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and more determined to bring something here for the next generation. the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and on line. this is d w news live from bali and hope. for the day after the rescue ship was refused entry to european ports the lifeline may not be permitted to dock in while to a new nation saw fit to accept a subset of the hundreds of people. also on the program. washington's waters or the beijing's attack against grow as china moves full speed ahead on the electric
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vehicles cleaning up the city's bus fleet in the process. welcome drama to i.b.m. the ranks of jokes for top spot in group a spike struggled with morocco portugal staved off a night staff from iraq. welcome to the program. italy's prime minister said the contrary has announced that the latest migrant rescue ship to be turned away by several european countries including his own will be allowed to dock in malta bolton has also previously turned away a lifeline and has not confirmed mr khan to statement accepting some of the two hundred migrants on board the vessel would represent a major about face for italy which has recently toughened its stance on migration.
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sea sick malnourished and facing conditions the organization operating the ship have called a disaster. these migrants have been waiting for a port of call since being rescued off libya's coast on thursday. the german operated vessel lifeline refused entry by spain and italy. the ngo has warned the situation on board is critical. situation getting worse and i would say we also. see this night. he needs surgery. in the last minutes he could be. seasick italy's hardline interior minister wants to cut off the flow of migrants before they even put to sea he's been in libya calling for reception centers to screen arrivals in neighboring chad and sudan. where.
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the target government will support the need to protect the external borders south of libya because libya and italy alone cannot sustain the economic and social costs of this immigration which are so cheli. libya also wants to see the migrants dealt with elsewhere. or do they leave the. we agree with the europeans on many matters related to illegal immigration. however we categorically reject the existence of any migrant centers inside libya. and they're cool with their human. friends now says a european solution is near malta is reportedly willing to open its port to the migrants the ngos says they will run out of food and water in two days. let's get more from the deadly correspondent bed we get in brussels welcome bent why does
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malta appear to be changing its mind about allowing the lifeline to dock but it appears that the solution has been found because italy is now willing to take at least some of the refugees or migrants on board this vessel would not to house them all and even malta could also negotiate with other human human does like france or spain to take some of these refugees and italy agreed because italy also has a responsibility in this case italy is responsible for the whole area between libya and italy going to comes to rescue operations and this ship was also directed by the marine by the navy operation center in rome so the lifeline is not operating on its own it's part of a bigger operation and all of the e.u. member states bordering the mediterranean have some responsibilities because they
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all closed harbors more or less not only italy and malta also france spain have said they'd take any migrants so the lifeline is the third boat in the last few days to be refused entry only for negotiations to produce a solution so this is starting to look like the new de facto european migration policy making and make life difficult and uncertain a full rescue ships. it's clear the strategy behind the italian approach is now deter migrants as you can so that they don't enter the boats and don't try to cross the mediterranean and mr salvini the rightwing interior minister is the very strict and very harsh on this policy but it is not quite new the italians already set in generally this year that they won't let the boats rescue boats in the harbor as they did it before also france and spain and now question to do something and
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there's a european solution needed for that but in the end the law also says that you can't deny a vessel with emergencies on board was pregnant women on board you can't deny them from entering the harbor the question is what happens with the people then are they allowed to enter the country or do they have to stay on the boat in the dark and bad to really get in brussels thank you. the migration has also taken center stage here in berlin the german chancellor and americal host spanish prime minister pedro sanchez speaking at a joint press conference i'm going to want to say europe wide migration plan would not be reached at a summit of a huge leaders later this week and that germany would continue to pursue bilateral arrangements. sunshines call for a common european response. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world united nations says at least forty five thousand people have fled the airstrikes and ground
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fighting in syria is that our province the news comes as the government scales up its campaign against rebels in the country southwest observe a say regime as strikes in the region have killed dozens of civilians in the past week. the search for twelve boys and the football coach believed to have been trapped by flash flooding in a cave in northern thailand has entered its third day navy seal divers and underwater drones involved in the search rescues believe this enough inside the cave complex for the missing teen to still be alive. britain's prince william has met israel's of prime minister benjamin netanyahu on the first ever official british royal visit to the two israel and the palestinian territories the prince visited jerusalem's holocaust memorial the role has had to navigate a deep political and religious divides in the region.
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so it's a world cup time of the first two groups have been decided chris harrington from i did a few supporters here to talk a straight welcome chris thank you so we a dramatic end then to both games in group b. yes indeed it was number rocco we all know was the only side in group b. that had no chance of advancing to the knockout stages they came out swinging against the two thousand and ten world cup champions spain and put up quite a fight the other match portugal iran christianity rinaldo got a bit of karma in a company survived a scare which will see the video coming up but they did manage to avoid a major upset we have all of the action right ahead let's take a look. in the fourteenth minute a blunder by andres iniesta and said most gifted the ball to morocco and. slotted home for his team's first goal of the tournament. that moved portugal top of group b. . but in yesterday redeemed himself five minutes later teeing up disco for the spanish
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equaliser was. with the score one all spain were back on top of the group. meanwhile against iran a wonder goal from a car put portugal ahead before the break it was their first of the tournament not scored by christiane or an aldo once again advantage portugal. ronaldo got his chance in the second half when he stepped up for a penalty but missed leaving the door open for iran. i. morocco netted another three yousef in a city ten minutes from time and spain's chances of topping the group looked over. but spain journal evelyn injury time thanks to you go us bus lines minute ruled it offside but v.a.r. confirmed it counted to all the final score portugal though still lead the group.
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but kareem ansari thought confronted a last gasp penalty for iran to home portugal to a draw sending spain back to the top of group b. above what's coming up today ok we have the final matches of group c. in group d. group c. france i think they're leading the group right now they will you know post in my opinion the more important matches group d. ok we have one match in particular argentina in nigeria right now in group d. nigeria have the upper hand on argentina so argentina and let you know messi are in a must win situation now messi in case you are not quite up to speed he had once retired from his national side stating he just can't get it done. in the finals because there were always the bridesmaid never the bride you know when he was you know on the field with his side so this could very well be his last match in an argentina jersey and the nigerians are super eagles they want to retire him so i think this is going to be a very exciting match they do what they're familiar fellows they've played
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a lot in friendlies where nigeria has been victorious in the world cup stays unfortunately they've conceded a lot of goals and are argentina has always prevailed at the end of the day so we'll see if this is if they make history tonight you know suddenly i'm i'm feeling nigeria i'll tell them where the super eagles feel and a lot of think about germany getting up for their final group stage match what can we expect from that will of course they are still feeling high after the heroics of tony crow's right now it's a team first mentality that's the buzz word that's circulating in the camp we could expect some lineup changes we saw that to be proved successful in their second match versus we did now but we can listen to what the players themselves have to say we do have a report from the team let's take a listen. football tennis instead of the training team germany is working on keeping up good vibes match winner tony cross had speculated that for the sweden game that some fans back home had one of the defending champions to go out early
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but marco royce paints a different picture don't get us here. i think we showed the right response against sweden we're getting an amazing feeling from the fans owns it's a really great and powerful thing to see how many fans are actually cheering us on and wishing us complete success. is one of the few highlights for germany that's for. them for the first game but after the dortmund forward was voted man of the match versus sweden he's expected to feature against south korea can use the i don't know what the coaches latest plans for the next games are but of course i hope to be able to help the team on the pitch and. if that's not the case it won't be the end of the world we are a team and team there was more team mentality on display for a message who lost his starting place to royce in the last game the two of them went to twitter in posted from the locker room after this we didn't match. that was
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relatively spontaneous after the game. my seats next to message because he's number ten and i'm eleven message really wanted to put out a social media post that shows that message with the team and he's there for us even if he doesn't play for. leaving out suggests changes are afoot for germany their next game is likely to only see four world champions from two thousand and fourteen in the starting eleven. where their world champions or not will champions everyone has their strengths everyone deserves to play everyone can make a crucial difference in their position and germany have had their ups and downs in this group stage in our out of the woods just. will need another strong team performance to get past south korea and keep their title defense alone. so you give must be considered an analysis how do you see germany's chances you know i think it's going to be
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a matter of you know people living up to their potential we saw we saw tony cross on of course actually rebounded he didn't have the best game but then we saw the horowitz you know come in extra time we're going to have to see a lot of that but in all south korea i'm sure want to be on that plane at least with the point and maybe even more because it looks like that they will be headed home if germany do prevail but germany are going to be on a mission to snatch the soul out of south korea and based on history they should if they fail i think yogi love you or he love the head coach for germany will probably possibly looking at the classifieds in the near future because germany are expected to win and it would be a shame if they are booted out of this world cup well that's almost words there from chris huntington thank you chris has spoken we're going to cannot. coming up in the business the u.s. fast being left behind us china kicks its transition to electric vehicles into high gear. and for so little how about in just
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a moment don't forget you can always get at v.w. news on the go just out of that from google play aapl stall and give you access to all the latest news from around the globe as well as push notifications but i think breaking news because i use it to satisfy those on videos. so preface it with your business update in just about mattel in fact without more the days of world news of the top of the top of the day. i'm not proud of them they will not succeed in dividing us about not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters d w made from minds.
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