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ariel sharon is music contemporary classical. on g.w. . this is news live from berlin another couple apparently poisoned with a deadly nerve agent on british soil police say the pair are in critical condition after they were exposed to no big shock which was developed in the soviet union but they don't know if the incident is linked to the recent nova truck attack on a russian spy in the same area. also coming up on the american prepares for a hard sell she'll ask european partners to back her new tougher line on asylum
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saying europe's future and song solving the migration issue. and escaping the clutches of the sex trade in need a romanian woman who's left behind a life of selling herself in bars and brothels across europe. i'm sumi so misconduct good to have you with us british police have confirmed that two people who fell critically ill near the market town of saulsbury were poisoned with a nerve agent nova chalk this comes just months after a former russian spy and his daughter also attacked with a deadly poison in the same town british a counterterrorism police are leading the investigation cites the couple visited have been cordoned off. this is the british couple at the center of a new mystery shrouding an english town charlie riley and dawn sturgis were
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poisoned by the nerve agent navi truck they were taken ill at their home in amesbury on saturday paramedics were called after the woman collapsed in the morning a friend of the couple was with the man later in the day i stood outside of. his it was broken again. but as i read in the press. it's the start of sweat lace and driven so i had to say that. the couple is in a critical condition at salisbury hospital just a few kilometers away it's the same hospital that treated former russian spies. and to stall to use the just four months ago after they were nearly killed by the same nerve agent. counter-terror police a leading the latest probe. we can confirm with the man or woman copied exposed to the nerve agent of
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a truck which has been identified as the same or why didn't it contaminated both of us and so i guess we are not be in a position to say whether the nerve agent was from the side perhaps the scribbles were exposed to. the possibility that these two investigations might be linked is clearly a lot of record for. detectives are investigating how the couple came into contact with the nerve agent they say there's nothing in the past background to suggest they would have been deliberately targeted. police have cordoned off places the couple had been before falling ill including a church community center. the u.k. government is set to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the second set of bizarre events to befall the soulsby area and recent months. let's bring in mass she's been following the latest developments from london how are the couple
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doing and what more do we know about that. well as far as we know they're completely unrelated to the screen pilots who were poisoned four months ago in the same area now we have to remember that no feature of this nerve agent that the british authorities believed believe also this time to be the culprit of the whole essence of the whole attack is a highly dangerous nerve agent and only because the doctors were extremely quick to determine last time with the scruples that nerve agent was behind the attack only because of extremely good and probably also had good advice from other government agencies were they able to save the life of the screw pollard's now we can hope that because this is the second time that the hopefully same doctors treat this this couple that they also are able to to help them in the day to save their lives because it is
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a very very dangerous substance indeed this does come just four months after the script or case have authorities said anything about a possible link being established well yes the security minister has come forward and he has been pointing the finger at russia and he has said that there is an assumption that they are the victims of the consequences that this new couple is the victim of the consequences of the attack on the screen pulse he's also the russian government to come forward and in his words to try and put this right he said that we're trying to link all the pieces link all the evidence of course all to make the whole area safe and he said that the russian state should come forward and tell what happened so clearly the british government is blaming once again russia on this new. on this new incident with these two cases in just various months here how are people in salisbury reacting.
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well that's always the real enough working for people in the area already when it happened with this group hall's people just couldn't believe it it's a really small sleepy town and that something like that can be even a bit happening on the ghost of is very hard for people to fathom and the authorities have is something that doesn't happen all the time so of course people in salisbury would be were very very worried indeed. reporting on the latest for us from london thank you barbara knox some other stories making news around the world officials in thailand are warning that rescue workers face a race against water to extract a young soccer team who have spent twelve nights in a flooded case water is being pumped out around the clock reducing the flood level by around a centimeter every hour but heavy rains are in the forecast and could jeopardize the complex rescue operation and heavy rain is continuing to cause severe flooding
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across central and south western china in a province water flooded hundreds of roadside stores and what villagers described as the heaviest downpours and years local government officials evacuated residents from homes and businesses close to the city of chongqing in the southwest of the country after rains caused a major river to swell a victory for same sex couples in hong kong or the territories highest court has granted a british lesbian the right to a spousal visa rejecting an appeal by the immigration department now the ruling could mean an expatriate same sex partners will be able to join them in hong kong. in the u.s. police have detained a woman who climbed the pedestal of the statue of liberty to the protester was taking part in a demonstration against u.s. immigration policy police took the woman into custody after a four hour standoff the forced the evacuation of liberty island on the fourth of july national holiday. german chancellor angela merkel and her interior minister
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are trying to win support both at home and abroad for the compromise on migration policy that they hammered out earlier this week first merkel is due to hold talks or berlin with hungary and a prime minister viktor orban a fierce critic of merkel's approach in the past in a t.v. interview chancellor merkel said planned transit centers on germany southern border with austria would only hold asylum seekers for a maximum forty eight hours if applicants are already registered elsewhere in the e.u. they could be deported as a medical social democrat coalition partners have yet to agree to the plan. let's bring in melinda crane our chief political correspondent she's covering the story for us hi melinda good to see you so what can we expect from those talks with viktor orban today. we can definitely expect them to be tense these two have been bitter opponents on migration policy in the past after hungary closed its borders to refugees in two thousand and fifteen and erected
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a wall the chancellor said in his direction that for her as an eastern as a person who had grown up in east germany behind a wall she would have thought that eastern europeans in general understand that erecting walls and isolating oneself doesn't solve anything but given recent developments here in germany mr orban could well arrive thinking that berlin has shifted in his direction and that in fact he has the upper hand and in fact it is the case that the chancellor has said she only wants to go ahead with deportations of migrants registered in other european union member countries countries on the external boundaries of the e.u. like hungry if those countries of first registry agree she wants agreement from mr orbán he has said he's very ambivalent about giving it on the other hand there are a few things he would like from ms merkel berlin has a lot of say e.u. budgetary negotiations there has been talk of using budget cuts cut funding cuts to
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eastern european countries to penalize them both for undermining the rule of law in their countries and also for refusing to take in refugees if we're in berlin were to indicate some flexibility about whether it would support such cuts he might be willing to make a deal now melinda as part of the diplomatic push germany's interior minister what they hope will be a meeting with sebastien cts that's austria chancellor now germany does need austria as cooperation to make this new border scheme work so what will we see there. right austria's cooperation in fact is absolutely vital because this three point plan the the two conservative parties agreed on on monday for c. is that for any migrants who have been registered in countries that refused to take them back that those migrants should be sent to austria and austria said after hearing about this agreement wait a minute nobody talk to us about this and we are not going to take on germany's burdens without some kind of agreement so it's
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a tough job mr for mr hope for and he has in fact been walking back expectations today saying he knows it's tough he doesn't expect an agreement to happen today so in fact he seems to now be pushing it toward the chancellor and saying these agreements are going to be so difficult to reach actually they should occur or the negotiation should should occur at the highest level of government all right tough talks ahead today our chief political correspondent melinda crane for us thank you melinda time for business with helen now and could the u.s. be backing off and one of its trade disputes with europe the question is now sumi always saying an olive branch will be diplomacy if the u.s. is giving that impression at least the ambassador with the united states potentially looking for a way out of the latest terror spat now there ambassador to germany invited representatives from the likes of b.m.w. and diamond to meeting here in berlin richard grenell said the white house would be willing to accept your moving or call import tariffs if the e.u.
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would grant the say that's according to a report by german business daily handles that donald trump has come under pressure from american business leaders saying an increase in import tariffs what hurt bad as well i want to bring in our financial correspondent paul had risen joins us now from a frankfurt a comrade with all of that in mind i wonder how cautious has that all reacting. look at this this is what honey horse is smiling like this is what how we should how we would put it in german the german saying is smiling like a honey horse and this is what car makers shareholders are doing today as well the shares in the car makers have been skyrocketing today there is a huge positive reaction to the news and to the rumors here on the stock trading floors that donald trump is now considering the complete opposite of import tariffs
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on german cars a total scrapping of tyrus on cars is extremely good news for investors even if this meant that the europeans would have to do the same and even if this would mean a probably that the german comic has made greater commitments in the united states in terms of production sites there but of course this about turn in how investors can see this conflict is completely positive news the question is i suppose now why would any of that be in accordance with world trade organization rules. very good question a question that lists are also considering right now when discussing there is the rule of the most favored nation in the w two zero which means basically that if a w. to a nation gives an advantage to another nation it has to give the same advantage to everyone else so it's quite probable that china would be looking very closely at
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any agreement between the us and the europeans but for all i can read and for all i can hear there are lawyers out there who believe that this can be tackled and i can tell you helena at the moment the fine print is not really important for people on the markets people here are just happy that the europeans and the the americans are talking again and that they might consider working together again all right coming out of who is in for us the frankfurt stock exchange thank you. so as you heard there potentially an easing in trade tensions between the united states and the european union it doesn't seem at this stage as if china will be afforded the same treatment though it is now a matter of hours before a fresh round of import tariffs are set to go into effect between china and the u.s. now if that does come to pass on friday no less experts say is at that moment we can really talk about a full blown trade war or one side punish the other the consequences could chip
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away at both economies and the paychecks of chinese and american consumers. these car enthusiasts in beijing regularly meet up to take their jeeps for a spin the vehicles were imported from the united states. paid a rant seventy five thousand u.s. dollars for his that's around thirty thousand dollars more than it would cost in the u.s. but the price tag could rise further when the next set of u.s. tariffs comes into effect. as you're attentional buyers may change their minds due to the price hike. this restaurant in beijing will also feel the effect of fresh tariffs it serves pork ribs imported from the us there especially popular among americans living in the chinese capital. manager charles to pilot fears that higher prices could
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drive customers away of course he could start buying ports from chinese farmers but for now that appears to be as if the question domestic calls it just doesn't taste . really the simple fact is a very simple but. as fears of a full out trade for growth china's foreign ministry striking a defiant tone. for. china has a ready made preparations. as long as the united states issues a so-called tariff list china will take necessary measures to firmly protect its legitimate interests. of. those who are already owned jeeps in china will probably be doing their best to keep their vehicles in top shape to spare parts will also be taxed higher from friday. may well britain's biggest carmaker jagger landrover has warned it may have
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to rethink billions of pounds of u.k. investment if britain leaves the e.u. single market the firm's forty thousand british employees. they face an uncertain future jagger non-drivers says a so-called hot brags it would cost it one point two billion pounds a year making it unprofitable stay in the u.k. in recent weeks some of the biggest companies operating in britain have criticised the government's gregg's its strategy for its lack of clarity when a court has ruled that the internet entrepreneur and founder of mega upload new zealand citizen kim dot com can be extradited to the united states new zealand's court of appeal up held last year has no a court ruling that the extradition could take place dot com of face charges of racketeering and copyright infringement he is expected to launch a final appeal to the new zealand supremum court a six year legal saga is widely seen as a test of the us his reach to apply american firms intellectual property rights.
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to pursue me now for an in-depth look at the sex industry here in germany thank you helena well it's estimated that around four hundred thousand sex workers are here in germany many of them are trafficked from abroad now according to german police records the majority come from four countries well many are bulgaria and hungary in central and eastern europe but also in nigeria in africa now while many of the workers are trafficked here and controlled by criminal gangs some fall into prostitution simply because of poverty has been speaking to one remaining woman who has managed to leave behind her life as a prostitute. julia is thirty and comes from romania. she worked as a prostitute for many years sometimes having sex with ten or more men in a single night. to be a left school without qualifications and was fourteen when she had the first of her
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two children. the money she earned in romania working as a cleaner was not enough to live or she made the decision to leave romania and look for sex work abroad. with me was good i knew it would be difficult. for to is much worse than i had imagined. the first three weeks especially work stream me hard but i kept thinking about my children and i told myself that i was there to help my family. to have this still could look out a lot of the outside world. judea worked in switzerland greece and france for the last five years she worked in the southern german city of st got earlier this year she decided she wanted to stop working in the sex industry she had her last customer in march when men like julia can get help at sisters association i can sing center for women who want to leave prostitution located in a nondescript building in the middle of stroke outs red light district the ngo
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finds part time jobs for women and gives them financial support until they are able to live independently it also provides medical assistance in the fall. and can see when it is possible for a woman to leave a profit. as long as she does not have a pin and is not being held against her will. laugh if in the. us is that it is then very difficult to find accommodation and support yourself if you are not eligible for assistance from the german state if it's. close things but i used often the only option is a bus ticket back home as events in the east as the smarts in my live us of the common ticket in time outland. unlike many sex workers julia says she has never had a pimp she took money directly from clients earning thirty euros per twenty minute session the bills. you know i mostly worked until three o'clock in the morning
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that was as long as i could manage. but there were also women there who enjoyed it all night they drank alcohol and took drugs got high to get through it. all was. julia says the pressure never let up she had to earn up to one hundred thirty euros a day just to pay for a room she also needed to send money home to her family she was hardly able to save anything she began having panic attacks and still suffers from them today. hindsight i wouldn't do it again i kept thinking i have to look for something else but i wasn't able to find any other work. that. would think of getting. nigeria's working as a cleaner again she found the job with the help of the sisters center she says she's proud of herself and she relished throwing away the clothes to used to wear to meet clients. judy it was one of many eastern european women working in god's
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red light district there are no exact numbers available the streets are abandoned by day but at night dozens of new york signs try to lure customers in. julia has left that world behind her when she looked at old photographs she says she now feels like a different person. conrad worked on that report and she joins us in our studio to tell us more hi you know me thanks for joining us how difficult was it to find someone who was willing to share their experiences like julia it was it streamed difficult i mean it took us several weeks and i mean that's fabius usenets right on sometimes the families back home don't know what these women are doing sometimes they're forced into prostitution which obviously makes access incredibly difficult julio was prepared to share her story but tellingly she didn't want us to use her real name so that's quite indicative of how
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difficult it is to get hold of a prostitute tell us more about how this business is organized in europe but also in germany so it's basically a lot of the women are self-employed snowmen lease if they have to pay for rooms we had in the report it's a hundred thirty euros a night which you have to pay whether you have enough clients or not so that makes about four thousand euros you have to make every month just to pay for the room but a lot of the people who are organizing these criminal groups often hells angels other violent gangs who are organized internationally women all move from one brothel to the next from one country to a next making increase doubly difficult to track them to find out where women are and another big development at the moment is that a lot of the trade is moving online so since offering women online there being you could almost say bought and sold online which means that we don't really know what the figures are who these women are it's possible that a lot of minors the being offered on line so it's making it harder to monitor
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harder to track it's important to know that prostitution is legal in germany why is that yes it was made to deal in two thousand and two it was basically turned into any other profession which means that women can register and they can pay into the social insurance benefits system which a lot of women don't it's only a very small minority of women who do this. very well that one is that a lot of the women in the sex trade. a lot of them are from eastern europe they're some african women so it's in trying to flee difficult for them to register and a lot of them the ones who are forced into prostitution obviously don't have the means and resources to do so so the idea was to bring prostitution away from the black market has that worked then no it hasn't i mean it's incredibly difficult to get hold of figures the figures we have are estimates but. know this this approach didn't work and there's a lot of debates about what germany can do now has germany considered the swedish
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approach which is to punish those who purchased sex and not those who sell it yes there's a lot of debate around that and that's actually what a lot of the engine is that help women leave prostitution what they want the problem is that the that there's a very strong a well financed lobbying organizations they get a lot of money from brothels which is obviously we have to remember that this is a million euro industry it's very lucrative and they're putting a lot of pressure on on politics politicians to keep the model as it is because it's very lucrative and from their point of view it's working very well all right you have used naomi conrad assuring her reporting with us naomi thank you very much and you can find more on our special report on prostitution here in germany on our website dot com. now scientists hoping to save the northern white rhino from an extinction have created rhino embryos using in vitro fertilization and you may remember that the very last northern white rhino male on
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the planet his name was sudan died in march but before he and three other bulls died scientists managed to collect a bit of semen from each researchers hope that eventually using the last two living northern white females they can help usher in the birth of a calf in the next three years. all right we just have time for a mind of our top stories here on d w british police have confirmed that two people who fell critically ill near the market town of salzburg were poisoned with a nerve agent know the truck this comes just months after a former russian spy and his daughter were also attacked with the deadly poison in the same time. german chancellor angela merkel is preparing to ask for coalition partners and european leaders jim bakker a new tougher line on assad she said europe's future depends on solving the migration issue. thank you for watching t.v. don't forget to head to our website dot com for all the latest news and information
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austria is fortifying its borders. police and soldiers are promising how to repel migrants. but some locals find the drills totally inappropriate so it's fear mongering and i'm really feeling that's because very few migrants are now crossing into the alpine republic. in sixty minutes on g.w. . earth. home to millions of species a home worth saving. and those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term the climate used to green energy solutions and
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reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation of global ideas the multimedia environment series on t.w. . the so you. never want to welcome to another fun filled division of your max with me your house mainly from sightseeing in the spanish capital to harvesting herb's on a rooftop we've got lots in store for you today here's a look at what's coming up. the fan power sharing on the teams at this year's us soccer world cup.


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