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reporting from the white house. rounded sake you know but the trouble with your favorite let's. look to the to make the point in turkey and you'll recall that the entire country champion interference for the last sixty years. for mines. i ever want to walk into another exciting edition of your own acts i'm your host meghan li from eating out in the city of love to vacationing on an isolated island we've got lots in store on the show today here's
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a look at what's coming up. white nights diners in paris sit down for the thirtieth annual dini on the all. in full bloom with dr dills good lord on syria's biggest flower first of all. and painterly passion a duesseldorf artist with a celebrity following. paris has long been a trendsetter when it comes to culture fashion and cuisine and nothing combines all three better than the d.n.a. all blow or white dinner which has taken place in the french capital for the last three decades last weekend some seventeen thousand participants dressed in their best white attire for a feast often imitated but never duplicated their friends did they all belong is always a night to remember. it's a dinner with a strict dress code and this year thousands toasted the thirtieth anniversary
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edition of the d.n.a. on brawl this time at the plus does in valley. seventeen thousand guests turned out for what was likely the world's largest color a flash mob around a third came from abroad. so you know it's unique and almost into the eyes test or a group of friends we're all together because we're dressed in white it's amazing is that the way my boy to be in a spot where so many people have been so much fun dressed the same. you know just the endless pairs original extraordinary and everyone plays along that's what's really nice i'm from philadelphia and they have been there every year different places and i think at this time i always want to come to paris so this is the way. the guests only learn where they did it would be held one hour in advance dining outside with friends and friends of friends that's the idea behind
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the album anyone who's attended a past dinner in white can invite a new guest. the thirtieth anniversary of the chic picnic was a special affair for reasons you look at all chung has been taking part for two decades. without it it's the same every time every year you arrive at the lone knowing they'll be lots of people dressed in white this is just and suddenly paris is a sea. of white one that's the goal was. two hours earlier on a boat on the river san. siro and his dinner companions are making the final preparations aside from the food they put the finishing touches on their outfits subdued or extravagant anything goes as long as it's white but there are plenty of other guidelines to follow. with the book of the day over there are lots of rules that bring a table to people chairs table cloth white dishes and classy glassware. but
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these very strict rules make people feel invested in the event and of course i'm the first one to forget my classy glass so my plate but in the end you eat very little more at the. francoise tusky a founded the d.n.a. on blog in one nine hundred eighty eight the parisian wanted to meet new people so he invited friends to a picnic in the park and told them to bring acquaintances along they'd recognize one another from their white clothing it was the start of what would become an annual event. you know two thirty years ago it was a dinner among friends the kind everyone hosts nothing more than that and then it developed the following year the numbers increased because it went so well and the year after that and so on yes it's. now spin off offense are held around the world whether in honolulu sydney. or new york people celebrate the
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french way of life in public spaces. to this day francois pesky a is still amazed by the enthusiasm for the dinner party he created. but don't fret no for some it's like making a baby you hadn't really planned for you have to assume responsibility and hope you will be happy and develop well that's pretty much what happened. to the priestess a person. for syria. is still a dinner among friends it's just been his circle of friends has grown exponentially he's even learned to love the strict rules. don't know if it. makes for a bigger if i can put it that way sure it's rigorous but look at all the happy folks this is what we have spent three nights of us together a lot of time preparing it's great this is you know. maybe that's the secret
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ingredient that's made that e-mail so successful it's about enjoying the moment but with style just the kindness of off even the french are famous for and what better place to experience it than in paris. well now is a good time to let you weigh in on this week's draw we would like to know in what sending you enjoy your dinners let us know by going to our website and by taking part you can qualify to win a euro max watch all right moving on now to a very special birthday this of broadcaster days of you has been in existence for sixty five years now a good reason to celebrate along with the german chancellor more on that in today's express. the german chancellor angela merkel has led a ceremony in berlin marking doidge about his sixty fifth anniversary of. the scrutiny of my all three cents a growing interest in germany in europe and germany is valued as an important
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partner in the world. people want to know what we think here in germany and in europe if you know what's happening here and how we live. to see it with the money lead. d.w. director general peter limbaugh said he's pleased that dr beller has become a modern and diverse international broadcast we want to bring more information to more people especially in regions subject to propaganda. and censorship we want to better inform them about germany and europe. more than three thousand employees from sixty countries produced content for t.v. radio and the web in thirty languages for g.w. . and early work by dutch painter vincent van gogh has been sold at auction in paris for more than seven million euros. his eight hundred eighty two painting fishing net menders in the dunes fetched a much higher price than our experts had estimated the sale is seen as extraordinary as only few vanguard's are still in circulation until recently the
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landscape as a private loan in amsterdam's then golf museum. that. we owe them the. shock rocker alice cooper aerosmith lead guitarist joe perry and american actor johnny depp performed together in berlin on monday. to three stars have formed a rock super group called hollywood vampires they're currently on a european tour which is scheduled to wind up in the room next month. daffodils are a delicate flower and have been the subject of writers for centuries william shakespeare for example wrote about it in a winter's tale but there's probably no other place on this earth where this flower
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is celebrated more than in austria every year a daffodil festival takes place with straws tourists from as far away as asia but we were also on hand for the festivities. no you know iraq. and our old. and the snowman in spring they're just some of twenty four figures decorated with daffodils floating on lake out as they in austria. it's one of the venues for the country's biggest flower festival the highlight of the year in this region. some twenty thousand visitors come to watch the annual spectacle. i've never seen like this person to have in my life and i've come in for longer than you know how large a risk of us to have in all candor the north of really where most in the room is possible experience for my life if they did this i'm press that they made such an
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effort for us all and we're grateful everyone came together on that and get on the . film with us i thought the animals dressed in later hosen and traditional costumes were very very funny and very enjoyable and this is a ruthless yards. in fact a great deal of effort and tens of thousands of daffodils each figure. often the sculptors work through the night to help the community knows this from experience. she's been taking part in the daffodil festival for some twenty years she says that the dales are an ideal material for this craft. male see can replace the hot it's because they have no leaves they have one long smooth down that's heavier than the blossom so they hang on nicely as a very mother flowers have to have really long stem so they'll stay hanging in the frame but it doesn't work as well with other flowers. around them due to. every
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spring i'll sell and south come a good region is carpeted in the fragrant sea of flowers the white poet's not the suspicions here from it may to mid june the deficit. as for the floats up picked by hand this does no damage to the flowers it actually helps them reproduce for the next year to keep the process fresh the participants have to handle them very carefully never inflict the same i found it's very important that they be picked up no more than three days ahead of time they have to be refrigerated and kept dry because if they get wet they'll turn brown. and root preparations are in full swing lots of volunteers help thread the flowers they take three to four daffodil blossoms tie them together and stick them through the next hole which gives them ideal support elizabeth so shark lives in the f.e.n.'s come just for the festival daffodils are one of her favorite flowers and this is
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a childhood dream come true. if you haven't done quietly or up on the mountainside early this morning gathering flowers it wasn't easy our shoes are all wet but everybody was happy with what we brought even if the blossoms aren't absolutely perfect now i guess threading them is a great experience a feeling of working together. normally the floats must consist of at least seventy percent daffodils this year a pool heartless prompted organizers to relax the rules so other blossoms like days is a natural materials like moss could be used as well. the participants in the bald i'll say pageant i'm making the most of it this is where all the figures animal of fantasy are presented to the public when it comes to creativity the sky's the limit . what matters is winning over the public and the twenty member jury. is prepared to be at them scott the bloke there's an evaluation catalogue
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comprising seven points including the deaf it will stick ness the overall impression and the size of the groups those are the seven different points so you can weigh up how well the float will do everything with sort of on the block to. in the contest for the best it's a runoff between the raku the owl and the clown. rounded shapes give contestants an edge with the judges because they're harder to cover over with blossoms but that's just part of it's. going to stars i can tell it has to be funny something good natured the whole thing has to make a good impression of a compass so i could sleep. in the end the biggest winner is always that daffodil itself and this whole the breathtaking mountains and lakes of austria. i would have picked the raccoon as well our next step a painter who has been known to wow some of hollywood's biggest stars likes of us
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just alone or will smith german artist a moloch cast and paint with a passion that sometimes overtakes other priorities in his life but he makes no exceptions for his paintings who even go without sleep as we found out when we met the artist in his studio. paint eat sleep and paint again carsten biden voice. hardly does anything else it turns out more than three hundred paintings a year aside from a three day break for christmas he's holed up in his dusseldorf studio game night probably over my posse one might say hum i won't be able to make the barbecue at the neighbors by five o'clock i'm too involved here in the studio and she'll say don't worry about it it was yesterday at five o'clock. it doesn't matter what time it is. in that sense no. when when i'm totally involved in
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a painting i can just say it's already five o'clock i have to stop now and. then a picture would say hey look dude keep on painting. this artist doesn't feel so much captivated by canting as driven. he does have a partner a child but he's married to his canvases and acrylics. has he ever dropped off to sleep while painting. you know if i thought about yes but don't tell anybody and the monument i really have of her and the few times that my head leaning on the painting and since i generally use acrylics i have to get into the shower with the paintings like this and wash my hair. but it doesn't really hurt the paintings. a lot of.
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the impetus for his images may come from a commission or simply inspiration his patrons can usually request a subject and have a say in how it's done prices are negotiable two. or three from the other guy for if someone at an exhibition were to stand in front of a picture for three hours. just dying to have it but didn't have the cash. and then if somebody else came along with keys to a portion said it was all right you could load this one into the car it's mine now more than again i might say maybe next time and give the painting to the guy who's in love with it. and a pack of cigarettes on top. on occasion and departs from his usual format and paints buildings like this one into so dark it was a commission from the city. his colors also look good on clothes as celebrities he's gotten to know in los angeles can personally attest. sylvester stallone wears
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an original mark carsten blazer his agent met the artist at an event and share personally sent a blouse to do so door for carson to illustrate to the tune of more than two thousand years. and i had some effect on my if there's a spot in it then final but somehow work it into the piece so it is what it is on the high voice music. scene here is motorhead to late frontman lemmy kilmister with his own porch and by carsten the artist has just returned from time where he was busy networking with stars. while ruth move on jermaine jackson will smith and german jackson have noticed my quirks like i'm the world's only penta one but it was cool flying down for the weekend. michael costin from dusseldorf gathering fans from all walks of life.
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it's almost summertime so there's good reason to celebrate but as always it's the location location location that is the deciding factor when it comes to a really fun party for the latest episode in our high five series we found some party venues that are so unusual that even the most seasoned of party goers might be surprised so here are. five ordinary locations that make for a great party debuts. this could well be the world's smallest nightclub number five on our list is a good old telephone to get it out with strobe lights a fog machine and your favorite tunes there are six tele discos worldwide two of them here in berlin concert your calling and the party starts you even get a photo as proof.
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if you're lucky you might stumble upon a party almost by chance for example on the underground. subway parties are a popular trend in several european cities and they're in fourth place on our list although they may look spontaneous they're usually organized flash mobs but even in techno crazy berlin rocking out on the subway is still a fairly rare offense. this party is a real roller coaster ride well not exactly it's a cable car ride complete with a d.j. this gondola turned disco clocks in third on our list these days it's how the alpine resort. in austria celebrates the start of the winter season.
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instead of a commute how about a celebration there are no traffic jams here just jamming out it's number two on our list of unexpected places to throw a party the out obama. admitted early and isn't usually this chill but in summer two thousand and ten the city of s. and decided to turn over the a forty party goers for six hours maybe this could be another way to cut those diesel emissions. grocery shopping there's no getting around it a chore that's usually something of a yawn. but then suddenly a party breaks out strobe lights and disco beats right between the fresh veggies and the freezer section that tops our list of memorable party locations in the netherlands and here in berlin the supermarket owner didn't mind they might be
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rocking the house down most things on the shelves came through unscathed. now there are many places in the world where it seems like. time has stood still but the remote village of gaza who are in the pharaoh islands is certainly one of them denmark maintains control of the chapell ago and though only eighteen residents actually call gaza dogs are home because suction of a tunnel in recent years has connected it to the rest of the island that has been drawing interest to the hamlet so we went there to take a closer look. goza
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duluth is one of the most remote and one of the most photogenic villages on the ferro items. its population numbers less than twenty. one of those residents is easily cleared fifth he lives in the old mail station where the postman used to work you had to walk over the mountain there. is six o'clock in the grass all the way over and down to the other side and then shower walk to bring the post. so yeah it's longer. but a lot of. a tunnel was blasted through the mountains in two thousand and four and now the postman drives to the village tourists also come through attracted by the villages renowned beauty. easily in filth likes to welcome visitors to be home he
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invites them in for a postman's coffee as it's known it's an old tradition. but it's true of the past many years to. take people with him when he was walking ok because when i watch a cure to the right. hand here he kitchen drying their socks getting heat and drinking talking so my wife likes to keep that tradition with his wife and damn ernest stein is the last postman's granddaughter she worked in mainland denmark d.s. is a textile designer she's now back to reintroduce the pharaohs each to their own traditional wool. this is so beautiful and i really love to work with it and then we all use for in the old it's this is our full first close. we didn't have this kind of cloth the old days we had this one here and this is really good to
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have here for a little too cold and. so i think you can use that more and i want to teach people to people i can vote for this and what you can use it for the family moved to go to the loo in late twenty sixteen and nearly doubled the population little mild was the fast baby to be born in in forty three years so. it's a life in touch with nature gisli one fifth has a project. this is the origin of. icelandic. chickens. whatever you like to call them. very very old type of chicken they are small. chicken dish to make a chicken because the federal people have lost their all original chickens and they
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are probably the same type of response because this is the type of wiking spoke with them from europe to highest plant. of course also here. they have died out or put in the mix that way something like that so i'm just bringing him back. that's because. if you project works out the sleek linfield is also planning to breed back geese an ancient grains go so diluted it would appear is the perfect place for residents to go back to their roots. and with that we come to the end of another show don't forget to keep up with the program on our facebook page or for me and the rest of us here euro max as always thanks for watching i'll see you again tomorrow. next time on your own max a multi-sensory meal. on the spanish island of its billing as the world's most
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expensive restaurant the projections of light installations and virtual reality transport diners to wildly different settings the concept by star chef puck on seattle involves all five senses dining with a different next time on your own next. move.
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a classic civic. hybrid and thirty minutes. global inequalities. what does inequality mean. connecting well. to the media. joining the discussion and how to. be a forum twenty eight. elephants need. oh there's a plastic model turned into a paving stone why do algae make it clear. good idea can work anywhere and there are people developing smart solutions everywhere. let's inspire each other to go into africa. on t.w. . time for an upgrade.
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your clothes on buying. a house with. design highlights you can make yourself. centric that will turn your home into something special. a brace yourself with t w interior design channel on you tube. get starlight or get gamma ray burst. yes we get i think raise other all extremely weak compared to the sunshine. so in a practical sense the sun is the only choice for long term energy supply. well clearly more scientific discoveries and more engineering are required to enable the basic technologies to be cheap enough
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a lot of the electrical energy we produce is lost in the wires between the generator and the house so if we could make a superconducting wires out that would be. wonderful way to transport energy from one place to another so let's make those investments now so that we all know things that we need to own when the time comes. volcano is continuing to burst blocks and nearly two days after a major eruption killed at least seventy people rescue workers are still searching for survivors and bodies and authorities have won the number of dead will likely rise the president. has called for three days of mourning.
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fashion designer kate spade has been found dead in her new york apartment police are investigating her death as an apparent suicide.


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