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this is. history has been made in moscow reaches the world cup final for the very first england scored a sublime a free kick to take the lead in the fourth minute of the game but. fought back grabbing an equaliser and winning the game. also coming but germany as far as i'm concerned is captive to russia because it is getting so much energy from the russian president donald trump on loads at the start of the nato summit in brussels he went on to berate alliance members for not paying their fair share for defense
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but it's shaping up to be one of the most divisive summits in nato history and the pictures that their parents and the world have waited to see the boys rescued from a flooded cave recovering now in the hospital we learned today that they were sedated to keep them calm during the rescue. good to have you with us the world cup final in russia will be a battle on the pitch between france and croatia tonight beat england in moscow to seal their ticket to the biggest game in football. joins us now from moscow he was there at the game and the big table from. the both of you gentlemen welcome jonathan let's start with you such a dramatic symbol through this game here on new. a lot of english fans across the
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plenty of drama plenty of goals i will see them shortly by that this was a day that and followed that it started so well for the english karen trip to have the freak show that cost the goalkeeper see the states that was just off the four minutes of the game in really kind of wished for a better start they really dominated the first half but if first off was all about england the second half was all about the race they equalised the event heritage he managed to get that in a head of a car walk by a high boot but not punished by the referee rightly so and then it went to extra time and it was croatia who caught the decisive go in when sleeping a bit at the back and it was. the form of buy in striking our place of events and it's a. very cool finish that our strong pick for the brilliant save from just wasn't enough there croatia go through two one history makers that go one better than the team they reached the semifinals in france in one thousand nine hundred eighty one
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only what did you make of the performance tonight from where you're standing. yeah i think jonathan setting them really dominated the first off and it was not a particularly good performance from chrysler in that first off but that just makes it even more impressive that they managed to come back. and from a goal down and scored two goals or score one goal today is reaction time. given that they must've been very tired as well it went to extra time in the last round for them and in the previous round so they they really must be feeling the physical effects of that but you wouldn't have known not from their performance either during the ninety minutes or an actual time. considering that they don't have tradition for reaching the lots of stages of the of the world cup as well i think it says a lot about the mental strength about the character this great team so all around some very impressive stuff from those guys and we can we can tell behind you there only the crowd is still wired after the game what was the atmosphere like in the
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stadium. well you know for a lot of the game it was the english fans making most of the noise throughout the first half they really get their teams and great support going through their full repertoire of songs but as you can imagine as croatia grew back into the game so the croatian fans also managed to get up for the occasion and by extra time you could see that i could tell the way the game was going and they started to make a lot more noise as well really get up in the stadium which is good because i think the semifinal i was out last night was perhaps a little bit lacking on that point of view so it's good to see that we can still get these electric atmosphere even out the hosts are out in germany you know sort of correctly a historic day for the way you can bask in that feeling tonight but come this weekend do they have what it takes to threaten france yeah they surely will. have to focus on the transfer and i think france will start that match as favorites just based on their performance is that this tournament they seem to be getting better
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and better but i think really touched on it that yes croatia might be tired but they've shown such incredible mental strength to come out all three and they were goal behind they came back to the time well that's what it means to these fans this is after their next it's time to the real turn out to be the winner. this is a country where. particularly resonates so strongly and the history won't be lost on those fans. i think they were maybe lucky off that first off probably could have put the game to they ready to germinate in the first hour and then croatia in the second half i think in respect. got back into the got a new found his way and then once they got that go where next time what you want to have they really haven't given england a chance they have twenty two short string and eleven so triste as many shots as england you really have to say they deserve it you know jonathan we'd like full disclosure here me you were pulling for england right yeah yeah
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a disappointed guy only i mean england came so close how disappointed will they be after such a run i know it has to hurt. yeah i mean they'll be hugely disappointed obviously we've seen the is coming home means they have been on social media recently people really did start to believe that this time it was going to be different but that being said i think it's been a hugely positive tournament for england's you know the atmosphere around the national team has changed completely and so for all the disappointments and i think generally. a really positive emotion from this woke up a lot to be proud of and maybe something to look forward to in the future as well maybe a new approach and a new direction that could bring them one step further it's a step further even when the count next time and only briefly before before we go you know at the final game between as we know now is going to be between france and croatia what should we be looking for. in the final
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then i think france is certainly the favorites but the cry should just keep plugging away they never give up and saw it really is a case of can france continue this trend that they've set just managing to steamroller over everyone and just do enough to get the win all we'll croatia is. belief strength of character say out i would pull for france at the moment i think i think they feel the better chance gracious some point surely they're going to tire out but we'll see we'll see right here a little he stadium on sunday john and you're also putting your money yeah that's right and i think france will start favorites i think if that game like they started today francois punish them in the way that england didn't all right jonathan green here at the big table with me from our sports desk and all the movie on the story for us in moscow the night to both of you gentlemen thank you. for another news sports have been flowing from the store today
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a nato summit in brussels u.s. president today accused members of the military alliance of not folding their weight when it comes to defense spending but the amount that he considers appropriate no less than four percent of g.d.p. that came as a shock it's way above the target that nato members had previously agreed upon. trump took aim at the german chancellor saying her country wants u.s. protection from russia while cutting energy deals with moscow at the same time germany he charges is a captive of the kremlin. germany will have over seventy percent of the country controlled by russia with that you will get so you tell me is that appropriate i mean really like you complaining about this all the time i get it sure you never been allowed to happen but germany is totally controlled by russia. merkel was quick to respond with some perspective from her own biography. expects the us if
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i'd like to say that i personally experienced a part of germany when it was controlled by the soviet union so i'm glad that today we are united in freedom and that we can therefore also say that we determine our policies independently and can make independent decisions it's a pretty good but i said the good side and think on the open discord between germany and the us has overshadowed the summit all eyes skyward the only moment where everyone was looking in the same direction harmony is not in trump's nato playbook he'd rather set the agenda including his one on one meeting with nato general secretary young stoltenberg. tranced chief complaint the u.s. pays too much other nato members pay too little for president which companies want to spend more money graphemes it all at a stricter many. years back where they are doing what they are because the united states favor that in two thousand and fourteen only britain and greece made the
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agreed contribution of two percent of g.d.p. for defense spending germany lags behind with one point eighteen percent this year according to nato poland the three baltic countries and romania will all reach the two percent mark germany will spend more but with one point two four percent it still falls behind the target berlin can't count on any backing from the nato general secretary even saying to transfer the pressure from washington. we all agree that we do not have fair burden sharing in our lives today. we all agree that we need more cash in national defense budgets at this point charm offensive appear to leave trump cooled his main message and friendships hold up badly when money's involved. here is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a german court has found a former member of a neo nazi terrorist cell guilty of murder the out of shape and was sentenced to
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life in prison for her part in ten murders most of which were racially motivated she belonged to a group calling itself the nationalist social or the national socialist underground her trial lasted five years italy's interior minister month salvini says his country won't consider a migrant take back deal with germany until the e.u. reinforces its external borders and shares the burden of new iraq evil's is comments came after a meeting with his german counterpart or so they hope for in the city of innsbruck say over wants to send asylum seekers who first registered in italy back to italy. officials in afghanistan say gunmen have stormed the department of education in the eastern city of jalalabad at least eleven employees were killed and ten wounded security forces exchanged fire with the attackers for five hours before killing two of them it's the second attack in jalalabad in as many days well they had prayed
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and hoped for weeks that this day would come the parents of the boys rescued from a flooded cave system in thailand today visited their sons in the hospital for the first time but they were only allowed to see their boys through a glass window the twelve members of the wild boars football team and their coach are in good shape after their ordeal but the doctors say their immune systems could still be compromised. happy and relatively well after a two and a half week all deal in a flooded cave now recovering in hospital the doctors say they'll be under observation for ten days and then resting at home for another month with only water from the caves walls to drink the boys are underweight and exhausted they are being kept in quarantine because there's still a danger of infection. the relief is overwhelming parents aren't yet allowed to hug their children but they're happy to see them
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alive. the tiny navy seals who published these astounding images of the rescue and explained in detail how difficult and dramatic this mission really was the boys were taken out of the cave just as the oxygen levels became dangerously low they were sedated in order to prevent them panicking in the narrow underwater passages doctors monitored their condition and regular intervals along the route the tiny baby seals were jubilant that they were able to achieve what many thought was mission impossible side by side with international full and is. this unity is not only with chiang rai or thailand. it's a global unity. this incident was more than a lifesaving mission it's gone beyond that and it's the unity or all nationalities
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that. back home their friends eagerly wait for them and my friend don was in the cave i was so relieved to learn that everyone had been rescued and that they're ok. we were told not to ask them any questions about the case we should just wait for them to tell us if they feel like it but we're planning a big welcome ceremony when they come back. home. it is not just the boy's high school where the spectacular rescue mission is the dominating topic all throughout the village of we're seeing banners celebrating the new heroes . at the high school more celebrates rebound as the boys will have to wait for the celebrations the chief of the mission says it isn't fully over a final mission he said is to send them back home. in europe today with the news
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for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company will be back at the top of the hour with more world news. they make a commitment. they find solution. late and stronger.


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