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on facebook and on t w dot com. you're watching the news line from berlin rescuers in thailand say they're approaching the best possible condition to evacuate the boys trapped in a flooded cave system and fishel say a rescue could come within days before monsoon rains make flooding worse this as the children and their families written messages telling them they're ok we'll get the latest from our correspondent. in england fans are celebrating their team's victory over sweet with. their team is advancing to the
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semifinals of the world cup for the first time in twenty eight years. three lions but you goals past their opponents even the first coming from defender harry in the wire england will now face either russia or for a shot for a chance to make the world cup final. to. a maverick and welcome to the program rescue officials in thailand have said they're approaching the best possible conditions for evacuating the twelve children trapped in a flooded cave system they are now hoping to extract the group before forecasted monsoon rains caused water levels to rise again we'll talk to our correspondent in thailand in just a moment but first this report on the mounting pressure to get the boys out soon.
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rescue teams are racing against the clock they have put pumps into action day and night trying to drain the water from the caves so the boys can get out they also have a plan b. that. we're drilling down from above we've already drilled holes in more than one hundred places eighteen of those times we were able to break through the rock. one of these holes stretches down four hundred meters but still doesn't connect to the boy's location. but. meanwhile inside the cave the boys are trapped in an opening that's just ten square meters which means there's a limited supply of oxygen the challenge is to prevent carbon dioxide levels from rising even though rescue workers have been pumping in a steady stream of fresh air. time may be running short
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everyone is worried about the return of the monsoon if the rains start falling the cave could flood completely. a correspondent for eon news has been reporting for us from the entrance to the cave earlier i asked him about the latest activity at the site. well for once the rain has started falling as you can see about an hour ago it has been pouring down quite massively now it's just a light drizzle but it doesn't auger well for the rescue effort but it was basically what everyone was expected so the weather forecast was like this and this is why rescue help and trying to rush things now we have seen about an hour ago that they've put out this green and by just behind me this is the entrance to the tape so we don't know exactly what that means but there was some activity after an otherwise quite uneventful day now there is one very unfortunate incident
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that i have i can report about it's four of the mountaineers that were actually on top of the mountain trying to find alternative routes into the caves and potential drilling side on their way back from the mountain there as you've even heard off the road and fell down a few meters into a cliff so apparently we out of those four have been only injured suffered minor injuries but the fourth one is actually in critical condition so it comes to show once more how difficult this whole rescue mission and how dangerous this rescue mission is. florrie on a dangerous mission a truly daunting task ahead can you speak to the challenges the rescue crews are facing. while the officials who will have to give the final go ahead they're pretty much caught between a rock and a hard place all these different scenarios have their own risks so.
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to plan a that which is still being pursued is the dive option that is actually a very challenging route that the boys would have to pretty much make on their own . is really narrow and certain parts and those exterior. and seasoned rescue cave divers say it's one of the most dangerous places they have ever been in so that pairs a whole lot of rest now the drilling operation is actually quite dangerous as well experts are not sure if they actually find an opening one say and they manage to actually drill down if there is not if there is not any additional danger because this place where the boys are trapped in right now this might collapse once they break through with a bore hole so that has its own dangers now the last option just waiting out the monsoon season this is pretty much off the table because they say even if the boys
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manage to stay where they are right now with enough oxygen it could just harm their health it could cause psychological problems being trapped in a dark place for so long so they don't want to wait the earth already and we just have to wait and see when any rescue mission will commence devalue correspondent florian newish reporting from thailand thank you. for the first time the children have been able to communicate with their parents many of whom are waiting anxiously outside the cave and have a closer look at the children's messages. hope and desperation it's been two weeks since the ordeal began now letters handwritten by the boys have emerged from the cave delivered to their loved ones by a diver. in one the twenty five year old coach apologizes to the parents to all the parents the kids are still fine i promise to
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take very good care of them. thank you for all the moral support and i apologize to the parents. the boys reassure their families some right light hearted jokes. i'm doing fine the air is a little cold but don't worry and don't forget to prepare for my birthday party. if i get out can you please bring me some group or can vegetables. to my dad mom and sister i love you you don't need to be worried about me i love you all with efforts to install a phone line so far unsuccessful this is the only way for the two sides to communicate directly. now to some of the other stories making news around the world in japan of least fifty one people are dead and record flooding in some areas
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dozens more are reported missing a week of heavy downpours has triggered landslides and caused rivers to burst their banks across western parts of the country at least nine people were killed when choo car bombs exploded near the interior ministry militants then opened fire on security forces triggering a battle that lasted several hours islamist group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack. british prime minister tree's amaze divided cabinet has given its backing to her brags of plan after a marathon meeting at her summer residence may says her plan would see britain enter a common european market on goods but not services once it exits the block the european commission says it will need to assess the plan. north korea has condemned a u.s. delegation for its handling of the latest round of high level denuclearize ation talks between the two countries young and criticize the americans attitude and
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suggested officials made too many demands hours earlier u.s. secretary of state mike pompei all had hailed what he called progress at the meeting in pyongyang. england advance to the semifinals of the world cup after beating sweden two now i'm joined in the studio by nick mechanic line from the sports nick how did the match play out surreal to watch there given all this because the dinner generation of football fans regardless of whether or not they support england or not who have never seen this team ever reaches i mean finally out of a tournament and it's finally happy happened of course with the goals harry maguire it's in the first goal in thirty minutes right here the interesting thing about harry is that he was at the euros two years ago as an england fan and now two years later he's scoring goals for england in the quarterfinals of the world cup so quite quite a story for him the second goal then came in the fifty ninth minute delhi ali who
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you'll see on the far post about to head the ball into england win two nil this game is the first time they've actually managed to keep team sheets as well the first time since the game against panama this go to go in open place an incredible performance by england the first time since one thousand nine hundred they reached the semifinals of the world cup couple open play goals there they're in the final four now did their play suggest that they belong in the semifinals of this world cup absolutely and that's got a lot to do with. the new coach or the new he's been there two years now because we just this whole team around they've got pace they've got a game plan he's just done wonders he's found also their strengths he's working with that very well in this set pieces scoring goals from let's say corners of penalties of course eight of the eleven into scored so far this total have come from set pieces and there's also fighting this team this cold fronts in their capability something which one hasn't seen from england in a very very long time but i got to give jordan picks credit as well the goalkeeper he's made incredible saves not just in this game but also in previous games this ornaments and england finally have
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a goalkeeper they can be proud of so yes they definitely have to win today and they're looking ahead now they'll face the winner of croatia or russia what we expect in the match russia course is interesting because a crucial very tough team to beat russia however have already excuse they've already exceeded expectations so far this tournament it's very tough for them but the home fans will be dreaming of let's say another unexpected party. russians have done football crazy at their home world cup and now fans hope that team composed of another upset and beat croatia in the quarter finals whatever happens president vladimir putin figures perceptions of russia will have changed because of the tournament. he tens of thousands of people came to russia from various countries it's them who are creating this wonderful festival atmosphere in russia and. i'm sure the overwhelming majority of people who came will leave with the best feelings and memories of our country and will come many times again. because you're.
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going out of the competition now is the last thing on the minds of days resilient russian team but the game in sochi will be anything but child's play. boast one of the best players in the world and. i'm previously reached the semifinals in one nine hundred ninety eight. twenty years have passed and no one has managed to emulate but i believe in this team and i believe we can do better than a ninety eight with a little luck and several other things falling into place i'm certain we can do better than first. croatia staying cool as they plot to end russia's dream. world cup. in sochi where hosts russia will be taking on croatia all it's good to see you a party atmosphere surely before even the first whistle. absolutely it's electric here in sochi as you could imagine it's been
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a beautiful day here in the fans were coming out very early throughout the day to enjoy that weather and of course watch the first match of the day that nick was just talking about lots of chance of going up throughout that victory for england of course they have a vested interest in that match the winners of this game will play in the semifinal gratian fans also here in decent numbers plenty of those famous czechs red and white shirts around here but of course they're completely outnumbered and russia's last game i was there if that was anything to go by it's going to be a difficult night for croatia the noise at that match was phenomenal and i'm expecting something similar here the fish stadium in sochi tonight so great home support for russia they've already surprised by getting this far could they potentially crack under the pressure of all it is kind of uncharted waters for russia they've never made the quarterfinals of a world cup before though i should add that the soviet union did reach this stage several times but the russian fans that i've been speaking to this week have not
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been piling pressure on the team you know expectations started at zero with this tournament so they're still just kind of happy and perhaps a little bit bemused that the team has made it this far gracious on the other hand have to deal with the pressure of being arguably the favorites and clearly the the more talented team they really should win this game on paper so it's also not a situation is normal for croatia they've only made the quarter finals of the world cup once before back in ninety eight when they be germany so unusual situation for both teams in theory either team could struggle with the occasion and that psychological battle is the first battle that both of these teams have to fight tonight before they worry about the opposition i quickly and one word what's your prediction for the game. well russia done incredibly well but cold hard footballing logic dictates that have to win here so we'll see who comes out and so is it the atmosphere or the better football is the obvious correspondent ali moody reporting from sochi and you'll be sports reporter nick mechanic klein
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here in studio with us thank you both very much and watching the news more at the top of the hour join if you can. earth a home for saving google india's tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global warming to get the environment series of global three thousand on d w and on.


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