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surfers fighting against him see the sea horse july fourteenth. this is w. news live from berlin another couple of currently poisoned with a deadly nerve agent on british soil police say the pair are in critical condition after they were exposed to no but shock which was developed in the soviet union and they say the poisoning may be an unfortunate after a fact of the recent no which attack on a russian spy in the same area also coming up they've been at odds over migration
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for years but now it's the german chancellor angela merkel who's calling on punk area prime minister viktor orban to back her harder line on asylum we'll have the latest from berlin. and did business with donald trump's terror threats actually lead to a freer trade is a factor in berlin says washington is open to cutting import duties on cars. i'm sumi so much gonda good to have you with us british police have confirmed that two people who sell critically ill near the market town of solsbury were poisoned with a nerve agent know that shock it is a second time solsbury has been at the center of an overcharge poisoning in march of former russian spy and his daughter were attacked with a nerve agent at their home on christie miller road not far from queen elizabeth gardens where to stop the latest victims came into contact with the substance
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britain's health minister says this poisoning looks like an unfortunate after effect of the earlier incident counterterrorism police are leading the investigation and trying to determine what happened. this is the british couple at the center of a new mystery shrouding an english town charlie riley and dawn sturgis were poisoned by the nerve agent navi truck they were taken ill at their home in amesbury on saturday paramedics were called after the woman collapsed in the morning a friend of the couple was with the man later in the day they start out so funny it was like his ever is broken against the organ but as i read in the press. it's the start of a sweat laced driven so it set out to let's share. the couple is in a critical condition at salisbury hospital just a few kilometers away it's the same hospital that treated former russian spy saga
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a script pal and his door to use the just four months ago after they were nearly killed by the same nerve agent. counter-terror police a leading the latest probe. we can confirm with the man a woman has been exposed to the nerve agent. which has been identified as the same or if i didn't get contaminated both of us and so i guess we are not be in a position to say whether the nerve agent was from the side perhaps the scribbles were exposed to. the possibility that these two investigations might be linked is playing a large record for. detectives are investigating how the couple came into contact with the nerve agent they say there's nothing in the past background to suggest they would have been deliberately targeted. police have cordoned off places the couple had been before falling ill including a church community center. joins us with more of the story from
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london so the health minister says this is an after effect of these crippled poisoning tell us more about what that might mean. well there was already speculation that this could be the material that maybe has been discarded by the original attack us that tried to kill the script halls and that this is somehow been found by this couple however we don't know how they would have ingested it and also quite crucially where this would have been the police obviously trying to trace all their movements trying to find out where they have been so where could they have found this material this is the theory at the moment that they have found probably likely accidentally some of the left over a nerve agent that was still in there in the salisbury area from the scriptural attack if it was the same nova truck that was used in the script attack what does
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that tell us about the clean up after that poisoning and the continuing danger insults very my understanding is that the author it is still trying to determine whether this was from the same batch but obviously this could be could be iffy yuri and also we've had the health minister and the security minister this morning saying well the risk for the general public is low but it's not zero so for people in salisbury they would be very worried because it's the fourth four people have now been subjected to this highly dangerous nav agent and they don't know where else this could be is this just a one off is this just one part of the pro death wasn't that wasn't discarded carefully enough or is there more contamination of course now this is the skill of the skill of the police to find out is there is there more of it and people would
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rightly assume that they would have cleaned up properly ofter the first attack so quite shocking i think for the people in salisbury and the home secretary job it's actually been speaking to the house of comments let's listen to what he's been saying. all the signs that have been decontaminated following the attempted murders of surrogate and scrape our. all sorts which have been reopened have undergone rigorous testing and any items that may have harbored any residual mounts of the agent were safely removed for disposal we have taken a very robust approach to decontamination and there is no evidence that either the man or the woman in hospital visited any of the places that were visited by this because our strong working assumption is that the couple came into contact with a nerve agent in a different location to the sites which have been part of the original cleanup
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operation so berger at the home secretary there are saying that their approach has been robust still we're talking about a two incidents within the span of four or five months how are people in solsbury reacting well i'm not sure that they would be very much reassured by what the home secretary has said because of course they have the economic decontaminated the sides that they knew of but what if there are the size that they haven't known of so they might have retrace the steps of this group halts but they don't know who was the perpetrator and where did they go and what it what else did they do with the material so i think the worry for the people in south korea is really not over yet. correspondent berkut mass tracking the latest developments for us from london thank you very get now to some other stories making news around the world syrian and russian forces have resumed strikes against rebel held areas in the southwest of the country the fresh assault comes after talks between rebel groups and russia collapsed the united nations estimates over three hundred thousand people have fled
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the fighting in daraa province it's one of the last rebel strongholds after more than seven years of war. officials in thailand are warning that rescue workers face a race against water to attract and extract a young soccer team who have spent twelve nights in a flooded cape water is being pumped out around the clock reducing the flood level by around a centimeter every hour but heavy rains are in the forecast and could jeopardize the complex rescue operation u.s. secretary of state michael peo is on his way to pyongyang for talks with north korea's leader kim jong il and denuclearization of the korean peninsula will be top of the agenda when the two meet on friday german chancellor angela merkel and hungary's prime minister viktor orban have traded accusations over their very different views on migration during talks here in berlin merkel met with iran as part of her efforts to win support for her tough new migration policy after their meeting merkel said she wants to protect europe's humanity regarding migrants she
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criticized hungry for dodging its responsibilities or bonds that the best way to show humanity is for europe to remove incentives for migrants to come to the continent let me thank you on the field as you call it we don't think it's fair that people in germany accuse us of lacking in solidarity. should go there eight thousand armed soldiers standing on the border twenty four hours a day for migrants on their way to germany would have to get past them first i'm going to go to court and despite the agreement with turkey if there were no arm time carians guarding the border then four to five thousand people would come to germany on a daily basis. and we would protect you from that that is solidarity of a florida judge sent them closely believe that he. did have used chief political correspondent melinda crane is covering this story i asked her earlier how the meeting between the two leaders went. described the talks as intensive and
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friendly and in fact there was no atmosphere of bitter recrimination as we sometimes have seen in the past between these two leaders but on the other hand both of them said we absolutely have big differences when it comes to migration and minister mr orpen in fact said we simply see the world differently so the chancellor's view of migration is this she said this is about people and quoting quite directly she said people come to us because of what europe stands for the soul of europe is humanity and europe absolutely must make room for those who are fleeing persecution for at least some of those from countries in africa who want to study here or perhaps want to temporarily work here mr obama absolutely doesn't see it that way he said in turn we built
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a fence on our southern border in order to regain control of our territory and we plan to keep control of it what that translates into in practice is that hungary doesn't look at this moment like it's going to go any step of the way toward gratifying the wishes of the chancellor she says that she only wants to send back migrants registered in other countries if she can get agreement from the countries that first registered them the storebought and says hey look we register some migrants but we don't feel we're responsible for them we only register them because greece doesn't do its job so essentially a standoff here when it comes to any by lateral agreement on deportations from germany and that could make it very hard for the chancellor to keep up her side of her agreement with her interior minister. chief political correspondent crane
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speaking to us there earlier. now this week saw scuffles in the west bank between israeli authorities and protesters trying to halt the demolition of a bedouin village police made several arrests as protesters try to block bulldozers and mark to the east of jerusalem and israeli court approved plans to tear down the homes and a move protesters believe will clear the way for a new israeli settlements now there are about one hundred eighty palestinian bedouin villages living in. they mostly ways sheep and goats living in tin and wooden shacks did at his tenure cramer has this report from the village the small bedouin village of qana maher is threatened with demolition. this is where a blue homies tends his sheep and goats in the occupied west bank a few kilometers outside jerusalem for years he's fought in court against the demolition orders issued by the israeli military but it made the israeli supreme
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court gave the go ahead for the village to be raised it was the final appeal. and the people here are very worried and afraid. that they were hoping that the international community would help them but after everything that happened they became frustrated and desperate just. about one hundred eighty people that's thirty five families live in the village which israel says was built illegally but for palestinians the required building permits are almost impossible to obtain in the israeli controlled areas see in the west bank in its decision and it's written and signed by three judges that the only argument the court will deal with is a question if the buildings here and the school building permits and as we all know they did not have been it permits because the state was never giving building permits in areas to bedouins so this is a way to push him out of here but israel has meanwhile approved more housing units
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in nearby jewish settlements human rights groups say that moving the bedouin population against their will amounts to forcible transfer contrary to international law. could totally reject the allegation that this is a transfer of people in the occupied territory. the fact that the territory is disputed that the status of this territory is not clear does not mean that people are allowed to settle with ever they want in a legal way to school financed with european funds will also be demolished during the summer it's open for children to play it's the only nearby school for most of them especially the girls of the bedouin communities scattered around the area. the residents will be relocated to a different site most villagers have already said they won't accept being forcibly resettled to a new location. you're watching d.w. news still to come new hopes for the european car industry as washington suggests
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a potential compromise in the transatlantic tariff dispute even chancellor merkel says she is open to international talks on slashing car tariffs. spencer zone we'll have that story coming up in business on a matter of hours before those types i mean the world leaders scrambling to let you know all the latest to fix something aren't coming up in one minute don't go away from. me who do you think is going to be world champion. all the matches all the scores. two goals and eighteen soccer world cup on d w news
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