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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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this is interviews live from berlin the unthinkable has happened draining for both world champions team germany have crashed out of the twenty eight hundred tournament at the end of the group stage is germany's worst of the world cup performance ever. you. are a great to have you along everyone while we start straights with the world cup
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where the unthinkable has happened germany have just been eliminated and it's hard to overstate how devastating this outcome is for this football crazy nation i'll be doing a post-mortem with emily rausch it's from our sports desk but for the first time ever in germany go out of the tournaments in the group stage against south korea arguably the weakest team in germany's group f. created a nervous german side to the occasional goal scoring opportunity but failed to capitalize again and again then south korea scored twice in the dying minutes of the game by two nil score to south korea means that title holders germany finish last in their group sweden won the other encounter in group f. against mexico so sweden and mexico are therefore through to the next round while germany are out. all right well for more on the reactions to that match a let's bring in
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a limo talkie who is at the fans own it here in berlin alina what's the atmosphere down like where you are. mexico brought this span of three and south korea germany's downfall it's a huge disappointment a lot of sad faces there was a long silence when the game finished you can see right behind me a lot of unhappy campers and it's been a very complicated relationship between team germany and the fans the fans have been basically suffering and i'm so surprised i was speaking to some of them and one of them said look this is football it's part of the game and that you know we're still loyal we're still going to support this team of course we were expecting a lot more but f.e.n. t. basically said look we're going to support this team through thick and thin. all
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right alina i want to check in with you in just a little bit so please stand by let's go to russia where it has all folded to where jonathan harding who is and. jonathan are you there. there you are jonathan watches happened i am. what just happened to be it's hard to put into words what we've just seen absolute history just unfold it is because on one of the most incredible woke up moments of all time germany came into this tournament as the defending champions expecting to go through at least to the knockouts at least to maybe the quarter finals but this performance today and all of the performances really this woke up have just been below par they've been questions about the tactics they've been questions about how united this team is in another performance today that just suggests that this isn't really a team no one nevertheless expected for this result to be the way that it came out to you know south korea incredible right incredible i mean they weren't very
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convincing this tournaments one has to say but still of course. one wonders what's the pressure just too much to handle. well a certain amount of pressure there comes into the equation here germany would have gone into this one with a different kind of motivation you know four years ago they weren't world champions and they didn't have that pressure on them this time everybody knew that they were defending the title and we've seen it so many times before with other teams coming into a world cup having won the tournament before it's so different to coming with that level of expectation and then as germany this nation that is upheld as having a blueprint for how to play football and how to develop players and not hold pressure on this team i think was too much they were also so many other factors involved it just seemed like an inevitability and then you watch the way they played for you deserve that have gone on fortunately jonathan and i'm going to stick with you now a because it's described as what was the atmosphere like in the stadium.
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or inside i think there was this growing sense of nervousness the nerves that built up around the germany fans was replicated in the team and that's been a pattern this happen throughout the tournament the way the germany have played they've been very nervous and the fans seem to have reciprocated i reflected that even in the same was here today because on you know wonderful sunshine wonderful day there's a certain sense of expectation and this is the day that germany arrive at the tournament they play wonderful football and they breeze process korea three minutes to make the knockouts but that didn't happen germany was slow they were hesitant they were hopeful and their fans had that same sense they were hopeful but there wasn't necessarily this great sense of chio belief that they were going to make it and the longer the game went on the worse it looked and here we are standing on a day of history all right alina you were at that viewing party what what have the fans been telling you about this disappointing outcome. the mood is very
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similar here despite all these lackluster performances of germany being really shaky the team there is a disconnect at half time when i spoke to a lot of these fans days. well we're smiling they still thought that some sort of magic would happen even in stoppage time people thought that maybe cost would step up one of their individual moment of genius would happen again but unfortunately it didn't happen and i think really that this is one fan said it best he said that between defeat basically two sides to the same coin and germany has been toying with defeat for the past few games now all right. they were so close yet so far away in the. reporting from the fan zone and jonathan are hurting so well outside the stadium because on where the drama unfolded back here in the city also grimaces outside the stadium and cazan as that defeat by germany starts to sink in i'm now joined here in the studio for some more analysis of that shock exit from
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the world cup by only russia it's from sports none of us really expect at this but the scribe just how much of a shocker is this outcome well i mean the bottom line is this is an absolute shock this is the reigning world champion we're talking about this is germany and they've crashed out of the world cup their last in their group i mean they i think i think there are no words to describe this quite frankly because they just did really really poorly as we can see in the game it all started really badly with a mistake by modern noir their captain and then things just unfolded and it didn't go their way germany they were dangerous at times but they lack the final you know the final danger in the final third they just couldn't get the ball into the net and that's what cost them in the end it's quite difficult to explain what's going on in their heads right now i'm sure but they will be devastated for this and at the same time it's not that much of a shock because they've been performing poorly throughout this tournament under par
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but yet they always managed to deliver like the last time of course because the irony now is that sweden ends up knocking out germany and in a way yes we ended up not. now germany and things were close because sweden played mexico who defeated germany let's not forget that but sweden now beat mexico so things got went crazy in this group you see here sweden took the lead. and it was just incredible i mean german fans were already starting to to worry right about there. and then it got even worse when the penalty came around. and there was there was the final knock two zero for sweden and actually they continue carving there's a third gophers when things are just getting rougher and rougher actually mexico was facing elimination at this point if germany had scored but germany didn't score and so is germany who is out now and germany is out we're still kind of digesting that news so it's probably too soon to reflect on this but nonetheless i'm going to
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ask you is there a silver lining to all of this. if there is a silver lining it has to be that there have to be some some new structures in the german football federation there has to be in this new spirit it might be the end of the line for you if you live in esteem. but in any case there will be huge consequences as we can expect from the german football federation what let's talk about mr yoshi and of much beloved personality coach of team germany what's his future going to look like now well it's all very unsure because actually just before this tournament he extended his contract to stay with germany throughout twenty twenty two and now he's facing an early exit from his contract i doubt that he'll want to stick around because obviously this is the worst result for germany ever at a world cup this is not the kind of thing that he wants to continue at the same time maybe he'll want to pick up the pieces it's really difficult to tell this one because it's so shocking this is not what anyone expected not with in germany and not not outside either. emilie's so thank you so much for your analysis for
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now and i believe actually we're going to continue our discussion with you so please stick around because the world cup now it continues without a germany but before i continue my conversation with and we want to cross over to our social media desk because of course fans across the world how have been the scuffing this match out online and what it all means in the show from our social media desk is tracking all the action all right liz i don't know if you're there and if you can hear me i can't see you but give me a sign if you can hear me i can hear you og chaos and what are people saying. well i actually wanted to wear this germany have to while talking to you to celebrate germany's victory can do that now i'm just going to put it here on the side of course fans in germany are shocked they did not expect their team to get
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kicked out at this stage and we're also looking at what people outside of germany are saying of course they are also wondering how this could happen here is a somebody was watching in the u.k. saying this is incredible this has to has got to be one of the great world cup moments we're also seeing a bit of shot in florida before have i should say that germany are out here is a user from india saying that in two thousand and six italy won four years later they got knocked out in the group stage two thousand and ten spain won and then four years later they got kicked out in the group stage and in twenty eighteen we just saw what happened to germany and here is a comment from a british journalist he says he's actually glad to see a fancied team go out he says they have been so many close calls for the big sides or at least germany were not lucky enough to make it to the next round now and of
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course while people are watching they were talking about different players one of the people who got talked about the most was what tang he was of course not playing he had been banned for the match today but it just looked the way you long to get people talking a lot about how he had gotten his swag on but it didn't help the team in the end they lost and he was of course sad to see that they will have to return home many people also talking about neuer about his a skills at the goal saying that he was really well he was not up to his best performances today comparing him to this little girl right here that also making the rounds on social media. people watching all across the world he is watching in japan people watching at the german stock exchange in front for it and this is a picture of people watching at the munich airport so these are all fans in germany who will go home disappointed today because their team is asked right and we see
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that very sad flag on your desk as well. commiserations there thank you so much was greatly appreciated i want to go back to emily with me now here in the studio ok very sad germany's campaign sadly now over and what i want to ask you is let's talk about what went wrong and in this campaign because it seems everything they work out i mean quite frankly what were wrong already in the first game they started off against mexico they went into it thinking they could win it and they came out of it was zero points and with a loss against mexico they just weren't playing as well as they needed to be playing against a team like mexico who are always hungry to win always hungry to fight always in to put the bottle put up a battle and germany won this game looking kind of and light had to say arrogant but that's kind of how they went in there they thought they could just waltz into the world cup and win their games and not specially after their preparations went so badly as well. so mexico was already quite about star but things were looking
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brighter of course against sweden because that marco ball last minute goal yeah well the result looked better against sweden i'll give you that twenty cause scored the last minute goal and they were celebrating very very much and there was a positive atmosphere around that but if you look at the sport sport of aspect of things they weren't actually performing much better it was just in the very last minute that they scored the two one the winning goal because up until then it was a tough day and they weren't actually performing up to their standards in that game either so there was a bit of a positive atmosphere going around but it might have just hit in the fact that they won playing great football not the what we're used to but what we were used to and hindsight of course is. twenty but there have been a lot of people complaining about the fact that this team didn't really match up to the team from twenty four i mean do they have a point or is that unfair criticism i think they definitely have a point they were missing the fight i think that's what you can say and the
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efficiency in front of goal they created chances especially their second third games they created chances but they just couldn't get the ball into the net when it mattered and they were missing people maybe like mother you got to who stayed at home during this world cup who scored the winning goal in the final two thousand and fourteen. and yet that's that's really what it all came down to but let's have a look. at the champions have failed to defend their title germany fell at the first hurdle after three displays that delights their potential from the start of their first group match against mexico team was overwhelmed by the occasion the mexicans ruthlessly exploited no weaknesses never opponents with the german players unable to respond i was a mood is. our courage our self-confidence and our faith in ourselves. it was all done coming to me why it happened i can't say. and the problems persisted. experienced players like tony cause in midfield and thomas upfront
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could not get a grip on the games germany was wasteful in possession helpless against breaks and uninspired in a time. of course there are situations where you have to be at the ball of the seals quickly before your opponents can get into position on the other hand if you're too impatient to lose the ball then it can easily backfire those can their performance against sweden also left plenty to be desired even if a touch of genius from tony calls was enough to save the day the established players seemed complacent and the newcomers like to bite a crisis meeting after the mexico match had brought no results even if the players publicly argued otherwise. in the months i really think we are a team and that we are a unit. i think that we all share the same goal i don't think that there are three players thinking one thing and three another and we all want to defend our world title. of course when we lose it's easy if you're looking from the outside to see
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certain things if you want an countryman for the of. germany's hopes of back to back world cup wins dashed instead they become just the latest reigning champion to suffer the curse of an early exit from the biggest stage in football. and be that as is as it may the german f.a. is standing by behind their manual while the extent of his contract just before the tournament started and those are the signals we're standing by him no matter what happens but i think there might be some revaluation revaluation of that now let's have a look at what they really have. the shine has come off you can love image as a master coach. it's a brutal fall from grace for a man who led germany to world cup glory in twenty four teams. before this tournament i love seeing the winner of the size of the challenge. i have to say
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there are quite a few things we simply must improve over the next fourteen days of course you that . you can look first took up a coaching position at the germany two thousand and four as you can klinsmann's assistant after a surprisingly successful two thousand and six campaign on home soil love took over the helm of the match are. equal in a new playing style gone with a roughness and physicality and skill and dynamism. looks revolution first ball fruits went germany took third place at the twenty ten world cup with a new generation of players like mesut ozil sammy could do and thomas miller. and it's overseen by look at the enormous wealth these players have developed to stay in this tournament to progress even against the big nations you can take to the pitch without respect that is what champions are made up of all. lives project peak to the twenty fourteen world cup in brazil germany's triumph was
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the result of years of preparation and reached the top of the german f.a. are happy to keep him there. you have to learn from your him live is the best coach the board of the german f.a. could imagine for a national team when the tsunami i'm sure for. the world title and amazing coaching record look became a marketing star in his own right he seems have everything going his way maybe he felt that he had nothing left to prove in any case there is little sign since then of the star of innovative techniques that led to the twenty fourteen success. despite a young germany scored storming. success of the twenty seven team concept comes love still for the old guard for the campaign this summer yet having many world cup but trends in the school it does not help the patterns of leadership. you can lose contracts with the german f.a. runs until twenty twenty two it would be no surprise if you didn't stay the
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distance. germany sadly are out that is now a fact the world cup does continue and emily i want to look forward to what is happening next which teams are slugging it out well there are some games later group slug as you say switzerland takes on costa rica and serbia takes on brazil and things are still quite open in the group at the moment brazil sit on top ahead of switzerland and then there's also serbia waiting for their chance of things will get very interesting there again ok again brazil also haven't really i mean their favorites as well always i should say but they haven't really been that convincing either not playing really strong from the start of this tournaments but we do hope that they advance to the knockout stage or is that hope for wishful thinking they've had a similar problem that germany had actually i mean they have so many star players in their oftens and they've been struggling to score goals actually the goals
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against costa rica came late in extra time in injury time they almost tied there again so yes so far they have been great but they're looking a bit fitter a bit more energetic and a bit more like they have confidence in themselves in the german team maybe that's the wakeup call for them now as germany is out a switzerland a small country is is proving to be a dark or stay they're quite good yeah a little bit i mean they have some great footballers in their ranks let's not forget that but they have been getting good results the one want to be their best one they were favored to make it through in this group and they're set on a good track to do just that are out there. sure it's on what is a really really sad day for us here at d.f.w. but such as sports and football sometimes you win sometimes you lose thank you. and that to concludes our coverage of germany leaving the world cup we bring we're going to bring you know up to speed with some of the other stories making news
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around the world and here are some disappointing fans. well. you see the images speak for themselves. all right let's bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world a turkish court has ordered the release of jail journalist moment alten he was sentenced to life imprisonment four months ago on charges of aiding the failed coup attempt in the country back in two thousand and sixteen over fifty thousand people have been arrested in the ground down since the coup including over one hundred twenty journalists poland's parliament has amended a controversial law that made it illegal to suggest poles were complicit in nazi war crimes the country will no longer impose jail terms for using phrases like polish death camps poland's prime minister said he hoped a change would improve relations with israel after the last sparked a diplomatic route warring factions in south sudan have agreed a permanent ceasefire the country's president salva kiir signed
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a peace agreement after two days of talks with rebels in hard to the capital of neighboring sudan it could bring an end to more than four years of civil war which have left tens of thousands of people dead. in the united states after weeks of public outcry and intense media scrutiny a federal judge has ordered that children separated from their parents at the us mexico border must be reunited with their families within a month the ruling follows weeks of outrage that last week forced president trump to walk back his administration's policy of splitting up migrant families who cross into the u.s. illegally. it's un-american it's immoral and he's evil if i am late the constitutional rights of all americans another legal blow dealt to trump zero tolerance policy separated families must be reunited within thirty days children under five fourteen days and a nationwide injunction against any future family break ups there were protests
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clashes and even arrests an l.a. outside the hotel where attorney general jeff sessions the man behind one of washington's most controversial policies defended the hardline stance in the name of public safety. all of us that are here are not native american and we're also integrating into the so bought word that sell embarrassing . the markets in our history meeting in. washington under pressure to abolish the immigration protocol the cooled ruling was printed off to seventeen states filed suit against the policy isn't constitutional denying immigrants due process and the right to seek asylum status say they've been forced to do a huge increase in child custody costs they call for transparency the public must know the true price of this and for separation. you can have a lot of happy people this comes just one week off to trump signed an executive
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order that would keep families who illegally cross the us mexico border together as they await immigration proceedings as border officials struggle to reunite families more than two thousand children made in camps some hundreds of miles away from their parents who claimed that when they roamed the number given to reach their children they were met with adult turn or no answer at all. and before we let you go we want to remind you of our main headline this hour team germany are out of the world cup after losing their final group game against south korea. here to neil only a victory could have given them hope of advancing on the news that sweden were ahead against mexico only added to the drama germany's early exit is their worst performance at the tournament since nineteen thirty eight and it's the third consecutive time the title holders that's italy spain and now germany have been knocked out of the group stages all right don't forget you can always going to do
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me. seriously. sometimes you. i. was.
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if anything making this was a trust. issue is it also applies to you no thanks. because distrust is a bad publicity it creates a climate of fear and those who contract mean to sign a not so common china's economic fact trust. made in germany next. century the conflict
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zone confronting the powerful. has f.b.i. director james comey was always pretty well known in the window charm five him last year to stick his foot in measured think this week he's my guest by the way he's promoting a book even as he faces new challenge uses insubordination so what's the truth conflicts of. interest sixty minutes t w. o. a silent clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe in arranged marriage and those who want to marry for love to sleep in.
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