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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2018 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin another couple apparently poisoned with a deadly nerve agent on british soil police say the pair are in critical condition after they were exposed to no bitch which was developed in the soviet union but they don't know if the incident is linked to the attempted assassination of a russian spy and his daughter with the same substance just months ago. also coming out the next phase of the trade dispute between the world's biggest economy in china and the u.s. or about to impose thirty four billion dollars worth of tariffs on each other in
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just a few hours. and the spine in the cap take a taxi in china and you're on camera we'll see how authorities use the latest technology to find out who you are and where you're going. to. follow i'm terry barton good to have you with us british police have confirmed that two people who fell critically ill near the market town of salzburg were poisoned with the same nerve agent no but chalk this comes just months after a former russian spy and his daughter were also attacked with a deadly poison in the same town british counterterrorism police are leading the investigation and cites the couple visited have been cordoned off. this is the british couple at the center of a new mystery shrouding an english town charlie riley and dawn studs just were poisoned by the nerve agent navi truck they were taken ill at their home in
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amesbury on saturday paramedics were called after the woman collapsed in the morning a friend of the couple was with the man later in the day they start out so funny it was like his it was rubbing against the wall. but read in print. it's starts with a laser drip then sought to say that i'm going to share. the couple is in a critical condition at salisbury hospital just a few kilometers away it's the same hospital that treated former russian spy so gay script pal and his door to use just four months ago after they were nearly killed by the same nerve agent. counter-terror police are leading the latest probe. we can confirm with the man and woman have been exposed to the nerve agent of a truck which has been identified as the same or if i didn't get contaminated both
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of us and so ok so we are not be in a position to say whether the nerve agent was from the side perhaps the scribbles were exposed to. the possibility that these two investigations might be linked is playing a lot of records for. detectives are investigating how the couple came into contact with the nerve agent they say there's nothing in the past background to suggest they would have been deliberately targeted. police have cordoned off places the couple had been before falling ill including a church community center. the u.k. government is set to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the second set of bizarre events to befall the soulsby area in recent months. was crossed over to london now where did i get my ass is standing by for us what's the condition of the couple who
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were poisoned and what more do we know about them there's really not a good idea that we know about so we know that they're in critical condition in hospital and if we think back to this creep paul case it was due to the well apparently she ingenuity of the doctors at the hospital that they found out so quickly that they were suffering from this navigation and that they could actually administer the right medication now they know. hopefully this time what struck them even though initially it was thought that it could have been dropped but then fairly quickly hopefully the doctors would have would have thought that it could be the same nerve agent and would have had the experience of from last time to help them but in critical condition in hospital it's an incredibly strong strong voice and from all we know the couple is not in any way related to this flu pulse so really just people in in salisbury or who live near salisbury who somehow
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came across this nerve agent at least this is what we know and what the speculation is so far because this incident comes just four months after the strip mall case another poisoning in solsbury how are the people in salisbury reacting. well they are understandably quite nervous and worried i mean in their quiet town in the south of england you have four people being struck down with a chemical nerve agent is really something that is quite unheard of and after the the script of the case the author of cordoned off many areas they cordon of many areas in salisbury and of course would have to be be known as meticulous as they could but that now months after the original case somebody or two people who were seemingly unrelated just members of the public who were always said to not be in
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the in the bigger danger the authorities have maintained are still maintaining that there is no bigger risk for the wider public but it is now it looks like to remember all of just the public have come in contact with this this is definitely something that's worrying and that must be also worrying to the british government now aside from the fact that the same nerve agent was involved in both these cases have police established any clear links between this latest poisoning case and the script. you know the police have not confirmed anything like that they have said that they have additionally to the local police they haven't got a hundred counterterrorism officers who are actually working on the case and trying to establish whether it is the same batch and whether as the speculation has been it's something that has been discarded by the by the perpetrator as. well in the in the way that that it was unsafe so that people could have come across that
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there is a park for example in salisbury that the couple visited that have. the area has been cordoned off so the police are still time winning where exactly and how exactly the couple came across this batch figure thank you so much for the update. there in london. german chancellor i'm going to akhil enter interior minister will spend today trying to win support both at home and abroad for the compromise on migration policy they hammered out earlier this week that deal followed a bitter dispute that threatened to bring down the government it calls for so-called transit centers near germany's southern border with austria to hold asylum seekers already registered elsewhere in the e.u. those not entitled to settle in germany could be deported in a t.v. interview chancellor merkel said the transit centers will hold asylum seekers for a maximum of forty eight hours and hope the sites will help curb illegal migration
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into germany medical social democrat coalition partners have yet to agree to the plan they said they will not support closed processing center. for more let's cross over to melinda crane now she's our chief political correspondent and she's been covering this story intensively over the past few days melinda what can we expect of the chancellor's talks with victor or beyond. they were surely will not be easy or harmonious. herb on and chancellor merkel were absolutely bitter opponents back in two thousand and fifteen when hungary closed its border to migrants suspended the dublin agreement that is supposed to regulate migration to and within the european union and that was back then that uncle americal said essentially to him i as an eastern european lived behind a wall too long to believe that building walls solves anything so these two long
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long bitter opponents but in fact she will be looking to try to convince mr orbán to enter into some kind of agreement with germany to take back migrants who have been registered in other european countries mr oregon said yesterday however that hungary would not think about signing any kind of bilateral agreement with germany until austria had done so so again we're looking at a kind of domino game here where each domino depends on the one ahead of it and and basically the question is whether hungary will be willing to take back any refugees at all given the fact that many do cross through that country ok so the chancellor is talking to the hungary and later today later today germany's interior ministers holes they hope for is traveling to be honored to meet with sebastian cortes austria's chancellor and now mr they hope to needs austria's cooperation to make his borders scheme work is he likely to strike
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a deal. that's right and the key problem that there is that migrants who have been registered in another european country and then try to enter into germany those are the ones germany wants to send back but there are a number of countries like italy that say hey we're not going to accept anybody anymore so what happens to those people germany is currently saying well we just send those over to austria austria has been saying since this new compromise deal was announced wait a minute we are not simply going to take on the burdens that germany doesn't want to carry so again a very tough deal there for mr as a whole for to try to present to austria the c.d.u. c.s.u. proposal also be the topic of another meeting today with the social democrats the third party in chancellor his governing coalition they've expressed deep reservations and we expect the social democrats to go along with proposed moderation policy briefly if you can well it is to them that the chancellor said in that interview look any migrants held in these transit centers will only be held
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for forty eight hours because the s.p.d. has made it clear they do not want to see refugees held for weeks on end in closed centers but the fact is the alternative terry is the same alternative we saw during the dispute between the bavarian conservatives and the chancellors conservatives otherwise if the s.p.d. doesn't agree we could see the government fall and we can would then see new elections all of these parties are very worried about the rise of the far right party the a.f.d. nobody wants new elections for that reason so yes we are likely to see them go along implications in this dispute thank you so much melinda our chief political correspondent melinda crane there. now to some of the stories making headlines around the world today officials in thailand are warning that rescue workers face a race against water to extract a young soccer team who spent twelve nights in a flooded cave water is being pumped out around the clock reducing the flood level by around the centimeter per hour but heavy rains are in the forecast and could
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jeopardize the complex rescue operation. in the united states police have detained a woman who climbed the pedestal of the statue of liberty protester had been part of a demonstration against u.s. immigration policy police took the woman into custody after a four hour standoff that forced the evacuation of liberty island on the fourth of july national home. and internet entrepreneur kim don't call me has suffered a major setback in his six year legal battle against online piracy charges new zealand's court of appeals ruled the german born entrepreneur could be extradited to the united states the u.s. claims that dot coms file sharing website mega upload last copyright holders more than half a billion dollars before it was shut down. still to come here on news some of football's best players are already out of the world
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cup we asked fans in moscow what's next for the biggest names in the game. yes in america i think these lists are amazing january sure but these may be the last workout for them. let's get some business news now with helen and it looks like the u.s. might be backing off on one of those trade speech with the in the world of diplomacy at least terry it seems that we are seeing an olive branch potentially being offered which certainly gives the impression that united states is looking for a way out of the latest tariff dispute there ambassador to germany invited representatives from the likes of b.m.w. and di messy a meeting here in berlin richard grenell says the white house would be willing to accept removing all call import tariffs if the european union would do the same that's according to a report by the german business daily handles that donald trump has come under
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pressure from american business leaders saying an increase in import tariffs would hurt them as well as to what more about this now with our financial correspondent contact who's and joins us in frankfurt connaught how likely is it that all tariffs being removed that could be a solution to easing these trade tensions. well both sides who took part in this meeting seem to like the idea the american ambassador who talked on behalf of the trump administration and the bosses of the german automakers but hadn't it's also very likely that a solution to this trade dispute in the end will be a bit more complicated than just scrapping of tariffs on cars there are a lot of different parties involved different interests and involved and it's likely that at least a few of those interests will have to be taken into account before the europeans and the americans can sign the deal on car terrorists said it does sound like quite
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a tricky process that if those existing tariffs really were to disappear to be lifted it's he would benefit the most. what i can tell you is that the german comic is like the idea they have said so in the past and look german automakers a big produces in america b.m.w. produces more cars in the united states than it's selling there of course b.m.w. would be happy to export cars from the united states to other countries with lower tariffs or with no tariffs at all so it's very likely that the german auto makers see themselves in the position to be able to benefit from such a move of scrapping car terrorists and would that be in accordance we've rules from the world trade organization. very tricky question that all the diplomats are sort of fretting about right now there is a rule in the w.t.
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all the w t o called the most favored nation rule which basically means that if one nation gives an advantage to another nation it has to give the same advantage to all of the other members of the w. cio so it's likely that china at will at least will try to take part in this discussion i'm sure that it was in for us at the frankfurt stock exchange thank you so potentially an easing in trade tensions between the u.s. and the e.u. but it doesn't seem as if china will be afforded the same treatment it is now a matter of hours before a fresh round of import tariffs a set to go into effect between china and the united states and if that comes to pass on friday experts say that is the moment we can really talk about a full blown trade war while one side punishes the other the consequences could chip away at both economies and the paychecks of chinese and american consumers.
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these car enthusiasts in beijing regularly meet up to take their jeeps for a spin the vehicles were imported from the united states. paid to france seventy five thousand u.s. dollars for his that's around thirty thousand dollars more than it would cost in the u.s. but the price tag could rise further when the next set of u.s. tariffs comes into effect. as you're attentional buyers made change their minds due to the price hike. that this restaurant in beijing will also feel the effect of fresh tariffs it serves pork ribs imported from the u.s. they're especially popular among americans living in the chinese capital. manager charles to pilot fears that higher prices could drive customers away of course he could start buying ports from chinese farmers but for now that appears to be out of
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the question domestic calls it just doesn't taste. really the civil fact that the american people better. as fears of a full out trade war grow china's foreign ministry striking a defiant tone. for. china has a regulator preparations. as long as the united states issues a so-called tariff list china will take necessary measures to firmly protect its legitimate interests jane bingo we. already. those who already own jeeps in china will probably be doing their best to keep their vehicles in top shape to spare parts will also be taxed higher from friday. to a land rover has warned it may have to rethink billions of pounds of u.k. investment if britain leaves the e.u. single market the firm's forty thousand british employees would also face an on.
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certain future check your laundry this is a so-called hard break that would cost at one point two billion pounds a year make it unprofitable stay in the u.k. in recent weeks some of the biggest companies operating in britain have criticised the government's regs it strategy. was a bit too terry now for a story which will make sure you are on your best behavior at all times that's right i'm sure you're always on your best behavior when you're going to go yes. we're talking about using taxis in china here using a taxi used to be an anonymous affair also in china but that's a thing of the past at least one chinese city where authorities are installing facial recognition systems in cabs it's part of china's push for increased surveillance where there's one camera for every eight citizens but as a reporter mathias berlinger found out the system still has its quirks. catch a cab in the southern chinese metropolis of show and like me you can expect to be
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watched taxes here are gradually gaining close circuit t.v. cameras installed above their rear view mirrors. i think it's ok it improves safety for both drivers and passengers. more than half of all taxis are already c.c.t.v. monitored the pictures are transmitted live to the transit authority here please can see which driver the vehicle is registered with and what's happening in it at all times using facial recognition software or thirty's can also later track what route a certain passenger took. what to the part we don't see passenger privacy is an issue. these are private vehicles but modes of transport that are available to the public and they're used by different people for that reason we've concluded that there permissible. in china cameras watch over nearly or public spaces using
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surveillance software created by companies such as magazine the startup in beijing it's software can identify objects on mistreated and recognize movement patterns or faces the technology has long outdone the human eye on accuracy company spokesperson emily jen said. the security services system analyzes facial features and compares them with the database. as soon as a camera captures my features the system looks for my photo in the database and then automatically shows my name and all the information it has about me just ask me or what i mean to jettison see that china's authorities keep secret exactly whose data they enter in the database but regime critic jungly fun is highly likely to feature he's been surveyed for years. with as. they no longer send agents to trail you the unpleasant feeling of having someone falling around has
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gone instead they use technology you hardly notice but don't let yourself be fooled they're still there it's like in george orwell's novel nineteen eighty-four. yeah i want to know just how accurate the software is a transit authority employee takes a photo of me and uploads it into the system. then images from six taxis of. mine is not among them. but all of the foreigners this man looks a bit like you i think of you maybe we just need more data from foreigners to improve our accuracy. even here in china surveillance systems are not perfect but the country is working hard to fix that. sports now and there's just a day to go until the quarter finals of the world cup so straight over to moscow
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correspondent oliver moody who's been in the thick of things so to speak only is the excitement mounting there on the ground in russia as the later stages of the tournament near. yes certainly especially among the home fans with the hosts russia surprisingly still being in the tournament there's been a great sense of excitement throughout the competition but i think it goes off a notch at this stage the quarter finals i think of the point where all the teams left in the tournament think they really have a chance of winning it two thirds of the teams are out now. and they know they're only a couple of games away from the final and it has been a little bit quiet here in moscow just in the last couple of days that's because none of the quarterfinal match is it taking place here and that's why i will be heading to sochi on friday to bring you all the updates head of the match between the host russia and croatia. as you say a lot of
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a lot of players lot of teams have had to go home of course have been knocked out probably the biggest stars of the tournament leno messi and cristiano ronaldo have already returned home who are the standout players now in the spotlight. and i think it's an effective they said you awfully that we're now although a messy have had over the last decade that been so dominant façade long that we sometimes overlook some genuine stars in the game i thought the france argentina much in the round sixteen was interesting as a kind of passing is the battle and it felt like between messi and killing them by play the young superstar for france he just rips the argentina defense to shreds but there have been a lot of other big performers at the tournament so far as so we went out and now moscow to ask fans from around the world who they think the stars of the tournament have been so far let's have a look at that. oh. no is john
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john john a man is. obviously neymar is up and coming but then he doesn't need to die for all the time he's too much of a star not that much of a player right now it's not the world cup of stars it's the world cup. this period off when and also. to bits off like those obviously losing big stars is it's tough you expect them to win a world cup but they do have the teams that back them up i post this in the night i think he says let's have amazing january sure but he says maybe the last work out for them you go to compete for the best goalkeeper in the war it was great he saved you to put on the kicks and he was good though on four four course. i believe he was very good cast british michael was
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a very good goalkeeper. ok enough about the players what about the teams which teams are in shape to make the most noise in the final rounds of the tourney but i think all of the teams left in have deserved to reach this stage sometimes you get it where it's a kind of lux that way through a few ads at the great stage in the in the rounds that say i don't think that's the case here i think you're a go i have been particularly impressive but all of the teams that didn't have shown what they can do at some point in the tournament. we do have as well a good chance for the underdog see that to go far in this tournament with all the favorites kind of being punched into one side of the draw. belgium brazil france uruguay that really gives a chance for some of the teams that don't usually make it to the final to go all the way looking forward to it to all of them owed moody there in moscow thanks so much and here's a bit of good news for you if you have to be
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a rhinoceros found like me scientists hoping to save the northern white rhino from extinction have created rhino embryos using in vitro fertilization you may remember that the very last northern white rhino male on the planet is name was sued and died in march but before he and three other bulls died scientists managed to collect a bit of semen from each researchers hope that eventually using the last two living northern white females they can help usher in the birth of a calf in the next three years. so so you news for no thanks for watching and course you find over stories at the w dot com thanks for . coming.
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from. the. center of the conflict zone. it's two years since the breck super referendum in britain and my guest this week here in the mood is nikki morgan a former education minister and now a pro remain conservative m.p. why does she continue to trump up a prime minister who has failed so spectacularly to unite the party and the country conflicts so far. on. a
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school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people who want justice a flea come in and she didn't match up was taken in bomb he now sits in an exercise book i don't find many other french and when people who are in use to rain. women and down to tease us to one wanted children at. a flea come. in forty five minutes on d w. a clash of cultures. a clash between those who believe in a range and those who want.
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a clash that shaking families and society to the quick. my father will be angry sometimes i think i'm going to. structure my t.w. . feel. it's two years since the e.u. referendum in britain on the ruling conservative party has spent the time fighting and arguing but mainly with itself my guest this week here in london is nikki morgan a former education minister and now a pro remain conservative m.p. why does she continue to prop up a prime minister who has failed so spectacularly to unite the party and the country .


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