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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2018 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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on steel i'm callin you with measures all because of the whole right american problem so we'll move that's right and another backlash for washington. analysis of the top story imo i had a business update sorry and very very shortly i'll be back at the top of the aisle to. learn german with w. . anytime anyplace. with or with jo jo and her friends. colleagues the sanctity of. life issue it's great to see some special joy in the course of work with friends all
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over the world. online and interactive. german to go. learn german for free with d.w. . looking. good. american bourbon whiskey and cheese will get more expensive in mexico as soon as the mexican government far is all for italians or the us could this be the donald trump chance to tear up the not agreement once and for all. less than three weeks to go before kiel actions in turkey on his inflation is running away when again with prices skyrocketing.
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also on the show on world environment day we looked at asia the region's booming economies dump more plastic into the seas than the rest of the globe become bind. busy w. business live from berlin and this after the us is tariffs on mexican steel and other many a mexico is now retaliating with tariffs on american farm and steel products bourbon whiskey bourbon whiskey well cheese steel and motorboats phase duties of twenty to twenty five percent say trump could use mexico's retaliation to finally rip up the nuff the trade deal between mexico canada and the us trumps economic advisor larry kudlow said today that the president would prefer to negotiate separately with canada and mexico. now to see how that went down the markets and go to sleep in frankfurt only is this the move to waiting for dash any any enough to hopes. yes it's certainly giving them ammunition
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to say that mexico is not playing ball and canada probably won't either and irrespective of the fact to move first you know he has a case to make to his voters but here there is someone who's trampling on the united states' interests and it could lead to the beginning of the end of nafta but you know this the reaction to this also shows how bizarre this whole conflict is the mexico of mexico's pays or the currency when sharply down when the news came and that of course is detrimental to both sides if you will the mexicans they get more competitive with the lower pay so they get more attractive as a location for for factories but that could lead to jobs going into mexico but on the other hand of course with the americans. they can't sell their products as well
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in mexico so that's only one of the side effects that policies like these yield and they're not positive with this tit for tat what is doing that to the mood in the markets. it's very quiet you can see behind me the dax it's going up and down and basically that movement is typical for the past few days and. in between you see sharp movements downwards last week the bond market crashed in southern europe spain and italy over the development in italy and that since recovered but sharp movements like that are a sign that the market is super nervous and the lack of stable development upwards or maybe even downward shows that the people in the market are not happy campers are not happy. where they are and when you have movements like this then you see that italy is on the mind but a trade war also with a trade war of course no one winning in the end difficult times on the market.
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thank you. donald trump is also facing increasing pushback over his import tariffs at home two of america's most wealthy businessmen want trump steal an element of them tires lift it as well as those lined up on chinese goods the billionaire koch brothers backing a multi-million dollar campaign against the terrorists better known for using their wealth to support ultra conservative agendas and it's unusual for the industrialists to oppose a republican president that contained the man's house and senate votes on any new us. inflation rate in turkey has hit a six months high president have tired out of iran has been struggling to keep to keep inflation down crucial for any politician who wants to get reelected and that election is just around the corner. shoppers have plenty of options in istanbul's faint markets but there's less money in the pockets of turkey shoppers and that
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despite a supposedly strong economy the upswing is yet to register here. hundred fifty grams of cheese cost twelve lira today it was five just three months ago. everything is more expensive the dollar is climbing and climbing the election is coming up how is this supposed to go on. the lira has lost nearly twenty percent of its value since the beginning of the year a euro currently costs five lira and thirty one cents the central bank raised interest rates in an emergency move several days ago president otherwise a friend of lower interest rates kept quiet but urged his countrymen to remain loyal to the turkish currency. don't invest your leader in foreign currencies keep your lira only then can we show the national resolve that is our duty to the fatherland according to heir to one a foreign conspiracy is behind the crisis in reality turkey is
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a prosperous country whose economy is in full bloom he maintains. he points to mega projects like the third boss bruce bridge or the new istanbul airport scheduled to open later this year as the world's largest turkey's economy grew by more than seven percent last year but experts warn that the upswing is all on loan. every investment made in recent years was financed by debt which our kids and grandchildren have to repay sure we're building bridges we're building tunnels but we're not building with our money we're spending money today that we only might be able to recoup at some point from these projects in the future. the german firm nordics builds wind turbines in turkey business virtually disappeared after the attempted coup two years ago but things have turned around since the beginning of the year and yet investors have been hesitant since the announcement of elections is. this. this. process is
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now much slower investors take a look and think for a moment and say let's make our decision after the elections and that's why there's a distinct slowdown. everyone is added to the uncertainty with a sharp statements during the campaign he announced that he would personally take over interest rate decisions following his reelection something the central bank handles independent of the president the finance world was alarmed it was. a country in which there's no trust in the rule of law and that constantly provokes the west just to appease its core voters that's not a country that makes foreign investors feel very confident to get to next that situation as a strategic move in early election before discontent. starts to grow might be smarter than a later one but it could still be a close one for everyone june twenty fourth. today is world environment day and the united nations is raising the alarm about plastics
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pollution it calls it a planetary crisis plastic is cheap lightweight and durable but it's generally not biodegradable the main culprits responsible for the plastic plague or single use items bottles and bags they make up half of all the plastic we use here's a figure that is hard to believe but it's true around the world every minute one million drinking bottles and one million plastic bags are purchased let me repeat that one million bags plus one million bottles every minute and it's our oceans that suffer most from this plastic epidemic of another staggering figure for you up to thirteen million tons of plastic are washed into the sea every year smothering coral reefs and threatening vulnerable marine wildlife and here's where much of it ends up on the last week this pilot whale that died in thailand was found to have
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eight kilograms of plastic waste in its stomach including eighty plastic bags and as a consumption rises with economic growth a study by the n.g.o.s conservancy has found that the booming economy economies of southeast asia dumped more plastic in the cities than the rest of the world combined. the dreamy beaches of southeast asia evenings during the sunset they look like picture postcards but during the day things look different there's plastic garbage in the mangroves brought in by high tide. plastic refuse is everywhere. thing that the. same bags have been here since the first day we started using them. they put everything in a plastic bag if they're preserving shrimp or preserving fish they put them in a plastic bag when they finish they just threw the bags into the ocean the trash
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floats tour of the sea level rises these plastic bags are here to stay since they're not decomposing. look at the bow made no no no thousand no let people here can't collect the plastic fast enough it's no wonder more than half of all plastic waste comes from southeast asian countries. many people especially people have no have no options so we could that's why we could easily see in many people are seeing several there's also these areas here but cities everywhere like. itself then some of it also ends up in sea but plastic waste is actually worth a lot of money in the dob refugee camp in kenya there are two hundred thousand people mostly from somalia eighty percent of their garbage is made of plastic for the past year a project financed by the red cross has been perfect the plastic is collected
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shredded packaged and sold to recycling companies. engaged. and. generic health. then it toward to be. income generated. as well as formal environmental protection plastic waste is a global problem of the five trillion plastic bags produced each year not even a tenth of them gets recycled. that's it for me i get us we'll have an update for you at the next stop thanks for watching fox. news.
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climate change. this to an. environmental projects we give globalization. biodiversity species conservation exploitation ecology. human rights displacement polls show the global local actually. global three thousand next on d w. w's
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place. to ensure that every move. this may come sounds and we go to colombia many people that have no access to clean water but some new technology could help. in china tribus see is anything but a given we visit a country where total surveillance is rapidly becoming the norm. first though we go to iran west.


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