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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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on sort of his side. or pursuing her own ambitions. but certain. other woman got some close to. life and death with the. starts july twenty first on d w. the. leaders of all nato countries arrived for their summit this morning in brussels not knowing what the u.s. president would say or do they got an answer over breakfast a trump tirade accusing germany of being owned by the russians thanks to shady pipeline politics tonight nato and alliances somewhere between being divided and being dumb fail i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.
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germany as far as i'm concerned is captive to russia germany is totally controlled by russia because it is getting so much cut spending gene from russia sixty to sixty percent of their energy from russia and who gladly so we're suppose to protect germany but they get in their energy from russia explained and we have a very very good relationship with chance through we have a tremendous relationship in germany expect the homeless to give them one let me just say days i personally am experienced when a positive gemini was on disobedient control of the good for the lady i'm very glad the way united today include him as the federal republic of germany once that's it and that we can therefore also say that we can make our own pundits these and we make independent decisions. also coming up tonight the verdict guilty the sentence life in prison. day germany's five year long neo
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nazi murder trial ended for the relatives of the victims it was justice served with too many unanswered questions. first my mother was a suspect then my uncle then everyone around us was under constant investigation that went on for a living years and it was as if my father with the perpetrator rather than the victim that was reflected across the media with its reporting on the so-called keep up murders of turkish people or allegations of drug related crime according to the prince my father was the guilty one and that's how we felt. we begin the day at nato headquarters in brussels where the word bipolar is being used a lot tonight not to describe any security threat but rather to explain the words and actions of the alliance is a leading member u.s. president donald trump the u.s. president wasted no time this morning over breakfast he launched an attack on all members for spending too little on defense he went on a verbal offensive against germany claiming that it had become beholden to russia
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to meet its energy needs while expecting the united states to provide its security well by the afternoon mr trump was sitting next to the german chancellor shaking her hand and praising the u.s. relationship with germany but the german chancellor in her muted manner could not hide that trumps accusations had been personal for her until america referred to her own past in soviet controlled east germany to highlight that the country she leads today is free and independent nothing bi-polar about where she stands we have this report tonight on one of the most divisive nato summit ever. trump took aim at the german chancellor saying her country wants u.s. protection from russia while cutting energy deals with moscow at the same time germany he charges is a captive of the kremlin. germany will have almost seventy percent of the country
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controlled by russia with that issue of gas so you tell me is that appropriate i mean really like you complaining about this all the time like getting richer and never going to have to happen but germany is totally controlled by russia. merkel was quick to respond with some perspective from her own biography. expect those if i'd like to say that i personally experienced a part of germany when it was controlled by the soviet union look i'm glad that today we are united in freedom and that we can therefore also say that we determine our policies independently and can make independent decisions it's a pretty good but i think certainly gets i don't think on the open discord between germany and the u.s. has overshadowed the summit all eyes skyward the only moment where everyone was looking in the same direction harmony is not in trump's nato playbook he'd rather set the agenda including his one on one meeting with nato general secretary young
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starting dark. tranced chief complaint the u.s. pays to much other nato members pay too little for the president which countries want to spend more on many refugees that poetry to many many years back where they're dealing with record united states paper that in two thousand and fourteen only britain and greece made the agreed contribution of two percent of g.d.p. for defense spending germany lags behind with one point eighteen percent this year according to nato poland the three baltic countries and romania will all reach the two percent mark germany will spend more but with one point two four percent it still falls behind the target berlin can't count on any backing from the nato general secretary even thanked him for the pressure from washington. we all agree that we do not have fair burden sharing in our lines today we all agree it
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but we need more cash in national defense budgets at this point charm offensive appear to leave trump cold his main message is friendships hold up badly when money's involved. oh i'm joined now by the w.'s teri schultz at nato headquarters in brussels good evening to you terry you know you have covered nato for many years you've seen many of these summits i dare say you've never seen a summit with a u.s. president going from cold to hot back to cold all then one day tell us from where you are standing what did you see and hear today. well you're right the breakfast was quite a shocking way to start the day this was due to be just a simple photo op in fact i understand that it was the u.s. side who said there wouldn't be any remarks but you can never never guarantee that with with president trump and so nobody expected him to just hold forth against
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against germany and to be so so specific in saying that you know germany's nordstrom deal is is unfair because then the u.s. is paying for german defense now this is something that nato has been very careful to try to keep separate they never want trade issues energy issues anything else to compromise security issues and they've done a pretty good job so far but after today that's all over the u.s. president speaking of nord stream he said the germany is captive of russia because of the stream pipeline the pipeline delivers natural gas from russia to germany via the baltic sea there are other members of nato that do not want the pipeline but. the pipeline has ever been a divisive issue inside nato and would you say it's in the interest of the u.s. and nato for trying to attack the pipeline now.
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that that's a lot of questions there are also other members of nato who will also benefit from this pipeline and we should point out it's not operational yet it's in still not construction phase so and president trump figures were wrong germany does not get seventy percent of a tender g. from russia so i haven't seen quite enough fact checking on that again this is not an issue that comes up officially at nato because they try to keep issues separate from security but of course with twenty two of the nato members also european union members where energy is an official issue it's discussed on the sidelines and i hear that you know it does come up but it does not come up as an official agenda item at nato and. you've always got to remember that was with president trump you've got to look at business interests and the u.s. would very much like to export more l.n.g. liquefied natural gas to europe and it has started doing so so this could be you know something where president trump is would like to make a quid pro quo with germany buying more l.n.g. from the u.s.
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instead of from russia we just don't know exactly what was behind these remarks today because it was a surprise there were also the attacks of all members of nato for not spending enough money on their own defense but members of nato they are increasing their defense spending and they have until twenty twenty four to reach the goals that were agreed upon so why does the u.s. president then continue to hammer this point. actually the twenty twenty four goal is not a deadline what the wales language said was that all allies would aim to move toward the two percent guideline now think how weak that language is aim to move towards that means that any spending increase basically qualifies under this under this guideline and that's what germany says to defend itself is we didn't promise to be at two percent by two thousand and twenty four and we won't be germany actually doesn't commit to ever spend two percent of its g.d.p. on defense so germany says that the one point five percent it will reach by then is
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still in the right direction and that will be an eighty percent increase overall in german defense spending so they justify that by saying hey we're moving in the right direction which is all we committed to do in that wales language it still isn't enough for the united states who spends about three point five percent of its g.d.p. on defense so you can see why they feel that things are unfair and nato itself says the defense sharing is unfair at the moment and that they will try to rectify that and the increase in defense spending that all twenty nine allies are are making will go a long way toward making that more fair it won't be even but the united states is always going to spend more on defense than european countries and the important point to make and i think that's also a point that the members of congress realize it is fair to say that no one was surprised that mr trump unloaded at the summit today particularly members of congress in fact while mr trump was flying from washington to brussels the u.s. senate voted on
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a motion in support of nato and senator jack reed introduced that motion and he said of the senate floor unfortunately this motion has become necessary because some of our closest allies have come to question the u.s. commitment to collective self-defense president trump has at times called the alliance obsolete our allies are starting to wonder whether they can rely on the united states to come to their defense in a crisis. now the subtext here is pay up or we will not guarantee your security is that a credible threat there at nato headquarters terry do people really think that would ever happen. they have good reason to be worried about that because president trump has implied that on more than one occasion including just last week at a campaign rally in montana where he spoke about chancellor merkel by her first name he said i told that i couldn't guarantee it meaning the protection of
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germany he has said more than once that perhaps the u.s. would only come to the defense of those countries that spend two percent of their g.d.p. which wouldn't be a very big group so yes i think nato allies are wondering this because he said that and that's a really a red line that nato article five is the bedrock of nato it's the it is the founding principle of the alliance all for one and one for all and that's a very very dangerous line for president trump to be crossing i want you to take a listen to what germany's foreign minister said today in response to trump's claim that russia controls germany. because it's not a prison is neither of russia nor the u. wiki's one of the guarantors of the free world and it will stay that way. you know it's interesting he said we're not captive of russia and we're not captive of the united states will leave this summit less of an ally to nato
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and more of a friend to russia what do you think. nato secretary general stoltenberg has said that his his main priority is to keep the alliance together and so if you ask anybody here at nato that is their core task to twenty nine allies standing together ready to defend each other but i think that you know you've also got to remember that there are up there are countries inside nato who appreciate what president trump has done he has pushed other has pushed countries to spend more and that's something that nato itself wanted it's something that the countries who do spend two percent would like to see their counterparts do so it's not everyone who doesn't like what president trump is saying i think that the two percent issue has sort of been like letting the genie out of a bottle though it was useful for a while it was useful for nato to have the united states you know harping on about this over and over now it's just gotten too big and it's creating it's creating division between allies but you know there are some countries that think that
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president term prefer you know performed a useful task in making this such an obsession for for a long time now. i think that by the end of tomorrow if he hasn't revokes the communique like he did at the g seven meeting nato will still be breathing a sigh of relief and say that all of these things that they agreed are a success they wish president trump would say also that the increase in allies defense spending is a success and take that home instead of continuing to battle on about it like you say the next twenty four hours will be just as crucial as the past twenty four hours to results force a date or headquarters tonight in brussels right terry thank you. a court in the german city of munich today convicted a member of a neo nazi terrorist cell for murder they ought to chafe has been sentenced to life in prison for her role in the murder of ten people she belong to a group calling itself the national socialist underground now over
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a decade the group carried out racially motivated murders two bombings and a series of robberies. guilty of ten counts of murder the at a tip and the only survivor of the neo nazi murder cell will spend the rest of her life behind bars it was the maximum sentence that little consolation for the victims' relatives. to once a month with us now uncle all the evidence against and in favor of the defendant was considered but the trial didn't address the suffering of the victims' families a trial they want considered in anyway so apparently the court didn't even take note of the impact of these crimes that. trust in the legal system suffered enormously even before the trial after the verdict it's just the same we have no trust in the system anymore unfortunately. the biggest question throughout the trial was whether be at the chapel was an accomplice or merely a follower a claimed it was her partner's move in windows and would have been hot both of whom
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committed suicide who had murdered ten people she played a fact ground rule and never pulled the trigger during the trial to maintain she knew nothing about the murders even though she had lived with the two men for fourteen years. chap as lawyers plan to appeal the verdict project it will be here as chipper was convicted as a stand in for something she neither wanted nor did the state has to deal with the fact that the real perpetrators of these horrific crimes cannot be punished anymore . after five years the trial has finally come to an end but many questions remain unanswered were there unknown accomplices what role did the intelligence services play and how did the police fail to properly investigate the case as a school it's good that there is a clear and unequivocal verdict today what's also very clear is that today's verdict should not put an end to the discussion and it should not put an end to the debate surrounding a resolution to. be inside four other men were convicted of being n.s.u.
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accomplices one of them has already completed his sentence and he walked out of court a free man relatives of the victims suspect there were other people who knew about the crimes and facilitated them they demand the investigator stay on the case until they have answered all their questions. well the only conrad joins me now she has been following this story. i mean are we talking about this verdict bringing closure has a has a wind been drawn under this case no it certainly hasn't i mean i talked to a lawyer who's involved in the case and she said her clients were shocked they were outraged because they feel that their concerns what represented they say that this trial focused too much on chef it didn't focus on the other complicity there's a lot of talk about who may be help facilitate this i mean we're talking about a group that murdered ten people that operated for seven years it's clear that
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there must have been other accomplices but they were in the mail a footnote in this case what was it about this case that shocked germany so much i mean murder you know ten murders or ten terrible things but there was more than that right there was. yes initially the police called these the dona kebab is there was a lot of talk of this being migrant on migrant violence some people pointed to the turkish mafia so even though there was some clues that this was probably racist motivated to hate crime or even worse as it turned out to be it was terrible case investigators took until two thousand and eleven to connect the dots so that's where a lot of the outrage a lot of the focus is really a decade for the police to you know piece together everything had there been any political ramifications from what has come to light. not really i mean we've had thirteen parliamentary inquiries there's a bit been
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a lot of political debate but if you look at germany today i mean the. immigrant if d. is doing very well they you know they and parliament now so there's definitely been a lot of debate but if you talk to victims if you talk to them as they say nothing much has changed in the so many open questions that haven't been oncet i mean there's a question of what did state institutions know what did the state intelligence services know has been a couple of cases where files were destroyed so a lot of open questions there's a lot of anger and it's quite likely that investigations will continue one lie as already filed another suit so i think this isn't over get this hasn't been closed for about thirty seconds beyond me she's going to prison for life can we say then that justice was served today well in her case maybe but the other cases no writing we can read as always thank you very much.
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or parents of the boys rescued from a flooded cave system in thailand have visited them in the hospital for the first time but they were only allowed to see their songs through a glass window the twelve members of the wild boars football team and their coach are in good condition after more than two weeks trapped underground but doctors say their immune systems could still be compromised for several day. happy and relatively well after a two and a half week old deal in a flooded cave now recovering in hospital the doctors say they'll be under observation for ten days and then resting at home for another month with only water from the caves walls to drink the boys underweight and exhausted they're being kept in quarantine because there's still a danger of infection. the relief is overwhelming parents aren't yet allowed to hug their children but they're happy to see them
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alife. the tiny navy seals have published these astounding images of the rescue and explained in detail how difficult and dramatic this mission really was the boys were taken out of the cave just as the oxygen levels became dangerously low they were sedated in order to prevent them panicking in the narrow underwater passages doctors monitored their condition at regular intervals along the route the tiny navy seals would you bill and that they were able to achieve what many thought was mission impossible side by side with international full and his. i'm so many this unity is not only with chiang rai or thailand. it's a global unity. this incident was more than a life saving mission it's gone beyond that and it's the unity or nationalities.
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that. we were taught by. back home their friends eagerly wait for them and my friend don was in the cave i was so relieved to learn that everyone had been rescued and that they're ok. we were told not to ask them any questions about the case and we should just wait for them to tell us if they feel like it but we're planning a big welcome ceremony when they come back. home. it is not just the boys high school where the spectacular rescue mission is the dominating topic all throughout the village of may side we're seeing banners celebrating the new heroes. at the high school more celebrates rebound as but the boys will have to wait for the celebrations the chief of the mission says it isn't fully over our final mission he said is to send them back home. in kenya teenage marriage is
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still common especially in rural areas girls often do not have access to birth control or the information that can help them with family planning and more still young men often don't support efforts to change that but non-governmental organizations are working to help girls take charge of their sexual reproductive health a report tonight takes us to a school near. the uni is a small village about an hour's drive from kenya the city. social worker halima ali has come to see how the youth club at the local primary school is fairing we have clubs school health clubs and schools then as you have to listen for that so the clubs brings boys and girls to talk about issues of sexual and reproductive health it's here that eighteen year old jessica can get the
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information she needs. some lessons from when my parents separated and left us alone for a period of time i met a man and then got pregnant last november. he told me not to have an abortion he's a year older than me and also in school. and. when i supposed to my father he told me to go live with the man who made me pregnant. she's married now and is due to give birth to her first child in september. i do not want this i'm still a child myself. and. an us population grows by two point nine percent annually that means over one million babies are born every year especially to mothers who are under the age of nineteen and rarely have access to family planning
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aside from excess there is the issue of support from their male partners authorities here at the coast are trying to address what is known as the my new syndrome loosely translated as the onus syndrome. them when you see a woman being owned by the husband that is what it is such that in the decision you know like women have more authority to make any decision. yeah it's the man who makes the decisions for them so that is what them when you're syndrome is so some women would go to a facility get counseling when asked to check a method they say no i have to go and consult my husband because you know how they put it in the german menu and we nearly yeah i belong to somebody else so that somebody else is the one that brings the news the decisions everything. the club. on this day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online
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you'll find us on twitter either at e.w. news or you can write to t.v. don't forget use the hash tag today and remember whatever happens between now and then it is for another day than everybody. trying to cut. costs. from.
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the. center of the conflict so far it's two years since the friendship referendum in britain and my guess this week during most of us making a formal education minister the now of trying to remain focus of the team and beat why does she continue to shrug off a prime minister who has failed so spectacularly to unite the party and conflict so for thirty minutes the first.
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this is. from berlin history has been made in moscow croatia reaches the world cup final for the very first time on england scored a sublime a free kick to take the lead in the fourth minute of the game but. fought back grabbing an equaliser and winning the game and. also coming up but germany as far as i'm concerned is captive to russia because it's getting so much energy from russia u.s. president donald trump on loads at the start of the nato summit in brussels he went on to berate alliance members for not.


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