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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2018 2:00am-2:15am CEST

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the indios multimedia environment series w. b w news live from berlin after twenty years if there is a again friends have lifted the world cup trophy for a second time did the additional team beat croatia in the final in moscow setting off wild celebrations back home the terrorists were thousands have gathered around the shop then using. tape to crush croatian hopes with a kind of been saying for too little and they scored twice in each half and
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although croatia never gave up it was not enough france are the world champion. also coming up a high stakes summit in finland between the u.s. and russian president donald trump lands in helsinki in preparation for talks later today with one of me. head of the meeting trump labels the european union eight zero over trade will cross the finish countable. thanks for joining us i'm mary and evan steen and in a thrilling final france triumph over croatia to win the twenty eighteen soccer world cup to talk about some of the highlights i'm joined here in the studio by nick mckenna kline from always force so nick it was a thrilling and to quite an exciting tournaments take us. through what happened
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tonight incredible so many goals ford's who is mentioned quite scoreline last time as this when he goes in the ninety minute final the one hundred fifty one brazil be sweden five tuesday doesn't happen very often of course a bit in the final three times now that they want to home soil two thousand and six they lost her balance is say let's see how they won their second well cup title in moscow. i really am to one these maul free kicks made its way past the croatian keeper but it was a croatian head that noticed it in mario man ju kitsch with an unlucky own goal to get from to the lead i thought the croatian comeback kings hit back in the twenty eighth minute three even perish itch by he went from hero to zero though as a video review showed him handling the ball in the opposition box a soft penalty but nonetheless tucked away by i'm to one of these maul for his force of the tournament i in the second half france extended their lead through paul pogba a long range effort tucked into the corner i. paid
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repeated the trick again beating dannielle suba shift from far out for one france then took their foot off the gas mario man juki chased down a back possible hugo lloris to score an embarrassing mistake but the french captain didn't frown for long for to the final score live low when the world cup for a second time with smiles all round i. all right so for to the final score but it must be said at least one of those goals may have been helped by the use of the video assisted review system v a r as it's known what did you make of that thing as to two of those goals who had a helping hand from day hour and they actually didn't is the first goal the free kick should have gone severe because it wasn't a clear cut foul but of course the second one is when you talk about the penalty which was given i'm not even sure as a take up i don't say so it's france been lucky in this tournament even the very first game. two goals against australia were given through v.a.
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one was just over the line the other one because of a foul the system itself is still a baby shoes it's just getting used to be around for two seasons it's got to develop quite a bit but it's has been good to have that's one of the because essentially it makes things fair but at the end there's always a human being who makes the decisions and that's why it makes the makes it more difficult it is the shortest team of course i said have had help from the system in the group stage but they really got rolling in the knockout stages sauce had really good games against argentina uruguay of course then midweek against belgium let's see what did it all said after they won the one the game today. is simply beautiful for these pride is such a young generation some of them are world champions or just nineteen even though others have been around a lot longer but feel we quite brilliantly today that we showed lots of mental strength. in any case we scored four goals which deserved. to be good.
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mental strength that's the really important thing about i mean it is to get the world cup final is difficult enough we've even if yeah i hope so it doesn't but to be able to win games difficult games final games you have to have a certain strength you have to have a certain team ethic and that's language front showed today that's why they have won the world cup title and needless to say their fans are quite euphoric about it they've been celebrations for hours now in paris the biggest ones that we've been seeing but also in zagreb in croatia and we have this look at the love from the fans on both sides this evening. the sea of love now the city of joy paris iraq us off to france is when in most of the thousands of super funds park the french capital. the. dancing in the streets and shouting from the rooftops.
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that this is great everyone's here together and it's a good atmosphere and makes everyone feel better and we're happy to be here and pride to be french. nationals and it's honestly i really felt as happy as i do today. i remember in one nine hundred ninety eight i was fourteen years old i can celebrate like this budget night i'm going to set the city on fire thank you france think it's great it was great thank you go they've good we're the champions. one fan in particular couldn't contain his excitement french president and manuel mccall watching the match in moscow he even gossip pats on the head from his croatian counterparts president kalinda cut back a talk of edge thrilled with the team second place. fans in croatia's capital zagreb schatz the sentiment with disappointment quickly giving way to pride. please i will care for it they showed a fighting spirit they showed us a beautiful game i know we're happy despite the defeat it's still
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a victory for us coming to the uk but. i'm proud that i'm probably. in zagreb celebration said how close croatia came to football's greatest prize. in paris it's euphoria victory try am. all right so even though the french of course are very excited about the win the croatians feeling. quite proud of their achievement they were the underdogs nick weren't they just how significant is even getting second place in the world cup for this country means no easy feat as they see two teams beginning this tournament and it's so difficult to get to the world cup final creation of course finally made a very small country four million people in it but there is this will be victory and defeat was once the wounds of kind of healed and they realize that they are the second best football team or nation at the moment. it's interesting as well to see
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they have some very good good players in that seem look a martyr she won the golden ball if the rockets into place boston and but they won't play as individuals they were definitely playing as a team and playful creation and that's what got them to the finals all right nick mackinnon climb from divvies four it's always great to talk to you and turning now to some other news and u.s. president donald trump has arrived in finland for a high stakes meeting with his russian counterpart vladimir putin trump landed in the finnish capitol hill think he where he's aiming to strengthen a personal report with protein in one on one talks on monday morning ahead of the summit at least two thousand finns demonstrated in the capital in support of human rights democracy and the environment which are issues that the protesters say both trump and poutine are neglecting. let's go straight now to be able to you correspondent terry schultze who's in helsinki for us so terry we know that
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protests have been following president trump throughout his european tour what's happening in health thinking. as you mentioned the protests here this afternoon gathered up to two thousand people and i have to say that most of the protesters were actually more carrying signs and protesting against president trump more than president putin and i asked a couple of them about that and they said you know they just think that it's more useful to demonstrate against the u.s. president that they find him more offensive and i can tell you that this is this is something that didn't used to happen back in the day of helsinki's long history as as a site for summits between the u.s. and soviet and russian leaders i actually as a young journalist covered both the nine hundred ninety summits between us and the soviet union at that point and one nine hundred ninety seven and back in those days you would just get a handful of protesters at the time so this is definitely it was definitely
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a more rambunctious and raucous crowd as as you've seen on the video definitely trying to make their mark trying to get their voices out ahead of the arrivals of the two presidents well terry the u.s. president gave an interview to the american network c.b.s. earlier today he talked about the e.u. in no uncertain terms can we bring up that quote from that interview. he said well i think we have a lot of photos i think the european union is a foe what they do to us in trade now you wouldn't think of the european union by their fold and that of course brought a direct response from donald tusk he's president of the european council and he tweeted america and the e.u. are best friends whoever says we are photos is spreading fake news so terry is this just an elaborate plan from donald trump to make these statements before his meeting with the russian leader. well far be it for me to know what donald trump is
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planning but it certainly has been his modus operandi on this entire trip to europe i was also covering the nato summit in brussels and on the morning that that meeting was to start in a completely unscathed chilled unscripted and and surprising announcement he started lashing out at germany and chancellor angela merkel in a breakfast that was just supposed to be a photo op saying there again as he has now that germany on trade doesn't treat the us fairly that it shouldn't be spending its money on gas from russia when in trump's words the u.s. is spending its billions to protect germany so that seems to be what he's doing again lashing out at the europeans and in that interview it should be said also that the interviewer was quite surprised and mentioned that you know really the e.u. is the number one foe against the united states and trump said absolutely you wouldn't think it but you know ahead of russia and china who are who are foes in some respects so it just seems that he wants to again put his mark down against europe
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finland and the host is a member of the european union and certainly there will be those people saying that this is something that president vladimir putin of russia will be happy to hear as he comes to town to meet president trump. all right d.w. correspondent teri schultz reporting from hell thinking many thanks indeed. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world and a group of women and children have been evacuated from two rescue ships stranded off the coast of italy some four hundred fifty migrants are on board but rome is not allowing the others to disembark until other e.q. states agree to take more of them in so far germany france and malta have agreed to take around fifty migrants each. a suicide bomber has killed at least seven people in the afghan capital kabul more than fifteen others were injured by the blast near a government ministry the u.n. says the number of civilians killed in afghanistan hit
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a record high in the first half of twenty teen most were killed by militant attacks and suicide bombings. turkey is marking the second anniversary of a failed coup attempt against president rush of time to one thousands of his supporters converged on what's known as july the fifteenth martyrs bridge in istanbul which was renamed for the hundreds killed resisting the attempted overthrow a subsequent crackdown has seen more than seventy five thousand people jailed. you're watching d.w. news but before we go we'd like to take you back to our top story which is france's victory at the twenty eighteen soccer cup in russia we leave you now with some unforgettable moments from the final tonight thanks for watching.
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thanks. to.
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the old. how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany and my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early.


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