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party. detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin head to head in germany's coalition crisis google blinked first chancellor angela merkel's interior minister looked set to define her on migration policy a move that could talk all the government but he seems to be backing down we'll bring you the latest developments also coming up the head of german luxury carmaker audi arrested on suspicion of fraud it is the latest development in the diesel
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emissions cheating scandal. and giants humble the world cup champs germany in shock but mexico's fans are so celebrating their one nil win. that their favorites brazil left field to beat switzerland we'll find out what went wrong for the top ranked team. i'm seeing me so much going to good to have you with us germany's governing coalition steps back from the brink of a crisis that could have toppled chancellor angela merkel her interior minister haustus a hope for has apparently back to down from a threat to defy merkel's policy on letting migrants into the country now a short time ago he said he would adopt
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a step by step approach while the government seeks an e.u. wide policy on migrants they hope first party is under pressure from far right politicians and head of regional elections in bavaria. and here in berlin senior members of merkel c.d.u. party have been meeting today one of the main topics of that discussion will be whether the coalition government can survive this internal dispute folke a buffet the state premier of has had this to say earlier. since we both want the same which is to steer the autumn migration i am confident that we will find a compromise two more weeks can seriously be a problem here that is why i expect both sides to understand the need to keep a cool head and i think that a compromise is absolutely doable. let's bring in our correspondent covering the story only on a cautious in munich at the c.s.u. headquarters there and melinda crane is that cd you headquarters here in berlin max and melinda good to have you both start with you what are you hearing there on
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these reports that say you might apparently be ready for a sort of compromise. well the crisis certainly isn't over but it may have been just by the singers were getting out of the sea as you had court is right behind me here in munich this been what's out coming out from the meeting between the party leadership that's been reported by the german press agency g.p.a. that zeal for maybe backing down from is the engine to bypass german chancellor angela merkel in his refugee politics so the possible proposed compromise that could be made is that he will wait as has been hoped for until the summit in a couple of weeks for merkel to find a european solution but in the meantime and this is the important part for him to say say face in front of his voters that he may be able to implement direct bands at the border for entry for refugees trying to enter who have been previously at band to do so so this would be
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a compromise that would help both him to say face him bavaria where elections are starting on election compared to starting to the state elections in october and the same time save maybe the relationship that severely damaged the relationship with this. with this coalition partner the c.d.u. or it will that brings us to you and linda here in berlin and your in from the chancellor not in front of the city new party headquarters will that give the chancellor enough time to hammer out a european solution. perhaps first of all just to note the chancellor merkel had said in the past that she had no issues with turning away exactly the refugees that it seems mr say hope for we'll now want to turn away directly those are refugees who had already been denied the right to enter the country and we're talking about only about one hundred hundred fifty refugees per month who fall into that category so indeed this is also a face saving issue for the chancellor herself so beyond that it will not be easy
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to get the kind of agreements that she's going to be looking for in the next two weeks in the run up to a very important summit essentially she wants to talk with the countries on the southern perimeter of the european union those are the countries where migrants are first registered and those are the countries to which mr say ho for the interior minister wants to now send migrants back and as we know tensions over migration policy are inflamed not only here in germany but also very much so in those countries because they have borne the brunt of the migration crisis so far so as i said one of those countries is italy in fact we now have a nationalist populist populist government at the helm in italy not least because of tensions over migration the prime minister of that government will be coming to berlin the seedling so america again can get her start right now in trying to work
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out bilateral agreements that could pave the way for that multilateral european solution she considers so important and she did tell her party leadership this morning at meetings that she views action by germany as absolutely critical to whether the european union can even remain together so very very high stakes indeed and right on next on the linda will be coming back to you in a moment but let's first take a closer look at the issue at hand here of the political ten. as melinda said over migration have been building for a long time and those tensions have been fueled by high profile crimes involving migrants one is the case of an iraqi asylum seeker suspected of raping and killing a fourteen year old german girl and then fleeing the country that dominated headlines at the beginning of last week now the focus is on another asylum seeker on trial and the killing of a fifteen year old girl the case has inflamed passions in a small town where that killing took place candle in western germany presidents say
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the far right is exploiting the incident to stage regular demonstrations against migration in germany. starbuck reports the. watch over your children america is still in power that's the reading cry here and. these marches have become part of everyday life ever since mia a local school was murdered allegedly by an afghan refugee. over the weekend about a hundred people from the so-called right wing women's alliance showed up thousands have turned out every month drawn from the right wing and even the groups across germany most residents are outraged come the artist are mean and his daughter nina see it's unbearable. you know i do miss our homes our condo freezer they are abusing our town for their own purposes going forward they pretend to have certain reasons which on to the real reasons they're here and they're paralyzing us here.
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in kunduz. barricade yourself in your house all day with the children because you just talk dangerous. not i wasn't again those are mean anina are involved in efforts to combat right wing propaganda and tone but army is no afraid to put up and tie a nazi signs outside his house. let's go with three more to the last big demonstration i couldn't even pin them up on the wall with much less mouth them here. they grab them out of my hand and seriously threatened the board. in march right wing extremists and hooligans broke through the cordon in front of our men's gallery and stormed into the courtyard and to wait luckily the police were there to prevent anything more serious from happening. ever since the murder of fifteen year old me a chemist seen at street high tech by heatedly was originally. cullen has become a microcosm of germany's internal division striking
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a nerve around the country and fueling the polarized attitudes against migration the state law that simple unfortunately we have to expect that there will be more murders it's an unfortunate situation owing to all the migrants that we've let into this country. mind afford to own this i demand a fair policy and that the borders be closed off but i know most people here see things differently at this demonstration residents confront the organizers of the right wing movements alliance for the first time face to face look at how many from countries. you're only doing this because you hate foreigners and you want to stop immigration that's why you're exploiting this murder here if you want. the peaceful tone festival have been planned for this weekend and refugees have been explicitly invited. do you get or investors who are you know there's a family of refugees we're looking after who wanted to come to their. father to
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school children but they were afraid to show up because of the demonstration in the market square it's a mistake or. india and not many residents came the tensions here seem to have kept many away but army and nina and their fellow citizens want to keep up the struggle and take back their beloved country. all right so melinda we see the example of the tensions there and candle you know how much are these high profile criminal cases involving migrants affecting the national debate and also the political debate. so i mean absolutely depends who you ask if you ask for example supporters of the bavarian c.s.u. or of the far right party the a.f.p. they say migration is that the absolute top of their list of political priorities a recent survey showed that came out just on friday while this dispute was already
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raging on the other hand the majority of germans say migration issues are not their top priority and again if we look at polls that have just come out over the weekend they show us that while many germans would like to see more effective action on deportation of those who have no right to be here two thirds fully two thirds of germans say they do want a european a multilateral solution on migration policy issues so it's a mixed picture and as we heard in the report the public opinion is very polarized on this issue depending where you stand next what is the picture there and varia how much of these criminal cases involving migrants shaping debate ahead of the state election that we mentioned is going to take place in october. around the country the past days have been in november where we have the federal agency for refugee policies and also one of the first sandra's the centers that deal for once
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to implement all over germany where refugees should be staying for the purposes of their. seeking for their asylum seeking process and have also been to pass out which is one of the border cities in bavaria where which has been hit the hardest during the crisis in two thousand and fifteen and i've been speaking to people all across political parties and the spectrum and what was striking to me was to see that they're not having an issue with tina phobia an issue of them versus us of you're not allowed to come here by the issue of how the whole process of asylum and refugee politics is being handled and people have been just as appalled by. the alleged. killings by refugees as they've been appalled by. asylum process that that have been cut short for people who've been trying to integrate and had to be sent home back to their countries so for them it's a question for example a number where you can see with the federal agency for refugees that this and the scandal that it has been put under for the last days and weeks that it's
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a question of how our system is overworked and if there is a new way or a right way to do this all right our correspondents maximillian akashic in munich at the c.s.u. headquarters and political correspondent linda crane at the chancellery here in berlin thank you both. very that is the bash and joy of mexico fans celebrating their team's lone goal and eventual victory over germany the defending world cup champs few outside of mexico had given them a real chance but mexico was quick and resourceful and they won their opening match of the group stage it was only the second time in one thousand tries that germany has lost their world cup opener. the mexican stunner in the thirty fifth minute she chatty joe that's much homos and jerome boateng his tracks and fed having less on
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know who carried the ball into the net this was a blazing counter attack from the mexicans the sino made a nifty move a measured is in the box and fired the ball past a helpless mind well neuer takes attention from mexico dejection for germany. germany got their best chances in the waning minutes first mario gomez heading over the bar from close range and ten minutes later you'll see him brought to marco toys to go home as but he couldn't flick it past yammer would show up the ball then found its way back to brunch but his streaking long range shot clips the post mexico now top group as well germany me to go back to the drawing board. and lay it all shots from did he sports was following the match for us and joins us in our studio hi emily this is not exactly the start that a lot of germans were hoping for how much trouble is germany and well i said i think quite a bit of trouble if you look at the ten european teams so far in the tournament
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there's only one that lost and it wasn't iceland it was germany the reigning world champion so that's very troubling and what was most troubling about it was that their performance was very much like in the friendly games before the world cup started not much had changed on the contrary a lot of the worries were substantiated and that's just not enough when you're at the world cup on such a big stage and actually there kept him from us she was quite upset after the game as well so here's what she had to say about that. the players are on the attack when it's all b.s. the offensive power is greater than defensive stability. it's something that i've often spoken to the team about but it's yet to bear fruit. cup it isn't good quite often it's just a roman on the back and that's how mexico was so brutal on the counter-attack. i want all right only a lot of worried frustrated faces there on the germany side that means that the next games are must win for germany they're facing sweden what changes are needed.
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to spoke about it perfectly one big thing that needs to change is their mentality when they're attacking with so many players a product they need to come back and help out i mean they're opening themselves up to counters and these are teams at the world cup that have earned their spot there they have good attacks they have good strikers they have star players so they can just be giving away goals like they did now and the other one that live might need to address is the lineup the starters the players that really impressed against mexico where the subs that came on if you look at your boys mario gomez they're the ones who really made a difference where it looked like ok this is the germany that we know and that we enjoy watching so surely he'll have a look at his starting lineup and see if he'll make any changes there do you think they can turn it around so they stood still for two games to turn it around all right so germany was not the only world cup giant struggling we also saw brazil unable to win over switzerland last night what happened there brazil lost their world cup opening game for the first time since one thousand nine hundred seventy
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eight so that was quite a shock obviously the swiss went behind when they headed to brazil cross right to the seat of your to continue who fired a long range shot into the goal and put brazil into the lead the keeper had no chance stop in this one if you just look at the curve on that ball and that was a fantastic goal and five minutes after the restart. sent a corner curling into the box and stephen subaru made it want to see did shove miranda a little bit out of his way there is no foul called and so it ended a draw and it was most surprising now is that the top favorites have already played in this tournament if you look at germany brazil. and they didn't manage to secure wins germany lost brazil argentina spain they drew i mean it's going to be an exciting world cup looking for just what's on the schedule today what should we be looking out for so sweden takes on south korea first belgium plays panama and in the evening tunisia plays in the end which will surely be an exciting game to watch as well all right emily rushes from database for thanks very much for bringing us up to date and. looks like we're going to
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try to get a check on business news now we have that audi c.e.o. has been arrested at some breaking news that's coming to us in the past hour and monica jones is here with more on that story for us now indeed i am sumi as soon while you can hear me probably already and i'm just getting started because it's such a big story the head of german luxury carmaker audi has been arrested in connection with a diesel gate scandal prosecutors say. is being held on suspicion of fraud police raided his house last week as part of an investigation into the emissions cheating scandal that has cost audi's owner fox billions already of euros in fines and buybacks earlier this month out he said that another sixty thousand diesel cars contain software designed to produce unrealistically low results on emissions test and that's on top of nearly one million audi cars recalled already last year.
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so quite a story there certainly something that markets have to digest stand by for us at the front of stock exchange only one of germany's top c.e.o.'s detained over emissions cheating allegations how serious is that. i think it's a major blow for volkswagen for audi of course rupert stock has been in top positions there for years as c.e.o. before that he was finance chief and before that he was chief of the general secretary at that is chief of staff basically to the volkswagen c.e.o. so he's been in the know for years and years and the porsche ph family that basically owns the majority of volkswagen is very close to starter has prevented that with all the allegations that were already there up to this point that he was released from his post of course having said all that one has to presume also for
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rupert stopper that he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law but it does not look good for him now with the prosecutors taking that step of actually arresting him for fear of danger of concealment that is perhaps the fear that he can influence others into not giving evidence that they should. it doesn't look good for him and for folks like in terms of the presumed innocent is that's how investors are seeing it how do they react. well i think they're saying he's guilty because the share is going down it was you know in all honesty it was already in the red before the news came there are other worries affecting the car manufacturers other exporters the whole german stock market today but the minus increased when the news came in a share is going down i think it's also pulling down the dax down there is also down if rupert stablish should decide to make a deal if he talks it's right up to victor conte the former c.e.o.
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write up the fed in and here's one of the owners a former c.e.o. and supervisory board chief and the currents are provided your board chief. who is also under the allegation of having informed the market too late expensive court cases could ensue and nobody knows where this is going but the fears are there that it's very serious so it seems to be going back to where the scandal actually started back in september twenty fifteen when he votes in frankfurt thank you so much. it's all these new prime minister is paying a visit to german chancellor angela merkel later today with migration high on the agenda but italy has also other issues the economy now the e.u.'s fourth largest economy sits on a huge mountain of debt to the new coalition government rules out austerity but tax cuts aimed at boosting growth would likely need to show it falls in revenue and even more debt economic pressure and ongoing uncertainty weigh on the southern
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italian city of toronto. vincenzo has been working at the steel mill for twenty years he takes us to the cemetery to explain the problem caused by the mill he shows us how everything of the cemetery has turned red the steel mill is the problem the red eye on oxide particles and unhealthy dust which descends on the inhabitants. that thought that it was just too much after a while it got me really really angry because i had the bad luck to see lots of colleagues and friends die or get sick from the dust. thirteen thousand people work in the steel mill which used to be state run it can be seen best from the roof of the church now us law mittal is taking over the company and wants to cut three thousand jobs fabio could show has no hope of better
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working conditions not even from the new government even though toronto is the heartland of the five star movement. norm. they could never carry out what they were promised that's the way it always is at this time it's looking really bad because they are bound by the coalition agreement with the northern league. the steel mills real dimensions can be seen best from the air the giant produces eight million tons of steel per year which is then transported to northern italy or abroad one of the few local processing companies owned by the employers association president of the region he hopes that the new government despite the five stars and leaks positions will finally put italy's industry at the center of attention. but we hope that a new door will open for small and medium sized enterprises in the region we in the employers' association have proposed that support be given to small and medium
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sized enterprises to enable them to process the steel produced here and increase the value added up out there these are. the companies around the steel mill are hoping that the government will do something about unpaid bills debts to the tune of two hundred million euros. they do shift all support this reduces their ability to search for and invest in new activities and if you can't invest you can't expand or diversify because of the grinch and as a saudi or shows us how he's trying to improve the future the company has developed a hydrogen storage facility but until all those unpaid bills are settled and change can be initiated the steel mill still shapes the fate of the region. and we have more on italy's steel industries particularly in that region on a website that's called for what slash business so we all right thank you monica let's take a look now at some stories making headlines around the world hundreds rallied in
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the u.s. state of texas to protest the government's policy of separating migrant children from their parents under the trumpet ministrations zero tolerance policy adults who enter america illegally are placed in custody and their children are taken away some two thousand children have been separated from their families between mid april and may. a monitoring group says airstrikes and eastern syria killed at least thirty eight foreign fighters allied with syria's government the attack hit a village outside the town of book a mall near the iraqi border syria state media attributed the attacks to the u.s. led coalition but u.s. military officials deny involvement and a powerful earthquake has shaken the japanese city of osaka several dozen people have been injured and at least three are dead the quake knocked over walls and set off fires around the city with a population of more than two million people. in colombia conservative candidate even has won the first presidential election since
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a peace deal was signed with two years ago to get was elected on sunday with fifty four percent of the vote he comfortably beat former. although the runner up performance about box was the best ever for the left in colombia. i conservatism has held its ground in colombia was facing an unprecedented challenge from the left the right wing. the solid victory in a divisive but ultimately peaceful election was the two candidates could hardly have been more different to stop a true a former rebel fighter who was popular among colombia's young voters the key championed gay rights a boost to social programs and a switch to renewable energy. was a troll took his loss in stride. on twitter he celebrated his eight million votes the best results for a leftist presidential candidate in colombia's history. yet it is the business friendly do kay who will soon take the reins in bogota
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a protege of the controversial former president. campaigned against a peace deal signed in two thousand and sixteen that ended a decades long war between leftist rebels and the colombian government while the deal brought relative peace to the country duke a promises to renegotiate the still fragile cease fire. what i've been saying about it is that we're not against the process where it is that we don't have the right measure of justice. the divisive election is over but petronas base will not be brushed off the leftists will enter the senate and is expected to be appointed leader of the opposition. that. thank you for watching news you can head to our web site www dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock back at the top of the hour.
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the coming. of a new finish for liberia's children. the population had been moved because of love . for station and poaching have left them threatened with extinction now a rescue center hopes to sink this critically injured species. i read an interview with him i lost it so might. be going to africa
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next d.w. . europe with the world cup being without special song. moscow. cause. most obviously is football head coach of. the coco live pictures in sixty minutes foggy w. . clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe in arranged
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marriage and those who want to marry for love. but claim that shaking families and society to the. the anchor. starts. to. feel. hello and welcome to you could africa be coming to you from lagos nigeria did you know that rwanda now ranks as the fifth cleanest country on the african continent
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we'll tell you more about that in a moment but first let's look at what else is coming up on the european and african man.


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