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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent. platform africa. this is the wus life from ballot several people injured in a knife attack on a bus in germany police say an assailant stopped passengers on the bus in the northern city of loopback a suspect is now in custody local media say he is a thirty four year old german also on the program. from sweden struggles to contain dozens of wildfires forcing the evacuation of villages across the country. in.
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the world cup out of the way europe's football clubs bust the budget for stars it's not just going to score sides with liverpool i'm making alex of the most expensive gold be cheap up on the platters. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program we start with a knife attack that left ten people wounded in the northern german city of lubec today a man with what's been described as a kitchen knife started stabbing people on a moving city bus passengers over overpowered the attack and held him until police arrived investigators say they have no evidence of any terrorist motive no backs prosecutor made this statement a short time ago. the suspects identity has now been established he's a thirty four year old german citizen there are currently no indications that he
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has become politically radicalized in any way. up to initial. t.w. correspondent joins us from a welcome ok to have there has been a press conference what's been said or we learn quite a lot of information from this press conference a lot of figures have been flying around this evening but police have now confirms that ten people were injured in this incident earlier this afternoon and we've also learned more details about how this incident actually played out and we've now heard that according to the investigation which is of course still ongoing the suspect who is now in custody actually attempt is to try and set his backpack on fire on this moving bus in lubec they drive around seeing this fire immediately stop the bus and open the doors to try and let passengers off and then try to myself to a friend of the suspect before he suffered
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a blow to the head from this man who's now being taken into custody and it was actually outside the bus that this man thirty four year old german citizen began to stab many passengers and he was then overpowered by other passengers from that bus meaning that it was actually easier for police officers who were passing by who were already on patrolling that in the town of layback to then arrest the suspects who is now expected to face a magistrate's court today tomorrow and he is now accused of attempted arson grievous bodily harm and assault so a thirty four year old german in custody what has been said about. so all we know so far is that he is a german citizen and we also heard that he was actually born in iran but has been a german citizen for many years now and has lived in lubec also for many years but
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further than that we still don't have any more confirmed details on what sort of state is new back in. well the area around where this incident happened the cordon that was implemented by police that has now been lifted traffic is also moving again a lot of trains earlier on this afternoon were actually comes to the neighborhood where this happened in lubec and it seems as well there's a big event going on over the weekend assailing festival the interior ministry official as they call stoneware lubeck lies it's of course there is a feeling of a little uncertainty in the area now but of course but they say events intends to continue as planned but a quick word about the injured know for thomas' thankfully what sort of injuries were sustained exactly no fatal it is but among the ten people who have
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been injured some of those. stab wounds from this kitchen knife we also heard in that press conference that this was a knife measuring thirteen centimeters so so quite a long kitchen i was used as a weapon but other people also suffered other injuries i would cause as i mentioned before the bus drivers well also suffering a blow to the face from the suspect after trying to apprehend him talking to thank you detail because public a pretty. i will back o. has signed off for the summer and he will press conference and speaking after a rollercoaster start of fourth term actually denied rumors that she might step down before the end of the current parliament still surtax some of the major issues confronting her fragile coalition government not least how to deal with donald trump's america and how to solve europe's migration crisis. until america has set
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aside one and a half hours to talk with the media before her official summer holidays began it's been a turbulent political year for the chancellor and many had wondered whether it would spell her downfall but if malcolm was in sore need of a holiday and it didn't show. many of the questions posed by the press centered on donald trump and whether america could understand why he singled out germany for criticism. i took note of it. i didn't look for motivating factors. michael said she would rather deal with the issue rationally and said that the u.s. remained an important trading partner. but she went on to say that in the future europe won't be able to rely on the u.s. to be the world's peacekeeper she said europe would have to solve its own wage no conflicts on migration the chancellor said she remains concerned about how the issue has divided europe and reiterated the need for solidarity fog of even. the
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question of how we proceed in europe whether we do it alone or at the expense of a third party and it's a central question of my policy. when we look at the state of illinois politics today there are many many reasons why europe should stay together since i'm in the did it was a statement also appointed as her interior minister horst say who for his divisive tactics concerning migration policy almost threaten to topple michael's ruling coalition. a heated debate can be necessary but she lamented the cool stone that had dominated the discussion. between ninety four fifths whole town was often military harsh and i place a lot of importance on language it doesn't is good to me i will personally always try to stay on the particular of erosion of language. then macula found that she'd never considered stepping down throughout the whole debacle at the conference
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she showed no sign of being troubled it mistakenly that she looked forward to a few days' rest thank you so. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world rescue boats in the u.s. state of missouri have recovered the last four bodies from a tourist boat that sank in a storm yesterday i witnessed video shows the two so-called duck boats crossing our lake in rough waters only one of them made it back to land the death toll now stands at seventy. germany has commemorated the seventy four hundred version of a failed attempt to assassinate nazi leader out of hitler in one nine hundred forty four class from style from background of all the officers tried to kill hitler with a bomb they were immediately executed foreign minister heiko must use the occasion of to the war against the rise of right wing populist. british man poisoned with a nerve agent novi chalk last month has been released from hospital forty five year
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old charlie rolling and his on the phone sturges were taken ill at his home in the south west of england just later died doctors say mr rowley is still recovering but no longer needs to be in hospital. or so much of europe sweltering under high temperatures even in regions in the arctic circle of feeling the haze sweden is struggling to contain around fifty separate wildfires some of which have become too big to fight their threatening villages and causing major problems in the country more used to dealing with snow. climate change means this sort of extreme weather events could soon become the no. inferno near the arctic circle. four days firefighters have been struggling to contain a rash of wildfires scattered over a vast expanse of sweden from north of stockholm all the way to the arctic forests . it feels like we were in vain and it just burns and burns at the end we had to back up three kilometers because it became too
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dangerous. multiple villages have been evacuated and officials estimate the fire damage at around seventy million euro so far at fault as an extraordinary heat wave that has turned much of the evergreen landscape into kindling. temperatures have climbed to thirty three degrees celsius in recent days conditions befitting italy more than sweden and so the italian government has sent help italy. biggest in the work we have nineteen and is capable of drop six thousand liters of water about one second. in fact the effort to extinguish the nordic blaze has become a european task with further personnel and air support sent in from france germany and neighboring norway. sweden has dealt with wildfires before but rarely over such a large area now meteorologists are warning that with global temperatures on the
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rise fighting fire in the arctic could become an annual battle. let's get more from journalist kathryn edwards who joins us from the swedish capital still welcome to the doubly so fifty separate fires burning across vast swathes of forest how is swedish firefighters coping before those italian firefighting planes flew it. well they've been just working such long hours the van fire fighters have been going back from nasa holidays to join me at that and this is it in a big civilian joining the firefighters sort of how in giving them supplies and things like that but as we just heard it's become too difficult by places from the ground in sweden doesn't have a water bottle of that same sets have to go and help from across the new dixon of the e.u. countries so how unusual as a massive series of fires like this in sweden.
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well that's not totally unheard of in n.t. fourteen though is a very big forest fire and that one actually ended up burning from july to march the following yeah but it definitely becoming more common the deputy prime minister has looked at climate change issues as the role of sweden's climate minister and all the politicians seem to be saying sweeney's are a lot to become more bad for this because it's becoming more common this summer has been extremely hot and that coupled with an act of rain just means that the vast arse the country has. very trying to wildfires spreading quickly and how close have they come to populated areas well the prayers of the firefighters at the moment is to try and keep them away from populated areas and they see concentrated around the central regions a c.
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then and there have been a few villages where people have been ordered to evacuate and leave the hames at the moment i think that's affected between three hundred to five hundred people say in each case a few dozen households perhaps and they've been told to leave their homes but it's not come close to the major cities in a serious way and have those italian firefighting flames made much of a difference briefly if you. yes it does seem like that at the moment somebody has the study to make you buy me control even when but how good talking to you thank you kathy that was in stock. thanks to football out another summer of bumper transfer phase with the world cup done and dusted top club surveys and to sign the tournament standout players while that to usually means it's most a fan boy into tackles this year it's a goalkeeper who's gone into the record books after joining english side liverpool
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for an eye watering fifty. alison becker is now the world's most expensive goalkeeper liverpool paid roma almost seventy five million euros for the twenty five year old their brazilian international didn't concede any goals in seventeen of his thirty seven syriana appearances for roman last season the transfer fee breaks a record held by the italian legend g.g.p. fun. in two thousand and one he was bored by your venters from parma for the record price tag of almost fifty three million euros if we compare the prices paid for to phone and allison it pales in comparison with the most expensive goalscorers parries on german teammates kenyan and back they cost one hundred thirty five million euros well neymar came in at a whopping two hundred million liver pool coach jurgen klopp will be hoping allison can bring a level of consistency in the upcoming premier league campaign. just time to remind you of our top story this hour a knife attack on
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a bus in the german city of lubec has that left at least a ten people wounded place r.s. have arrested a suspect the fact that father is a thirty four year old german say they have no evidence of a terrorist background. that's it you're up to date it's awful few of the top off it out in the meantime of course there's always the website that's the doubling. of the good. stories that most people in the world over information they provide the opinions they want to express t.w. on facebook and twitter are up to date and in touch.


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