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isn't d.w. news live from berlin campaigning has officially ended in turkey ahead of a landmark vote on sunday but will anyone be able to stop president red chip time period i want to take a look at the main opposition challenger is hoping to bring heir to one fifteen year iron grip on power. also coming up the eyes of the soccer world are on the germany team at this hour after the world cup mexico beat south korea earlier this evening meaning the germans must win or draw against sweden or the defending
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champions world cup campaign will be over. by marion and steve it's good to have you with us campaigning has concluded for a landmark elections to be held in turkey on sunday the candidates spent the final day rallying their supporters incumbent retch of time aired a one addressed multiple of vents in istanbul the election which he called more than a year early is being seen as a referendum on his fifteen years in power and one of the chief rivals mahato n.j. has also been making a final push for votes he addressed a huge crowd also in istanbul. turkey correspondent you do one hundred has taken a closer look at the main contenders in the race for president. but it.
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president. has been steering the course of turkish politics for more than fifteen gives. he has a good shot of reelection which would allow him to further tighten his grip on power. after this presidential election the most common for garfield constitutional changes in a generation will come into force if they were only narrowly backed by the turkish people in last year's referendum is out on when the necessary majority he will be on almost all powerful president but he is not there yet. these people stand in his way they are add ons biggest challenges. sixty one year old men all action as the only woman running for president she has already served as interior minister and last year she founded a new political party she's seen as right wing nationalists and religious some call
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action on the iran lady of took. him into represents the center left c.h.p. turkey's biggest opposition party the fifty four year old is an outspoken defender of the text republic as envisioned by most of like a mulatto. he's a charismatic speaker and a harsh critic of add on. his turkey's first presidential candidate to run from behind bars despite international protest he's been in custody for a year on the hall on terrorism related charges. represents the pro kurdish h d p a party despised by the turkish government many of those backing the forty five year old attorney all young voters. only three chala. just want to limit the powers
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of the presidency and see a return to the parliamentary system they want to improve relations with your openly turkey out of its economic crisis it's unlikely any of them will win a majority but if they manage to force add one into runoff elections it might end up a much tighter race for the seemingly all powerful president. i spoke earlier to the author of that report correspondent johan who is in ankara and i asked her whether ordinary people in turkey felt that this election was especially important . oh yes you do get the feeling that there is a lot at stake after all these elections will transform turkey's political system they will usher in a new system that will dramatically expand the powers of the president at the expense of the paul humans power so if miss to add one wins the necessary majority tomorrow he will be an almost all powerful president he can for example appointed
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fire ministers to solve paul humans prepare the budgets polls when you elections or announce a state of emergency so for him there is a lot at stake he could either be the most powerful men in modern turkish history or he will get the signal that this is not what turkey wants this is not the direction the people here want the country to turn to so there is a lot at stake for him and his main challengers have already voted to roll back this presidential system because they clearly say this will turn turkey into a neutral prosy. this is in fact looking like the closest election arrays since aired on himself first came to power fifteen years ago but just how optimistic is the opposition camp of being able to challenge or to one's rule. well when mr add one two months ago announced knapp elections for june twenty fourth most of the observers assumed he and his ruling just as
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a justice and development party a.k.p. would comfortably win this race if not entirely fairly but since then a lot has changed two things are very important here for position parties have formed a rare electoral alliance with the goal of breaking the a key p. alliances majority in parliament this of course depends on whether the procardia h.t.t.p. manages to cross the ten percent threshold and makes it into parliament and secondly there is more a manger the candidate of the largest opposition party here the c.h.p. he really is invigorating the turkish opposition making people believe that change indeed is possible he is very self-confident he's a good talker and he has easy promises and messages he for example says if you will for me i will turn mr altgens fancy presidential palace here in ankara into university into a place for the people i will not give you any election presents i will give you jobs and i'll give you your freedoms back and this is an important men message for
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many people here so a vote that seems to be no water at all in the beginning has really turned into this decision for turkish voters and it will be the toughest test in sixteen years for mr atwan and his a.k.p. . that will be a correspondent to day one hundred speaking to me earlier from ankara well to zimbabwe now where an explosion has hit a rally where president emerson and ganga was addressing his supporters he was unhurt but several others are reported to have been injured including the country's vice president happened at the white city stadium in the southwestern city of below y.-o. president was campaigning there ahead of nationwide elections in july he assumed power last november after the ouster of zimbabwe's longtime leader robert mugabe. but for the latest we're joined now from harare by journalist columbus. so columbus
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just what can you tell us about this blast and below y.-o. and whether there's any information on who could have been behind it. there isn't was blood we can see at the moment besides what the president say that he set of. events was that it is easy but is is among those who are in jobs but as to who really is behind this i think this is the speculation that is. why it could be it's really happened someone wanted to try the knife on or known or . or the vice president but also. also consider. the you want to say it could be the president trying to get symbols of this is mildly is stronger than. you know. in july. the
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thirtieth. and also take into consideration the. you know how does one get to the podium where the president something is supposed to be i've been covering this is the reason the president's. knowledge is all over the past weeks it's difficult. it's impossible for someone good to get close to the pleased when the president himself said that he a wasn't scared and that it wouldn't influence the upcoming elections i believe we have a clip from an interview he gave shortly let's have a listen. to this is. this is mr tatum. still losing jobs from sixty on the radio this is. said to my own citizens so many tears. over. so come as the president
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says this attack won't pose a threat to next month's elections just briefly do you agree with him. actually i do if you want to see it or if you see. what was really happened today. i don't think he used to be second which brings in that you already got it see him and his team trying to play up the game that he gets he gets sympathy public sympathy from us mob wins i have does the united twentieth election was he supposed to be fighting with the opposition all right columbus my vote ever importation harari many thanks indeed for that update. now to some of the other stories making news around the world and there was also a blast in ethiopia's capital addis ababa at least one person was killed and dozens
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wounded after a grenade went off during a pro-government rally there is panic following the blast which new prime minister on the ahmed escaped the rallies organizers called it an assassination attempt french president in manama kron has hosted talks with the new spanish prime minister petro sanchez ahead of sunday's migration summit in brussels both said they favored closed my friend reception centers at key arrival points in europe where asylum claims could be processed micron also called for financial sanctions against you countries which refused to accept refugees. all right turning now to the soccer world cup and champions germany are in action at this hour against sweden they need to win or draw or their campaign will be over to help make sense of it all i'm joined here in the studio by chris harrington from. hi there to you chris ok let's start with group f.
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so mexico came away with a win against south korea earlier this evening take us through that match well let me just established mexico they sit shock waves through the football world little literally started in earthquake because they defeated germany in their opening match then they brought that momentum into this match with them carlos of ala thanks to a penalty so many penalties opening up goals in this world cup we can take a look at the action now there's carlos de lis of the show the wrong way that's of the twenty six maybe even javier hernandez who's known as cheech rito baby to zip his fiftieth goal in his national colors you have to applaud that and he recently turned thirty so that's also nice you know korea had more shots one goal than mexico in this but too little too late they did pull one back but the defeat extend cell three has run of world cup defeats to for. or matches and this is the first time since two thousand and two mexico has won back to back matches at the world cup so they full steam ahead for them they're definitely headed to the knockout
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stages leading group effort now all right we've also heard that the mexico fans were especially loud especially enthusiastic perhaps it helps to know right. here that germany is also in group f. with mexico what does this earlier result mean then for game on shuffle the pressure's on the defending champions is not a doubt about that they're desperate need of three points yet maybe a draw will do it but who wants a draw you need three points right now and they coach you aim low address his team saying they are definitely needs to be a change of mindset because he credited that to their defeat to mexico so they made some key changes. sammy kundera out of the starting line up this is the first time since two thousand and ten hasn't started ok replacing them marko royce and sebastian rooney and we know mats hummels was injured so until ruediger is filling in for him you know but yogi love and company they're trying to avoid this curse that when they win the world cup the following cup they're booted out of the group
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stage it happened to italy it happened to spain let's see how it pans out on the pitch versus sweden in this match all right let's talk about that earlier match between belgium and tunisia in group so that match pretty lopsided and did tunisia even have a fighting chance at any point little hope little hope but you know we saw the most goals so far in this particular world cup with seven thanks to a belgium brace by two belgians let's take a look at this now in this section right here already down a goal romelu lukaku maybe to fight in the daylight between the legs of simeon big usage in tunisia you talked about trying to get back there was a header by dylan brown right here that's his first goal in the world cup so yes to be proud but belgium just brought on the pay who got to scored eleven goals in politics. and this one is his fourth in the world cup move over crescendo and although he has four right now and even braids he scored early penalty of don't
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write present arrington from delhi's for its many thanks indeed we got to hurry up and go watch that germany match ok. and you're watching t w news coming soon from berlin stay with us. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good. to go at africa people and projects that are changing the government for the better so to. speak with. you c. b w.


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