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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin another couple of apparently poisoned by a deadly nerve agent on british soil police say the pair are in critical condition after they were exposed to know the chalk which was developed in the soviet union and they say the poisoning may be an unfortunate after a fact of the recent no the chalk attack on a former russian spy in the same area also coming up they've been at odds over migration for years but now it's german chancellor angela merkel who is calling on hungary and prime minister viktor orban to back her partner line on asylum we'll have the latest from berlin. and need the spine in the calf take
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a taxi in china and you're on camera we'll see how authorities are using the latest technology to find out where you are and where you're going. i'm sumi so much going to good to have you with us british police have confirmed that two people who fell critically ill know the market town of solsbury were poisoned with the nerve agent know the truck it is the second time solsbury has been at the center of a noble chalk poisoning in march a former russian spy and his daughter were attacked with a nerve agent at their home on christie miller road at the top of your screen not far from queen elizabeth gardens where it's thought the latest victims came into contact with the subsets of britain's health minister says this poisoning looks like an unfortunate after effect of the earlier incident counterterrorism police are leading the investigation and trying to determine what happened. this is the
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british couple at the center of a new mystery shrouding an english town charlie riley and dawn sturgis were poisoned by the nerve agent navi truck they were taken ill at their home in amesbury on saturday paramedics were called after the woman collapsed in the morning. a friend of the couple was with the man later in the day they start out so firmly in his ever is broken again. but as i read in print it's. it's starts with laser driven so it's faded out below. the couple is in a critical condition at salisbury hospital just a few kilometers away it's the same hospital that treated former russian spy so gay script pal and his daughter to use just four months ago after they were nearly killed by the same nerve agent. counter-terror police
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a leading the latest probe. we can confirm of the man a woman has been exposed to the nerve agent. which has been identified as the same or why didn't the contaminated broken and so case grow we're not been a position to say whether the nerve agent was from the side perhaps the scribbles were exposed to. the possibility that these two investigations might be linked is clearly a lot of the forty four. detectives are investigating how the couple came into contact with the nerve agent they say there's nothing in the past background to suggest they would have been deliberately targeted. police have cordoned off places the couple had been before falling ill including a church community center. joins us with more on the story from london hi barry got so the health minister says this is an after effect of the
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scripture poisoning tell us more about what that might mean. well there was already speculation that this could be the material that maybe has been discarded by the original attack us that tried to kill the script hols and that this is somehow been found by this couple however we don't know how they would have ingested it and also quite crucially where this would have been the police obviously trying to trace all their movements trying to find out where they have been so where could they have found this material this is the theory at the moment that they have found probably likely accidentally some of the left over a nerve agent that was still in there in the salisbury area from the scriptural attack if it was the same nova truck that was used in the script will attack what does that tell us about the clean up after that poisoning and the continuing danger in songs very my understanding is that the author it is still trying to
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determine whether this was from the same batch but obviously this could be could be if eerie and also we've had the health minister and the security minister this morning saying well the risk for the general public is low but it's not zero so for people in salisbury they would be very worried because it's the fourth four people have now been subjected to this highly dangerous enough agent and they don't know where else these could be is this just a one off is this just one part of the pro death wasn't that wasn't discarded carefully enough or is there more contamination of course now this is the skill of due to the skill of the police to find out is there is there more of it and people would rightly assume that they would have cleaned up properly after the first attack so quite shocking i think for the people in salisbury and back at the home secretary job it's actually been speaking to the house of comments let's listen to
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what he's been saying. all the signs that have been. decontaminated following the attempted murders of surrogate and. all sorts which have been reopened have undergone rigorous testing and any items that may have harbored any residual mounts of the agent were safely removed for disposal. we have taken a very robust approach to decontamination and there is no evidence that either the man or the woman in hospital visited any of the places that were visited by the st paul's. our strong working assumption is that the couple came into contact with a nerve agent in a different location to the sites which have been part of the original cleanup operation. so better get the home secretary there saying that their approach has been robust still we're talking about a two incidents within the span of four or five months how are people in solsbury
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reacting well i'm not sure that they would be very much reassured by where the home secretary has said because of course they have the economic you contaminated sites that they knew of but what if there are the size that they have known of so they might have retrace the steps of the square pulse but they don't know who was the perpetrator and where did they go and what it what else did they do with the material so i think the worry for the people in salisbury is really it's not over yet davies correspondent very good mass tracking the latest developments for us from london thank you very. officials in thailand are warning that rescue workers face a race against water to extract a young soccer team who have spent twelve nights in a flooded case water is being pumped out around the clock reducing the flood level by around a centimeter every hour but heavy rains are forecast and could jeopardize the complex rescue operation. under the most extraordinarily difficult and
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hazardous conditions volunteers pick and swim their way through this foster cave complex. it's back breaking work but they do all they can to try to clear a way through. deep inside the twelve boys and their football coach have been trapped for almost two weeks getting them out safely though it's proving an enormous challenge and with further rain expected the risk of more flooding is high . our biggest concern is the weather we'll have to assess if there will be more rainfall that could cause the water level to rise inside or calculating how much time we have if it rains how many hours and days. the boys are trapped about four kilometers from the cave entrance which is cut off by water one option would be to wait until the water recede so they can leave on foot but that could take months. teaching the boys to dive could be the fastest solution but perhaps the most
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dangerous and it's not clear if they can swim. rescuers are also looking for a place to drill into the chamber but that would be long and complicated. in the meantime water continues to be pumped out of the cave this nearby farmland has been flooded because of the rescue operation but the local farmers say it's a price worth paying anything to help the boys. outside the cave a makeshift camp has been set up where rescue teams into fishes gather. and inside to dozens are on hand to help saving these boys has become a twenty four hour operation and a race against time. german chancellor angela merkel and hungary's prime minister viktor orban have traded accusations over their very different views on migration during talks here in berlin merkel met with or bond as part of her
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efforts to win support for her tough new migration policy after their meeting merkel said she wants to protect europe's humanity regarding migrants and she criticized hungry for dodging its responsibilities or bounds of the best way to show humanity's for europe to remove incentives for migrants to come to the continent. every time i look at the quote we don't think it's fair that people in germany accuse us of lacking in solidarity circle there are eight thousand armed soldiers standing on the border twenty four hours a day for migrants on their way to germany would have to get past them first. and despite the agreement with turkey if there were no arm time carians guarding the border then four to five thousand people would come to germany on a daily basis. does that mean gosh we'll protect you from that that is solidarity full daddy bush sent them a push. more on the story now with our political correspondent thomas sparrow hi
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thomas good to see you it was very clear today that america and oregon still have very different views on migration how do they want to bridge their differences while obviously one element that they both highlighted was the possibility that there was a talking to each other but you're right sumi what was absolutely evident from today's press conference is the fact that they have extremely different views not only on migration issue but also on the role that the european union should play when it comes to the migrants arriving to the continent and that was absolutely clear today from the statements from viktor orban understatement from mongol merkel so it will be extremely difficult to see how they can actually achieve this ground when they have so absolutely differing views on this issue what germany needs austria's help as well for its new border plan to work thomas and that's why the interior minister of course a whole for travel to vienna to meet the austrian chancellor is about in quotes did they find common ground well that's obviously very different because if they hold
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wants to achieve his goals he will have to count on politicians in different e.u. countries that view the issues in a similar way to how he views them and there are politicians in both for example austria on the telly as well who see maybe eye to eye with cause they will find fact next week they're going to to meet members from the three countries to try and discuss how are these as well how it was reported how they will shut the southern migration route so obviously on the one hand you are going to motivate all done here in berlin with very different views on the other hand you have was able in austria meeting politicians that certainly do not have differing views when it comes to migration these political correspondent tom aspera reporting for us thank you thomas. not to some other stories making headlines around the world syrian and russian forces have resumed strikes against rebel held areas in the south west of syria the fresh assault comes after talks between rebel groups and russia collapsed the u.n.
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estimates more than three hundred thousand people have fled the fighting in daraa province it's one of the last rebel strongholds after more than seven years of war . u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe is on his way to pyongyang for talks with north korea's leader kim jong un denuclearization of the korean peninsula will be topping the agenda when the two meet on friday upon pale will then travel on to tokyo to brief his japanese and south korean counterparts and heavy rain is continuing to cause severe flooding across central and south western china and who bay province water flooded hundreds of roadside stores and what villagers described as the heaviest downpour in years local government officials evacuated residents from homes and businesses close to the city of chongqing in the southwest of the country after rains caused a major river to swell. to bend with business now in berlin and washington significantly signaling they could soft in their stances on trade mazing just on the eve of what could be a full blown trade war we've got the german chancellor today saying she's willing
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to talk with germany's trading partners about reducing juvies on cause is the first signs of appeasement in this trade war the u.s. ambassador to germany holding a meeting with auto executives in berlin overnight richard grinnell said the white house would be willing to accept removing all tariffs on orders if the e.u. did the same trump is time to import levies on european cars as his next move in the trade dispute but the us president is under pressure from american business leaders who say a hike on import levies would hurt them as well. kevin heitman is director of foreign trade policy and economic development at the association of german chambers of commerce and industry to explain to us what is going on behind the scenes this is very exciting we've only got two hours left leaders a scrambling and suddenly the u.s. ambassador holds a secret meeting in berlin with auto executives well first of all it's good they were talking about reducing terrorists not about raising tariffs any more and that's what they were talking about the issues that are ongoing right now on the
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war trade but on the. job an automobile manufacturers and the best that they can do it so you can unit who's doing the trade policy and of course they have to reduce the always tariffs but we've already got merkel saying this sounds like a good idea but she's talking about from the quotes i've seen everyone and with the whole word so not just unilaterally which by laterally but multilaterally i mean it was something that was set up in the t p p which trump scrapped. obviously his strategy is to get the best terms he can fit his country and not for the world is that how how do you read into this because he's strapped the t p p he's only interested in doing things sector by sector and country by country of course everybody wants to have the best of an agreement but it remains a complicated we need as a comprehensive agreement on all sectors for all companies on all goods and all kinds of trade barriers not only terrorists there are the trade barriers that are limiting german companies in the world so yes we need to reduce them and we need to
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do this in a comprehensive agreement according to the w t o laws what trump and the us administration is doing is they're doing like pilots who are deals which are courting to the only go shares are either really difficult to achieve or even even maybe not possible because they're violating the international trade laws so you think we still need a w. cio we still need those rules in place to ensure that we get fair trade as well as possibly free trade up. on stage at some time. but as far as these tariff negotiations go right now i mean this is or could be a major breakthrough what we're hearing today well it's a first step of course we want to talk about knowing terrorists and of course be can have the automobile sector alike as one pillar of a comprehensive agreement but yes we need to do this under the rules of the w t o and that means we have to include other countries who are also producing cars not
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only the united states is this old the result of the pressure europe has been putting on the u.s. or am i missing something here well the reason why there is right now an investigation about cars imported steel the u.s. is because the united states think they might threaten their national security and i can say that german cars who are actually produced in the united states we have. many many common effectors united states and from germany both of them japan korea who do producing in the united states and an s.u.v. from germany who is which was built in the united states doesn't affect national security so the reason behind that of cause has no grounds where you see this all heading come midnight tonight. is going to turn into a full blown trouble what happens at midnight is that we have an ongoing trade conflict between the u.s. and china and the tears that are coming of course they will affect in directly companies in the u.s. and china also john companies in both countries but also interact to affect the
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whole interconnected and very complicated supply chains all over the water. thank you very much for coming in today. let's go to our financial correspondent susan in frankfurt to talk about the implications of all of this on investors i mean this is complicated and confusing and there's a lot of uncertainty so i guess quite a few negatives to talk about. that's true but from a point of view of many investors the more and most important point in this report that the embassador the u.s. ambassador to germany has talked to the bosses of the car makers indicates that they have talked and that they have talked about scrapping import tariffs on both sides of the atlantic which implies to many people i talked to here but they have not talked about the potential of imposing import tariffs on german cars in the
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united states that's a positive and also it gives hope to people that you know eventually the americans and the europeans my corporator can of course listen to what kevin just had to say it's obvious that the negotiations will be much more complicated than you know just two sides sitting down and saying let's get rid of all those old tariffs but it's a sign of hope a silver lining because there's some hope there in frankfurt and that's mirrored in stocks today european equities putting on quite a show. absolutely the shares of the carmakers are skyrocketing here this. is a logical reaction given that the anger that the trump administration might impose import tariffs on cars had been dragging down the whole sector for a couple of weeks now big sigh of relief here they come up with an imprint.
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back to siri and a special report on six workers johnny thank you ben well it is estimated that there are around four hundred thousand sex workers in germany many of them are trafficked from abroad now according to german police records the majority of them come from four countries they are well many up all garia and hungary in central and eastern europe and also nigeria in africa while many of the workers are trafficked here and controlled by criminal gangs some fall into prostitution simply because of poverty he has been speaking to one romanian woman who has managed to leave behind her life as a prostitute. julia is thirty and comes from romania. she worked as a prostitute for many years sometimes having sex with ten or more men in a single night. judea left school without qualifications and was fourteen when she had the first of her two children. the
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money she earned in romania working as a cleaner was not enough to live on she made the decision to leave romania and look for sex work abroad detail. was good i knew it would be difficult. but it was much worse than i had imagined. the first three weeks especially work stream me hard but i kept thinking about my children and i told myself that i was there to help my family. here give us a little good luck got a lot of love still. judea worked in switzerland greece and france for the last five years she worked in the southern german city of st got. earlier this year she decided she wanted to stop working in the sex industry she had her last customer in march. women like judy i can get help at sisters association i can sing center for women who want to leave prostitution located in a nondescript building in the middle of stroke carts red light district the ngo
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finds part time jobs for women and gives them financial support until they are able to live independently it also provides medical assistance in the fall. and can see. it is possible for a woman to leave a brothel. as long as she does not have a pin and is not being held against her will. in the. us but it is then very difficult to find accommodation and support yourself if you are not eligible for assistance from the german state if it's only able. to close things but i used often the only option is a bus ticket back home as of interest as a smart see my live us of the. ticket in time outland. unlike many sex workers julia says she has never had a pimp she took money directly from clients only thirty euros per twenty minute session their bills. you know i mostly worked until three o'clock in the morning
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that was as long as i could manage. but there were also women there who enjoyed it all night they drank alcohol and took drugs got high to get through it. all was. julia says the pressure never let up she had to earn up to one hundred thirty years a day just to pay for a room she also needed to send money home to her family she was hardly able to save anything she began having panic attacks and still suffers from them today. with hindsight i wouldn't do it again i kept thinking i have to look for something else but i wasn't able to find any other work like that. but i think we'll get. that. nigeria's working as a cleaner again she found the job with the help of the sisters center she says she's proud of herself and she relished throwing away the clothes to use to wear to meet clients. judy it was one of many used in european women working in god's red
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light district there are no exact numbers available the streets are abandoned by day but at night dozens of neon signs try to lure customers in. julia has left that world behind when she looked at old photographs she says she feels like a different person. conrad worked on that report and she joins us in our studio to tell us more i know you know me thanks for joining us how difficult was it to find someone who was willing to share their experiences like julia it was it extremely difficult i mean it took us several weeks and i mean that's obvious usenets right on sometimes the families back home don't know what these women are doing and sometimes they're forced into prostitution which obviously makes access incredibly difficult julio was prepared to share her story but tellingly she didn't want us to use her real name so that's quite indicative of how difficult it is to
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get hold of a prostitute tell us more about how this business is organized in europe but also in germany so it's basically a lot of the women are self-employed lease if they have to pay for rooms we had in the report is a hundred thirty euros a night which you have to pay whether you have enough clients or not so that makes about four thousand euros you have to make every month just to pay for the room but a lot of the people who are organizing these criminal groups often hells angels other violent gangs who are organized internationally women all move from one brothel to the next from one country to the next making it increased difficult to track them to find out where women are and another big development at the moment is that a lot of the trade is moving online so himself offering women online there being you could almost say bought and sold online which means that we don't really know what the figures are these women are it's possible that a lot of miners are being offered online so it's making it harder to monitor harder
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to track it's important to know that prostitution is legal in germany why is that yes it was made in two thousand and two it was basically turned into any other profession which means that women can register and they can pay into the social insurance benefits system which a lot of movement is only a very small minority of women who do this. very stressful that one is that a lot of the women in the sex trade. a lot of them are from east europe they're some african women so it's in tragically difficult for them to register and a lot of them the ones who are forced into prostitution obviously don't have the means and resources to do so so the idea was to bring prostitution away from the black market has that worked then no it hasn't i mean it's incredibly difficult to get hold of figures that all the figures we have are estimates but. no face this approach didn't work and there's a lot of the debates about what germany can do now has germany considered the swedish approach which is to punish those who purchased affect the not those who
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sell it yes there's a lot of debate around that and that's actually what a lot of the engine is that help women leave prostitution what they want the problem is that the that there's a very strong a well financed lobbying organizations they get a lot of money from brothels which is obviously we have to remember that this is a million euro industry it's very lucrative and they're putting a lot of pressure on on politics politicians to keep the model as it is because it's very lucrative and from their point of view it's working very well right you don't use naomi conrad assuring her reporting with us naomi thank you very much. and still to come the world cup kiss reigniting a social media debate on sexual harassment some users say there's a double standard. that story coming right up on the to the news.
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a hundred and seventy million cameras watching your every move and digitally tracking where you go this is a glimpse of the facial recognition technology being pioneered in china is this a tool for public safety or is it control we'll have a report but first sexual harassment in sports it's taken center stage at this year's football world cup after a number of female sports reporters have been sexually harassed in sons of the camera including our very own juliet going southwest head on now you might have seen the video of her being sexually harassed while doing her job this video went viral and triggered widespread condemnation from social media users you see it then received a message from her harasser apologizing for what he had done now a video of a south korean male reporter being kissed by a female fan on camera has reignited the debate around sexual harassment at the world cup let's take a look at that video you can see john one a reporter for a south korean t.v.
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channel here you see him reporting in russia being kissed on the cheek twice by female russian fans now lot of social media users on way boat that is china's largest social networking site are asking why the actions of female fans are not criticized in the same way as their male counterparts let's take a look at the debate one user saying just some while ago a female journalist got kissed by a male football fan and everyone condemned it and this time i think they should be seen as sexual harassment as well another user asked to those who are saying that this isn't sexual harassment have the fans asked for the journalists permission another user saying poor men women. can sexually harass men but when it's the other way around it is absolutely forbidden now that is just one part of the debate remember you can always be part of it as well we asked users on our twitter page what they thought of the incident so please do let us know what you think at the handle below and we'll be looking also at another aspect of soccer
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sexism women under attack for commentating the world cup that's coming up in just a few minutes now to china where at least sixteen cities municipalities and provinces are using a surveillance system that tracks people digitally the system has reportedly led to the arrests of more than two thousand people in two years all of them identified using seychelle recognition technology it is part of the approximately one hundred seventy million closed circuit cameras that are already installed in the country our correspondent went to the city of shenzhen bordering hong kong to see how the tracking system works. catch a cab in the southern chinese metropolis of show and. like me you can expect to be watched taxes here are gradually gaining close circuit t.v. cameras installed above their rearview mirrors. but i think it's ok it improves safety for both drivers and passengers will be more than half of all taxis are
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already c.c.t.v. monitored the pictures are transmitted live to the transit authority here please can see which driver the vehicle is registered with and what's happening in it at all times using facial recognition software or thirty's can also lead to track what route a certain passenger took. to the park we don't see passenger privacy is an issue. these are the private vehicles but modes of transport that are available to the public and they're used by different people for that reason we've concluded that there permissible in china cameras watch over nearly or public spaces using surveillance software created by companies such as magazine the startup in beijing it's software can identify objects on mistreated and recognize movement patterns or faces the technology has long outdone the human eye on
4:34 pm
accuracy company spokesperson and religion said. the security services system analyzes facial features and compares them with the database. as soon as a camera catches my features the system looks for my photo in the database and then automatically shows my name and all the information it has about me just because there wasn't a tradition she did that china's authorities keep secret exactly whose data they enter in the database but regime critic jungly fun is highly likely to feature he's been surveyed for years. up with as high as you are they no longer send agents to trail you the unpleasant feeling of having someone following you around has gone instead they use technology you have lee notice but don't let yourself be fooled this still there it's like in george orwell's novel nine hundred eighty four.
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i want to know just how accurate the software is a transit authority employee takes a photo of me and uploads it into the system then images from six taxis appear mine is not among them. so they work but all of the foreigners to this man looks of it like you i think of you maybe we just need more down to from foreigners to improve accuracy. even here in china surveillance systems are not perfect but the country is working hard to fix that. more on the story now with sophie richardson the china director for human rights watch is joining us from washington hi sophie good to see you now one hundred seventy million cameras already in place more than four hundred fifty million on the way there are plans to equip all of these cameras with facial recognition technology how worrying is this i think it's extremely worrying it's important to start from
4:36 pm
the base the understanding that there are almost no actionable privacy rights in china to begin with and on top of that you have to add in that as your piece pointed out many people don't even know that they're actually in surveilled and even those who do know or object to it have almost no ability to take the case to court or write a petition to local authorities or to a company or challenge the government over these practices probably without running serious risks to themselves how many people do object to it because china does have a different relationship to privacy rights. well i would say the chinese government has a different relationship the privacy rights that other more rights respecting governments do it's very hard to know what the general sense is don't mess to clean you know it's hard to it's hard i think to say that people all of don't care about a particular right when they've never really had the opportunity to enjoy it in the first place there how been instances in the last year of consumers objecting when
4:37 pm
their data when when private companies data collection practices have been breached and certainly critics people left on the front have explained what's at stake for down individually that they can be tracked that their activities can be monitored so i think there is real objection as we saw in a report the comfrey company representatives we spoke to said that this facial recognition technology is actually helping to keep people safe do you agree but i think the government really hasn't made that case china has for a long time had a very low crime rate and so to suggest that hoovering up massive quantities of personal data off and without letting people know somehow makes the population safer i think is at best a debatable proposition i think there's also the reality that forcibly collecting data from people as we've documented for example in synch on can actually profoundly alienate them and produce certain kinds of problems that that the state
4:38 pm
perhaps did not have in mind the so i think there's a lot more information the government needs to provide before i think that becomes the credible basis for programs like this and tell us more sophia about the type of opposition we've seen to this facial recognition technology in china itself. well i mean people have certainly objected to the idea that you know that that they cannot spend time in public places without any reasonable hope of privacy you know it's one thing if you're walking down the street and you observe a security or surveillance camera for example but increasingly people are talking about cameras installed for example in places of worship or in places like libraries or even in classrooms you know where they can be watched all the time without any clarity about who is doing the watching what kind of behavior is problematic and i think the natural human impulse is to behave in
4:39 pm
a way that you think the authorities want you to do and i think that's what the authorities have in mind wander to work as to is to essentially make people feel that they're always being watched sophie richardson china director for human rights watch joining us from washington d.c. sophie thank you very much thank you to india now where the western a state of mind has introduced a ban on single use plastic now regular offenders face of three month prison sentence and fines of up to twenty five thousand rupees around three hundred fifty dollars while environmentalists have hailed this as a positive step many observers say the rules around the ban aren't clear and implementation remains a challenge because reports from mumbai. a beach littered with plastic spat out by a seat that can't take much more. it's a site that's come to symbolize the scale of plastic pollution in mumbai where
4:40 pm
waste management systems continue to fall short but these residents of the city are trying to do they have been. for close to three years they've gathered here on weekends to clean up this beach. their leader throw shop is a lawyer by training not environmentalist. but after moving into the neighborhood he grew tired of seeing the state of the environment around him and took matters into his own hands. for me i have to connect with the need to think of going to the wish to do that i do not i shall talk to people who come and then people come by choice why should anybody shandong opinion you should feel there's a problem and i can get do was it may be flawed argument. shah's approach has slowly gathered steam. the movement is now in its one hundred forty second week and is attracted volunteers from all walks of life. it's also offered employment to
4:41 pm
about thirty five workers who keep efforts going during the week. approach shots says his beach cleanup have cleared around fifteen thousand tons of plastic but it's only just beginning to scratch the surface of the problem activists now hope a recent government ban on single use plastics here in mumbai will help further change of mindset. in the city governments and plastics was a key to the effort clouded blue death squads work in markets throughout the city to enforce the new banners and raise awareness about plastic pollution. there's a lot of confusion here about what's banned and what's not but the empty plastic squad is looking to make it clear one time use carry bags are a particular focus of attention. some shopkeepers and customers a heeding the call shifting to bags made out of cloth or jus. going out to the other shopkeepers should stop using plastic and spend
4:42 pm
a little more money for cloth bags they are much better and reusable plastic is harmful for everyone. but not everyone is on board vendors at this market say the ban is hitting their bottom line and that plastic bags are the only viable option during the ongoing monsoon season by. a customer who buys five lemons can put them in his pocket but if he buys fifty he can carry them in his hands he needs a bag with cloth bag he buys ten lemons for ten rupees it doesn't work for us to give him a bag with two or three rupees. i'm not the only one that since the ban customers have not been buying vegetables from us they won't take it wrapped in paper customers want bags they say their stuff gets wet in the rain and spoil. the loving mom and we love him but you know how to get that step richard. the resistance the plastic bag his face isn't a surprise but he knows the mindset changes required to get more people off single
4:43 pm
use plastic will take time. until then he and his team are moving their campaign beyond the beach to businesses across the city. to do their efforts this restaurant has invested in about twenty of these really usable bags for food deliveries. shies confident more will soon follow suit and in doing so also help deliver a cleaner future for mumbai. now fans in russia are looking forward to the quarter finals of the world cup meanwhile supporters in japan have welcome home there were turning heroes the blue samurai were knocked out of the tournament and dramatic fashion by belgium on monday despite their defeat in the last sixteen there over. well performance was considered a huge success and they were greeted concrete at narita airport by screaming hand after landing coach acura machina and the captain quit the has to be announced they
4:44 pm
would be stepping down from the national team. now can women come and take men's football and this age of increasing a quality that should be in unnecessary question but too many football fans and even sports professionals are asking it and worse we have our social media editor jared wait with us to tell us more about this jared this is two thousand and eighteen you think it would be no issue for women to be reporting on and involved in this event or you'd think so but seeing and hearing women calling the game commentating live matches is still a relatively rare thing and in germany there's a really big conversation around that at the moment because of claudio noirmont who we're going to see shortly on the hill there she is she is the first woman to commentate a men's world cup on german television and she's doing a very good job she's a very experienced reporter through nothing other been doing her job she's attracted an enormous amount of hate and miso jenny online here is one of the milder tweets that was sent to claudia newman it's a disgrace to allow
4:45 pm
a woman to commentate she is terrible person right but instead of her employer right back with this reply claudia newman has been been doing live football for us' she brings expertise and a huge amount of experience there's no reason to call her competence into question yesterday claudia norman spoke about this too did cite newspaper she had this to say we can see that hiya with this advice you can only cite a big people over and over go to a school longa get more education expand your horizons so you can learn to tolerate others this is not a cloudy annoying one problem it's society's problem and in fact said her employer is taking legal action against two of the people that targeted her online that as we know you know social media is always a hotbed for. hate as well can we chalk this up to bottom trolls or is there more to it well there is a bit more to it we just saw earlier in the show people attacking our own door
4:46 pm
chevelle a reporter and other women reporters out there doing their job commentating at the world cup but i guess even more just hotly is the attitude of some of these women's coley questioning their credentials people like my british t.v. sports journalist elton will be he tweeted hiya football cricket and what he describes as lady commentary it is just not good enough he says it's not six ism it's not it's about knowledge and above all delivery and voice control and we just see these ridiculous and frankly false statements being peddled again and again criticising women for how they sound when they come into. criticising their reporting and how they pronounce complicated playing names for example criticisms that you'd bet that account of pots would very rarely attract troubling indeed what is the positive the silver lining that we can take away from all of this there is some silver lining a recent poll for dish spiegel magazine found almost seventy percent of germans or
4:47 pm
respondents to this poll thought it was a positive thing that a woman was in a rising games at the world cup on the other side on the ground in russia according to feed just fourteen percent of old via credit to journalists there are women so there is still definitely more work to be done all right our social media editor jared reed thank you for bringing us the story. well the world cup in russia has been as much about the fans as it has been about the teams or the commentators they've come from all over the world to watch the tournament bringing vibrancy and color to moscow and other host cities for some it wouldn't be a party without a special outfit with all the trio of fans who want to stand out from the rest of the crowd. that these three fans want to dress to impress. on affecting the budget if not the funds come to us before the game they want to show their love for their teams with these costumes. the employees of
4:48 pm
this shop have been busy with fans for three weeks they don't just rent out the costumes they make them in the house and for football fans there's a discount twenty percent off that they have costumes really put us in the party mood when i go out dressed like this so i feel like i'm in brazil because you do want to keep. this isn't rio it's moscow a city that's not known for its openness and party spirit that makes it all the more surprising how quickly the joyful world cup atmosphere has taken off and spread through the city. here the result of the match is secondary to the party which rolls on twenty four hours a day. nikolai dimitri and dempsey have arrived at the fam fest in front of moscow's state university they quickly catch the attention of other fans. this significant an amazing feeling like being at a real conical yeah then we're not worried i picked the wrong cost you know i have
4:49 pm
to act strict and serious but here the party's holding up but as this episode outs and it went on until late into the night. at the end of this tournament only one color will remain that's of the winner until then the fans are enjoying a sea of color in moscow. now north and south korean basketball players took part in their first friendly game in fifteen years on wednesday in pyongyang two joint north south teams took to the court a team piece facing team prosperity north korean leader and basketball fan kim jong un had suggested the friendly match to south korean president during their first summit in april but neither leader was in attendance the game in the north korean capital conveniently ended in a draw with the scores level at one hundred two to one hundred two.
4:50 pm
now the french filmmaker claude lanzmann best known for the acclaimed holocaust documentary shoah has died at his home in paris after a short on us he was ninety two when we had robin merrill from our culture desk writing he was still working right up till the end is actually his death comes just one day after his latest film has been released in french cinemas is called four sisters and it could almost be an addition or an epi log if you like to his world famous documentaries shoah because it is for holocaust survivors for women who are holocaust survivors telling their stories and that's of course what his monumental it's knowing in the hall as long show up and it's an oral history of the holocaust using only first person testimony you testimony from victims and perpetrators has actually and there's no it's there's no archival footage there's no historical film there it's all films you know filmed at the time in the one nine
4:51 pm
hundred eighty s. actually with with the victims and the hundred three hundred sixty hours of on edited footage that was that he compiled during the eleven years he took tomatoes from now actually held by the united states holocaust my map memorial museum in washington d.c. so anyway let's find out a little bit more about his filmmaking career. brutal laws man style the french filmmaker persuaded the man thread nick a polish jew to return with him to the place of the home of concentration camp in west poland. the former inmate sang a song he was forced to sing to amuse the s.s. guards joe. as a young boy threatening worked at the death camp pulverizing the bones of chromatic bodies and dumping them in a river. the
4:52 pm
epic documentary show of unflinching witness to the holocaust it contains no archival footage no musical school just the landscape trains and recounted memories for the twelve year long labor of love took a heavy toll on last man's life but he never lost sight of his goal of finishing the film. did he see how. it's different. to be able to work for twelve years on a film. you have to find a way to make time stand still for you. it stood still for me. even though in reality it kept on going. in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight television reporting on the israeli army
4:53 pm
in the sinai peninsula led to his first film israel why is he said it last fall is also known for the memoir the patagonian hare in which he detailed his experiences in the french resistance as a young man his friendship with john paul sartre and his friendship and love affair with simone de beauvoir he also published the newspaper's little modern founded by and son trend the one nine hundred fifty s. and twenty thirteen revisited the holocaust with the last of the young just a documentary set into reason start getting. six. it's a very beautiful film a very strong feel i say that because it's true it's got nothing to do with vanity like somebody it's i've got an objective soul. you know nugent of soul who helped his subjects bear witness to some of the darkest periods in history.
4:54 pm
and it must be said the shower is the definitive record of the holocaust i think celebrated by critics he also received many awards for it he did indeed. some of the critics are in there are a number of critics who said it was a great his documentary film i'm a huge you know the rotten tomatoes web site you know which is a website which gauges nagra gates and put some old together he's got a hundred percent on there i wouldn't mention boston to boston except he's got one hundred percent you know nobody's criticize it badly he got many awards though not an oscar perhaps nine off that was too much for the academy to consider who knows but more recently in twenty thirteen he actually came here it's a balance of the film festival and he was given an honorary gold. for his definitive work which actually had its first showing the film festival in one thousand nine hundred eighty five and while he spoke five years ago to receive
4:55 pm
their would we spoke to him about the film. neither a feature film nor a documentary on all issues. the film can really be categorized as exist. and it doesn't belong in any particular genre. in a documentary you use material that already exists such as an audio material or moving images but with shoah what already existed was a story of annihilation and one that left behind no trace. french filmmaker. in paris at the age of ninety two thank you for watching.
4:56 pm
the boat. the been. going to. the be. the big mystery of the stone movie giant
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really nice it's sad to go somewhere every day and see more and more proficient china the scene gives me everything the way the women have to give something back or else i feel obliged to a certain. point waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution in the sea starts july fourteenth on w. plates . another. deadly nerve agent told british soil police say the pair in critical
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condition after being exposed to no beach developed in the soviet union on the. after effects of the recent attack on a former russian spy in. both the progress. of the migration say yes but now german chancellor angela merkel is calling on congress prime minister. to back the line on asylum and bring you the latest from those top.


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