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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2018 12:00am-12:15am CEST

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d.w. news live from berlin fighting flares up on these really gaza border. israel carries out what it calls the biggest daytime air strike since twenty four that worked in targets in the gaza strip says that you saw is have now agreed on a truce to stop the situation from escalating also coming up. a huge iceberg breaks free from a glacier and threatens to flood or small village in greenland scientists warn such
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extreme incidents involving icebergs could become more frequent. and germany's angela kamber beat serena williams to win the women's singles final a little to camera crews past williams and straight sets to pick up for me that wimbledon title. welcome to the program my mary and. hamas officials in gaza say they've reached a cease fire with israel this comes after one of the most serious uptakes of violence since the war between israel and gaza militants in twenty fourteen the report a truce was born brokered by egypt and the united nations after two palestinians were killed. the most extensive ass strikes on gaza in four years. they included hits in the heart of
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gaza city. israel says it was targeting hamas positions in response to a barge of rocket fire from the palestinian enclave. its iron dome defense system intercepted some rockets such warning sirens sent people running for shelter as. several israelis were injured. after consultations with the defense minister the chief of staff and israel's top security officials we decided on powerful action against hamas terrorism the israeli armed forces delivered the most powerful blow against hamas since two thousand and fourteen and we will increase the intensity of our attacks as necessary she believes. the escalation comes off the back of months of clashes along gaza's border with israel over one hundred thirty palestinian demonstrators have been killed by israeli fire in me a weekly protest since last march. on saturday
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a funeral was held for one of the latest fatalities a teenage boy. or got a. lot of the fifteen year old child what was he carrying on with the carrying a missile he was standing at the border fence putting his foot on the y. and touching the wire fence the police as soon as he put his hand on the wire they shot him in the chapel just because it was man established that had looked at no by god. israel accuses hamas militants of fusing the protests as cover for attacks against israel it says its use of force is necessary to defend its borders. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. two more migrant rescue ships have been refused entry into italy hundreds of migrants are stranded on board near this is silly import of foot salo is the latest move by the country's hardline interior minister much salvini has caused controversy just one month into
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the job with his and team immigration policies. dozens of student protesters in nicaragua have returned home after spending a night trapped in a church under gunfire from pro-government supporters reports say two people were killed university students have been at the forefront of anti-government protests since they began three months ago authorities have launched a violent crackdown in response. heavy rain and thunderstorms are causing chaos across china state media reported that hundreds of rivers around the country have flooded blocking roads and railways destroying bridges and forcing thousands of residents to evacuate several deaths have been attributed to the flooding for days say more downpours are expected over the weekend. the twelve young boys and their soccer coach who were rescued from a flooded thai cave system will be released from the hospital on thursday health
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officials say they are recovering well the team appeared on thai television chatting about what they would like to eat once they leave the hospital but mental health experts have warned that they may suffer a long term trauma from their ordeal u.s. president donald trump has retreated to his private golf resort in scotland ahead of a summit on monday with russian president vladimir putin scots took to the streets to protest trump's visit with crowds gathering in edinburgh there are also anti trump demonstrations in glasgow and in the small town of turnberry where trump is spending the weekend at a hotel he owns and playing some golf. well triumph was on the mind of germany's president at an awards ceremony dedicated to european peace this year's winners were the baltic states. it's the eleventh time the westphalia peace prize is being awarded but the first time it's going to so many
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people the leaders of la lithuania under stonier came to accept the honor but the real winners by the citizens of the baltic countries. in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine they formed a human chain stretching hundreds of kilometers to demonstrate for independence from the soviet union. after independence they went on to join the e.u. and nato today they're held up as role models for european integration germany's president praised the nations as an example of the european ethos. minds arms and only together are we strong. we need each other as partners and friends and. that is the conviction we share. and i believe our common hope remains that this won't be forgotten on the other side of the atlantic. lithuania's president said
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it's time for europe to be responsible for its own defense today we challenged internally and externally. we're challenged against our values rippin venders our unity pointed words from the lithuanian leader has many questions hangover the european project on the transatlantic alliance. a flood warning is in effect for a tiny village in greenland and not because of rain or a raging river but because of an iceberg off the coast many residents have left their homes as a precaution in case the iceberg suddenly breaks apart and inundates their coastal community. captured silently on film a huge chunk of ice collapsing off the ice back into the sea. it's perilously close to an os hit a tiny village on greenland's western coast with just one hundred sixty nine
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residents. many of them have been evacuated and experts are advising caution. because the respect for you should always have respect for icebergs because they can all be dangerous when they're the size it can split without a warning and that can create a big tidal wave caught him as always so there is absolutely every reason to pay close attention. of the parks but despite the danger now village just can't hope to be back in the home soon. and descend certainly most likely in a few days the iceberg will drift away with help from mother nature thanks to wind in sequence. for still mother nature can be unpredictable and now it's safer to stay away from the ice. for it's news now and germany's unsurely camphor has won her first
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a wimbledon title beating american tennis legend serena williams and here with me in the studio to break it all down is nick mechanic life force nick good to see you so i heard earlier that kara described this win as a dream come true how did she do it she's been fantastic for this tournament she talked just one sat on the way to the final that was in the second round is a quick match but it took about an hour and five minutes apiece really williams but she's found the form that she had in two thousand and sixteen when she won the australian open the u.s. open and watch the final of wimbledon where she lost to syria with him so she finally got the better of her this time around let's see how she won her third grand slam title. one never won here the other has seven wimbledon titles to her name but she found she kept after it's over ruled by serene williams as the occasion on center court she didn't show it the germans tactic of forcing her opponent to make errors pay dividends in the first set and the williams tightened up her game in the second it was too little too late i prefer out
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of the ground when her victory was confirmed one champion congratulating a new one at the next character is the first german woman seemed steffi graf in one thousand nine hundred ninety six to get her hands on the wimbledon title. so really an exciting day for actually a camera some disappointment of course for serena williams but it must be said she just had a baby ten months ago i mean even this if she meant is really remarkable isn't it absolutely incredible she's only right twenty fifth of this tournament even to make a tournament without having had a baby within the last year to make the final is incredible enough she hadn't got past the last sixteen in the previous four toward him and she taken part in and of course yes it was a big disappointment but she said at the time this is for all the mothers out there it's true you can you can see if you put your mind to it what you can achieve and it is incredible september first of last year she gave birth to alexis limpia and then ten and a half months later he's she is the final of wimbledon and it just goes to show that serena williams is without
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a doubt the best in the world of tennis you have very inspiring for all of us mothers i can say that now. there was another major sporting event today can tell you at our place we were flipping back and forth between the two channels watching the tennis and then of course also watching world cup soccer belgium winning third place knocking england right out to nail tell us about that match but then when he anybody who's expecting more than two goals today will be bitterly disappointed because given has for belgium as you mentioned winning to nil the first goal coming in the fourth minute will see he have the ball comes from the goalkeeper people good people. and even nasa chadli him. whipping in the cross to thomas i mean yeah this is the first and fourth minutes i there were chances of both sides after this but it was belgium who came out on top in the second goal in the eighty second minutes you see the past the to get in has of the cats and to know the belgium needs a second of it the best ever finish well cup and so now they've managed fourth place
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that was ninety six and today they go home with bronze medals around the next you know i often wonder how the teams feel about getting third place i mean you were so close to making it to the final but can they look forward to a bright future if they did this well at this tournament absolutely and that color behind is quite fishy this is a golden generation of belgian players. you have kevin the point of them and new kaku fantastic individual players who are playing as a team and doing so fantastically well for belgium but the key to me is to keep them about the martinez their coach he's proved in his top career that he's not been very good in the league but in cup competitions he's been very very good he can also get his team to play on one off games and you see mr belgium as well so latinas was full of support and praise for his team out of the final whistle but we soon this will go because these players didn't want to rely on that's all any more wanted to rely on working as a team becoming our group of players that they would do anything to watch your results responded to be money percent we've got
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a pretty good stop around them but they wanted to make the country proud and they wanted to make every single belgium red devil fun extremely proud and that goes for them. all right so martinez talking about how important teamwork is you and i were talking earlier about didn't really work for the german team this time around at the world cup not such good team work the belgians going to very proud of that. but then at the same time must be said england did very well they did surprise everybody including perhaps themselves where do they go from here it's the same with those new ways up they would do incredibly well many fans not thinking they get past the group stage and here they did it they made it in semifinals of course losing to quatre unfortunately but they have a penalty win against colombia for the first time since ninety six that had sheaves that but all the teams off of the group sales kind of sussed out what england's game play was which is quite often from set pieces nine of the twelve goals they scored of the world cup so far came from set pieces that some have to improve on captain harry k. one of those players who scored five this is what he had to say after the final
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whistle today shows in some of the game show that there's no room for improvement. we said no no we're not a finished off yet was to get everything going. but you know with this group of guys i know that what i did i want to prove every every time but you have a. you have it hurricane saying he wants to improve in the whole team have to improve it really does have to come from him as well as the captain and the main striker has to step up again if england want to reach a semifinal final any time soon well one more honor that perhaps harry kane could be winning is of course the golden boot just how good are his chances for that he's been very lucky he scored five goals from set pieces three of those coming from penalties and the two people catch up with him up playing some more in the final that's on to increase in and bought by both of whom are on three goals and would need to score hattrick to overtake him which would be very very difficult because the last time that happens was in the world cup final in one thousand nine hundred sixty six jeff scoring three pos germany then so it's very unlikely that they'll catch up with him so he'll go home with the gold so nick i know you're going to be
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watching the match tomorrow solely of course that nick mechanic life least for it's always good to talk to you. and you're up to date now on d w news will be back again at the top of the hour omarion haven't seen it from all of us here in berlin and thanks for watching. big fun beethoven. this works the goddess for trying out. the maestro and three. strong twenty. earth.


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