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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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w. news live from berlin after twenty years if there is again friends have lifted the world cup trophy for the second time he gave the seans team beat pro a shot in the final in moscow betting on the i don't celebrations back moment paris down to the gathered around the shops and easy to play blue cross royston hopes with a convincing win he scored twice in each half and though proration never gave up it was not enough france are the world champions. also
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coming up high stakes summit in finland between the u.s. and russian presidents donald trump lands and helsinki in preparation for talks tomorrow with vladimir putin head of the meeting trump labels the european union a foe over trade all across to the finnish capital. thanks for joining us i'm marion evans dean in a thrilling final friends triumph over croatia to win the twenty eighteen soccer world cup and here in the studio with me is nick mckenna clive from d.w. sports nick this has certainly been a thrilling world cup tournament and the final game was also no exception take us through what happened wasn't it was incredible for to win for france this is the highest scoring final in one. minute since one thousand nine hundred fifty eight
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when brazil beat sweden five tuesday doesn't happen very often you have six goals in the final for us of course is that the third time they've been in the final the first time ninety eight they won two thousand and six they lost as they aaron ballin but let's have a look and see how they won the second world cup title in moscow i only and one of these maul free kicks made its way past the croatian keeper but it was a croatian head that motivated him mario monti to catch with an unlucky own goal to give france the lead i but the croatian comeback kings hit back in the twenty eighth minute even perish itch by he went from hero to zero zero as a video review showed him handling the ball in the opposition box a soft penalty but nonetheless tucked away by i'm to one of these maul for his fourth of the tournament i in the second half runs extended their lead through paul pogba a long range effort tucked into the corner i. pay repeated the trick again beating dannielle suba sheets from far out for one france
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then took their foot off the gas mario manage to keep chase down a back possible hugo lloris to score an embarrassing mistake but the french captain didn't frown for a long haul to the final score live below win the world cup for a second time with smiles all round i all right nic so four to the final score but at least one of those goals was definitely helped by the use of this video assistant review system also known as the a r and it was a bit controversial what did you make of the decision you can even think that two goals had to do with the very first one the free kick didn't go to be a play should have done but yes the second goal the penalty. go to v.a.r. they decided then to give france a free kick which gave us a two one legally and a half time and only one team as i've actually lost the final having gone into the hard time break with the leaders argentina nineteen to the very first. when it was
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pretty much the writing was on the wall by the time we went into half time. had a big role in france's twenty went anyway of course they had to go straight in the first game which we decided with but all together the data shows team of made always the final they were very good in the house stages and that's he would have to say after the final whistle. he simply beautiful for these pride is such a young generation some of them are world champions or just nineteen even though others have been around a lot longer but feel we need to be high pretty atlee today but we showed lots of mental strength. in any case we scored four goals which deserved. to be king. he says there is a generation thing is true is a bit of a golden generation of fans they have a ninety eight when he was a player with the dish dish always a player and now they've got a lot of young players who have you know they just did it there was no can in there we go he was born after france won that title twenty years ago just just and then
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you can see what's them winning this title meant the very sure players have won the second world cup title and these are the scenes you can see in paris charles it easier to tee off of course the fans it's incredible if you look you can see some are setting off fireworks of the. flares going off as well they're just so happy meal obviously this is a bit dangerous we have to point out as well it is a bit of a dangerous situation to be in but absolutely incredible pictures coming out of paris so colorful they're so happy and this has a lot to do of course additional and with the generation of players he has and also of course and take advantage not only becomes just about the football about the soccer as also just about a feeling of unity and very on talk he was out and about in paris talking to some fans and we have a clip of her from earlier today let's have a look at that. it's been twenty years since friends won the world cup and most of these guys were some of them went even born some of them where do you remember one
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thousand nine hundred ninety eight well i don't really remember we are only three years old but regrouping by you i don't really radio me though my child was. and what does it feel like to be a world champion it's amazing right. oh my god the holy. ghost i thought oh oh god oh my god the ok and what did you think about francis performance. it's very much it was very it was perfect yes well i was right i must surely. marvelous and how did i say no i didn't agree there was homer's we were in a bar and everyone went crazy so it was just perfect i don't think you'll find on the streets of france any upset france at all today what do you guys spend on doing
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today how do you plan on celebrating i think we're just going to following people i go to so that you say everyone. that i was up was all right so that was i really want to talk a talking just a very euphoric fans in the french capital but listen second place at the world cup for croatia is also not a very shabby result and after all nick they were the underdogs at this tournament what is the significance of such a small country actually going this far at the world cup i think down the line they'll see victory in defeat i mean obviously it's tough tonight but if they'll see how far they go out of subsidy incredible creation of a population of four million that's just more than the city of berlin and for such a small company country to make it to the world cup final is not unheard of mean your mate is the come to the world cup final twice but those nineteen thousand one hundred fifty they're equally a small country doesn't happen very often it's always the big nations the germany is the france the brazils who make it to the world cup final with populations well
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over fifty sixty million. they were underdogs yes of course but they they fought their way through this town of i didn't see the making of the group stage and they did it was because they were units they really pulled together they got fantastic individual players but it wasn't about the individual as it was about the team and that's how they made it was the world cup final you know so ultimately it was a great achievement both for france and for also for croatia all right now because it kind from did all these for it's thanks always great to talk to you. well we also spoke earlier to the w correspondent ali moody who is in the stadium in moscow watching the final i asked them to describe the atmosphere there as an intense rainstorm began just as the game was ending. dramatic end to the tournament in terms of the elements and if it was fitting for the occasion really and indeed what was going on on the pitch it was the croatian fans making most of the noise in the ground the creation fans and the neutrals supporting crozier in this game this country of just four for the half million people brought so many people to this
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tournament and brought such great atmosphere to not just this final the semifinal as well a few days ago they really did bring it to life in style inside luzhniki stadium behind me tonight so we have to give them a lot of credit for that however you also have to give the french team a lot of credit for coping with this fear coping with the kind of hostile nature of the crowd inside the stadium and playing their game and being cool and calm and collected and being clinical with their chances as well and you could see with the celebrations at the end just how much it meant there not just right at the end of the game but the goals from above as well with all of the subs coming out and celebrating with the players on the pitch you can see just how emotional it was and a really fitting end to the tournament that has given us so much emotion so much passion and so much entertainment as well well speaking of entertainment and there was a forest an incident that actually brought the match to a brief halt when
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a few protesters stormed the picture tell us what happened there. yeah it was a real shock actually that particular moment seeing people running out onto the pitch while the game is being played given the huge security presence that they've had not just here for the final of course but throughout the world cup you could see that in lovren in particular the croatian defender was not impressed he looked absolutely furious and i can imagine there was one moment at least in the stadium he was not impressed at all and that's because vladimir putin this was his big final and it was to a degree spoiled by that protest pussy riot the protest group has claimed responsibility for the pitch invasion so we'll have to keep an eye on this story because it really could run and run and we'll have to see what happens after this. and that was the only movie reporting earlier from the world cup final in moscow.
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well turning now to some other news and the u.s. president donald trump has arrived in finland for a high stakes meeting with his russian counterpart vladimir putin landed in the finnish capital helsinki where he's aiming to strengthen a personal report with putin in a one on one talks on monday morning ahead of the summit at least two thousand finns demonstrated in the capital in support of human rights democracy and the environment which are issues the protesters say both trump and poutine are neglecting. let's go straight now to be able to you correspondent terry scholz who's in helsinki for us so terry we know that protests have been following president trump throughout his european tour what's happening in helsinki. as you mentioned the protests here this afternoon gathered up to two thousand people and i have to say that most of the protesters were actually more carrying
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signs and protesting against president trump more than president putin and i asked a couple of them about that and they said you know they just think that it's more useful to demonstrate against the u.s. president that they find him more offensive and i can tell you that this is this is something that didn't used to happen back in the day of helsinki's long history as as a site for summits between the u.s. and soviet and russian leaders i actually as a young journalist covered both the nine hundred ninety summits between us and the soviet union at that point and one nine hundred ninety seven and back in those days you would just get a handful of protesters at the time so this is definitely it was definitely a more rambunctious and raucous crowd as as you've seen on the video definitely trying to make their mark trying to get their voices out ahead of the arrivals of the two presidents well terry the u.s. president gave an interview to the american network c.b.s. earlier today he talked about the e.u.
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in no uncertain terms can we bring up that quote from that interview. he said well i think we have a lot of photos i think the european union is a foe what they do to us in trade now you wouldn't think of the european union by their fold and that of course brought a direct response from donald tusk he's president of the european council and he tweeted america and the e.u. are best friends whoever says we are photos is spreading fake news so terry is this just an elaborate plan from donald trump to make these statements before his meeting with the russian leader. well far be it for me to know what donald trump is planning but it certainly has been his modus operandi on this entire trip to europe i was also covering the nato summit in brussels and on the morning that that meeting was to start in a completely unscathed chilled unscripted and and surprising announcement he
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started lashing out at germany and chancellor angela merkel in a breakfast that was just supposed to be a photo op saying there again as he has now that germany on trade doesn't treat the us fairly that it shouldn't be spending its money on gas from russia when in trump's words the u.s. is spending its billions to protect germany so that seems to be what he's doing again lashing out at the europeans and in that interview it should be said also that the interviewer was quite surprised and mentioned that you know really the e.u. is the number one foe against the united states and trump said absolutely you wouldn't think it but you know ahead of russia and china who are who are foes in some respects so it just seems that he wants to again put his mark down against europe finland to the host is a member of the european union and certainly there will be those people saying that this is something that president vladimir putin of russia will be happy to hear as he comes to town to meet president trump. all right d.w.
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correspondent teri schultz reporting from hell thinking many thanks indeed. and you're up to date now on d w news will be back again at the top of the hour in the meantime don't forget you can always get the latest news and information from our website that's at w dot com american evan steam from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. the on. the job it is. normally from africa and the world we're going to exceptional stories and discussion among you as a busy guy what we say to debbie to tom smart to join us on facebook at g.w. for. the truth of technology.


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