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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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union. union. news line from berlin out safely after a grueling and dangerous rescue in thailand the first voice has been brought out of a flooded he's alive after more than two weeks trapped inside a team of the elite divers aboard for hours to extract them and their mission is not over yet. also on the program russia's world cup fairytale comes to an end the host nation crashes out of the tournament after losing to croatia on penalties agony for russia joyful for asia and now advance to the final. you are.
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a maverick loss and welcome to the program rescue workers in thailand say they've extracted four boys from a flooded cape after they spent more than two weeks underground they've been taken to hospital as rescue efforts pause overnight the operation to free the first of the twelve boys and their older soccer coach lasted for over ten hours a team of divers guided the group through narrow submerged tunnels. it's monsoon season though and more water is expected to pour into the underground cave system soon the local governor expressed relief that the urgent plan to extract the boys is underway. while they can also look on that up i would like to inform the public and those that have been supporting us at home all along simple on that after sixteen days today's the day we've been waiting for we're bringing the boys home. with latest now the correspondent florian news joins us from near the cave complex
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in northern thailand florrie on the rains began a short while ago we have heard the critical role weather has and will play are officials concerned about the rising water levels before the rescue operations resume tomorrow. well if they are concerned they are not telling us about this so the last official word that we have heard was the governor that you have displayed on this press conference that took place about two hours ago. but i think it is safe to assume that up to this point authorities are still quite positive about this whole rescue mission so far it is raining right now as you can see behind me but it's not really to rensil tropical rain storm yet and we also heard during this press conference that the water levels inside the cave were actually lower than previously expected so i think this rain
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right now is not. causing too much of a concern to the rescue operation now the rescue boys have been taken to hospital they've been trapped in the caves for over two weeks now do we know anything about their condition. no we only heard from the chief of the rescue operations that they have been extracted they're safe and. they are in opec health conditions he didn't go into any further details what we do know is you know just from observing that apparently we up those boys have been taken to the sunrise provincial hospital which is about sixty kilometers away from where we are right now. they have been taken there by ambulances one has been flown in a helicopter so i think it is safe to say to him that this one out of the four that has been extracted is in not such good shape but none of that is what the
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provincial governor said none of them is in any serious life threatening condition floor on these first rescues appeared to have been completed much faster than they originally expected this sounds like optimistic news heading into tomorrow. yes this is what the governor said. everything went better than expected this is why they brought out the first boy about three hours prior to the original timeline that they had given all the journalists this early this morning and but we don't know if this augurs well for tomorrow we don't know exactly when they will start the second phase of the rescue operation we just learned or we learned at this press conference that all the rescue efforts have been suspended now for ten to twenty hours the reason being that they need to install
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a new oxygen tanks that they have to refill those oxygen tanks that they have to pump more oxygen into the cage because doing this rescue operations oxygen levels have dropped again and obviously those rescue divers they also need to rest so we're not sure of the next phase will begin in ten to twenty hours and so tomorrow we will have to wait and see in the hopefully to see the next group of boys come out but this dancing. mission is far from over and so we are expecting at least the next two or three days before everyone will hopefully be extracted say a. correspondent florian nourish near the tom line cave complex and northern thailand thank you. the dangers of operation are even more evident on friday when an experienced diver lost his life when he was delivering oxygen tanks to the cave of take a look now at the mission facing the rescue diverse the group must travel four
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kilometers from the elevated shelf where they were found to the entrance of the cave each boy will be tethered to two divers who will supply them with their fixed ropes and lights have been installed to guide the group through the darkness and air tanks have been strategically placed along the route for exchanging the most critical part of the operation is the t. junction or sam yak an extremely narrow fork in the cave which can only accommodate one person at a time here the group will have to remove their oxygen tanks and dive through to the dry area the boys in their coach will be brought home one by one it's estimated each trip will take six hours. earlier we spoke with a cave diving expert and sorenson he described the stressful conditions inside the cave especially the strong currents known as high flow you know everybody reacts differently to stress and situations and there are you going through
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a stress high school over. which they have extremely high. it's unpredictable and experienced divers in high foreign grover's ability to. get their stress level get so high. and restrictions everybody has to research it differently and there are guys. that actually were. we imagine. now just on the other stories making news around the world turkey's government has fired more than eighteen thousand state employees over alleged links to terror groups those sacked include police officers military personnel and teachers it comes a day before president will be sworn in for another term under the country's new executive presidency more than one hundred ten thousand public sector workers have been fired since the failed coup attempt in two thousand and sixteen. the leaders
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of ethiopia and eritrea are holding historic peace talks in eritrea in capital asmara it's the first time leaders of the regional adversaries have come face to face in nearly two decades of diplomatic aims to end a border war that has claimed tens of thousands of lives the death toll from flooding and landslides in japan has climbed to more than sixty with dozens of people still missing directional downpours have caused flash flooding across central and western parts of the country prompting evacuation orders for about two million people forecasters say the situation is extremely dangerous. alison's of displaced syrians are returning home to the southern province of daraa after russia brokered a cease fire between the government and the rebels the deal was reached after weeks of bombardment by russian backed syrian forces is seen as the cradle of the uprising that sparked serious seven year civil war the regime offensive has
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displayed more than three hundred twenty thousand people since mid june. time to head home for some villagers from province more than twenty thousand people have begun returning from the border region near jordan. finally we can go home and we flirt with more than five hundred people from our villages and i am soo servatius. thank you god we will return we are house people. russian backed syrian forces had been bombarding targets and for more than two weeks the goal forcing rebels in the province to surrender. retaking daraa would mark a symbolic victory for the syrian regime but for civilians the fighting meant being compelled to seek shelter elsewhere the violence prompted what's not to be the largest displacement of people since the beginning of syria's civil war as people
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return much uncertainty remains in the weeks ahead. some will be lacking their houses and basic necessities after weeks of bombing others fear a return of regime control could spell trouble for them and their loved ones. we're all cup hosts russia have been hailed as heroes despite losing to croatia in a nailbiting penalty shoot out thousands of cheering fans greeted the team back in moscow today at the capital stand fast to bring us up to date on the world cup i'm joined in studio by nick mechanic line from detail these for its nick this match had all the twists and turns of world cup classic survey data was quite tense and kept fans of the edge of their seats of course because it went all the way to ninetieth minute and then specialities there's a certain amount of back and forth which is lovely for the neutral fan but of course the fans the two teams would have been really a bit worried russia were hoping to reach their first world cup semifinal since one
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thousand nine hundred sixty six of course back then as the soviet union but unfortunately failed croatia held out and let's see how they got there. the hosts took a shockley just past the half hour mark. denny's chair a chef smashing home his fourth goal of the tournament since spectacular style. the lead was short lived however as that dry courage headed home less than ten minutes later to level the score was. a goal the second half meant extra time and after a short break croatia took the lead down a rising highest for the corner two one. but russia was done mario finance has made it to won't send the match into penalties. and off to russia missed two of their spot kicks it came down to even rockets which and the pass a lot of midfielder kept his cool sending croatia into delirium. for their
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opponents russia their world cup is now. plenty of drama perhaps nic more than many were expecting in that match where does russia go from here while our world cup correspondent ali moody sent us this update. for a couple of hours last night fans here at the fish stadium in sochi created noise levels like i've never heard in a stadium before but then it all went very quiet but while russian fans deal with their disappointment they should focus on the positives their team performs far above and beyond what anyone could have expected before the tournament and gave the nation many moments to cherish and they could produce results for years to come as well a generation of kids can't help but be inspired by the performances here and the way that the country has been swept up in the enthusiasm a generation of kids that will want to be the next a go i can fire a dentist chair a chef autons uva and that is the real game for russia from this tournament. so it wasn't to be for russia but glory for croatia how special was this win for them
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it's incredible for them of course because then the second time they've reached a welcome semifinal the last time twenty years ago in france but football is never just football in croatia it's before the tournament there was mixed feelings from the fans they weren't sure if there's a person support the team or not because quite often in the past politicians views the football team's success for their own political gain so there was this far reaching social implicitly and political implications but in the pictures we saw last night you see how these fans are celebrating how much they enjoyed the fact the creation had reached the semifinals and the football federation is set for a while they want the image of the national team to unify creation and just seeing here they really have done that to maybe creations run at this world cup will be the connecting tissue needed to kind of bring him thing back together and they can continue on that run but they have an obstacle standing in their way in the next match they do indeed the obstacle is in and of course they beat sweden yesterday two nil and massive performance from them we can actually forget what sweden did before this tournament they they stopped holland from making the world cup they be
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it's in the playoffs they of course and he just narrowly lost against germany they're actually a very good team but ended last night dominated that game winning two neighbor england on just harry cane for example underscoring all the goals it was all the players were him standing who's been getting a lot of criticism recently is actually doing really important runs to open up play you've got jordan henderson and john stones who are keeping the structure for england of course jordan pickford the goalkeeper finally being the goalkeeper who's actually good at what he's supposed to be doing southgate is playing this team to their strengths whether there is from set pieces or how they run and finally end and have a chance to perform well at the tournament and it's going to be cracking game wednesday when they face gratiot moscow nick mechanic climb from sports thank you very much. you're watching the news more coming up at the top of the hour and remember you can get the latest anytime on our website w dot com and i'll be quite often in berlin thanks for joining us.
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