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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 30, 2018 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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people don't have to keep an eye out for and we'll probably see them sink in the slime it remains an exciting world cup a fully s. many thanks indeed as always thanks maria. they're up to date now on day w. news will be back again at the top of the hour in the meantime don't forget you can always get the latest news and information on our web site that's had dot com american ever seen from all of this and berlin thanks for watching. my first boss also sewing machine. litter icon for home women are bones by this social tool something as simple as learning home to write them by psychos isn't. since i was a little good i wanted to have them by sight below my home but it took me years to been there. finally they gave up and went on buying me on bicycles and returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goes than writing i'm biased. i want to meet those women back home blood bones by their duties and
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social norms and informed him of old dead basic rights my name is the amount of people homes and i wore. the. odd. the monday after the elections in turkey. turks are counting on turkish president richard heir to one to kick start the economy. kid it will be an economic stability in the country and it has to be there had been a volatility in the markets now it's over at least the elections are over if you ask me whether your dollar will increase i think the depreciation of the lira will continue at that point. but turkey's currency the leader
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is under pressure due in part to worries about everyone's efforts to consolidate power and fears that he could seek to influence the country's interest rates fears that are having global repercussions. foreign investors are withdrawing their funds from our country which is leading to a depreciation of the lira i think the situation will get worse now that the elections are over. inflation has soared to double digits and turkey's trade deficit is increasing because the country needs to import more products that it can sell abroad adding to its woes if you see. structural reforms. in the last. two years see this. returning back to. the policies. i
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think the pressure on. a realistic proposition according to many experts they say the risks to turkey's economy have grown in recent months. argentina on strike empty airports abandoned bus stops a strike at the beginning of the week has paralyzed the south american country even schools banks and hospitals remained closed for twenty four hours the powerful c g t union called for a strike and thousands of demonstrators filled the streets of buenos aires they're calling for wage negotiations with no upper limit but the administration of mockery once we increase is capped at fifteen percent despite an annual inflation rate of twenty six percent. this must be the beginning of a fight strategy it cannot end here we must defeat mockery and drive out the i.m.f.
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which is the only way out for us the workers the situation is suffocating us. argentina's finance ministry estimates the strike will cost the economy around nine hundred million euros. giant parking lot for diesel cars thousands of new vokes wagon diesel vehicles will soon be parked here at berlin's unfinished be our airport that's until they can pass the new emissions test this is a win win situation for v.w. and the airport operator v.w. has access to large areas for its cars and the operator can rent out the unused land. if it means that berlin takes in more money which can then be used to refinance the airport then let the airport be used as a parking lot for v.w. thought you know it'll take a while before the airports ready and there's enough space so why not make use of it. the reason for the campaign as of september first
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only cars that have undergone this new test procedure may be registered v.w. therefore pretty produces many cars that are built to pass the test procedure but these cars still don't have the approval of the federal motor transport authority that will most likely be delivery delays for up to two hundred fifty thousand vehicles according to a v.w. spokesman. and folks wagon has opened its fourth plant in rwanda africa the group intends to develop a new move build the concept there in cooperation with startups rwanda is attractive because of its well trained workers the nationally only the components for three models were transported to kigali and assembled there the german car maker has invested sixteen million euros in this project more and more companies in great britain are warning of the consequences of a hard break that negotiations have so far been slow and there is disagreement
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within the british government on important issues now the british automobile federation has warned the government against leaving the european customs union. it with customs controls at the borders would only be a logistical nightmare for the car sector. following the terminations of the nuclear agreement with iran the usa is now demanding that all countries stop imports of a rainy in oil it's a return to the state before the treaty a representative of the u.s. state department threatened to impose sanctions on countries that do not comply however the iranian government announced that it would not let the u.s. bring it to its knees. harley davidson wants to stop building its motorcycles for the european market in the usa instead the company wants to produce the wheels in its plants in india and brazil the company would then deal with punitive tariffs imposed by the e.u.
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just last week as a counter measure to u.s. tariffs. this plant in the city of sellout produces pickup trucks it's run by the american company general motors which benefits from mexico's lower wage costs. it's just the kind of set up us president donald trump is determined to clamp down on he's hoping to lure companies back to the united states by imposing tariffs of up to twenty five percent on car imports it certainly wouldn't be the first protectionist move back in may trump impose a twenty five percent tariff on steel and ten percent unemployment in imports mexico responded by placing a levy on imports of american pork. tariffs have made pork too expensive stuff. mexico is managed one could say within a few hours to substitute u.s. pork exports with e.u.
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exports of cork. mexico is currently in the middle of updating its own free trade deal with the european union amid strained relations with the united states the country is keen to strengthen economic ties with other countries. mexico mexico is not just the u.s.a.'s neighbor it's a member of the pacific alliance it's an economic bloc that's getting stronger and stronger in latin america mexico is in the t.v. p.p. that's the transpacific partnership with mexico and shores on two oceans and it's right near the panama canal it has possibilities. despite mexico's many other trade ties the u.s. remains an important economic partner the mexicans will be watching trump's next move very closely. in the indian city of delhi
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getting from a to b. can be quite a challenge heavy traffic and poor signposting are a headache for any commuter but for those in the delivery business subpar infrastructure takes an economic toll to electricity access is also a major issue with millions of people in the country still without power perhaps it's no surprise then that indian prime minister narendra modi has appealed for a ten fold increase in financing from the asian infrastructure investment bank from four to forty billion dollars by twenty twenty. five. and with. this. in. mind.
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but the problem with one hundred. with the growth rate of over seven percent india is an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investors but to maintain the trend the country will have to follow through on its pledge to improve basic infrastructure. a light hum instead of the roar of a diesel engine in just three years all of shen's and sixteen thousand buses have gone electric the city's bus drivers have been retrained and there are now five thousand charging points at bus depots. a fully charged bus can travel two hundred kilometers that's about a day's driving change you is spearheading the changes. we can charge the bus in the evening when services have stopped for the day oh that's good because electricity costs are less in the evening so the bus company saves
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money. and electric bus const about twice as much as a diesel one but because power is relatively cheap in china the city council says electric buses cost less in the long run it claims the local economy has benefited to the buses are made by b y d a vehicle maker based in shen zen. yes this is just stuff it's just a baby step of the way in the fish we did only we did not only want to that tree find those passes but also to eat actual five texas traps. china's government has an ambitious strategy plan when it comes to electric mobility and the administrative regions are doing their bit two thirds of chansons taxis have already gone electric.
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the timing could hardly be worse sweltering summer weather world cup feeder england is still in the running and looming over it all the prospect of a soft drinks and beer shortage. the rise in the streets the be a nightmare especially if you're going to is coming home to football so we need to be away to foil. i just i don't know if it's so it's something that so far. not been able to have been. i think it's pretty often i think about it quite frankly how i would feel about the slavery of all. the c o two used in fizzy drinks is produced as a byproduct in the manufacturing of fertilizer many plants halt production in the summer hence the current shortage. and this year higher than usual demand has been added to the mix. production of the bubble enabling substance should be back on
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track in mid july. in the meantime some british soccer fans might have to do with fears free ale instead. and that was your business week in review. a city that thinks news. thinks differently. taking stock of the rapid changes at play in the german capital. our special on. the next on the c.w. . euro max this week's highlight.
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art in northern england a festival that loud and proud about its. luxury on rails a train ride back to the time of the russian tsar. and a clash of the kings to virtual souls collide in a musical back. sixty minutes to. check in. fasten your seat belts. look at the.
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travelcard. stay up to date don't miss our highlights. program. w. dark cards. hello and welcome to a new edition of twenty one coming to you from berlin with a special edition about berlin. used to be shabby rundown and hedging with low rent and legendary nightlife that attracted creative free spirits from all over the world.


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