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yes. detectives starts june thirtieth on w. . news . in the. news. this is the w. news live from berlin campaigning has officially ended in turkey and head of the landmark election on sunday will anyone be able to stop president better tire of ed a lot will take a look at the main opposition challengers hoping to break everyone's fifteen year iron grip on power. lines of the soccer world on the german team at the world cup right now mexico beat south korea earlier this evening meaning the germans must win
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or draw against sweden if they lose the defending champions world cup campaign will be over. my us waiter good to have you with us we begin in turkey where campaigning has concluded for landmark elections coming up on sunday the candidates spend the final day rallying their supporters president moved these elections up by more than a year and it's being seen as a referendum on his fifteen years in power. the last chance to drum up votes before the election the president added one addressing tens of thousands of supporters in istanbul top of his agenda the new presidential system which will give him sweeping new powers if he is reelected. he shall love
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was not of any turkey will take flight with this new system god willing this will take us up to a new level we will achieve what others cannot imagine. edwin's challenges have also taken full advantage of the last day of campaigning. action candidate for the nationalist party. the leftist h d p whose presidential candidates at teen dimitar show is being held in prison over ledge terror links and the biggest star in year candidate for turkey's biggest opposition party the c.h.p. within a few weeks he's managed to mobilize tens of thousands bringing hope to the empty air to one camp. oh the ballot paper is free of charge the stamp is free of charge the ink is free of charge stamp on muharram india and you'll break
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free from it all. or even away from the mass rallies the election is the main talking point just a few weeks ago many turks saw the reelection of the president as a done deal that has now changed. it wouldn't be very days ahead i strongly believe this the sixteen years of darkness will come to an end but i just want justice and friendship to all these political fights need to end. this isn't just election race in many years but our hearts are with the ruling a.k.p. . this hard fought election will determine whether turkey can look forward to fundamental change or whether president earlier one can strengthen his grip. it is a correspondent. for us has been following the campaigning you hear this could be turkey's most important election in decades he spoke to people on the streets and ankara do they feel like there's
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a lot at stake. yes when you talk to people here they really. you really get the sense that there is a huge desire for change that they're really aware of what is at stake many people here tell me that miss out on has been and powerful more than fifteen years that's enough there is nothing in it for them anymore they say the economy is not doing well they don't find jobs and what they actually want is less polarization more freedom they want independent cords more free media they want to decide themselves what they can watch and see on the internet so this is what people are telling me here and if you then consider that these elections will transform turkey's political system from a parliamentary into a presidential one you really get what's at stake here if miss out on wins the necessary majority he will be an almost all powerful president he will be the most powerful political leader in modern turkish history and that's exactly what the
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opposition here is trying to prevent their voting to roll back this presidential system and to return to a parliamentary system with a strong parliament because they say everything else is just turkey drifting into a top prosy what's surprising is that this looks like it could be the closest race sense the election fifteen years ago which brought her to want to power how optimistic is the opposition cayle. all right now the opposition camp is very optimistic two months ago when president add on a noun snap elections for june twenty fourth most of the as observers said that this is going to be a comfortable win for missed out on and his ruling justice and development party but so many things have changed first of all the opposition which is very well known for a lot of infighting has joined forces has come together and for parties have formed an electoral alliance on the parliamentary level hoping to break the ruling a.k.p.
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alliance's majority in parliament this of course depends on whether the protocol is party crosses the ten per person rush old and also makes it into parliament and secondly there is more a manger the candidate of the largest opposition party the c.h.p. here here he has really managed to invigorated turkish opposition he has a simple promise he is saying if you choose me you choose freedom if you choose mr abu and you choose fear so what he managed to do is making people believe that shane's is indeed possible that mr allen is not invincible really ahana covering the turkish elections for us thank you so much french president amount of i'ma call and his spanish counterpart has a sanchez have held talks in paris just a day ahead of a hastily config and convened migration summit in brussels both leaders said they favored a closed reception center at key a rival points in europe myron's or be held at the centers while their asylum
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claims were processed at their made them across also came out in support of financial sanctions against countries that refuse to accept migrants. i myself am in favor of mechanisms that take this into account you can't have countries that massively benefit from the solidarity the european union while pushing their national some push this when it comes to migrants. have some of the other stories making news around the world an explosion at a rally in the zimbabwe capital zimbabwe's city of bull a while has endured the country's vice president president. was unhurt and was addressing his supporters at a stadium ahead of nationwide elections in july he was in power last november after the ouster of zimbabwe's longtime leader robert mugabe. there was also a blast in ethiopia capital addis ababa at least one person has been killed and
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dozens wounded after a grenade went off during a pro-government rally new prime minister. escaped the panic following the blast the rallies organizer has called it a quote assassination attempt local media reports nine police officers have been detained over the attack. u.s. president donald trump has renewed sanctions against north korea for one year saying the country still posed a quote extraordinary threat this comes just days after the u.s. announced it would suspend a large scare milt scale military exercise with south korea the joint war games have long angered the norm. it's summertime here in germany and the living is supposed to be easy but not for some of germany's best known institutions the world cup team the car industry and the usually unshakeable machall the german squad is struggling and russia the diesel great scandal is still rocking the car industry and the chancellor has been attacked from within her own party our reporter
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charlotte tell some people took to the streets of berlin testaments about their summer of discontent. once upon a time germany was known for these treasures three a benign unstable leader and industry it might fall in line and a team of unleavened brave men capable of making their country proud. then came the fateful summer of twenty eight the german chancellor has been facing the greatest threat to her leadership since coming to power the diesel prices consuming germany's call industry has taken a dramatic turn with the balsa voice lock in subsidiary audi behind bars and let's face it germany's world cup have had a disastrous start losing the first world cup opening game since one thousand nine hundred eighty two. so what exactly is going on. everything's going
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wrong that's what you think is not the fairy tale summer that's what's missing. i say what about the next of the game can gemini when one hundred percent i mean germany we can do you wish on us germany always man suspect you guys are doing fine just relax take a deep breath support good people it'll be all right so maybe it's not so bad after all politician on football fanatic on the north pole couple of things going wrong in this country we lost the first game we didn't play that well it happens to england for four decades while absolutely you know there are some german cars pollute polluting the world we're going to fix it and there are troubles and within our government but we always have troubles and the government so the end is not mine this bad luck come in threes maybe this is how it works in germany and the germans are dishonest to seekers but hey we've owned everything is good.
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things may have gone a bit well badly hit some of but this is gemini and gemini will not give up compromises. be reached reputations be restored and that will always be another game is that. at this hour defending football world champions germany are an accident against sweden they need a draw or an out why are out right when or their time in sochi will be over to help make sense of it all i'm joined here in the studio by chris harrington from the a sports across let's start with group next ago came away with a win against south korea this evening take us through that so first you have to understand the momentum started prior to that match when they disrupted germany's hopes of repeating his world cup champions i mean next in fans actually started an earthquake in mexico so that momentum carried over against this defense of south koreans back because never lost it is the asian side and they definitely didn't
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look like they were going to lose this match let's take a look at the action here as so many matches have started the penalty started off this morning carlos mail us it chose the wrong way take an early lead for mexico then javier hernandez chicha ito made it to zip that's his fiftieth goal in his national colors the south korea had more shots on goal than mexico in this game but . too little too late you know the loss extends south korea's round of world cup defeats to four matches and it's the first time since two thousand and two world cup mexico has won back to back matches so mexico is looking mighty good and fierce right now so being that germany is also in group with mexico what does this early result mean for our team here in germany well the pressure is on them you know the pressure is on them to win their current match i can give you an update right now against sweden we are at the fifty nearly the fifty fifth minute it's one one all ok that's the minimum they need but they really want to win ok yogi love addressed
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the media talking about that his players key players had to change their mind say he even made a lineup changes prior to this match no sammy could do. a gnome as it was a who's all started has been starting a key figure since two thousand and ten so that's a huge change homo's was injured ruediger had that spot and marco roy sebastian rudy you know came in the game marco reus actually netted a goal that's nice to see but germany all they're trying to avoid this three days you know all these things happen in threes italy one crashed out the group spain one crashed out the group in germany's avoiding that is looking good so far but let's see if they can hold on to the draw and the early mass today was rather a lot sided master trained belgian and to news anchor he does he's a have a chance in the first place at any point in this match yeah i would say no you know belgium could a medal made it a lot worse that this actually goal tally was the most we've seen in russia thus far a total of seven goals thanks to a belles embraced by two belgians let's take
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a look at that they were already up a goal would rub a load of cock to made it to nail fighting daylight between the legs of sam been yousif tunisia us today within striking distance early on could one back dial in brawn headed in but. then it was on to cocky came back to complete his brace he scored eleven goals in the qualification now he has four goals in the world cup tied in the golden boot race it has not he scored a goal earlier from penalty now p.p.p. his grace and style the belgians were in pure bliss and they are knocking down the door to the knockout stage with a lot of power and fun that their coach striking coach terry henri really good striker in might have heard of him but they're looking good right now but keep in mind we will be providing full coverage of the world cup throughout the evening so for all of our viewers out there will let them know of course as soon as there's an update on this tense germany sweden match it will have a hacking press her to her need of
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a sports thank you so much for your input of today. you're watching d.w. news from berlin and more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website d.w. dot com thanks for joining us. to. move. on. we may come oh but we want tons of assistance the un does but you can't we all the same associate. dean wants to shape the continent's future to be part of it and join youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent plus one for africa charges.


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