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i call. this the g.w. news live from berlin another couple of apparently poisoned with a deadly nerve agent on british soil police say the pair are in critical condition after they were exposed to nova truck which was developed in the soviet union and they say the poisoning may be an unfortunate after a fact of the recent you know but shark attack on a russian spy in the same area. also coming on to you been at odds over migration for years but now it's the german chancellor angela merkel who is calling on hungary and the prime minister viktor orban to back her harder line on asylum we'll
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have the latest from berlin. also coming up meet the spiny in the cab take a taxi in china and draw on camera we'll see how authorities use the latest technology to find out who you are and where you're growing. and despite the rest stay at the world cup the fans are still enjoying the football party we take a look at some of the most colorful outfits on show in moscow. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us british police have confirmed that two people who fell critically ill near the market town of saulsbury were poisoned with a nerve agent nova chuck it is the second time salisbury has been at the center of an over talk poisoning in march a former russian spy and his daughter were attacked with the nerve agent at their home on christie miller road not far from queen elizabeth gardens where to stop the latest victims came into contact with the substance of britain's health minister
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says the latest poisoning looks like an unfortunate after effect of the earlier incident counterterrorism police are leading the investigation and trying to determine what happened. this is the british couple at the center of a new mystery shrouding an english town charlie riley and dawn sturgis were poisoned by the nerve agent navi truck they were taken ill at their home in amesbury on saturday paramedics were called after the woman collapsed in the morning a friend of the couple was with the man later in the day they start that sort of goes about his every is broken again. but as i read in the press. it's starts with laser driven so its effect without the let's share. the couple is in a critical condition at salisbury hospital just a few kilometers away it's the same hospital that treated former russian spy so gay
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script pal and his daughter to use just four months ago after they were nearly killed by the same nerve agent. counter-terror police a leading the latest probe. we can confirm that the man and woman have been exposed to the nerve agent over trucks which has been identified as the same or by agent the contaminated both of us and so i guess we are not be in a position to say whether the nerve agent was from the side perhaps the scribbles were exposed to. the possibility that these two investigations might be linked is playing a large big forty four. detectives are investigating how the couple came into contact with the nerve agent they say there's nothing in the past background to suggest they would have been deliberately targeted. police have cordoned off places the couple had been before falling ill including
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a church community center. joins us with more on the story from london hi barrett so the health minister says this is an after effect of these crippled poisoning tell us more about what that might mean. well there was already speculation that this could be the material that maybe has been discarded by the original attack us that tried to kill this script halls and that this is somehow been found by this couple however we don't know how they would have ingested it and also quite crucially where this would have been the police obviously trying to trace all their movements trying to find out where they have been so where could they have found this material this is the theory at the moment that they have found probably likely accidentally some of the left over a nerve agent that was still in there in the salisbury area from the script will
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attack if it was the same nova truck that was used in this group will attack what does that tell us about the clean up after that poisoning and the continuing danger in salzburg. my understanding is that the author it is still trying to determine whether this was from the same batch but obviously this could be could be if eerie and also retired the health minister and the security minister this morning saying well the risk for the general public is low but it's not zero so for people in salisbury they would be very worried because it's the fourth four people have now been subjected to this highly dangerous nav agent and they don't know where else these could be is is this just a one off is this just one part of the protest wasn't that wasn't discarded carefully enough or is there more contamination of course now this is the this skill of the skill of the police to find out is there is there more of it and
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people would rightly assume that they would have cleaned up properly after the first attack so quite shocking i think for the people in salisbury and back at the home secretary job it's actually been speaking to the house of comments let's listen to what he's been saying. all the signs that have been. decontaminated following the attempted murders of surrogate and screen power are safe. all sites which have been reopened have undergone rigorous testing and any items that may have harbored any residual mounts of the agent were safely removed for disposal. we have taken a very robust approach to decontamination and there is no evidence that either the man or the woman in hospital visited any of the places that were visited by this repulse our strong working assumption is that the couple came into contact with a nerve agent in a different location to the sites which have been part of the original cleanup
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operation. so better get the home secretary there saying that their approach has been robust still we're talking about a two incidents within the span of four or five months how are people in solsbury reacting well i'm not sure that there would be very much reassured by what the home secretary has said because of course they have the economic decontamination sides that they knew of but what if there are the size that they haven't known of so they might have retrace the steps of the square pulse but they don't know who was the perpetrator and where did they go and what it what else did they do with the material so i think the worry for the people in salisbury is really not over yet you know these correspondent berkut mass tracking the latest developments for us from london thank you. now to some other stories making headlines around the world syrian and russian forces have resumed strikes against rebel held areas in the south west of syria the fresh assault comes after talks between rebel groups
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and russia collapsed the u.n. estimates more than three hundred thousand people have fled the fighting in daraa province it's one of the last rebel strongholds after more than seven years of war . officials in thailand are warning that rescue workers face a race against water to extract a young soccer team who have spent twelve nights in a flooded cave water is being pumped out around the clock reducing the flood level by around a centimeter every hour but heavy rains are in the forecast and could jeopardize the complex rescue operation u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe is on his way to pyongyang for talks with north korea's leader kim jong il and denuclearization of the korean peninsula will be top of the agenda when the two meet on friday from pale will then travel on to tokyo to brief his japanese and south korean counterparts german chancellor angela merkel and hung garion the prime minister viktor orban has traded accusations over their very different immigration policies during talks here in berlin merkel met with or
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about as part of her efforts to win support for her tough new immigration policy in order to stave off a political crisis and her governing coalition now at a press conference after their meeting machall said hungry was dodging its responsibilities or bonds had the best way to actually mainly would be to make it harder for immigrants to come to europe. and let's go to melinda crane our chief political correspondent she's outside the chancery covering the story for us melinda you were just at that press conference with merkel and orbán tell us more about how this meeting went. well both described the talks as intensive and friendly and in fact there was no atmosphere of bitter recrimination as we sometimes have seen in the past between these two leaders but on the other hand both of them said we absolutely have big differences when it comes to migration and minister mr orcutt in fact said we simply see the world differently
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so the chancellor's view of migration is this she said this is about people and quoting quite directly she said people come to us because of what europe stands for the soul of europe is humanity and europe absolutely must make room for those who are fleeing persecution for at least some of those from countries in africa who want to study here or perhaps want to temporarily work here mr orbán absolutely doesn't see it that way he said in turn we built a fence on our southern border in order to regain control of our territory and we plan to keep control of it what that translates into in practice is that hungary doesn't look at this moment like it's going to go any step of the way toward gratifying the wishes of the chancellor she says that she only wants to send back migrants registered in other countries if she can get agreement from the
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countries that first registered them the storebought and says hey look we register some migrants but we don't feel we're responsible for them we only register them because greece doesn't do its job so essentially a standoff here when it comes to any buy lateral agreement on deportations from germany and that could make it very hard for the chancellor to keep up her side of her agreement with her interior minister germany in hungary with different visions you mentioned the interior minister as a whole for he will be travelling to vienna to speak to the austrian chanceless about quotes because germany also needs austria's help to bring in this new border regime tell us more about what's expected there. absolutely austria really is the linchpin to this whole compromise deal that was agreed to between the interior minister and the chancellor as you know it all centers on transit centers
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where refugees who had been registered in other european union countries would then be kept until they can essentially be sent back to those countries but they would only be sent back if there is either a bilateral agreement with that country of first registration or if they had passed through austria and in that case this agreement foresees sending those where there is no body lateral agreement straight on to austria but austria isn't buying any of that they say hey wait a minute we're not going to simply take the burden off germany's shoulders why should we do that so mr is able for has some tough work to do convincing the austrians and in fact he was indicating this morning that maybe it should be the chancellor after all to whom that job falls saying this is so difficult maybe it needs to occur at the highest level of government all right our chief political correspondent linda crane at the chancellor rhee here in berlin melinda thank you. you're watching d.w. news still to come you might want to say cheese when you take
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a taxi in china authorities there are adding cameras to keep track of who is going where. time for business with helena now and could the u.s. be backing off and one of its trade disputes with europe well it seems to me that in a tent set a tone to may potentially be on the table but let's just wait and see some concrete results first though the german chancellor angela merkel says that she would back cuts in e.u. tariffs on a u.s. cause this softer an indication that the u.s. may be looking for a way out of the latest terror spat their bus germany invited representatives from the likes of b.m.w. dion that's a meeting here in berlin richard grenell said the white house would be willing to accept removing all call import tariffs if they used would do the say that's according to a report by the german business daily hamburg splat donald trump had come under pressure from american business leaders saying an increase in import tariffs would hurt them as well. so to check in with off financial correspondent who's at the
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frankfurt stock exchange conrad who are that in mind how are reacting. become a concerns are skyrocketing helen and that's a perfectly logical reaction given the anger among investors in recent weeks about the potential threat that the trump administration impose import tariffs on german cars but now that this trump administration seems ready to completely scrap terrorists on cars is of course a big silver lining for carmakers and for its investors even if this meant that the europeans would have to do the same you know scrap tariffs on imports of american cars here and even if this meant that probably the americans would demand from the german come acres a greater commitment in the united states in terms of jobs anything any solution any idea that doesn't involve import tariffs in america german cars is good news
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for the comic has let's not forget that conrad there is something bigger than what germany says than what the u.s. says there is the world trade organization would this be in accordance with the rules. very good question helen and the question that's also discussed by all of the analysts for the car sector right now there is this most favored nation rule in the w two yo which basically means that if you give if one country member country of the w t o gives a favor and advantage to another w t o country then it has to give the same favor to all of the w t o members but for all i can read in those analysts reports lawyers and also trade negotiators politicians and officials thinking that there is a way out of this and i can tell you also that the fine print is not really what's
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important for the market today the mere fact that the europeans and the americans are talking and that they potentially will cooperate again is being celebrated today. that side of relief raising a lot of cash indeed canada who isn't for us in frankfurt thank you very much. so potentially an easing in trade tensions as we just heard that between the united states and the european union at least it does not seem that china will be afforded the same treatment though it's now a matter of hours before a fresh round of import tariffs is set to go into effect between china and the u.s. and if that comes to pass on friday experts say that it is the moment we can then reach about a full blown trade war while on one side at a punishing each other the consequences will they could chip away at both economies and the paychecks of chinese and american consumers. these car enthusiasts in beijing regularly meet up to take their jeeps for
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a spin the vehicles were imported from the united states. paid a rant seventy five size and u.s. dollars for his that's around thirty thousand dollars more than it would cost in the u.s. but the price tag could rise further when the next set of u.s. tariffs comes into effect. if you're attentional buyers made change their mind due to the price hike. this restaurant in beijing will also feel the effect of fresh tariffs it serves pork ribs imported from the us there especially popular among americans living in the chinese capital. manager charles a pilot fears that higher prices could drive customers away of course he could start buying ports from chinese farmers but for now that appears to be out of the question domestic calls it just doesn't taste. really discipline but the american
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feel better. as fears of a full out trade war grow china's foreign ministry striking a defiant tone. for. china has a regulator preparations. as long as the united states issues a so-called tariff list china will take necessary measures to firmly protect its legitimate interests. we. have already. those who are already owned jeeps in china will probably be doing their best to keep their vehicles in top shape to spare parts will also be taxed higher from friday. britain's biggest carmaker jagger landrover has warned it may have to rethink billions of pounds of u.k. investment if britain leaves the e.u. single market firms forty thousand british employees were. also face an uncertain future jagger and i'm very versus a so-called hard gregg's it would cost at one point two billion pounds
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a year making it unprofitable to stay in k. in recent weeks some of the biggest companies operating in britain have criticised the government's bragg's it strategy. internet mogul kim dot com has suffered a major setback in his six year legal battle against online piracy charges new zealand school to the peel has ruled that the german born entrepreneur could be extradited to the united states to face charges of racketeering and copyright infringement now the u.s. claims that dot com is file sharing site of course maker upload last copyright holders more than five hundred million dollars before it was shut down. the six year legal saga is widely seen as a test for how far the united states can reach globally to apply american firms intellectual property rights new zealand's court of appeal on thursday up held the decision of two lower courts that dot com and three of his colleagues are eligible
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for surrender on charges related to the now defunct file sharing website mega upload in a statement the court said the appeal was declined because the us government had presented sufficient evidence to warrant extradition discuss the possibilities of selling the business across the it was hinted by that you know we're not one hundred percent just since two thousand and twelve the u.s. has been seeking dot coms extradition on thirteen counts including conspiracy to commit record tearing copyright infringement money laundering and wire fraud it alleges that he ran a criminal organization that led to copyright holders losing more than five hundred million u.s. dollars kim dotcom has a final chance to appeal to the new zealand supreme court the country's highest judicial body if you like he says he's confident that the supreme court will rule in his favor but if the court doesn't accept the appeal it's up to new zealand's minister of justice to make a final decision potentially turning the case into
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a political franco. if you see me now and c.c.t.v. looking orwellian that's right that you know taking a taxi used to be an anonymous thing but that's a thing of the past and one chinese city where authorities are installing facial recognition systems in cabs it's part of china's push for increased surveillance where there is one camera for every eight citizens but as directly as much us building a found out the system still has its quirks. to. catch a cab in the southern chinese metropolis of show and turn and like me you can expect to be watched taxes year are gradually gaining close circuit t.v. cameras installed above their rearview mirrors. but i think it's ok it improves safety for both drivers and passengers. more than half of all taxis are already c.c.t.v. monitored the pictures are transmitted live to the transit authority here and
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please can see which driver the vehicle is registered with and what's happening in it at all times using facial recognition software or thora teams can also later track what route a certain passenger took. in actually take part and we don't see passenger privacy is an issue these are private vehicles but modes of transport that are available to the public and they are used by different people for that reason we've concluded that there permissible. in china cameras watch over nearly or public spaces using surveillance software created by companies such as magazine a startup in beijing it's software can identify objects on the street and recognize movement patterns or faces the technology has long outdone the human eye on accuracy company's spokesperson emily jen said. the security services system
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analyzes facial features and compares them with the database. as soon as a camera catches my features the system looks at my photo in the database and then automatically shows my name and all the information has about me just ask me or what i mean to jettison see that china's authorities keep secret exactly whose data they enter in the database but regime critic jungly fun is highly likely to feature he's been surveyed for years up with as. they no longer send agents to trail you the unpleasant feeling of having someone following you around has gone instead they use technology you hardly notice but don't let yourself be fooled they're still there it's like in george orwell's novel nineteen eighty-four. yeah i want to know just how accurate the software is a transit authority employee takes
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a photo of me and uploads it into the system then images from six taxis appear mine is not among them. so i heard the words but all of them are foreigners and this man looks a bit like you i tickle maybe we just need more data from foreigners to improve our accuracy. even here in china surveillance systems are not perfect. but the country is working hard to fix that. now the world cup in russia has been as much about the fans as it has been about the teams they've come from all over the world to watch the tournament bringing vibrancy and color to moscow and the other host cities for some it wouldn't be a party without a special outfit we followed a trio of fans who wanted to stand out from the rest of the crowd. these three fans want to dress to impress. the effect in the budget if
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not the fans come to us before the game the much they want to show that love for their teams with these costumes. the employees of this shop have been busy with fans for three weeks they don't just rent out the costumes they make them in the house and for football fans there's a discount twenty percent off noise that these costumes really put us in the party mood when i go out dressed like this so i feel like i'm in brazil because you do want to keep. this isn't rio it's moscow a city that's not known for its openness and policy spirit that makes it all the more surprising how quickly the joyful world cup atmosphere has taken off and spread through the city. here the result of the match is secondary to the party which rolls on twenty four hours a day. nikolai dimitri and dempsey have arrived at the fam fest in front of moscow's state university they quickly catch the attention of other
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fans. this significant an amazing feeling like being at a real con of all we're not worried i picked the wrong cost you know i have to act strict and serious but here the party is holding up. as this episode outs and it went on until late into the night. at the end of this tournament only one color will remain that's of the winner until then the fans are enjoying a sea of color in moscow. where the fans of russia are looking forward to the quarterfinals of the world cup supporters in japan welcomed home they are returning heroes the blue samurai were knocked out of the tournament in dramatic fashion by belgium on monday and despite their defeat in the last sixteen their overall performance was considered a success and they were greeted at narita airport by screaming fans after landing a coach a kid in the shino and the captain michael to have saving announced they would be
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stepping down from the national team. now the director of the award winning holocaust documentary film shoah the french filmmaker and writer claude lanzmann has died in paris at the age of ninety two the nine and a half hour film was released in one thousand nine hundred five and took more than eleven years to produce it a revisits the holocaust as an event in the present rather than as history a spokeswoman for landsmen publishing house announced his passing and said he died at home after being very very weak for several days. thank you for watching you were back at the top of the hour. cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut. cut cut move.
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move. move. into the conflict zone of kids two years since the brakes a referendum in britain and my guest this week you're in love with you speaking of formal education minister the now approach remaining conservative and being why does she continue to trump up a prime minister who has failed so spectacularly to unite the party and become conflicts so for. the for. the
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future style of the mysterious. euro max still looks. just stunning looking concepts. and outstanding architecture. and style essential to. the months in sixty minutes p.w. . told. germany which. any time any place. in music video never. have the kind of. songs to sing along to download just
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a combo from super. to. have very good causes kind of interactive exercises d.w. dot com slash dr land on facebook in the app store. for a w. it's two years since the e.u. referendum in britain on the ruling conservative party has spent the time fighting and arguing but mainly with itself i guess this week here in london is nikki morgan a former education minister and now a pro remain conservative m.p. why does she continue to prop up a prime minister who has failed so spectacularly to unite the party.


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