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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 4, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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bridge. report starting june eleventh on g.w. . europe welcomes our ally israel's prime minister begins his whistle stop tour of european capitals in emboldened by america's withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal that he made netanyahu tells germany's i'm going back in time to get tough. also on the program.
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i feel go welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel is a great with her israeli counterpart benyamin netanyahu that iran is causing security problems in the middle east the concession at that meeting in bend was in response to the hardline stance mr netanyahu is advocating on his brief tour of european signatures to the iran nuclear deal today's meeting between chancellor and prime minister was their first since the united states pulled out the deal i do w. got political correspondent and young he's here to guide us through it to welcome simon mr netanyahu talked a great deal about iran the dangers of iran which has been the source of this tension between germany and israel and that's right now i think this was the key focus of this meeting between the teeth leaders. and the miracle saying that you know she. they both agreed that iran poses
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a huge threat to the region and she said that they were united in determination to make sure that iran never gets its hands on a nuclear weapon so that they can agree of course where they don't agree is about the best path forward from where we are right now israel you know saying that there is no mileage atoll in the iran nuclear deal which trades essentially lifting of sanctions on iran for greater oversight over the rayney a nuclear program. mr netanyahu thinks that that program itself is actually counterproductive because it's the lifting of sanctions is allowed iran to fund a shiite militia in syria he says which is going to spread religious war across the region and he talked to quite a drastic image of inflammatory actions of refugees waves of more
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refugees will be arriving in europe he said. the europeans and chancellor merkel among them of course think that that iran deal is the best worst option if you like it's the best way to keep some oversight over water iran is doing with nuclear technology also to have some leverage and to keep the dialogue going which of course is important the language is quite interesting and chancellor of course is no hand well fists but on the other hand this out on the on hobbs he was saying yes iran is. probably as bad as you think as you say it is but on the other hand as you say if the deal is the least worst thing but also she was talking and shit she talked about the. plight of the palestinians in gaza saying that germany would what was in a position and would come to their economic aid yeah i mean that's that's certain we don't get much detail from what we've been told about that but certainly she was criticizing. actions by palestinians in gaza against israeli forces but at the same
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time saying that she discussed with the israeli prime minister what could be done to assist the civilian population in gaza and alleviate their situation so and interestingly also she was specifically saying again that germany remains committed to the two state solution between the palestinians and israel of course has been a lot of talk lately about you know the abandonment of that idea essentially and more more likely we're going to see a one state solution many in israel say so at least to me let's hear from the chancellor merkel in her own words spoken through an interpreter. that after this terrible crime against humanity and that was the shall we stand here before you today ounce allies i think is a great gift from history but we have to watch for this every day so i think the talks for me very important ones. agreeing to
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disagree but useful even though both sides knew where the other story yeah i mean of course these meetings are always overshadowed if you like by by history and mr netanyahu as well mentioned the historic alliance between the two countries because of history and he thanked its commitment against anti semitism and that's that's a topic here in germany at the moment because the number of anti semitic incidents here is there's a reason so you always get that kind of that sense of tension that sense of community between the two countries because of course germany has repeatedly said that it fully supports israel's right to exist and you know and backseat in that existential sense but on these concrete issues in particular on iran and these regional tensions that come from that there are real concrete difference in
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let's let's hear from the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu in his own words speaking spoken by himself to. alarmed of the relationship between israel and germany. and next one wanted has to store. foundations because of the unique experience that we have undergone you're obviously and the commitment that you and previous german governments but you sustained it with great. great vigor great conviction your commitment to israel's security the security of the future of the jewish state is deeply appreciated by me by the people of israel we live in interesting times are we when when and leaders can be opposed to each other on various issues but still you not see it in other yeah and you know i think what you're seeing here as well is sort of ongoing mending of relations between the two countries that have been quite strained recently you might remember just last year the the german foreign minister was in
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jerusalem and netanyahu cancel the meeting with him because he had met some opposition groups and they have been tensions like that they've been mending over recent months and we now have a new foreign minister heiko mossies he's expressed a very sort of pro israel view and and so i think relations are are improving but undoubtedly you've got tension and and you're going to see that continue particularly on iran because that's a fundamental point salmaniya as ever thank you. jordan's prime minister has resigned his departure follows days of widespread protests which is true thousands of people onto the streets demonstrators want to the prime minister to go because of his government's planned tax increases which have been backed by the international monetary fund these are the largest process the only stable country has seen in recent days the king has now asked former world
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bank economist omar was that too full and you couldn't. get out of his is here now and it's a day getting ready for a new political era with potentially dangerous economic consequences that's right the country's government was finally sworn in on friday ending months of political uncertainty and the threat of a repeat election boss investors remain nervous since the coalition promises to increase spending and slash taxes which would add cit leigh's already substantial pile of debt which actually stands at two point three trillion euros at the moment you prime minister is that the conti's colleagues have promised voters a basic income of seven hundred eighty euros per month as well as lower taxes and the government also vowed to challenge european union fiscal rules warring the rest of the eurozone or the time when italy depends on the european central bank to borrow more money that coupled with the new government and the european sentiments
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is stoking fears that the bloc third largest economy might become its new problem child now let's bring in our financial correspondent who said about the frankfurt stock exchange just give us an idea how risky is this situation right now in italy . well you just counted up her so many points that are a recipe for distress and destruction here in the financial markets and make it difficult for most observers outside of italy to imagine that this country can move forward and can move forward in a sound and financially stable way in such a way. as not to bring excitement into the eurozone and considerable worry and perhaps worse on the face of it today the trading has been benign was already so on friday the shares going up slightly but not tanking the euro stable and even a tally of debt government bonds going up today and the yield that is the kind of
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return they give to investors much above what it was last week at the beginning of last week when there was real turmoil over the worries on italy on the surface of it people tell me it's the certainty that there is an italian government but you know everyone i talk to here is super worried about it it's the main worry at the moment italy will it survive will it remain stable financially in some way will it stay in the euro and if not what does that do to the rest. what's the european central bank's role in all this. it's the role of the lender of last resort and if it were not there at the moment it's still buying thirty billion euros in bonds every month then people here are certain that we would already be interim all and a european debt crisis would be showing that self and turmoil in the markets if it were not for the e.c.b.
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that's what boston funds would for us thank you very much. and that's all your business needs back to fill. so your argument love has cut down his world cup squad to a final selection of twenty three with the germany coach dropping one of the country's brightest young talents leroy sunday who stands for the english champions of manchester city's season i will not be heading to russia a forward bills pattison also missed the cut along with it defend a young earth and top and goalkeeper ventilate the captain manuel neuer has made the squad after proving his fitness to germany's pretty world cup training camp. so let's go through this with max merritt from d.w. welcome max so let's start with that that big shock then why has us left out the star when leroy sonny yeah he certainly showed his ruthless side now in the past
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lives often pick players not based on their club form very much been loyal to certain players who've delivered for him in the germany shut and based on his club form son i was nailed on for me even to start in the tournament see scored fourteen goals provided nineteen assists in england he was voted as the young player of the year by his fellow colleagues so that shows how highly he's regarded i mean the list he joins a list there of players like gareth bale christian elder wayne rooney to name but a few and he's played in the last six games for germany all six of the last seven i should say and hasn't really delivered overall in twelve games zero goals there was cysts so in the germany shirt he hasn't really shown his best form and live said it was a very close decision between him and julian brandt who also hasn't really performed for germany was part of the confit cup squad last year that was victorious in russia the precursor to this year's world cup tournament so maybe that played into his mind but on social media people have been very shocked in sunday has been
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trending and you know while they have performed i would have taken them definitely and sometimes you need a little spark like mario gets approved last time around when germany won the world cup. he scored the goal in extra time that said goalkeeper manuel neuer he was also slightly dodgy but he seems to be in what he is it now yes i mean he probably get prevent preferential treatment being the captain as well as being a firm fix from this team for many many years we saw for instance egypt today released their squad with mom it's a lot and he's been someone who's been injured but obviously being a star player has gone we see him on a lot he did make a few key saves in his first competitive outing since september after he was injured for such a long time with an ongoing injury let in two goals you can't really fault him for either of those two goals so probably deservedly goes on but not too good start losing to want to get to austria what's how did that result play into this election i mean in certain ways it didn't toll because you look at it until you really get
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nicklaus who are the defenders in front of noir who are probably more it felt for those two goals both of them go on the plane and you one of them top you didn't play in that game is out of the squad on the other hand they didn't play it well again and newspapers and he was a surprise inclusion in the preliminary squad he also didn't make the cut so i think it played a little bit into his mind but probably the training camp was what gave live the real information he needed and so he's made the selection and now he's made his bed he left out a lie in it we will talk about it tomorrow but for now thank you you thank. williams has pulled out of the french tennis open a peck toral injury that affected her serve of course they're to withdraw ahead of a fourth round match against long time rival maria sharapova thirty six year old is playing a first a grand slam since having a child made while german i'm going to. beat france is the kind of wind gusts in straight sets to reach the five final eight she'll face world number one simona
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halep on wednesday in the men's singles at ten time french open champion rafael nadal beat germany's maximillian mattera to reach the quarterfinals responded nicknamed the king of play as the reigning champion and favorite for the title. i set you up to date i'll have more for you about the top of the hour in the main hard in the meantime of course there's always the web site that's w dot com i'm going to. my first vice a was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by the social evils even something as simple as learning how to write them by psychos isn't easy since i was a little girl i wanted to have those guys i'd lost my home and it took me years to . finally gave up and mention buying young lives like that and returns with the
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sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for those than rising i'm biased as knowledge i was in need to those women back home for bones by the juneteenth and social rules and informed him of old dead basics like. my name is dave out of the home and i war z. to. hi everyone i'm here at the luxembourg airport to taking off to berlin. to.
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leave good morning i am in new york i am warming up. my invoking back to serious music today we're at my musical home the flow of money in berlin one hundred one musicians all music lovers not professionals from thirty different countries from australia to trinidad and tobago aged between ten and seventy five are all here today they formed a very special orchestra and today we're featuring the monks there is music to be filled orchestra conducted by simon rattle. was the senior from hong kong you can come in la q it's my chinese name and i'm playing obama i'm home i come from the netherlands and there i work as
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a police officer and. i play the french horn i'm on their time p.l.o. i'm from spain. and i play by a little maybe. i'm an engineer i run my own company in brazil that's where i'm i'm from and i'm here to play the cello my name is. i'm a violinist in daily life i'm a dentist and i have my office and. i'm john from korea and i play the violin jeremy i'm twenty five years old and i'm from canada i'm a violinist and in my day to day life i'm a lawyer. musicians for brahms simply number one for treating even berlin first with stanley dogs and it's a sign of russian. stand to be feel orchestra is actually really your baby
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you came up with this idea and she you know gets the last year with simon's here and simon is very much a part of this idea because he just absolutely embraces anybody who loves music so you prepared the orchestra simon's come in at the last moment that's that's the life of an assistant conductor isn't it our wins i lost my mind i mean he's really working very hard with the orchestra as we speak now actually but now i have someone has to take charge of how we're going to organize as having do the application process and how we're going to make the decision the very very difficult decision of how to reduce nineteen hundred people who are interested to come and then what they were required to do was. submit a video showing what they could do on their instruments and also telling us a little about themselves and all these people are berlin film on it fans absolutely and i think what's so wonderful about that b. fellow officer is now they have the chance to take our place and we sit on the outside and we listen to them play.
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down. could we be a noble probably aggressive. progression quite a good thing for all over the world but you know ok so you want. daphne welcome to berlin thank you and you're a pilot so the obvious question is did you fly yourself here no no no. i have my only day says i where for a week so yeah someone else feel me as someone else you really do you do a good job yes. you fly seven three seven zero home as well and i also heard you have your own orchestra yes with my airline and we have a very own orchestra and it's called america strong what does it mean for us it's like a hobby but is it you find it very peaceful do you find it you like the life as a compliment the flying by the flying life is very rational and it's all about
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digits and. counting and i see all those little buttons that none of us know exactly. and playing an artist writes about emotion and about feelings and that's so very good as a compliment because you cannot use emotion and feelings in a in a as a yes or violet but we hope perhaps after the ending and i'm just not during the flight phillip you had the furthest journey to get here from the fellow where did you come from i came from melbourne in history and i've been to australia and the jetlag is crippling how do you manage here i came a week earlier as well so that's very clever the things player my wife he also had one of the longest journeys to get here he comes. from trinidad and tobago what is the musical life like where you live it's different from here with classical music is now coming coming into its being but. because it be seen as more calypso and jazz how did you get interested in classical music from the first city
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i phone and my parents cause it was of the. the piano concerto from says then of love classical music. fans and simon i just listen to a bit of the rehearsal it sounds incredible it sounds even better than i imagined and you look like you're having a fantastic time in some ways it's better and more beautiful of more loving than any professional orchestra out of course you go there and there are a few things that i'm perfect but it's full of the music and it's full of the
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meaning of the music of course is a stage full of incredibly intelligent professional people who are bringing all that to bear on this thing that they last so what's it like it's. it's. like i'm living a dream and yet so very it's quite on but because this is a different place that i have played it all so it sounds different to get something small and other things. right. so it's challenging but it's a sizing it's kind of never again because you know each conducting you know you're taking. inches. their interpretation of the music so you have to be really. tuned in and in trying to do everything. and also just make sure that you're having the decisions on how do you work differently with them to treat them like you would a professional orchestra i treat them like a professional orchestra but we have for the thing that absolutely everybody is
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desperate to be here and that they've come from every corner of the globe to be here so we better work with them for as good as they are so why is this so important for our music world the sort of project music is for everybody and we've all believed this and this has been really one of my most important goals while i was here to spread just every way that you make it you take it out into the community you invite we go out it's other people come in that we are all one community professional i met a young old. music it's just music is they are so many things that's office there's music for today the concert here is about to start and i'm going to enjoy this incredible experience i hope you enjoy it to see you next time if there is music by.
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the. i have. passed.
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through each thank you. for the be so concerned. it was our open day at the ceremony and we were surprised to see photos of the flash mob of berlin or atlanta starring they'd be there horns and a surprise guest and. you know for her.
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the iranian. ambassador. home to ancient ruins the center of winemaking. the birthplace of the world famous philosopher. welcome to treat one of the older citizens or. i want to find out what the romans wanted here what shape city's most famous son
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and how it all relates to his ill wife. the sophisticated a bank depositor of the horn till last. the fin of a fish that's good for a surprise. all of us forces of ionic researcher investigates nature's own high tech to inspire his own pioneering work in medical technology. the animal kingdom is a treasure trove of brilliant ideas tomorrow today in a sixty minutes on d w. because the germans came together in one nation from shall the money to chancellor also from bismarck. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. nice well formed ways to bring my royal college of bass to protect christendom spread the truth.
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a week before they could be called the enemy in toppling her. and steered by courageous decisions for the free must follow the plane . going to the germans every week on. game playing.


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