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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2018 12:00am-12:15am CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin russia's worldcom fairytale comes to an end as the host nation rushes out of the tournament often losing to croatia on penalties agony for russia joy for courage he now evolves to the semifinals. there they'll face england to defeat at their opponents sweden two goals to nail the first one coming from defender covering the clock. and
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rescuers in thailand say they're approaching the best possible conditions to evacuate the boys trapped in a flooded cave system officials say a rescue could come within days before the monsoon rains make flooding worse this as the children send their families written messages telling them they're ok. you know. i'm one of the home free glad you could join me house russia out of the world cup often losing to croatia a dramatic penalty shoot out the winning penalty sent founds into a frenzy in the croatian cappers a grab for a show now find themselves playing in a world cup semi final for the first time in twenty days. and i'm joined in the studio by nick mechanic line for. that was quite some game
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wasn't it was indeed was quite tense also back and forth russia were hoping of course to reach their first world cup semifinal since one thousand nine hundred sixty six of course as the soviet union back then and creation as you just said have managed to reach their first world cup a semi final last and they were there was in france ninety ninety eight to see how they got there. the hosts took a shockley just past the half hour mark by denny's share a share of smashing home his fourth goal of the tournament since spectacular style i believe was short lived however as a dry kraemer it showed at home less than ten minutes later to level the scores. a goal the second half meant extra time and after a short break croatia took the lead down a rising higher storm a corner to one guy but russia was done mario finance has made it to wall to send the match into penalties five and off to russia missed two of their
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spot kicks it came down to even racketeer church and the pass a line of midfielder kept his cool sending croatia into delirium. for their opponents russia their world cup is now over. such surety hard for encountered than it did croatia deserve to win i think in this match other side would have deserved to actually win the game it was neither team really shown there is no team during the game we thought they really deserve to win this mino that's why was it ended two two creation the end is hell then in the grand scheme of things well at this tournament they have been the better teams all know all they did deserve to go through just by performing better especially the group games or of course it was a heartbreaking result for the russian fans are well cup reporter only midi was at the game in sochi he sent us this report. it's the end of an incredible journey for this russian team and of course for their phenomenal fans they cheered on their
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team right to the last penalty kick with a noise unlike anything else i've ever heard in a stadium in the end though it wasn't enough probably the better team on the night did eventually try and penalty kicks that being said this is still a huge triumph for a russian saying that was not expected to even get out of the group this world cup expectations really were zero at the start of the tournament so making the quarter finals and pushing a good talented team like russia all the life is a huge triumph and for the fans it's something that i would never for the rest of their lives the moments that their team scored phenomenal goals and inspired them as a country and as a people. are reported that so of course croatia going into the semifinals at he said going into the semifinals of tell us more about who they're facing facing england without making a connect life into the course won their game against sweden earlier on today harry mcguire he scored the first goal for him and he's going to very interesting story here is the euro twenty six team he was there is a fan and he you have him score
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a convincing first goal his first goal for the country his first world cup goal which is a lovely story to think that two years ago he was following the three lions and now you score a goal for them in a knockout match the second goal of the game came from talking the host as deadly he's at the far post here heading into the back to give it you know it was the first time in that it actually kept a clean sheet it was told that so a very good omen heading into their very first semifinal since one thousand nine hundred ninety s. as well the past few weeks or indeed putting in a good performance as well that. we can to put money on for the next match. having seen these two teams side creation had a decent start this world cup because they'd a big three nil win against argentina but they start to stutter and now they've reached the knockout stages they have the one one draw against them out of the two two draw both games go. it's apparently the to do of course do it today with russia are they going to find it difficult to find their footing even on the other hand
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they're on a run all the sudden things are clicking when they had two great games in the group stays and they had a defeat against belgium but even even the last game it's colombia went to one one draw and they finally won in penalties that this team finally if they've they've got confidence they could they've got confidence in their capabilities they've found structure they found their strengths they're playing to their strengths especially these stand as that ball goes is they're scoring eight of them out of the eleven this was a father's tournament so in that and definitely on a run of course if they've got the upper hand in this game definitely let's see if they can keep nick mechanical and. thank you very much rescue officials in thailand say they're approaching the best possible conditions for evacuating the twelve children and their coach trapped in a flooded cave complex and now i need to get the boys out in the coming three to four days before monsoon rains cause water levels to rise again many families are waiting anxiously outside the cave for news about their sons others have come to
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offer their own support. buddhist monks and nuns in the entrance of the cave and which twelve boys in a sort of coach have been trapped for two weeks now they have today they pray for the boys hoping to give them strength. the. thoughts are always with the boys we know that they can be freed very soon. meanwhile divers work tirelessly to prepare the rescue operation. while they drill to widen our passageways pump strain water from the cave complex water levels are constantly updated at the control center in front of the caves the. water levels on going down today declined even more and that is very significant. these are the pressure has only increased after the death of a rescue diver someone called on a former navy seal whose body was delivered to his hometown with full military
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honors on saturday. as the death of this expert shows diving in the cave an extremely dangerous that's why rescue plans focus on draining enough water to avoid lengthy dives. those plans can be followed by the weather the monsoon is setting in and heavy nighttime downpours have already begun. if the boys are not expected in the coming days the predicted rainfall could delay the rescue for months in the worst case water could fill the chamber in which they are trapped the boys remain in good condition on saturday the first letters were delivered to the parents in another letter the coach apologized to the relatives. of elian nash has been reporting for us from the entrance to the cases to me sent us this update on the challenges now facing the rescue. well the officials who will have to give the final go ahead they're pretty much caught between a rock and
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a hard place it's all these three different scenarios have their own risk so. plan a that which is still being pursued is the dive option but that is actually a very challenging route that the boys would have to pretty much make on their own . it's really narrow at certain parts and those experienced seasoned rest to cave divers say it's one of the most dangerous places they have ever been in so that carries a whole lot of rest now the drilling operation is actually quite dangerous as well experts are not sure if they actually find an opening once they and they manage to actually drill down if there is not if there is not any additional danger because the place where the boys are trapped in right now this might collapse once they break through with a bore hole so that has its own dangers now the last option just waiting out the
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monsoon season this is pretty much off the table because they say even if the boys manage to stay where they are right now with enough oxygen it could just harm their health it could cause psychological problems being trapped in a dark place for so long so they don't want to wait the earth already and we just have to wait and see when any rescue mission will commence. our correspondent slovenian neustadt asked some of the other stories making news around the world a police officer in southern england is being tested at seoul's redistrict hospital for possible exposure to novice shark a comes off the chart charlie rally and don't sturges fell critically ill last weekend after being exposed to the nerve agent they were contaminated just months after x. russian spy said basically a father and his two to you here were also poisoned fine of a chalk. north korea has condemned a u.s. delegation for its handling of the latest round of high level denuclearization
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talks between the two countries yung chang criticized the americans attitude and suggested officials made too many to moms i was a u.s. secretary of state might pay or had hailed what he called progress at the meeting in pyongyang. in japan at least fifty one people are dead amid record flooding dozens more are reported missing a week of heavy downpours has triggered landslides and calls rivers to burst their banks across western parts of the country over a million people have been evacuated and for cost predict even more rain. thousands of syrians are returning home to the southern province of durai a russian brokered ceasefire between the government and rebels the deal was reached after weeks of bombardment by russian backed syrian forces there are seen as the cradle of the uprising this fox syria's seven years civil war the regime offensive
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has displaced more than three hundred twenty thousand people since mid june. time to head home for some villagers from province more than twenty thousand people have begun returning from the border region near jordan. we already finally we can go home on a flight with more than five hundred people from our villages i mean i honestly servatius how little thank you god we will return we are how the. russian backed syrian forces had been bombarding targets and for more than two weeks the goal forcing rebels in the province to surrender. retaking daraa would mark a symbolic victory for the syrian regime but for civilians the fighting meant being compelled to seek shelter elsewhere the violence prompted what's not to be the largest displacement of people since the beginning of syria's civil war as people return much uncertainty remains in the weeks ahead. some will be lacking their
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houses and basic necessities after weeks of bombing others fear a return of regime control could spell trouble for them and their loved ones. the world famous filmmaker bendis describes himself as a director and a photographer who took thousands of polaroids while making his classic film such as paris texas and the american friend now the director has shed a selection off his pictures in an exhibition here in the german capital. the inventor's was in his late twenty's a young filmmaker when he discovered his love for polaroid photography and his love for america the land of unlimited opportunities the city of new york in the heady seventy's would become his haven is. what i had a bit of money for the first time i lived at the chelsea hotel. but then i ran out
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. and i ended up living at this hotel. only junkies live there i couldn't leave anything in my room especially my camera because that would just disappear the exhibition at seal berlin features polaroids then has got his first camera in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine in the lead up to the road movie alice in the cities which featured a photographer as the main character and polaroids have been inventors life ever since when he's not shooting films he takes photos of actors and friends in everyday situations. so a polaroid is valuable because it's one of a kind but it also has a practical value you can hang it on the fridge or stick it anywhere or give it away there was often somebody standing nearby saying oh i'd like to have that. many our time capsules of places that have since disappeared but for vendors a photo is always the beginning of a story. you're watching the w.
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news live from but then i'm head and a home free for more you can always head to our web site that is d w dot com but do stay with us because we've got plenty more coming up at the top of the hour thanks for your company as you see. the mind down one hundred plus on facebook and experience what nelson mandela means for young africans today. in the mind of people who are the middle group.


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