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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin another couple apparently poisoned with a deadly nerve agent on british soil police say the pair are in critical condition after they were exposed to dunno which was developed in the soviet union they don't know if the incident is linked to the attempted assassination of a russian spy and his daughter with the same substance just months ago also coming up the next phase of the trade dispute between the world's biggest economies china and the us are about to impose thirty four billion dollars worth of tariffs on each
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other in just a few hours. escaping the clutches of the sex trade we meet a roumanian woman who's left behind a life selling herself in bars and brokers across europe. plus our team of world cup reporters hits the streets of moscow to find out who fans think is the star of the turn to. use yammer on each out. even to get a feel for is the best it's the world cup of the team this period off when. fellow i'm terry marchin good to have you with us fridays police have confirmed that two people who fell critically ill near the market town of solsbury were poisoned with a nerve agent know but check this comes just months after
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a former russian spy and his daughter were also attacked with the deadly poison in the same town british counterterrorism police are leading the investigation and cites the couple visited have been cordoned off. the english child of amesbury now at the center of a major police investigation officials say that a british couple taken ill at their home were poisoned by another chunk nerve agent paramedics were called after the woman collapsed on saturday morning a friend of the couple was with the man later in the day started out cell phone there was a large as there was broken against who then but there's a brit in crypts. it's the start of sweat latest trip and so it's faded out the lights. the couple are in a critical condition at salisbury hospital just a few kilometers away it's the same hospital that treated former russian spy
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surrogates creep owl and his daughter yulia just four months ago after they were nearly killed by the same kind of nerve agent. counter-terror police are leading the latest probe. we can confirm that the man or woman have been exposed to the nerve agent of a truck which has been identified as the save more page of the contaminated broken and so case report we are not be in a position to say whether the nerve agent was from the side perhaps the scribbles were exposed to the possibility that these two investigations might be linked is clearly allied with forty four. detectives are investigating how the couple came into contact with the nerve agent they say there's nothing in the past background to suggest they would have been deliberately targeted. police have cordoned off places the couple had been before falling ill including a church community center. the u.k.
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government has called a meeting of its emergency committee to discuss this second mysterious poisoning in the south precarious. let's cross over to london bigot mass is standing by for us what's the condition of the couple who were poisoned and what do we know about them there is really not a good idea that we know about so we know that they're in critical condition in hospital and if we think back to this group paul case it was due to the well apparently ingenuity of the doctors at the hospital that they found out so quickly that they were suffering from this navigation and that they could actually administer the right medication now they know. hopefully this time what struck them even though initially it was thought that it could have been drugged but then fairly quickly hopefully the doctors would have would have thought
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that it could be the same nerve agent and would have had the experience from the last time to help them but in critical condition in hospital it's an incredibly strong strong voice and from all we know the couple is not in any way related to this new polls so really just. in in salisbury or who lived near salisbury who somehow came across this nerve agent at least this is what we know and what speculation is so far. and because this incident comes just four months after the strip mall case another poisoning in solsbury how are the people of salisbury reacting. well they are understandably quite nervous and worried i mean in their quiet town in the south of england you have four people being struck down with a chemical nerve agent is really something that is quite unheard of and after the
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this cripple it has the author of cordoned off many areas they could have many areas in salisbury and of course would have to be be known as meticulous as they could but that now months after the original case somebody or two people who were seemingly unrelated just members of the public who were always said to not be in the in the bigger danger the authorities have maintained are still maintaining that there is no big risk for the wider public but they did now it looks like to remember all of just the public have come in contact with this is definitely something that's worrying and that must be also worrying to the british government now aside from the fact that the same nerve agent was involved in both these cases have police established any clear links between this latest poisoning case and the script. you know the police have not confirmed anything like that they have said that they have additionally to the local police they haven't got
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a hundred counterterrorism officers who are actually working on the case they're trying to establish whether it is the same batch and whether as the speculation has been it's something that has been discarded by the by the perpetrators. well in the in the way that that it was unsafe so that people could have come across that there is a park for example in salisbury that the couple visited that house where the area has been cordoned off so the police are still determining where exactly and how exactly the couple came across this batch figure thank you so much for that update . there in london. let's catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world today officials in thailand are warning that rescue workers face a race against water to extract a young soccer team spent twelve nights in a flooded cave water is being pumped round the clock reducing the flood level by
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around a centimeter every hour but heavy rains are in the forecast and could jeopardize the complex rescue operation german chancellor going to akhil says the transit center planned for the german austrian border will hold asylum seekers for forty eight hours at most it's hoped the sites will curb the flow of migrants into germany previously medical had opposed such centers but she changed her policy after facing pressure from some of her clinician partners. in the united states police have detained a woman who climbed the pedestal of the statue of liberty the protester had been part of a demonstration against u.s. immigration policy police took the woman into custody after a four hour standoff that poorest evacuation of liberty island on the fourth of july national hold. still to come some of football's best players have already waved goodbye to the world cup we're asking
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fans in moscow what's next for the beautiful games starting. i think he's let sammy sing to mary sure but these may be the last words tough for them. over to helen and could the u.s. be backing off and one of its trade disputes with europe maybe we're seeing an olive branch terry from the world of diplomacy which certainly gives the impression that the united states is looking for a way out of the latest terror spat ambassador to germany invited representatives from the likes of b.m.w. and dima to meeting here in berlin richard grenell said that the white house would be willing to accept removing all call import tariffs if the e.u. would do this say that's according to a report by german business daily handed splat donald trump has come under pressure from american business leaders saying an increase in import tariffs would hurt them
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as well. so potentially an easing in trade tensions between the u.s. and the e.u. it doesn't seem as if china will be afforded the same treatment though a fresh round of import tariffs all going into effect between china and the united states on friday experts say we can then really talk about a full blown trade war while on one side while one side punishes the other the consequences could chip away at both the quantum ease and the paychecks of chinese and american consumer us. car enthusiasts in beijing regularly meet up to take their jeeps for a spin the vehicles were imported from the united states. pay to france seventy five thousand u.s. dollars for his that's around thirty thousand dollars more than it would cost in the u.s. but the price tag could rise further when the next set of u.s. tariffs comes into effect. this year your
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ten chilled buyers may change their mind due to the price hike. this restaurant in beijing will also feel the effect of fresh tariffs it serves pork ribs imported from the u.s. they're especially popular among americans living in the chinese capital. manager charles a pilot fears that higher prices could drive customers away of course he could start buying ports from chinese farmers but for now that appears to be ashes the question domestic calls it just doesn't taste. really disappear but this method better. as fears of a full out trade war grow china's foreign ministry striking a defiant tone. china has a regulator preparations. as long as the united states issues a so-called tariff list china will take necessary measures to firmly protect its
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legitimate interests. of. those who already own jeeps in china will probably be doing their best to keep their vehicles in top shape to spare parts will also be taxed higher from friday. britain's biggest carmaker jagger landrover has warned it may have to rethink billions of pounds of u.k. investment if britain leaves the e.u. single market the firm's forty thousand employees. britain would also face an uncertain future jack you a laundry list says the so-called hard drugs it would cost at one point two billion pounds a year making it unprofitable to stay in the u.k. in recent weeks some of the biggest companies operating in britain have criticized the government's breaks it strategy. accord is ruled that the internet entrepreneur found of mega upload new zealand citizen it came dot com can be extradited to the
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united states he's even his court of appeal held last year's lower court ruling that the extradition could take place dot com will face charges of racketeering and copyright infringement he is expected to launch a final appeal to the news even supremes quote the six year legal saga is widely seen as a test of the u.s. his reach to apply american firms intellectual property rights. well secretary now as demonstrations take place in the west bank that's right helen scuffles have broken out in the west bank between israeli authorities and protesters trying to halt the deming the demolition of a better when village police arrested eleven protesters as they tried to block all those years in khan amman to the east of jerusalem and israeli court approved plans to tear down the homes in a move protesters believe will clear the way for a new israeli suffer there are about one hundred eighty palestinian bedouin villagers living in amman they mostly raise sheep and goats living in tune and
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wooden shacks kramer has this report from the village. the small bedouin village of qana maher is threatened with demolition. this is where abu homies tends his sheep and goats in the occupied west bank a few kilometers outside jerusalem. for years he's fought in court against the demolition orders issued by the israeli military but in may the israeli supreme court gave the go ahead for the village to be raised it was the final appeal. here and the people here are very worried and afraid. that they were hoping that the international community would help. but after everything that happened they became frustrated and desperate us did. about one hundred eighty people that's thirty five families live in the village which israel says was built illegally but for
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palestinians the required building permits are almost impossible to obtain in the israeli controlled areas see in the west bank in this decision and it's written and signed by three judges that the only argument the court will deal with is the question if the buildings here and the school building permits and as we all know they did not have been it permits because the state was never giving building permits in areas state the bedouins so this is a way to push it out of here but israel has meanwhile approved more housing units in nearby jewish settlements human rights groups say that moving the bedouin population against their will amounts to forcible transfer contrary to international law. could totally reject the allegation that this is a transfer of people in the occupied territory. the fact that the territory is disputed that the status of these territories crew does not mean that people are
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allowed to settle with ever they want in a legal way. to school financed with european funds will also be demolished during the summer it's open for children to play it's the only nearby school for most of them especially the girls of the bedouin communities scattered around the area. the residents will be relocated to a different site most villagers have already said they won't accept being forcibly resettled to a new location. is tanya kramer now they can be found in most cities around the world women standing on the street or red light districts selling sex to a man we met one woman who ended up in a poverty trap but who managed with some help to free herself julio does not know how many men she has had sex with she thinks it's been ten twelve even more every night the thirty year old rumanian has worked as a prostitute for years selling her body and brothels bars and on the street. julia
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has no school leaving certificate she bore her first child when she was just fourteen and then she had another one the money she earned cleaning buildings in romania was not enough to survive she went abroad and became a sex worker. i knew it would be difficult but it was much worse than i'd imagined the first three weeks especially were extremely hard. everything that i had to go through. but i always thought about my children and i told myself that i was there to help my family and my children. she worked in switzerland greece and france for the last five years she worked in the southern german city of guard at some point she could not take it anymore she wanted out she had her last customer in march we've been like julio can get help at sister's association a counseling center for women who want to escape prostitution located in the middle
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of stuttgart red light district the ngo finds part time jobs for women and gives them financial support until they're able to live independently it also provides medical assistance and there's always someone who will listen. in the fall. the woman wants out and does not have a pimp if she is not being held prisoner then she can indeed leave a brothel. but she will not find a place to sleep she will not find anyone who will give her food. as and give it as she cannot just go to some authority and ask for accommodations and or for welfare or if it's all she's not eligible for that lies this and that's what makes it so difficult just lots of so the moshi can get as a ticket back to her home country of the common cause ticket and although julia says she has never had a pimp that would make her a rare exception she earned a thirty year old's pertwee the minute session with
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a customer. i mostly worked until three o'clock in the morning i could not have stood it any longer but there were also women there who endured it all night they drank alcohol and took drugs got high just to get through it. roll was get out. she began having panic attacks and she still suffers from them today. in hindsight i would not do it again i kept thinking i have to look for something else but i was not able to find any other work. but think again. now julia once again works as a cleaner she found a job with the help of sisters and she's proud she enjoys the sunshine and wearing
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normal clothes she threw her old ones away the money she would need here in leonard's quarter red light district where the streets are abandoned by day but the bars and venues are full by night where muscular men stand in doorways and inside awaiting customers are women who like yulia are mostly from eastern europe no one knows exactly how many there are julia has left it behind her all she has are old photos she does not want to show except for this one with her mother she likes it not the ones in which she is obviously dressed like a sex worker today julia is a different person. and joining me now in the studio is t w is naomi calmer conrad she is part of the team of journalists who worked on that report for us there with the woman who spoke with in the report julie as she ended up here in germany where prostitutes enjoy more protection and more rights than in many other countries but
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she still ended up trapped in that world by poverty is this a common story it's an absolutely common story i mean eighty five to ninety percent of the sex workers and the awful east and europe rumania bulgaria two very poor countries and they don't actually make that much money here they have to pay a lot of money for the brothel that they normally live in it can be up to four thousand sometimes even five thousand euros a month just spread on top of that you obviously have to make a lot of money to pay that kind of rent a lot of women have an exception that so a lot of the money they make goes to the pit. so it's actually incredibly difficult to leave prostitution just because women make so little money. in there for she says she operated without him tell us how that works. that's in fact incredibly unusual and i've talked to a lot of people they say it's virtually impossible to work with that's of him just because so many of the women as i said on german they lack the language skills that often moved around from different between different european countries some of the
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women i talk to you know they've worked in slovakia in in the u.k. so these are criminal networks the pimps of. the organizations like hell's angels and other violent gangs so it's been tell you about the men who pay her thirty euros for sex yes it's a very big market a lot of people come from eleven from all over europe to to buy sex in germany just because there's such a supply it's also neagle here compared to a lot of other european countries and it's a mix of men i mean that's and she was she said on the internet is increasingly being used to advertise and organize prostitution what impact is that having on the sex trade it's having a huge impact because basically it's incredibly difficult to regulate the internet it's there's a lot of false prostitution on the internet a lot of women some of them minus who are being exploited it's incredibly hard to
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regulate as i said and it's very difficult to know what exactly is going on now with thank you so much should be w.'s naomi conrad. sports now and there's just a day to go until the quarter finals of the world cup so straight over to moscow sports correspondent all over moody who's been in the thick of things so to speak only is the excitement mounting there on the ground in russia as the later stages of the tournament near. yes certainly especially among the hosts russia surprisingly still being in the tournament. been a great sense of excitement throughout the competition but i think it goes. to the quarterfinals i think of the point where all the teams left in the tournament think they really have a chance of winning it two thirds of the teams are out now. and they know they're
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only a couple of games away from the finals and it has a little bit quieter here in moscow just in the last couple of days that's because none of the quarterfinal match is it taking place here and that's why i will be heading to sochi on friday to bring you all the updates head of the match between the host russia and croatia. as you say a lot of a lot of players a lot of teams have had to go home of course have been knocked out probably the biggest stars of the tournament lena messi and cristiano ronaldo have already returned home who are the standout players now in the spotlight. i think it's an effective they said you awfully that we're all there are messy have had over the last decade that been so dominant for so long that we sometimes overlook some genuine stars in the game i thought the front sargent seen a much in around sixteen was interesting as a kind of passing of the baton it felt like between messi and killing them both
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a young superstar for france who just rips the argentina defense to shreds but there have been a lot of other big performers at the tournament so far as so we went out in a moscow to ask fans from around the world who they think the stars of the tournament have been so far let's have a look at that. luis john john john a man is. obviously neymar is up and coming but then he doesn't need to dive all the time he's too much of a star not that much of a player right now it's not the world cup of stars it's the world cup. this period off when and also it's a bit off like most obviously losing big stars is it's tough you expect them to win a world cup but they do have the teams that back them up about miss in the night i think he says let's have amazing january sure but he says maybe the last word
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kaffir game you go to can see if he is the best goalkeeper in the world it was great he saved huge to put on the kicks and he was good there one for four course. i believe he was very good cast british michael was a good goalkeeper. ok enough about the players what about the teams which teams are in shape to make the most noise in the final rounds of the chart but i think all the teams left in have deserved to reach this stage sometimes you get it where it's a kind of luxe their way through to the group stage in the in the round of sixteen i don't think that's the case here i think you're a go i think particularly impressive but all of the teams that didn't have shown what they can do at some point in the tournament. we do have as well
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a good chance for the underdog see to go far in this tournament with all the favorites kind of being punched into one side of the draw you've got belgium for zille france uruguay that really gives a chance for some of the teams that don't usually make it to the final to go all the way looking forward to it to all of them loaded movie there in moscow thanks so much. that's all you news for now back to top of the next hour with more banks watch. the. clock. to.
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enter the conflict zone of. it's two years since the breck simply for endemic in britain and my guest this week here in the movie is making a film education minister i'm not a pro remain conservative m.p. why does she continue to profit off of prime minister who has failed so spectacularly. the party. conflicts so far. on the for. the hours. cut. cut. cut. months long journey home city.
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to. sixteen. it's a clash of cultures. a clash between those who believe in a range. that's taking families. to cool. my father would be angry sometimes i think the rainy day. starts john. w. . thank. god. this
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week on conflict zone i'm in berlin to talk to the in that second the foreign minister of bulgaria his being among the politicians searching for comment you approach on the question of large scale migration now that a compromise has been found is it a fair deal for everybody and will the agreement last. because you have a well.


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