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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin disaster for germany at the world cup in russia mexico stuns the reigning champions defeating them one nothing germany were among the favorites to take the title do they still have a chance to bounce back. also on the show the end of a weeklong refugee odyssey the aquarius arrived in the spanish port of palencia carrying more than six hundred migrants spain offering those aboard safe harbor after italy and moulton turned them away but the case that triggered a pan-european spat shows no signs of easing. and as clashes with her
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interior minister threaten to bring down her governmental bungle americal calls for emergency talks on migrants with other you countries will she be able to differ to avert disaster. thanks for joining us at the world cup in russia defending champions germany have a lost their opening match to underdogs mexico won nothing and i'm joined here in the studio by chris harrison from did obvious sports across we're going to talk directly about the shock defeat this point of dive into but first let's have a look at how germany lost their first world cup opener in thirty six years. a mexican stunner in the thirty fifth minute she cito that's not some wilsons around butting in his tracks and fed having less on know who carried the ball into the.
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mississippi blazing counterattack from the mexicans maisano made a nifty move i measured is it in the box and fired the ball past a helpless mind will neuer fix attention from mexico dejection for germany. germany got their best chances in the waning minutes first mario gomez heading over the bar from close range and two minutes later yulia brown to moscow to ice to go home as but he couldn't flick it past yemo it show up the ball then found its way back to brunch but his screeching long range shot clipped the post mexico now top group while germany need to go back to the drawing board. because this is really an unmitigated disaster for germany what do you make of the performance you know. i agree with you good love what he had to say about the performance he called it haphazard negligent you know because germany created twenty six shots on goal they had the ball sixty six percent of the time i mean
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this is pretty much the m.o. of germany to have the ball create opportunities but to no avail they just couldn't find pay dirt you know and when you look at the way they came in the tournament the qualify they ran the table they looked untouchable friendlies not so much your only win was against saudi arabia so you know all that all. kind of disappointing germany supposed to turn things around during the tournament and we just didn't see that panned out this go round it was a shock i don't think anyone had mexico winning unless you happen to live south of the united states you know but that's the craziness about a world cup is always some upsets and shocks absolutely but now for a german audience were there any positives to take away from this game. well the only positive would be taking a page out of what happened in one thousand nine hundred two you know that attempt it was west germany at that time they lost to algeria here but they finished in the second and that sort of they had some opportunities we saw mario gomez miss late
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there was a little late effort the little pin ball action the ball would fall to tony cross his feet who would try his best but he couldn't hit the side of a barn i mean no one on germany's side could but you know if you keep on shooting you'll end up finding you know your target between the posts i think germany is in a must win situation obviously that's the deal if you lose and drop points the first match so we have to see if they can turn things around the same way they did in one thousand nine hundred two thoughts on the theory that germany's goalkeeper daniel neuer is back in action after this nine month layoff due to injury is nine months to seal you know this was a call that i questioned you know from the get go because he has he doesn't have those game time minutes those reputation repetitions actually matter you know his reaction time is what you have to look for you know he did make some stops but his left foot was a concern that's where they perform surgery and right here you know when you see the defense of breaking down you know we see was on no jumping around and then this
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firing the shot from the left corner. when you look at the replay. it was elicited a better effort to take someone down take down. you know how i would do it maybe if his left foot had been more exercise more conditioned his reaction time would be approved he makes that stop but all that all you know it's sad because germany is known for their defense their defense. enfin civility if you want to call it that with manuel neuer between the post and then bowed saying it humbles we saw great stuff by both saying how it was looked a little slow out there are times you know but i think i'll turn things around they're going to have to they're going to have to really a day's action of course started with costa rica taking on serbia right out of that game pan out that was a great game i mean you know that was pretty much even down the line in terms of attempts on goal in possession and everything they had won world cup moment of free kick which was something to write home about no doubt about that i mean the goal of the game came in the fifty sixth minute
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a beautiful free kick from alexander kaleri the serbian captain he's known for taking. exceptional free kicks you see the ball you know over the minute just out of the reach of the coast three can keep working or a novice novice we can't forget the keeper for rio but driven mean he is the champions league victor so i do think that i don't think anyone could have made that stop because it was perfectly you know position but i did think novice and company would have prevailed i mean because you have to look at the way the teams actually done in the last major tournaments serbia did even make brazil in costa rica made it to the quarter final so all in all it was a a game to watch all right chris harrington did have his voice we're talking to you much more later in the evening as the world cup progresses ok now to some of the other stories making news around the world afghan officials say at least eighteen people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the city of jalalabad the blast struck a crowd of people as they were leaving the governor's compound is the second attack
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this weekend this targeted security forces and civilians two during a unilateral government cease fire. in colombia conservative presidential candidate even two k. has cast his vote in the runoff election two case considered the posters favorite to win and he takes a hard line on the country's fragile peace accord with the leftist fark guerillas two k. is up against one time militant and former bogota mayor gustava cattrall in the run off. french prosecutors say a woman armed with a box cutter has wounded two people in a supermarket in southern france the attacker reportedly shouted akbar before attacking a customer in the checkout worker in the town of the. police believe she had known psychological problems and probably acted alone. un and e.u. officials have witnessed the signing of an historic agreement between greece and macedonia to do over is also a decades old dispute by renaming macedonia quote the republic of north macedonia
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distinguishing it from the greek northern province of the same name protesters opposed to the deal clashed with police at the border between the two countries. after weeks stranded at sea after first italy and then malta turned their ship away more than six hundred rescued migrants have finally set foot on dry land the aquarius has become the center of a political migrant crisis in europe it sailed into the spanish port of valencia today. no ruction of relief after a week long odyssey it's a. very i'm happy to see. the three vessel convoy was carrying six hundred thirty migrants including some one hundred twenty three unaccompanied minors some of the new arrivals had to be taken directly to hospital. volunteers turned out in their
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hundreds to assist the migrants and called for cooperation among you states. and boy i think the aquarius has become a symbol that something isn't working that we are here confirms that it doesn't and wouldn't be like this if politically things worked in europe. a week ago the markets were rescued from overcrowded by the aquarius in the mediterranean. the ship soon became the focus of a pan-european dispute about migration when it was turned away by malta and italy with rome saying e.u. member states were not doing enough to shoulder the migrant burden. spain's new socialist government is offering the migrants free health care and says they will examine their refugee status on a case by case basis. chancellor angela merkel is seeking emergency talks with
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several you nations on migration policy the very same issue that is currently bringing germany to the brink of its own political crisis merkel is locked in a rout with her interior minister to say what. to defy her and go ahead with plans to unilaterally tighten germany's borders merkel is adamant a european solution must be found. for more on this i'm joined now by our senior correspondent peter craven's or peter america was under a huge amount of press. to find this so called european solution of migration but the e.u. has always been divided on this why is the solution so important for her to find now it's important to use the word divided because there is a very comparable sense here in europe at the moment that the e.u. is drifting apart before our very eyes that hung gary and the poles now the italians the austrians and maybe even the bavarians americans over there and conservatives down there from the c.s.u. the conservative wing of the national party they're all turning their backs on core
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european values and i'm glad merkel wants to go to the brussels summit at the end of this month and she wants to be able to stitch together a package that will say that will save europe's core values of solidarity and burden sharing that's have gone under. but what are the laws of the sea the domestic political issues at stake because there definitely are some there right absolutely very important is the election in bavaria in the middle of october wholesale hope c.s.u. has a save the bavarian wing if i'm going to malcolm's conservatives at the national level they're under a great deal of pressure from the from the populist far right if he and they want to they want to ward off that threat by doing so by being tougher of germany's borders and saying this is what germany's vote is for better or worse actually want and then delivering on that that we have heard mr say over saying he doesn't want to split the conservative bloc i believe we have a quote he said to the build on the zone talk paper quote nobody in the c.s.u.
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is interested in toppling the chancellor dissolving the conservative parliamentary group or breaking up the coalition so that does sound very conciliatory peter we think that this is the him that are stepping up and beginning to try to compromise with the child he actually wrote a newspaper column this week for one of germany's leading newspapers saying the situation is serious but manageable that was a clear example of the escalation of wholesale hope as part of the solution would seem to be people are talking about it is that he'll get the go ahead from the c s you policy tomorrow to adopt a tough a policy of germany's borders to turn people away and then he will refrain from doing so for two weeks to give uncle america what she wants to go to the european summit at the end of the month and try and stitch up some sort of deal for as i say a burden sharing and solidarity based europe whether it will emerge or not remains to be seen peter craven our senior correspondent thank you so much for your insights. and it's always nice to
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have a happy ending firefighters in italy have come to the rescue of three distressed little kittens the tiny creatures had become trapped in a plastic pipe that was just centimeters wide in the town of buso l'engle in northern italy children playing nearby heard their mewing and alerted their parents the firefighters used a string to hoist the kittens to safety and reunite them with their mother. and just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you at the world cup and russia for the first time in thirty six years germany has lost their opening match the defending champions fell to underdogs mexico one nothing to shock result now puts their title defense in trouble. the aquarius rescue ship with more than six hundred people on board sailed into the spanish port of valencia today the vessel had been stranded at sea after first italy and then malta refused it permission to dock now the more than six hundred migrants have finally been
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