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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 6, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is. from berlin tonight the new crew on their way to the international space station earlier today a soyuz rocket lifted off from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan code piloted by german alexander guess the crew of three will carry the experiments in preparation for future missions to mars also coming up people fleeing as guatemala's volcano will fly yet again seventy five people are confirmed dead the surge is on for more survivors in a landscape of blanketed with hot ash and mud and argentina pulls out of their
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world cup a warm up match in jerusalem palestinian groups say it is the right decision. i'm going to have you with us the latest mission to the international space station is on its way after the three strong crew blasted off from the balkan war cosmodrome in kazakhstan the copilot on board is german astronaut alexander on his second mission to space will take over as commander later this year and was clearly excited to be making another trip to the store. thumbs up ready to go. miles as the final preparations got underway for his second trip. into space his fans know him better as astro alex but not everyone near the
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launch site was quite so excited he tweeted about it a great farewell from friends and family but some unimpressed camels were at the side of the road. garçons forty two his debut mission was back in twenty fourteen then he was in on board engineer night as the only member of his crew with actual experience in space he was blasting off in the so hughes rocket as its copilot. alexander garstin his creamy will be based four hundred kilometers above the airth orbiting the planet at a speed of around twenty eight thousand kilometers per hour on the international space station and starting in october he'll be in charge a man who knows what it's like to be up there spoke to t w about her significant this moment adds i think it's also a very good sign of this international cooperation to show that all partners can
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get into this function. it shows how good this corporation is how much it builds upon all the missions that have been done in the years in the decades we can say before and of cause we are extremely proud that. in fact the second european the first sharman to assume this function pressing his hand to the glass of the bus window aster alex had one last message for his mother before he left off. and just enough time to send a tweet to his fans. next stop the international space station in two days from now if all goes well. three two one. see the writing there. of the team are no way along the way the capsule has successfully entered. designated orbit they're set to dock at the
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international space station on friday and the first time we have an opportunity with me is our science correspondent. the take off was picture perfect is there anything that could still go wrong now because they've got what you days before they actually get to the i assess space space is a very very dangerous environment so things obviously can always go wrong however just like with with airplanes the most dangerous times. of any measure and just have been so far of takeoff and landing in about three quarters of all faiths halliday's that have happened come down to really two in space come down to two fatalities with that with the shuttle program columbia and challenger and that was during takeoff and landing in a lot of time both cases so it looks it looks good looks good and then we know that there's going to be a new commander. on the guest later this year you've interviewed him. we know that he said he wants to be a nice ball is he going to be
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a nice boss and what do you what do you know about him that you could tell me and i did spend about an hour and a half with a man i thought he was a fantastic i really liked him a lot he was very very charismatic very media savvy which has been really really good for the european space agency because this is where the feed today by the way was. really his he's he's he's very savvy when it comes to social media as well back in the blue dot mission and when your team he was he was tweeting all the time from up on the space station and he's really got over a million followers on twitter so he's he's really somebody who's become the face of european space and that's a very very good thing for the european space agency and for the industry as a whole. there's going to be a german a new german is going to be an american is going to be a russian and there's going to be. artificial intelligence and something like that was about is that there's going to be a seventh member of the crew this time for the first time humanity ascend artificial intelligence up into space simon and. simon as you can think of it as
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being basically a five kilogram big ball of five kilogram heavy five kilograms having more or less sort of siri or alexa as you say like cereal on my phone or yeah it's small it's what it is i.b.m.'s watson it's the watson ai it was it was designed together with airbus and one of the most interesting things in this is actually an experiment in and of itself simon will be doing things on board on board the i assess but simon will also be there as an experiment in another self the question is how will the human crew interact with them now this is a very important question longer term when we're talking about longer missions where humans and machines will have to interact with each other over longer periods of time will the crew accept him as a full crew member or will they not i mean is he going to be monitoring the crew you know watching the humans and keeping tabs on how people behave very possibly he does have his own eyes and ears but i don't think that it really works as you said trust as you know one of the fundamental things towards building a good working out is you don't think that they're going to feel spied on by the
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robot certainly no. very exciting and i think probably when they bring simon down it'll be fun to read what's in the back of his head there what he reckons he's take it ok derek thank you very much from our science desk. and here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world around one hundred firefighters have been battling a blaze at a luxury hotel in london smoke can be seen here rising from the roof of the mandarin oriental in the a fluent knightsbridge district the hotel has been evacuated nearby roads closed the calls is not yet known italy's new populous government has officially taken the reins that's after the alliance between the anti-establishment five star movement and the white we could easily won parliamentary back why minister said because it is now promising to lead italy in what he said will be tough negotiations with the e.u. on the nation's finances. rescuers in guatemala are searching for more victims tonight
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after fresh flows of superheated ash and mud from the country's four way go volcano forced more people from their homes officials say at least seventy five people have been killed since the volcano began erupting at the weekend and almost two hundred more are still missing authorities have issued new evacuation orders and residents every portably begun to panic about what's to come president jimmy morale is calling on citizens to stay calm. or i do want to go now to our correspondent of filio harms our routine she is in the quarter mile and town of. which is close to the volcano ophelia it's good to have you with us you're close to the volcano we can see there's a fire brigade firemen but behind you there what are you what are you seeing and what are you hearing right now. yes i was able to enter the area where this little town which is
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a most affected one is covered in ashes and i can tell you the smell is so bad that you can actually tell where the bodies are lying but it's so difficult to to bury them out there are big stones that the volcano throw and the rescuers are here only for a couple of hours more those seventy two hours that they are supposed to be looking for bodies will be over soon and they are trying to hurry as much as they can but it's difficult so far i think about eleven bodies have been found while i've been here so at least that's good news for the people that are still looking for the missing family. there must be a lot in terms of bodies there that have not been accounted for. i mean i want to make sure that we get this right for our viewers because we've been hearing that there's the smell from just the ash in the air has been a lot for people to be indoors but you're saying that it's the stench from from
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corpses that people have been killed by this eruption is that correct. it is correct we've actually seen the corpus and it's not only people it's also animals. but like i said they are starting to find them the problem is just that they are so buried that it's really hard and it takes hours the rescuers were evacuated yesterday because the volcano erupted again so works has had to be stuck and they could only be renewed today there's also rain forecast which is making it well they're scared that they will have to maybe start again soon the government in guatemala has been criticized for its to late response to the disaster how were they supporting the victims now. well we can see the hard work of the authorities here but the president who is expected to arrive here any time
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soon has said before that there is no money to support this kind of this. such thing as an emergency fund and what we are seeing is that the people are being helped by other people by communities that have been gathering food and medicine and o.l. that is being needed in the shelters we've visited one today and people are being fed but what they are really worried about is that they might not be able to return there to their home towns places they have always lived at because they will they will be covered ashurst for the next couple of years well i mean that's why you got there were concerned about how can people make it after after this disaster but is there any indication there that the government is going to be able to help people once the this disaster has become history. well it's an interesting question because this situation could not be first seen
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and that's because the volcano here for go is has only one says this is my mentor that is a very ready mentoring measurement compared to other real came this where you have . measurements for gas pressure or where you can watch from a satellite if anything is being moved from underneath so we're probably not have any let's say modern system any time soon ok our correspondent if you're homes are in baltimore all it's in the lights on the story force there with that that is a rope to do yet again if you think you. argentina have canceled sort of these soccer world cup warm up in israel following pro how will student protests the decision has upset some of israel's leaders with some saying that leave no messi and his teammates are succumbing to terror threat. argentina coach jorge some paoli was unhappy about playing a friendly in israel so close to the world cup for logistical reasons now the game
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has been cancelled over a very different issue the match was originally switched from haifa to jerusalem angering palestinians a city has become the focus of controversy as the u.s. president donald trump recognize it as israel's capital. palestinians were further incensed because the jerusalem stadium is in the neighborhood of a former palestinian village having burned the argentinian flag protesters threatened to burn replica jerseys of argentina star messi. the actions the threats that have taken place have led us to decide not to travel my responsibility as president of the argentinian f.a. is to look after the health physical integrity and safety of the entire delegation . israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had hoped the game against one of the world cup favorites would be good publicity for israel who did not qualify for the tournament in russia but moving the match to jerusalem has
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backfired israel's football chief says his organization will take the issue to fee for. confronting. its president we are seeing. red line. we cannot accept however the group behind the campaign to boycott the match told t w the move was not down to safety fears the decision was made as a moral and ethical stance i think this is an israeli trying to frame it as due to threats but even just the other day there were agents in the protesters who were speaking team and asking the team not to play a blow to israel politically and to argentina on the pitch with a game due to have been their last warm up before the world cup. or germany's remaining hope of the first. crashed out of the. care of our last two simona halep
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in three sets the former world number one took the first set but hell of a fall back to secure a similar final clash with. he reached the final four by knocking out maria. nous will see at the top of the.


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