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the prize winning documentary from the forest starts aug ninth d.w. . illegal. aliens. this is did every news live from berlin in football france rules the world again live lifted the second world cup trophy last night he did issue a team beating a brazilian to croatia side in the final in moscow and setting off a wild celebrations back home in paris a local ace didn't have to use tear gas with things got out of control. on the pitch they blew crushed croatian hopes with
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a convincing faltering when they scored twice in the trough novo croatia never gave up it just wasn't enough on the night from all the world champions for the second time. also on the program a high stakes summit in finland between the u.s. and russian presidents donald trump is in helsinki to talks with vladimir putin there was a sizable demonstration against both natives meanwhile trump labeled the european union a funnel in terms of trade we'll be going live to helsinki and from all. the little. cologne well come on i'm christopher spring a good to have you with us france all soccer's new world champions after a hard fought but decisive win over croatia the croatians did dominate possession.
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in the first half french coach gigi additional coaching his team's victory down to what he called shia mental strength we have a full team covering this story for you this morning tom from sports here in the studio good to have you with us tom and in paris in the french capital we have a limo tuckey standing by and in the croatian capital that grab melanie. tom we're going to start with you. first of all how significant was this french victory on sunday night well i mean the records tells something of their own story. did it is holmes has become one of only three men in history to win the world cup as a player and it was that as a coach back pages nineteen years old he's now the first teenager to school in a farnell since pele in one hundred fifty eight the final itself was the highest scoring for the world cup since one thousand nine hundred sixty six france's court was the second youngest at the tournament. hope this somewhat because we're about
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to take a look actually and see how the match unfolded yesterday with. i an early and one these more free kick made its way past the croydon keeper but it was a croatian head that noticed it in mario man juke each with an unlucky own goal to give france the lead. but the croatian comeback kings hit back in the twenty eighth minute even perish itch i he went from hero to zero though as a video review showed him handling the ball in the opposition box a soft penalty but nonetheless tucked away by imes one these maul for his fourth of the tournament i in the second half france extended their lead through paul pogba a long range effort tucked into the corner i. pay repeated the trick again beating daniel suba sheets from far out for one france then took their foot off the gas mario man juki chased down a back possible hugo lloris to score an embarrassing mistake but the french captain
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didn't frown for long for to the final score live below win the world cup for a second time with smiles all round ribs i. know there's the action for you back to tom mckenna i hit the studio tom how fortunate were france to win the well cup last night i mean they they had a soft penalty as we just saw an unlucky own goal scored by mentioned kitsch you know how fortunate with the french to win this is perhaps an element of fortune in every sporting success and certainly in every match of football. but you always a never win a world cup without deserving two now one idea that has kind of persisted throughout the tournament and of course picked up as the tournament has gone on and croatia have remained in the tournament. is that the creation team must hiatt the quality of their matches have gone into extra time and the players have you know
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been pausing for breath every time the ball goes out and stuff so people thought that perhaps the tee. against against immigration play have an advantage because of the hardness now we saw how england tripped up by that and france carried on they have an unbelievable attacking also hasn't always come into the fore because it's not ready to show the system he prefers the play a bit more defensive he has been the tactical monster of this tournament and we can actually hear from him now and see how he said upgrade to victory last night. was simply beautiful and it's marvelous for these piousness such a young generation some of them are world champions or just nineteen even though others have been around a lot longer through brilliantly today but we showed lots of mental strength because in any case we scored four goals it's deserved. to be thinking we scored four goals it's deserved some bring in talk you know if you're in paris millions of
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french fans yesterday on the streets how with the celebrations in the capital ecstasy your for oreo the streets where basically you feel awash in red white and blue and today you can see they are massive cleaning efforts on the way and the scenes yesterday was so while that as reporters every time we basically put on our camera every time we went to life on ai we were immediately bombarded by fans trying to scream into the camera people of france france number one with the best and of course that continued well into the night i barely slept at all because of all the honking cars that you had on night long why don't we actually take a look at some of those why seen snow. was this a sea of love now the city of joy paris erupts off to france's win in moscow i
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thousands of the super in france packed the french capital. dancing in the streets and shouting from the rooftops. that this is great everyone's here together and it's a good atmosphere and makes everyone feel better and we're happy to be here and pride to be french. nationals and it's obviously i really felt as happy as i do today. i remember in one nine hundred ninety eight it was fourteen years old i can celebrate like this budget night i'm going to set the city on fire thank you france think it's great it was great thank you go they've good we're the champions. one fan in particular couldn't contain his excitement french president and manuel mccall watching the match in moscow he even got a pass on the head from his croatian counterpart thrilled with the team second place. a lima hotel in paris for us
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tremendous atmosphere in the french capital and hold certain moscow the french president there in the victory post there was however a small group of fans way out of line in paris the police having to use cheer gas to disperse them what happened there. yes what started i was basically a celebrations turned quite ugly near the end we ended up going to the a and it's tradition for fans to basically what they do is they move up and down the street they either drive or they walk and they basically make these rounds around the uk the trio and they repeat this all night what happened yesterday is that we had a small contingent basically a minority of fans who started destroying property to start it getting violent on the way the air we saw cars dismantling it was crazy the cops immediately
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came in disperse the crowds and they had to use tear gas and for someone like me i've never ever the first time i've ever come in contact with tear gas and it was a burning sensation even poss in our mouth and our noses they were not not nice scenes not the way to have to basically end up victory ok thanks to you and you looking very good on no sleep and guess let's switch now bow to the capital zagreb on hand for us there melanie only give us a sense of the mood in zagreb you know are people disappointed are they celebrating . you would have expected to be disappointed but that image could not have been further from the truth actually had you been here you might have confused with the city of the world champion people here was celebrating as if the creation team themselves had brought the world cup and not the friends so it's been truly amazing to see i had thirty thousand people here right behind me
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watching the game yesterday cheering for the team applauding and throughout the entire night we had fly and crackers flags waving people singing and dancing so we didn't need any tissue just tears of joy maybe so in other words the croatians just very very proud that such a small country made it to the final of the world cup. they are incredibly proud think about it they're just about four million people living in crazy and they would have never expected that team to go so far and then they made it to the finals of the fast time and that was cup history ever that they made it back five so they are incredibly proud margaret even got the award for the best play of the entire world cup so people here are just incredibly happy they couldn't believe it of course it would have been nice to come in fast but coming and second was just as
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great ok moni thanks for that one of those dancing behind her just a second ago back to tom in the studio here in but then. two years ago from losing the final of the european championships which of course they hosted had two years ago now they've won the world cup how bright is the future very bright indeed i mean let's remember like i said earlier this was the second youngest scored at the tournament there are a lot of players whose potential has kind of be known at this tournament but you haven't quite really proven themselves they have done that now i'm thinking of of course benjamin mundy. other players have really announce themselves that this woke up benjamin parvati had a fantastic film and he's just twenty two years old and killian about pay was of course already something of a superstar he lit the tournament up in his best moments you really looked unstoppable his pace was incredible simitian was perfect he's only nineteen years old now any team that's got a treasure lot back such a young age in this court can definitely say that they've brought
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a future and that's the case the front ok tom many thanks for that tom you know it from the sports on the front as well champions. we're going to look ahead now to the other big story today the first of a summit between u.s. president donald trump and his russian counterpart vladimir putin after months of exchanging long distance compliments the two men are now meeting in the finnish capital helsinki that's happening later today the summit agenda is shrouded in mystery somewhat leaving washington's european allies nervous about potential concessions that trump might make frayed further yesterday when the u.s. president called the european union a phone in terms of trade. donald trump the u.s. president arrives in helsinki. and you know when trump is in town he's here to meet vladimir putin russia's president in a high profile a much anticipated summit it's the last stop on trump's european tour and like
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elsewhere he's been met with protests around two thousand finns turned out in helsinki to oppose the president's views. and the protesters are all too happy with putin's track record either what will the leaders discuss well it isn't that clear trump's administration has said they are looking for anything concrete i don't expect anything i frankly don't expect very low expectations i think. the rush is a good thing that it's possible. the summit in helsinki is being billed more as an opportunity for the leaders to improve their report then as a chance to hammer out a new relationship but it hasn't all been plain sailing in a television interview the day before he left for helsinki trump once again rattled his european allies. asked who he thought his number one foe was trump said not russia but the e.u. he said well i think we have a lot of photos i think the european union is
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a foe what they do to us in trade now you wouldn't think of the european union but there are folks these comments to a quick response from donald tusk e.u. council president america and the e.u. are best friends who have a says we are photos is spreading fake news. the theme of trump's time in europe ruffled feathers the president's relationship with russia has been under scrutiny since he was elected president costing doubt on the strength of the u.s. european alliance ahead of a summit with russia only adds fuel to the fire. and to w.'s peter craven is covering today's summit in helsinki for us first of all peter why helsinki why are the two men meeting in the finnish capital. well christopher for more we gather this was a suggestion that came from donald trump itself himself he put that suggestion to his team he said he wanted to have a backdrop that would be monumental no i when you look behind me and you see the president's palace across there the yellow fronted building where the the press
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conference is going to take place between putin and trump this afternoon it doesn't look exactly monumental and i think when we talk about monumental in a backdrop i think what donald trump was referring to was that what we all know is that helsinki has been a venue down the years for big summits east west summits the united states and russia the united states in the soviet union not least the famous summit that led to the helsinki declaration accords back in one thousand nine hundred seventy five and that really led to invention through the process of doing more to the final demise of the soviet union i don't think anything so grand is going to happen here in helsinki today in fact donald trump despite the fact that he had huge expectations in advance of this get together monumental if he is actually now being backpedaling and saying don't expect too much keep expectations low well despite those low expectations or at least that expectation management strategy should we call it this is a much anticipated summit. very little information about what's going to be on the
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table though what the two leaders are going to talk about so what are you hearing what are we expecting to be on the table. well two things i think first of all that's donald trump style he wants to go into these meetings he says he is prepared but he's not really as prepared as generally speaking leaders are going into the summit meetings that says that that kind of his team quite frankly they fear that such a smooth operator it's not him it putin is going to run rings around him what are they going to talk about will trump said before he left the u.s. to come to this meeting and to come to europe he said they're going to talk about syria they're going to talk about. crimea they're going to talk about ukraine but they're also the. inevitably now we're going to have to talk about the charges the accusations of russia meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election with these twelve indictments that came through in the u.s. so further indictments accusing u.s. russian operatives of meddling in the election donald trump is going to have to
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look at him and putin bright deep in the eyes and says do you know about this you've been involved in this can you come clean here from the part of the track record from the past is flooded with putin is going to say i know nothing donald trump is going to come out of the meeting and say well i asked him but he said he does not think i believe him. of course another. section if you want to who are looking on nervously at the europeans they're worried that trump might make concessions to putin that will harm their interests all those war is justified you know. many people think so and then again because this is going to be a meeting behind closed doors we're not quite sure we have no idea frankly what they are you know what arrangements they might make with each other what we do know this is been a bad week for europe donald trump but rated nato leaders a few days ago he berated to reason day in london he's now come out and said the u.s. a photo and let's be honest donald trump and. share a lot of common ground here their gut instincts as
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a chisel away at the values based liberal democracies that stands for and whether they're going to agree to do more of that let's wait and see but i don't think they're going to tell us they are going to be you know this is why they want to speak in private ok peter many thanks for that peter graven in helsinki. we're going to catch up with some of the other stories making news around the world now two reporters from myanmar charged with violating the country's secrecy laws it's you testify in court today to have pleaded not guilty on charges of seeking classified information last year as part of their reporting on the government's handling of the rove inject crisis the case is being closely watched as a test of press freedom in the mouth. activists in the indian city of bhopal have demonstrated in support of their own g.b.t. rights india's g.b.t. community hoping that the country's supreme court will soon move to decriminalize
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gay say. the court has been hearing a challenge to the ban which dates back to the color. nearly two hundred migrants have disembarked in the italian port of the saddle after several e.u. countries agreed to take them in the migrants are part of the group of hundred saved from a distressed boat on saturday if they have initially refused to allow them to dock until other countries agreed to accommodate them. and turkey has marked the second anniversary of the failed coup against the government of president branch of type out of the one thousands of his supporters converging on what's known as the july the fifteenth marches bridge in istanbul that bridge in memory of the hundreds of children existing the attempted overthrow of a crackdown rather has seen more seventy five thousand people. now still to come on this program the twelve boys rescued from
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a cave in thailand are getting ready to leave hospital and resume their lives but first they took a time to remember a heroic member of the rescue team they've only just been told about this. now you want. news in berlin we're going to switch over to monica judd's with alleges business news exactly we go to. beijing christopher because the european union has asked the united states china and russia to ease global trade tensions saying there is a danger they could spiral out of control european council president on a task was speaking in beijing at the opening of a summit between china and the european union just hours ahead of a summit between donald trump and lie to me a putin in helsinki a donna tusk insisted that europe china and the u.s. on drugs had a common duty not to destroy the global order but to improve it task called for a reform of international trade rules as well as an overhaul of the world trade
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organization while there's still time to prevent what he calls conflict and chaos. but german fama and technology company america is stepping up its presence in china in advance of the opening of a two hundred fifty million euro factory in numb tong next year the company has signed deals with alibaba health opened a technology center in shanghai and is adding tongji university in shanghai to its global network of genome editing researches the initiatives i designed to commemorate to the company's three hundred and fifty thousand of us. it all started here with a pharmacy in dom stopped that humble shop grew into what's now the oldest from a company in the world and three hundred fifty years later still run by the founding merck family but now the company is a global player. now has annual sales of more than fifteen billion
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euros last year's profit was two point six billion and they employ around fifty two thousand people. the company now has several divisions mix pharmaceutical sector is under a lot of pressure to research and develop their own drugs and bring them to market that includes drugs for cancer and multiple sclerosis they also make lab equipment which is the study business their third division is making liquid crystals for l.c.d. screens and in that field they're up against fierce competition from china. that with about eight months left it's still on clear how brics it will actually play out there still no deal inside that would clarify the future relationship between london and brussels one of the key issues is immigration which britain wants to control but if you are in the stall barrie business without migrant workers from
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the continent you will be in trouble brits love their store various they don't like to pick the. british strawberries from kent with lots of cream and getting the fruit to the bowl takes a lot of work and since the brags that the session there's been a lack of strawberry pickers from europe. strawberries. i want my strawberries. and i know we'll find some someone will find them and i'll help myself out i'll pick them but. the strawberries are delivered in crates from the strawberry fields in the southern english county. david figure this is a fruit grower the fourth generation in the family business more and more of his fruit is rotting in the fields the pickers who work for him for years just stop showing up the up not just do we want labor from europe but we want to be at a trade with europe we buy they stroll revamps came from belgium the worst came to
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the worst we won't be crying for it and. i know of more than one farmer who has started growing fruit of the industry suffers without labor from eastern europe ninety nine percent of the pickers in britain come from there according to the farmers association and they can't find british people who are willing for thousands of workers down in these critical weeks they don't know if they'll be welcome after brags that and the pound has also dropped over privacy which makes fruit picking elsewhere in europe more attractive i have a long time here so i'm still happy here so when i will not be happy with just going out of the place foreign workers leaving the u.k. is not only a problem in agriculture hundreds of thousands of jobs are under threat at companies like rolls royce jaguar airbus and siemens and so our entire industrial sectors like steel. eighty percent of those exports go to the e.u. market so for us we absolutely need for the very survival of the steel set in the
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u.k. seamless trade with terrorists with no end in sight for the u.k. trade deal many sectors have a long road of economic instability ahead of them. right now to a story that's cap. said the world christopher absolutely the heroic rescue last week is twelve boys and their football coach trapped for two and a half weeks deep inside a flooded cave in thailand the boys are doing well by the way that doctors pleased with their recovery and as the boys prepared to leave hospital they've now been told how one person a full navy diver lost his life during the grueling mission to free them. a moment of silence for the man who died trying to save their lives. form a tiny a.t.c. oh. man i had to there as he was laying up sitting canisters for the rescue of the
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trapped football team. hunan is being memorialized in a huge painting depicting the cave rescue more than three hundred artists are working on it. it also features john blanton in a new interview the british diver talks about finding the boys. procedure is in this situation we're swimming along the water passage wherever there is a space we surface we shout but also we smell. and. in this case we smelt the children before we actually saw them. but finding the children was just the beginning. the lanthorn describe times fraught with risk the rescue mission was. is completely pitch dark in there so you only have the light you take with you the cold water was an issue some of the children were quite small
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so we were quite concerned about the. how well the small children would hold up in terms of the journey up through the water. the boys are expected to leave hospital seeing that they'll continue to receive psychological support. outside the cave complex a mammoth cleanup is underway or plan to turn the cave into a tourist attraction with safeguards in place to ensure nobody gets trapped again. a quick reminder top story at this hour for you. again france lift the world cup trophy for a second time. in croatia so to a farm in moscow fans back in from spring just as wild as the players. you're watching news from us at the top of the hour as ever don't forget you can in the meantime we get the latest updates from our web site that's dot com up next our
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european affairs magazine focus on europe. is a british overseas territory but it didn't get to vote in the press at referendum. its citizens are overwhelmingly opposed to leaving the european union saying it would hinder trade with neighboring caribbean territories are now saying well is
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considering changing its relationship with britain. next. game for cultural supremacy. artistic patronize in the gulf has led to high stakes competition. their vision is to build entire cultural districts studded grandiose structures filled with us from around the world. but that they castles built on sand back to. the sixty minutes. brown really love adult hitler. or did she love the life he provided for her. she was the dictator's mistress.
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only an insignificant concert at his side. or pursuing her own ambitions. but certainly has no other woman got some close to. life and death with the future. starts july twenty first on. camera. hello and a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me he's a crazy man and this week we begin with the latest turmoil in the united kingdom over brags that the british exit from the e.u. that set to become a reality.


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