppressors. for mexicans. here in russia in today's kickoff world cup come down
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a little down on good if. that's not serious he said often enough french german champions wrote. a bit of a problem. for twenty eight famously another knew that they'd go. and might do it again. to take some group stage and what about mexico. take over paul to israel heads to his home country. this is mexico to find out how strong germany's biggest group leipold really is. just down what we believe for the mexico and why that fans believe in victory. maybe folks will get pleasure from. the whole world when a cup but only one team can win kickoff is ready for the world cup by you. chief.
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so my group best lie down i have to leave him behind and travel to munich the heart of german football. germany the reigning world champion. the team that everyone wants to be but no one wants to play. for a country that's reached more world cup finals than any other. so will twenty eight teams be another year of the eagle. the reigning champ have a tricky grigs another guy might face south korea north american joins mexico and italy's vanquishes sweetening group bad news going to claim the top two spots. like every country germany has its stereotypes. about
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a beer. but the big one is football and for good reason. germany has won the world cup four times only brazil have won more titles and as the current champions there among the favorites to win it again it's time. for the big question on everybody's lips is can i do it again can you know you love make them the first team since brazil in one hundred fifty eight and sixty two to win hearts and back well cops. let's take a good hard look at this water. if we're talking about the germany as i mean one place to start. this place. whereby munich and a fake contingent of the joe. so. for
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years now by and of prided themselves on providing ready made partnerships to the national team and is no different this year four of germany's back five may well be by and players. just as long as manuel neuer finally gets over his injury problems the same goes for jerome both saying is an immovable object and they'll be joined in the back line by one of yogis favorites joshua kimmie. and it's not just defenders either thomas miller is already world cup legend. the folks in the box has already scored ten goals and. for those of you keeping score miroslav klose record is sixteen and miller is only twenty eight. he'll be very keen to plug a few more even if his goalscoring form has taken a bit of a dive in the last couple of years and continuing their favorite hobby of buying everyone else's best players by and have signed up lame gorecki for the coming
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season and because it fits my narrative i'm premise charlie counting him as a buy and. of course if we're going to talk about buying this current germany stars we also have to remember their players who have hung up their boots since twenty four think. like bastian schweinsteiger became the abiding image of his career see the warrior bleeding for the cause as germany beat argentina in the final. he won't be around to do it this time nor will the captain from the rio trial philip called it quits with the nazi another elf in the aftermath of the tournament germany are missing some key figures from their twenty four team success . can they repeat the performance in spite of that let's us the good people of munich. if you don't recognize this beautiful building behind me it. munich town hall why
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is that relevant well it's where all those by and plays i mention celebrate their many trophies. germany has ruined this song for me. where better to ask fans whether germany can retain the biggest trophy of them all. the students stretched it comes to flushing out the other things from divinity so one did speak for no one no no no no it was so it's a vicious monomoy for goods as well but it's a bit outside of us to keep our fingers a little. closer to finding something in for better bad. boys finish a speech to. the mostly french to help us reduce what the boys seem to bunch of admits he saw the locals are pretty confident and i don't blame them they seem
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really does have it all first class goalkeepers. noise back up is barcelona's mog. top quality defense with a buy in boys holding the full force. midfielders we can call like sammy kidd era. midfielders who can play like tony crossing yulian draxler. forwards with skills like as it is il the new. and forwards. like team and leroy sunday so what about the teams on enviable task of playing germany in the group stage. there's a lot to get through here i'm going to be. south korea and. the. team with plenty of current and former but dislike of players one of them is a bit special. men was already
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a good player when he was at hamburg and later cues and since joining them he's taken his talent often know. how to execute judge she also has a good goal scoring record for the national team. the target warriors will need both of them on top form of the top of. one to the next country mexico. now three have real pedigree when it comes to getting out of the group they've done so times they do have a slight problem with getting any further than the last five tournament they've gone out in the round of sixteen. and further this time a lot depends on how they are not as the country's top scorer of all time and he's got an understudy to help him out of it having laws on always be up and coming striker looking for a breakout world cup. so they have options up front but what about the rest of the
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team on the first quarter dato is hugely experienced with almost one hundred fifty caps to his name. and there's a bundle a good connection to frank says marco fabio non-color south saito are in the squad there's also guillermo chela famous for shutting out brazil of the last world cup. and for having excellent head. and now for the loss to sweden it's called. the swedes have already done germany a huge favor by knocking out it's early it's even the germans have got out two more times than they can't remember again there's a boom is legal link here. making the money and now all of these teams are focused right. now is locked on a brain of it just quit the team to spend more time looking in the mirror the start is an ill forsberg abhi like six impish attacking midfield. and they have two
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experienced heads up front in markets and so on but how far will all that take them . i think on another bit while i work it out. ok i've got it germany are easily in this group and true to form mexico. that means sweden will be heading home. along with south korea. but to finish the story of we need to go back to berlin. the reason i had to come back to berlin is this street right here the stretch of road between the brandenburg gate and the victory column or as its better known during major football tournament the fan mile. it's here that hundreds of thousands of germans watched the twenty four team final and welcomed the victorious team back.
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so will we be seeing a repeat of those scenes right here this summer as well. retaining the world cup is so tough and so rare i don't think germany can do it but if you think i'm wrong tell me why. if you enjoy this video please like subscribe and join me next time to break down. so we wait till next week to find. eight groups. where. we've waited for years but now it's finally here. it's finally a world cup time again. all you really wanted to know about russia twenty eight c. drive here i'm told we don't. into the details so who are the biggest players what
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are the biggest stories not just from the office we've traveled across the world to want to see your questions in missy during this time. is colombia prepared. what do you think as i said going to work at some fly around the world and land in russia to track germany's golden boys with kick goals. and you keeping a special high on team germany a k a shot that. let's get the cup again. gets to the first luncheon mopar shiny place english for my dear father get make us your favorite during the world cup get to subscribe to kick off new kid channel for all of our woke up company. that's where you'll find all our world cup reports from around the globe we get the lowdown on colombia spain iceland and argentina up next is mexico.
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mexico is crazy about football so crazy that they really believe that they're going to win the world cup so i paid my countrymen a visit to see what's going on with these guys my name is right there so. i don't mexico. but also germany. i am sports journalist or no i must be in the forest also i keep the money up and all seven people around the u.s. and also an impression of the super fund. and even when these funds are not a mensa star they don't try to intervene as a result of this consolation i'll come to the mexico national squad as one of the favorites to make equal. to the mexicans in mexico are convinced they're going to be the next time when it's time to. make a call. so i asked my editors to send me a box. let me try and speak with the people in the city in the towns at the stadium
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and in the streets i want to understand why the pizza. place is mexico's. fate spicy food. music and football and football is the more they all snarled up missing even if you. fall asleep before the money in part because of the premier league. if you want to understand the present you have to understand the past. football has been for ages literally in the blood of the mexicans the asterix to my just another original courtrooms from the area used to practice with the pedal to. the roots were in the sack with the same for instance the winner wasn't given up all the
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books instead he was sacrificed for the joy of the gods but the spirit was more or less the same the fact is that my quandary is not one of the favorites to conquer russia so i decided to come to walk a lot harder to understand what to believe for the mexico and spirit all new you. represent the base and it's a moment of mental process around me and then there is making course. this goddess crazy about their national sport and they're even though they are going to win the world. you know one of you know. what in the olympics london two thousand and twelve was our biggest international success no one expected all of mexico so now we believe in that world cup. and. maybe question face more but i gather more the more your moment the ole miss will. as for ghana. kissed.
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me last. year was so you know this that if. you don't need to be world champion to dream about being the next. to be a serious candidate when such a tournament you need more than just hope but soccer really need to be just about call facts that people in mexico might know that their terms are not big even so in this country full of magic football becomes a way to tell yourself that dreaming is more important that the three meters. it will be a major change for the future of this country a lot of things will happen very positive things will happen like. i think will be a major change in the. cells. in the world so.
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many big there is in politics. sports for the mexican in the world basically the most. back in one thousand thirty mexico played the opening game at the first work up in europe against france so basically we are partners with half baby and fifteen world cup tournaments only four qantas has played more so we have been on the international scene for a while and have had some great players. for centuries could come course well to my local rafa marcus. part we can't keep up with a big box for half never made it past the quarterfinals in the last six tournaments we were out in the wrong of last sixteen. yet we still believe who could lead us to the title. culture.
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soft over two thousand and fifty the fifty seven year old has been at the helm. at last world cup here poured in some big performance. since two thousand and eight different mourinho has been playing in europe he has the most experience on the back. guttural sounds little place for either from fourteen germany he's known as. from fourth is mark. q both of strings in midfield and sets up the charity. these guys have followed of experience going into the russia work up is it enough for the title mexican certainly think so . fate around ninety five percent of all mexicans are christian most of them
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catholics. we are an optimistic people whatever the circumstances. are out of things here aren't going well. and our nation our team our work on destruction. hit the road. into the little towns in rural mexico far away from the spotlight of professional football to people hardworking people also have big dreams but in such a big contract is difficult to build a consensus an infrastructure of in order to promote your program. the lack of economic development is also a handicap for these children. javier martinez worked to help them to find their way in such a difficult panorama she is convinced the three talents are hidden here and manage our project to connect little. schools with professional football teams. are
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pressured by the red bull is accepted and i can think. of a lot of all blacks will sit by the stylists but optical money that get by animals laying out a cialis fundamental belief bama as well if you see the real must we have a list of items to prop up the money that gets uncle mo he has ruled i list a stay at the never yes with me of since about social programs i mean this will mean one b.n. think that that or that i say this out of all your football least because of that with they will get by on that matter not for a moment but but oh you are right i would have put on my you unless i was in a square less. friends when you were here with me are your. thoughts in the form of the democrats who will look across the aisle to think it was the honest pointed out i see a little i said a little of generals. and for. you know what i meant there that the funny thing because i don't see that as one in which an opinion i left that office who said
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a promise from the. so what if players in my home contras were found out for cover when will be much more likely. the moment they. say you are or not and i was a football. first one up at a party on sunday will prophesy of none. of those or i do that would mean. i will get there. it's not that there is no money for full body in mexico it's more that the vestments stay in the peaks but there are very professional and good organized cots in mexico. is the second biggest city in the country i'm told the most popular theme. if you want to get a sense of what football means here. what you must use michael you make
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a film and boom here it come in a. cheap sport group deportivo is the most successful club in mexico the sparks mostly made up off players born in mexico i was there and just to give us one nearly everything the national team was basically also that club side keep us peace more than just a. long rest of us will see some we can muster you know stand as ok you get anything for this one occasion i met a couple you can look at your course and he can mark up i fancy you see i don't mean your puppy listen to. what i'm. trying. to this is. the people's team it's a team then powers all types of people in mexico she was it's more about just
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players all over of the team by has money to buy in a season whatever it's about tradition i think that one of the best expressions that i like about defining what u.s. is is you know. the. virgin mary you know the original story. and to us. one of the close most famous songs is to try to tow truck she was she went to manchester united on our own record goalscorer is supposed to get also to the title does she believe i don't know but people believe. football is a sport. it's passion and especially mexico it's a way to believe that the future can be better. it's not just pure naivety. country it's a belief. believe in the national team to believe in themselves so
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much as the top of the mexica the end of this storm. so i also want to make you go. out on the. mexico want to ruin germany's title defense so does everyone else isn't that right . so what is the take twenty consecutive world cups. gate all touchy of sight of god so when the pope said to question the. alamo in the. dust to dust. it off.
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and check all accounts and concentrate you can file you being in all three months not to last. impress you didn't run for course one begin break by the c.z. mom. i will pay all of sweet on my conscience. i mean if you give one. gets lunch. they say nice for my. ideas and when you. touch even if you do but if you cut through. the toughest evil four hundred number go with us in the west london see your illusion of munch often feast with. each music style of god at least. muffy shellfish before you vote you should be or
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this is day to. day challenges for the european union in a new prime minister just become take up his capital finally sworn in the country's new government mocked at the euro skeptic outlook we'll bring you the latest from russia also on the program the instability in spain that key members of the e.u. lawmakers.


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