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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution in the sea march july fourteenth on d. w. . another couple apparently poisoned with a deadly nerve agent on british soil police say the pair are in critical condition after they were exposed to nova truck which was developed in the soviet union but they don't know if the incident is linked to the recent. attack of a russian spy in the same area also coming up. spy in the captain take a taxi in china and you're on camera and see how authorities use the latest technology to find out who you are and where you're going.
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well i'm terry martin good to have you with us british police have confirmed that two people who fell critically ill near the market tell of souls beurre were poisoned with the same nerve agent no but chalk this comes just months after a former russian spy and his daughter were also attacked with the deadly poison in the same town british counterterrorism police are leading the investigation and cites the couple visited have been cordoned off this is the british couple at the center of a new mystery shrouding an english town child the valley and don't study just poisoned by the nerve agent navi chalk they were taken ill at the herman amesbury on saturday paramedics were called off to the woman collapsed in the morning.
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a friend of the couple was with the man later in the day started out so funny it was like his ever his record against the. blood red prince. it's starts with laser driven so it's faded out the lights. the couple is in a critical condition at salisbury hospital just a few kilometers away it's the same hospital that treated former russian spies. and to stall to use the just four months ago after they were nearly killed by the same nerve agent. counter-terror police are leading the latest probe. we can confirm that the man or woman have been exposed to the nerve agent of a truck which has been identified as the same or if i didn't get contaminated both of us and so ok so we are not in a position to say whether the nerve agent was from the side perhaps to the scriptures where it's close to. the possibility that these two investigations might
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be linked is clearly a logic board for. detectives are investigating how the couple came into contact with the nerve agent they say there's nothing in the past background to suggest they would have been deliberately targeted. police have cordoned off places the couple had been before falling ill including a church community center. the u.k. government is set to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the second set of bizarre events to befall the soulsby area and recent months. has crossed over to london our biggest mass is standing by for a bigot what's the condition of the couple who were poisoned and what more do we know about them. there's really not a good idea that we know about so we know that they're in critical condition in hospital and if we think back to this creek park case it was due to the well
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apparently she ingenuity of the doctors at the hospital that they found out so quickly that they were suffering from this navigation and that they could actually administer the right medication now they know. hopefully this time what struck them even though initially it was thought that it could have been drugs but then fairly quickly hopefully the doctors would have would have thought that it could be the same nerve agent and would have had the experience from the last time to help them but in critical condition in hospital it's an incredibly strong strong poison from all we know the couple is not in any way related to this flu pollard's so really just people in in salisbury or who live near salisbury who somehow came across this nerve agent at least this is what we know and what the speculation is so far. because this incident comes just four months after the strip mall case
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another poisoning in solsbury how are the people reacting. well they are understandably quite nervous and worried i mean in their quiet town in the south of england you have four people being struck down with a chemical nerve agent is really something that is quite unheard of and after the this cripple it has the authority is cordoned off many areas they could have many areas in salisbury and of course would have to be known as meticulous as they could but that now months after the original case somebody or two people who are seemingly unrelated just members of the public who were always said to not be in the in the bigger danger the authorities have maintained are still maintaining that there is no big risk for the wider public but they did now it looks like to
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a member of just the public have come in contact with this it's definitely something that's worrying and that must be also worrying to the british government now aside from the fact that the same nerve agent was involved in both these cases have police established any clear links between this latest poisoning case and the script all. you know the police have not confirmed anything like that they have said that they have additionally to the local police they have got one hundred counterterrorism officers who are actually working on the case and trying to establish whether it is the same batch and whether as the speculation has been it's something that has been discarded by the by the perpetrators. well in the in the way that that it was unsafe so that people could have come across that there is a park for example in salisbury that the couple visited that. the area has been cordoned off so the police are still the timing where exactly and how exactly the couple
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came across this batch figure thank you so much for the update. there in london. check on some other stories making headlines around the world today officials in thailand are warning that rescue workers face a race against water to extract a young soccer team who spent twelve nights in a flooded cave water is being pumped out round the clock reducing the flood level by around the centimeter every hour but heavy rains are in the forecast and could jeopardize a complex rescue operation in the united states police have detained a woman who climbed the pedestal of the statue of liberty. protester had been part of a demonstration against u.s. immigration policy police took the woman into custody after a four hour standoff that forced the evacuation of liberty island on the fourth of july a national holiday. and internet entrepreneur has suffered
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a major setback in his six year legal battle against online piracy charges new zealand's court of appeals ruled that the german born intrapreneur could be extradited to the united states u.s. claims that dotcoms file sharing website mega upload lost copyright holders more than half a billion dollars before it was shut down. german chancellor angela merkel enter interior minister will spend today trying to win support both of home and abroad with a compromise on migration policy they hammered out earlier this week it calls for so-called transit centers near germany's southern border with austria to hold asylum seekers already registered elsewhere in the e.u. in a t.v. interview chancellor merkel said the transit centers will hold asylum seekers for a maximum of forty eight hours it's hoped the sites will help to curb illegal immigration in germany medicals social democrat coalition partners have yet to
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agree to the plan they said they will not support closed processing center as. well aside from domestic hurdles medical also has to negotiate deals with e.u. countries that will be affected by the new policy today she will meet with hungary's prime minister viktor orban who in the past has been one of the strongest opponents of ongoing efforts migration fluency for more let's cross over to melinda crane now she's our chief political correspondent and she's been covering the story intensively over the past few days melinda what can we expect of the chancellor's talks with viktor or bot. they were surely will not be easy or harmonious. erbe on and chancellor merkel were absolutely better opponents back in two thousand and fifteen when hungry closed its border to migrants suspended the dublin agreement that is supposed to regulate migration to and within the european union
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and that was back then that uncle americal said essentially to him i as an eastern european lived behind a wall too long to believe that building walls solves anything so these two long long bitter opponents but in fact she will be looking to try to convince mr orbán to enter into some kind of agreement with germany to take back migrants who have been registered in other european countries mr orban said yesterday however that hungary would not think about signing any kind of bilateral agreement with germany until austria had done so so again we're looking at a kind of domino game here where each domino depends on the one ahead of it and and basically the question is whether hungary will be willing to take back any refugees at all given the fact that many do cross through that country ok so the chancellor is talking to the hungary and later today later today germany's interior
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minister is also hopeful is traveling to vienna to meet with sebastian cortes austria's chancellor now mr they hope a needs austria's cooperation to make his borders scheme work is he likely to strike a deal. that's right and the key problem that there is that migrants who have been registered in another european country and then try to enter into germany those are the ones germany wants to send back but there are a number of countries like italy that say hey we're not going to accept anybody anymore so what happens to those people germany is currently so we just send those over to austria austria has been saying since this new compromise deal was announced wait a minute we are not simply going to take on the burdens that germany doesn't want to carry so again a very tough deal there for mr is a whore to try to present to austria huge implications in this dispute thank you so much melinda our chief political correspondent melinda crane there. taking
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a taxi is generally an anonymous affair but it's a thing of the past in one chinese city where authorities are installing facial recognition systems and cabs it's part of china's push for increased surveillance with one camera for every eight citizens but as our reporter mathias bellingen found out the system still has its quirks. catch a cab in the southern chinese metropolis of show and didn't like me you can expect to be watched taxes year i'm gradually gaining close circuit t.v. cameras installed about their rear view mirrors. but i think it's ok it improves safety for both drivers and passengers. and more than half of all taxis are already c.c.t.v. monitored the pictures are transmitted live to the transit or thora t. here please can see which driver the vehicle is registered with and what's happening in it at all times using facial recognition software or thirty's can also
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later track what route a certain passenger took. you know what to you card we don't see passenger privacy is an issue. these are private vehicles but modes of transport that are available to the public and they are used by different people for that reason we've concluded that there permissible in china cameras watch over nearly or public spaces using surveillance software created by companies such as magazine the startup in beijing it's software can identify objects on the street and recognize movement patterns or faces the technology has long outdone the human eye on accuracy company's spokesperson emily jen said. the security services system analyzes facial features and compares them with the database. as soon as a camera captures my features the system looks at my photo in the database and then
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automatically shows my name and all the information has about me being with me to just isn't see china's authorities keep secret exactly who's data they enter in the database but regime critic jungly fun is highly likely to feature he's been surveyed for years. with as. they no longer send agents to trail you the unpleasant feeling of having someone falling around has gone instead they use technology you hardly notice but don't let yourself be fold they're still there it's like in george orwell's novel nineteen eighty-four. yeah i want to know just how accurate this software is a transit authority employee takes a photo of me and uploads it into the system. then images from six taxis appear mine is not among them. but all of them
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a foreigner as this man looks a bit like you i think that maybe we just need more data from foreigners to improve our accuracy. even here in china surveillance systems are not perfect but the country is working hard to fix that. for years from now thanks for watching . climate change. waste. pollution. time for good. eco africa people and projects that are changing alarms are meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference he can lead. the w.


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