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detectives starts june thirtieth on g.w. . this is the w. news live from berlin and america visits jordan a way station for millions of refugees who have fled war for safety in general michael meets today with king abdullah her job is on the line as she races to solve europe's migration crisis. also coming up a trump u. turn the u.s. president signs in order to end family separation of the border with mexico this follows days of public outrage after his administration indorsed separating
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children from parents who entered the u.s. illegally. also coming up for a lot your back and hold that pose it is international yoga day and millions of people are turning out for mass yoga meet ups stretching across the globe. i'm sumi so much drama good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel is visiting jordan today a major refugee host country amid an escalating domestic conflict over migration that has shaken her coalition government medical health talks with jordan's king abdullah where refugee policy top the agenda hundreds of thousands of displaced syrians including some initially hosted by jordan have migrated onward to europe with germany as a key destination. political editor michelle if there is traveling with the german
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chancellor let's hear how anglo-american is working with jordan on the migration issue. in jordan german chancellor angela merkel pleasant just sort of one hundred million dollars credit for jordan which already three hundred eighty four million in support and development it's a country that is really under pressure from the issue of migration and that at the same time needs to make sure its own population has a good future those were the words of the german chancellor here recognizing jordan is contributing to keeping this region stable and stability is also what jordanian king of dollar said was a common interests were both countries were working for each other's interests here but of course the overarching issue for the german chancellor is the political crisis that is brewing back home and that is all about migration the initial open arms policy she severely under pressure her chief foreign policy adviser stayed
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behind in berlin to get more and more edu countries to pledge that they will join this special informal summit on migration this coming sunday which in the end will sow how great uncle americal personal support as a politician is in europe after all she promised to deliver bilateral deals in time for the upcoming edu summit in under ten days time. but let's bring in our political correspondent here in berlin for more on the story hi repaired merkel in jordan today said that germany must remain an open country but as michelle just said here at home she's facing a revolt among her own conservatives over open migration policy what do you think she means by that. these remarks were made to during meeting on with those students from the region in the middle east and these students quite frankly are still the top of the german chancellor how safe it would be to live in germany as a foreigner or as
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a refugee and the chance of then and said that despite all the discussions going on in germany and despite of course several incidents we have had. foreigners all refugees being a tucked by germans year in the country that germany of course still would be a country safe to live in and she also said that germany despite all the discussions we are seeing right now needs to be an open country needs to be open for people who want to come to germany to work there but i think that this she didn't really mean foreign student didn't really mean refugees but experts for. for instance on people or that's a high potentials people germany really needs on the labor market all right rupert will come back in just a moment to talk more about the challenges facing the chancellor with more displaced people in the world than ever before europe's resistance to taking them in is growing just yesterday hundred conservative led parliament approved a raft of tough new migration bills the package of legislation makes it illegal to
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help asylum seekers who are not entitled to protection and hungry now would change the constitution was also approved outloud outlaw outlawing rather selling foreign populations in the country so robert we're seeing a hardening stance in europe over migration how tough is it going to be for the chancellor to find a european solution. well first we have to differ between the european solution and the solution until america right now is seeking for the european solution the german chancellor has spoken often the last three years actually meant how all the european countries are going to treat the refugees which are already in europe and how how many kind of countries are going to take the burden so right now that the problem is that many const like spain or like italy or even or even germany have taken most of the refugee burden in other countries especially in the in eastern
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europe said no we don't want to don't want to have a new refugees at all in our country like hungry as we have seen and so there was no possibility to find any quotas on how many people should go into rich country the solution seeking for right now is in the end national solution but not against the other countries what she wants to find is she wants to have the possibility to sund people back to other european countries where they have been registered as a side them see because it wants to give them back to italy for instance also three zero or spain but these countries have to say that yes to that and that's the whole idea of what is going to help them at the weekend all right rupert our political correspondent thank you for your analysis you know what now the turkish government has refused to refused to allow a member of the german parliament to enter the country as an observer for this weekend's election andre home go one member of the german left party intended to
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travel to turkey to represent the organization for security and cooperation in europe who go it previously condemned last year's constitutional referendum in turkey as unfair the turkish government has accused them of sympathizing with the outlawed p k k party. all it took was his signature u.s. president donald trump insisted he was powerless to stop the separation of immigrant families at the country's southern border but he has now issued an executive order to reverse course trump's move means families entering the u.s. illegally will now be detained together it is a rare policy retreat for the u.s. president following days of public outrage. you could have a lot of happy people it was that easy president effectively reversing a policy that has separated children from their parents but the executive order does nothing to reunite more than two thousand children who have already been taken away families who illegally cross the border will now be detained together while
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their cases are considered but trumps order click for changing a court ruling that limits the detention of immigrant children to twenty eight days critics now say trump is replacing separations with indefinite family detention. as the numbers of detained children grew in recent weeks so did the waves of opposition polls showed the majority of americans opposed the separations protests took place in dozens of cities across america and in congress. let's go back to a time a steady and decency in america when children will respect it love the children mr president be a dad for once it's been going on for so as the blowback intensified including from members of trump's own republican party trump relented signing an executive order to do what his administration had been saying for weeks couldn't were so are they
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an executive order. i consider to be a very important executive order it's about keeping families together. while at the same time very sure that we have a very powerful very strong border of border security will be. equal if there are greater than previously. as trump zero tolerance policy at the border continues immigrant families that have been torn apart may face a long wait be reunited. now to some other stories making news around the world an air asia pilot has come under fire after he tried to force passengers to disempower using the jets air conditioning system passengers of the flight from kolkata to bug were told to deplane after a delay when they refused because of heavy rain the pilot cranked up the ac sending clouds of cold air into the capitol. and israeli court has indicted the wife of
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for misusing public funds sarah netanyahu is accused of falsifying household expenses to obtain one hundred thousand dollars for private catering her husband is himself under investigation on suspicion of corruption offenses a big day at the world cup is underway in russia denmark and australia are tied one all in their early match denmark is trying to solidify a spot in the knockout stages later this evening argentina faced tough competition from croatia and peru challenges france asked for the defending world champs germany the countdown is on for their second term in match on saturday against sweden the world champs are under scrutiny since losing their opening game but the players are hoping a change of scenery will lift their spirits and their game. germany hope the turnaround will start here at sochi olympic stadium the black sea resort is worlds apart from the drab town outside moscow that germany called home on till now
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there's a likeness to everything in sochi which is just what the squad need after a difficult week. that's the crux of it you just can't train lightness i've never had a training session where you're taught lightness that's something you only get when everything works and you're well prepared to take on your opponent. that likeness has been missing from the germany squad for months now the lead players in particular have been criticised for a series of poor displays. loyalty to certain players is under scrutiny the ones bullet proof squad harmony appears fragile. critical enough to analyze the situation internally the most important thing is to come together to focus on the future we need to win both games the pressure is extremely high but we won't win either if we start tearing into one another.
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and the german players have one more day in sochi before facing sweden there their tactics as well as mentality need an overhaul for example the team will need to use possession better than they did against mexico. then i think of the sweden game i'm expecting a strong defensive unit that means in certain situations that we'll have to get the ball forward quickly before the opposition has time to set themselves up. but if we're too impatient and lose the ball we could be hit on the break. can germany regained their likeness in sochi. they're certainly hoping it will be a springboard to success at this world cup. now roll out your mat and hold that post because today marks the fourth international yoga day from ireland to bahrain australia to italy gatherings are planned to celebrate the spiritual and physical practice but nowhere are the festivities as numerous or impressive as in india in particular
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a gathering and they were doing city led by prime minister nuri and ramadi let's take a look this is not your average yoga class some fifty thousand people came together for this celebration among them some of india's most prominent yoga masters and the country's prime minister. believe god. created you. can then lie. your god. it goes. the very. big pretty dangerous. man less anxiety. these benefits just some of those promoted by moody he spearheaded an initiative to reclaim the discipline as an historic part of indian culture. as modi took his place at the center of this gathering yogas reach extended across the country these policemen practicing the sun
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salutations in the indian himalayas just one of five thousand yoga day events in india. in myanmar to and across the globe people on it are practice credited with balancing the body mind and spirit. the word game means to attach to join to yoke and today in india and elsewhere this ancient discipline has certainly brought people together and. now it's a girl new zealand's prime minister just into arjun has given birth to her first child amid a flurry of excitement in the country in a photo posted to our official facebook account ardern thanked her well wishers and said she and her new daughter were doing well she is just the second elected world leader to give birth while in office her deputy will run the country for the next six weeks while arthur takes maternity leave. you're watching d.w.
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still to come the maker of mercedes benz cars issues a profit warning and blames that trade tensions with the u.s. . and that greece has a big debts but its economy is growing again can it stand on its own to two feet europe pass it aside. get hurt offers we'll have those stories coming right up. they make a commitment. they fall into. a stronger. africa
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the. stories of both people making a difference shaping their nation.


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